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Best App to Record Video Interviews

Best App to Record Video Interviews

Interviews can be an important part of your business or job search. Video interviews are a growing trend amongst big companies and online services but can also be a helpful tool for the everyday job seeker or company. Before you start to use this service, we will take a look of how it works. It’s good to understand main tech details i.e. how it works before you starts in case if it seems that you have any questions or difficulties in using this service.

If you want to record a video interview, there are many software solutions for it. I believe that the most effective way is to use an Internet-based platform because most probably you will have your interview online. And if it is online, you won’t have much problems with compatibility with other computer’s systems, especially mobile ones. It is also more convenient when you don’t have to worry about storing video files in the cloud or installing additional software on your computer.

In this post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about side-by-side videos, from what they are and how to record them, to the best split-screen video making and editing apps out there.

There are plenty of companies out there that allow you to have the best app to record video interviews and guide you through the process. If you want to give a try, please check this list and decide which service suits your needs best.

What Are Split-Screen (Side-by-Side) Videos?

A split-screen, or side-by-side, video is made up of two or more videos placed next to each other and played simultaneously. Video creators use this technique to compare, contrast, or simply show multiple related shots in the same frame for creative or educational purposes.

There are plenty of uses for these kinds of videos. You might see split-screen tech being used to create:

  • Reaction videos
  • Before and after shots
  • Then and now videos
  • Comparisons (“who wore it best?”)
  • Video collages

If you’ve seen the popular TikTok reaction trend where the creator records an image of themselves reacting to another creator’s existing video on the other half of the screen, you’ve seen a side-by-side video.

What Is A Side By Side-Video-App?

As mobile camera and video technology has skyrocketed in both popularity and functionality in recent years, the demand for advanced mobile video tools has increased as well. One such demand is for apps that let creators make video collages and side-by-side videos.

A side-by-side video app is a tool that lets creators use their mobile device to cut, place, arrange, and export split-screen video. 

Some of these apps have simple or precise functionality, while others are more like tiny all-in-one production studios that let you record, edit, and play the video in one place.

How To Record A Side-By-Side Video

The exact steps needed for recording a split-screen video varies depending on the tools you’re using (more on that later). But the basic process can be broken down into three parts:

1. Record and Import Your Videos 

Take a video as you usually would using your favorite recording software. This may be the same software you’re using to edit the clips later, or it may be a different tool.

2. Resize and Arrange the Videos into the Proper Format

Using your video editing tool of choice, play with the two videos so that their size and placement meets your creative vision. This is the step where you make sure both videos fit together well on a single screen.

3. Edit the Audio Track

Visuals aren’t the only component to your video! In the last step, you’ll want to make sure the audio sounds right to you. You’ll probably do one of the following:

  • Play the audio from only one of the videos
  • Mix the audio from both videos in a way that isn’t distracting
  • Select a completely different background music to play over the video collage

The Best Side-by-Side Video Maker App for Recording Podcasts and Interviews on iOS and Android

Below, we’ll take a look at four of the top video apps used for recording and arranging interviews in a side-by-side format.

1. side by side video app studio

Riverside’s video recording software is an all-in-one solution that makes it easy to create studio-quality videos all from your browser. The powerful tool records in 4K resolution and captures all audio locally to each participant’s computer, meaning you won’t be dependent on the speed of your internet connection for the quality of your recording.

Riverside is a great option for split-screen recording. All of your guests can join with one click using their browser, with no need to download or install anything. Once you’re done recording, use Riverside’s Magic Editor to create a split-screen video automatically in HD.

And if you’re looking for ways to record side-by-side videos on the go, we’ve just launched a mobile app to give your guests a professional recording experience from their iPhones and Androids. 

In fact, Riverside is the first in the world to launch an iOS app that records in HD from your phone while simultaneously uploading to the cloud—meaning that you’ll have the completed files within seconds of finishing your video recording. With the mobile app, your guests can join your studio with a single click and record in HD audio and video from anywhere. 

How to Record and Edit Side-by-Side Videos Using

It couldn’t be simpler to make an HD split-screen video with Riverside. The Magic Editor feature reduces the time you need to spend in post-production by using automation to streamline the process.

Because the Magic Editor does all the work for you to generate a perfect side-by-side video in full HD, you’ll easily set yourself apart from other content creators—while doing half the work. 

