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Are you searching online Free PDF Editor? If Yes, then we are giving the most appealing and proficient services for your ease. You can document editing online at a click of a button with number of online editors. The online document editor is the advancing technologies and knowledge base management software in today’s world.

Word is the most popular word processing application of Microsoft. Word contains a lot of useful features that help you to do almost everything in writing and editing. In this article, I will describe some of the best pdf document editor online that helps us to modify both of the pdf documents easily.

PDFs are everywhere these days. It is often needed to edit PDFs when downloading from the web. The most popular office application for editing PDFs is Adobe Acrobat. With its powerful OCR function, you could recognize the text in a scanned document, so that you can edit it easily. This article will introduce you to the best free online desktop pdf editors which are nearly as powerful as Adobe Acrobat and offer all editing functions.

Thanks to the scientific and technical progress, today it is possible to edit documents in PDF format even without Acrobat software. In this article, we will look at one of the most convenient ways to do this – online free pdf editor.

When Would You Need to Edit PDFs for Free?

As the world becomes more digitally transformed, it’s inevitable that you will come across PDF documents in the course of a normal day – invoices, contracts, eBooks, bank statements, credit card statements, tax forms, insurance forms… these are just some of the examples of the widespread use of PDF. Here are several use cases where you’re not a regular PDF user but still need a robust and free PDF tool to deal with the task at hand:

  • Filling out interactive PDF forms
  • Signing a document and sharing it online
  • Making annotations on a project document to provide feedback
  • Marking up a file for corrections
  • Adding or deleting texts and images for proofreading.

For the above common PDF usage scenarios, it will be easily realized by using a PDF editor, such as Wondershare PDFelement – PDF Editor, an all-in-one PDF Solution, making you can edit pdf files with ease. For example, it helps you add, delete texts, images, watermarks, background, forms, and so on. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android systems, and you can try it for free. Also, if you want to use an online PDF editor, here are some options for you below. You can choose the right PDF editor based on your need.

PDFelement Pro

PDF editor with some quirks


Cost: $130/yearDeveloper: WondershareCompatibility: macOS, WindowsCategory: PDF editorTODAY’S BEST DEALSPDFElement ProUS$99PDF Element ProUS$99VISIT SITEat Wondershare


+Opened and recognized text in every document


-Bizarre text-editing behavior

Wondershare’s PDFelement Pro is a full-featured PDF editor with an OCR engine for recognizing scanned text and a standard set of tools. With those, you can fill in forms, annotate documents, create and add signatures, and edit images within a document.

PDFelement had no problem opening anything I threw at it, including scanned documents, large files and image-heavy PDFs. Once documents are open, PDFelement Pro offers a fairly simple interface, with a set of tools on the left side of your document that are easy to figure out. Just select a tool, and you can go to work making changes to the file.

Editing images, adding signatures and using annotations in the application all worked as planned, but I did experience some odd behaviors when I was editing or adding text using PDFelement Pro. In particular, when I was editing existing text in a document, the application wanted to make the text bold and would not allow me to change the content back to regular text. Also, when I added new text boxes, my own text did not display normally; the program always added a space after I typed an apostrophe. And the program constantly played my Mac’s system beep as I typed. That’s both annoying and not optimal.

Sejda PDF Desktop Pro

Sejda is a web app designed for speedy PDF editing, and it does that very well. It’s straightforward, focusing on fast PDF signatures and only basic text editing for the files you upload. But that’s also why we like it. This online, free PDF editor lets you do all sorts of things to PDFs, including changing font formatting, adding images, filling out forms, adding or editing hyperlinks, adding form fields, making annotations, and signing PDFs. You can even sign a PDF file with three options: Drawing your signature with your mouse, typing in your name, or uploading an image of your signature.

It provides explicit instructions, making it hard to mess anything up, and it’s quick. If your boss or co-worker doesn’t really understand how to use technology or have the patience to download new apps — but you still need their signature on a random PDF file — this is one of the best options available.

If you’re looking for an easy online PDF editor, then give this one a shot. The free version does come with some limitations, however: You can only upload up to 200 pages or 50 Mb and you can only do three “tasks per hour.”

Too many limitations


Cost: $63/yearDeveloper: SejdaCompatibility: macOS, WindowsCategory: PDF annotationTODAY’S BEST DEALSVIEW AT SEJDA


+Can edit text, though on a limited basis+Can add images and annotate your documents


-Very limited features-Paragraphs are treated as individual lines of text-Cannot remove or edit existing images

Sejda is a web-based PDF-editing application that works on any OS that has a modern web browser. A desktop version converts that web interface into something that runs on your computer. 

You can use a free version of Sejda, but it limits the number of daily tasks you can perform and the size of the documents you can access. 

To get the most out of the program, you can buy an annual license for both the web and desktop versions for $63. A perpetual license for the desktop version is a one-time payment of $126, but it doesn’t give you access to future updates or the web version. You can also buy a weekly pass for both versions for $8 if you’ve got a one-time project that requires Sejda.

Sejda has no OCR engine, so you can’t use this app to edit PDF files created from scanned documents. You can edit only PDF files that already have selectable text.

To edit your PDF file, you upload it to the Sejda website and then use the toolbar at the top of the page to choose your tools. You’ll find tools for editing text, adding links, adding form fields and images, and signing or annotating your document. All of Sejda’s tools are rudimentary at best. 