To record and edit side-by-side video using Riverside, simply:

  1. Create a studio and select your preferred settings.
  2. Send an interview link for your guests to join with one click.
  3. Once everyone has entered the studio, hit Record.
  4. After you’re finished recording, access the Magic Editor on the Recordings page of your dashboard. Select Add Media to choose which video file(s) you want to include.
  5. Choose your preferences for the finished product under the Audio and Video tabs. Here, you can select how you want your video cropped, or if you want all background noise removed. 
  6. Add professional details, such as a logo or frame, under the Customize option. 
  7. When you’re ready, choose a name for your file and select the export quality under Export. Your video is ready to be downloaded and/or shared online!

If you want to learn more, check out this YouTube tutorial on creating an HD split screen video using Riverside’s Magic Editor:

2. Zoom: Viewing a Shared Screen in Side-by-Side Mode

Zoom, a staple of pandemic work life, is a popular choice for recording video calls due to its internet connection consistency and good audio quality compared to Skype. It’s also relatively easy to use and very affordable, which makes it appealing to beginners.

However, Zoom does come with several disadvantages that it’s important to be aware of. Because Zoom was designed primarily for video calls, NOT recordings, its software sacrifices audio and video quality in favor of connection speed. Zoom uses compressed audio and video, which means it removes parts of the track to make the file smaller. Zoom recording also depends on a live internet connection, so if your internet speed suffers or the connection drops altogether, the final video file will suffer. 

If you record presentations using Zoom, you can switch to side-by-side mode with a shared screen option. This option is useful for presenters who would like to record both their face and their screen at the same time. 

When in a meeting or webinar, simply click View Options and select Side-by-side mode. From there, you can hover your mouse over the boundary line between screens and adjust the size of each view.

Automatically Entering Side-by-Side Mode in Zoom

If you use Zoom often and want side-by-side view to be your default, simply follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your Zoom desktop app.

2. Click your profile picture, then click Settings.

Zoom settings for side by side screen
(Image source:  Zoom)

3. Click Share Screen.

4.Check the box next to Side-by-Side Mode.

Zoom app settings for side by side video
(Image source: Zoom)

Zoom will now enter side-by-side mode in your app as soon as a meeting participant begins sharing their screen.

3. Skype

Another popular video call tool, Skype is a free way to record video and audio files in the cloud. Many podcasters and content creators use Skype for their remote interviews, since it’s free and easy to use.

However, keep in mind that because Skype was designed primarily for use as a video call tool, not a recording software, there are a few drawbacks to recording content with Skype. Like Zoom, Skype compresses your video and audio files, meaning the end result will be of a lower quality than if you’d used a professional recording software.

If you’re using Skype to record video, you can choose from various participant views—including Grid (or Large grid) view, Speaker view, and even Together mode, which places your participant video feeds into a virtual space to make it look like everyone is in the same room.

Skype recording in a virtual meeting room
(Image source: Skype)

For your purposes, you’ll probably want to use Grid mode. To switch views in Skype, simply select the Call layout button and select the view mode you’d like to use during your video call.

Skype side by side video app grid view
(Image Source: Skype)

4. and other Corporate-Focused Interview Apps

Not everyone wants to record interviews for publication on podcasts or a YouTube channel. Sometimes, you need to record an interview for internal use, such as recruitment, marketing research, or staff meetings. 

One great option is, a video conferencing tool and smart video platform used for market research, meetings, and video creation. The platform also offers a mobile screen sharing app that was designed primarily for customer conversion campaigns, but can be used by content creators as well.

If you’re creating a side-by-side presentation video, can record the presenter’s face while capturing their mobile device’s screen as well—including letting the audience see where the presenter is tapping on the screen and how they navigate their device in real-time. side by side view
(Image source:

To use for your split-screen video creation, simply download the app from iTunes, Google Play, or the app store of your choice, enter a secure code to join a presentation, and share your screen with the virtual meeting room to begin the presentation.

There are plenty of corporate-focused SaaS tools out there if your split-screen video needs are less public-facing. Many tools incorporate useful functionality for teams. 

For instance, if you’re looking for video apps to conduct recruitment interviews with a split screen, and MyInterview are both top-rated tools that combine smart pre-screening, data-sharing, and video conferencing in one app. 

Side-by-Side Video Editors

Recording video for a side-by-side project is only the first step; you’ll need to compile and edit it into the finished product as well. Let’s look at three video editors to help turn your raw footage into a polished split-screen video fit for publication to your favorite sharing platform.