The app breaks every line of text in your document into a single text entry, so you can’t edit entire paragraphs of text. When you do edit existing text, remnants of the previous text often get left behind in the document. Sejda will let you add new images to a document, but you can’t use the app to edit or remove existing images.

Sejda isn’t a great app, but it works in a pinch when you need to make a quick change to an existing PDF document and you have no other tools at hand.

 PDFelement Pro

PDFelement Pro

RRP: $129 per yearBest Prices Today: $79.99 at Wondershare

Offering many of the same features as Adobe Acrobat Pro, PDFelement Pro is notable for its straightforward simplicity, overall usefulness, and affordable price.

PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro

RRP: FreeBest Prices Today: $0 at Microsoft Store

If you need just a simple, free PDF editor to accomplish some basic tasks, PDR Reader Pro is the one. It can’t create or convert PDFs, but it allows editing, annotating, and sharing, which covers the needs of many people.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

An Adobe Acrobat Pro DC screenshot showing the File menu opened.

Adobe first introduced the PDF format nearly 30 years ago, and Acrobat Pro DC is the current industry standard for editing PDF files. It’s a PDF editor that combines the hallmarks of the other programs on our list into a unified piece of software. It’s also one of the few premium programs available for both Windows and MacOS. Acrobat Pro DC boasts dedicated mobile functionality (with iOS and Android apps) and the ability to convert various file formats to PDF, including multiple web pages (HTML), Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and even scans or image files like PNG or JPEG.

Simply put, you can’t do much better than the premium version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for editing your PDF files. It has an array of text-editing options, and can instantly convert and save scanned documents to PDF. It even has the ability to merge multiple PDF files. Adobe’s editing options also include reordering pages, page rotation, annotations, page cropping, page removals, and being able to split PDFs into separate files.

Microsoft Word

A blank document page in Microsoft Word on a blue desktop background.

If you use Microsoft Office, then you already have access to a versatile PDF document editor.

In the past, versions of Microsoft Word were limited to saving a document in or out of the PDF format, and that was about it. However, the more recent 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021, and Microsoft 365 versions allow you to open a PDF and then make specific edits to the piece as a Word document. When finished, you can save it as a PDF again (although according to Microsoft, saving it as a PDF is not supported in Word 2013). This is especially useful because many people are already most comfortable editing documents in the Microsoft Word format.

It’s a simple tool, and formatting doesn’t always line up correctly based on the PDF, but it’s an excellent alternative if you need to dip into a PDF fast for a bit of basic editing or text changes. Plus, Word is a straightforward editing tool for employees and students who are already familiar with Word and don’t want to learn a new program.

While there are limited ways you can use Microsoft Word for free, it is generally software that you have to pay to use, either via a subscription or a hefty one-time payment.

PDF Architect 8

An opened document in PDF Architect.

German company Pdfforge has a unique purchase model for its PDF Architect program. It’s available as a free download or as part of three separate packages (Standard, Professional, and Pro+OCR). Each package includes a set of modules for the program, which dictate its editing power. The Standard package includes the Edit, Convert, and Page modules. Professional features all the modules from the Standard package and adds the Review/Comment, Secure, and Forms modules. Finally, Pro+OCR has everything from the Professional package and the OCR Advanced module. Full descriptions of each module can be found on the Pdfforge website.

Even the Pro+OCR package is available at a reasonable price, and the full suite of editing tools makes up one of the most complete, inclusive PDF editors out there. The latest version of PDF Architect is PDF Architect 8, and premium subscriptions to it include features such as editing text, the ability to convert PDFs into other file formats, support for comments/annotations, and password protection of your PDFs.

There is a (limited) free version of PDF Architect 8. It lets you convert Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents into PDFs, rotate PDFs, or even merge PDFs and delete pages.

Benefits of PDF Software

Protects privacy

Any work done using PDF software on your computer remains between you and the computer. No matter if it’s a school activity book or a 10 million contract, the privacy remains intact. On the other hand, online PDF services might not be the most trusted source to upload sensitive documents.

You never know what goes behind the system, and you have no control over it.

No chances of data leakage

The data you enter on your PDF software remains within the system and has no way to spread outside of it. While I expect the online services to be the same, such is not the case every time and with every website.

You’re not fully aware of how your data is being stored or processed. Hackers are one threat, but there are also other concerns like identity theft and fraud.

I’d also like to mention that, if you’ve signed and agreed on a non-disclosure agreement with a company, you’re absolutely not allowed to upload any of those documents to these online PDF services.

24/7 availability

It might not seem like a big thing, but it’s important to note that convenience is necessary. With the software installed on your computer/laptop, you don’t need an active internet connection to run it. It can be done offline.

There are also literally no chances of it being down or under maintenance, unless you purposely wish to update it. You can access it 24/7 on demand.

So, when is it alright to use an online PDF editor? I believe probably when your document isn’t one that is confidential. If you’re editing a PDF that is easily available on the internet, then you can use the online PDF editors. Or else, for private documents, usage of the software is recommended.


Now You Can Edit PDF Documents Online Free. A Must-Have Tool for Every Document Writer. This tool will allow you to edit your pdfs online completely free of charge; you can also convert your docs from one format to another free of charge. Online PDF editor is a cloud-based service, so you don’t have to download anything from the web in order to use it.

You know what a PDF document is, right? It is the same as a printable document you can use to keep and share your work, complete with formatting and images. However, PDFs are also used for different purposes other than storing or sharing data. In fact, they can now be used as an effective way to protect your personal documents from being infected by computer viruses. This is just one of the many benefits of a PDF online editor.

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