1. iMovie

If you want to use Apple devices to create side-by-side videos, iMovie is a great choice. It’s a free app that lets users record, edit, and publish their videos all in one place. Even more importantly for our purposes, iMovie supports split-screen options—though its editing functionality is not as advanced as many professional creators require. Professional users often find themselves switching to Final Cut Pro X, Apple’s more advanced editing tool.

Video Interviewing Software Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best video interviewing platforms? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

  1. User Interface (UI): A video interview platform should be easy and intuitive to navigate for both parties. Remember: your hiring manager will have experience on the platform but your job candidates may not! 
  2. Usability: For usability, consider the candidate experience: Can they download/log-in to the tool quickly and without effort? Does it require them to make an account with their personal email? Ease of use is crucial. 
  3. Integrations: Interview platforms rarely work in a vacuum so functionality with other apps is important. Does the platform connect with third-party tools like your applicant tracking system, social messaging systems like email or Slack, talent acquisition tools, and/or other HRIS software?
  4. Value for $: How appropriate is the video conferencing price for the features, capabilities, and use case? Is pricing clear, transparent and flexible for on demand video interviews? Does the price include access to mobile app video screening?

Video Interviewing Platforms Key Features

Here are some of the key features I am looking for in video interviewing platforms.

  1. One-Way & Two-Way Video Interviews: The best video interviewing platform will let you set-up one-way interviews where candidates answer pre-written questions into a camera and the footage is saved and reviewed later. Candidates selected to move forward in the process should be able to attend a live, one-on-one or group interviews for the next step.
  2. Written & Recorded Questions: The platform should provide ways for hiring managers to test candidate knowledge using different question types and templates.
  3. Time Control: Some questions or tests are meant to be preformed under time constraints and the best video interviewing software will have built-in mechanics for this.
  4. Easy Set-Up & Adoption: Interviewees may not have or be familiar with your video interviewing app of choice; therefore, it’s imperative that the invite process, set-up, and usability are super friendly for first time users.

VidCruiterBest for multi-tiered video interviewing

VidCruiter screenshot - 10 Best Video Interviewing Platforms For Virtual Interviews [2022]

VidCruiter lets applicants record their answers to your interview questions or join you for a live 1:1. VidCruiter offers screening features such as pre-recorded interviews that allow hirers to review the videos on-demand to get rid of scheduling conflicts that come with hiring globally. VidCruiter also comes with live video interviewing with an interface that shows you all of your viewing mode options as well as panels for comments and other evaluation notes. These features are only part of the VidCruiter Recruitment Suite. So, you can get it as a standalone or as a part of a fully equipped platform.

Unlike more general communication tools like Skype or Zoom, VidCruiter was specifically made for hiring. This means that the video panel is flush with additional features for HR teams, like standardized questions and rating guides. They support multi-tiered video interviewing, meaning you can have candidates perform a one-way interview before elevating them to a live, 1:1 next step with managers.

VidCruiter offers pricing available on request.

Visit Website

Willo logo - 10 Best Video Interviewing Platforms For Virtual Interviews [2022]

  • 15 days free trial
  • From $42/user/month

Visit Website

WilloBest for interviewing global/international candidates

Willo screenshot - 10 Best Video Interviewing Platforms For Virtual Interviews [2022]

Willo makes it easy to review, comment, and collaborate in-browser.

Willo is a video interviewing software suitable for freelance recruiters to large enterprises that helps you to identify and connect with global talent.

Willo is a browser-based tool that can be used on any device anywhere in the world. It lets you send job invites individually and post roles on job boards. It is customizable to suit both your branding and functionality standards through a number of features and API. The Intelligent Question Generator can also suggest industry-specific questions that are scientifically proven to get better answers.

With all the files being uploaded, Willo prioritizes data security for both candidates and recruiters. The platform is hosted in Europe, is fully GDPR compliant, and offers 24/7 European support for every candidate. The platform uses enterprise-grade encryption and optional App-based Multi-factor authentication.

Willo integrates natively with ATSs like Greenhouse, Teamtailor, and Workable, and with over 3,000 apps using Zapier’s SaaS platform.

Willo costs from $42/user/month and offers a free forever plan with limited features.Visit Website

Hireflix logo - 10 Best Video Interviewing Platforms For Virtual Interviews [2022]

  • 30 days free trial
  • From $75/month

Visit Website

HireflixBest for one-way video interviews

Hireflix screenshot - 10 Best Video Interviewing Platforms For Virtual Interviews [2022]

Go with Hireflix if you seek simple, user-friendly and world-class one-way video interviewing.

Hireflix focuses exclusively on one-way video interviews. Hireflix doesn’t have lengthy implementations, or legacy systems and makes the hiring process easier for you and your candidates.

While minimalistic and user-friendly, Hireflix still delivers all the features you need for world-class one-way video interviewing and doesn’t require logins or apps. It works worldwide, on all browsers, and on all devices including smartphones.

Hireflix allows you to record intro and outro videos for your interview and you can even add a video for each question if you want to. You can record an unlimited number of questions, customize thinking and answer time, as well as set the number of retakes allowed.

Hireflix also gives you capabilities in multi branding, automated communications via email, SMS and Whatsapp, a world-class GraphQL API for custom integrations and native integrations with most ATS’s (Lever, BambooHR, Workable, Greenhouse, TeamTailor, and JazzHR).

Hireflix also comes with bulk and individual shareable links, ratings, GDPR compliance and SOC II compliance, multi-language options for candidates, white labeling, Zapier and more.

Hireflix offers a 30-day free trial on all plans. Plans are available both monthly and yearly and start at $75/month. All plans in Hireflix have unlimited users and positions and include all features.Visit Website

myInterview logo - 10 Best Video Interviewing Platforms For Virtual Interviews [2022]

  • From $29/month for 5 Active Jobs

Visit Website

myInterviewBest free video interviewing platform

myInterview screenshot - 10 Best Video Interviewing Platforms For Virtual Interviews [2022]

Candidates can take advantage of Practice Mode before submitting their final timed video responses to your questions.

One thing you can immediately tell about myInterview is that they put the candidate experience first. The tool gives users the ability to accomplish application tasks through any device and their customer support is available all the time.

On the hirer’s end, myInterview promises to save time and money by automating the candidate shortlisting. myInterview also lets companies use their own branding within the app. It is GDPR compliant and you own the videos submitted through the platform.

What stands out about myInterview is how their starter plan is free forever. Users get access to most of myInterview’s features as long as they only have 1 active job they are trying to fill. This makes it the best option for small teams that are looking to expand.

myInterview is free and its first paid plan option starts at $29/month for 5 Active Jobs and for more than 24 Active Jobs, myInterview offers customized pricing.Visit Website

  • From $149.90/year/license

Visit Website

Zoom MeetingsBest for usability

Zoom Meetings screenshot - 10 Best Video Interviewing Platforms For Virtual Interviews [2022]

The free Zoom Meetings version lets you host 40-minute meetings with 100 participants.

We’ve all heard about Zoom and because it’s so easy to use and is packed with useful features, it’s gained worldwide popularity and has become an industry standard. Zoom Meetings is by far the most popular one and makes it easy for both the applicant and the hirer since it’s accessible on just about any device and everyone knows how to use it already. Zoom Meetings take the confusion out of the process and both parties can simply show up to the meeting.

A free Zoom plan can host up to 100 participants, so group interviews are a possibility. Zoom makes it super easy for users who are not already on the platform to get started in barely a minute when an interview sends them an invite link. There are no time limits for videos on a paid plan, and the solution offers in-app private and group messaging systems.

Zoom Meetings costs from $149.90/year/license and offers other services such as Zoom Phone, Zoom Video Webinar, Zoom Rooms, and Zoom United each with their own pricing plans. Zoom also has a free forever plan.Visit Website

Visit Website

SkypeBest Microsoft users

Skype screenshot - 10 Best Video Interviewing Platforms For Virtual Interviews [2022]

If you use anything in the Microsoft Suite, you’ll probably already have access to Skype on some level.

Skype was once the number 1 video calling platform because it offered audio and video calling without a time limit, private chat features, and so much more for free! In fact, the only time Skype will charge you is if you make a call to a landline or a mobile number to a US number. That means that as long as you’re calling someone with a Skype account, you can make unlimited calls to applicants without time limits, for free and Skype is still quite popular which means a good number of people will be confident and comfortable with using it for something as important as a job interview.

Skype is owned by Microsoft, so if you are already using Outlook, MS Projects, or Office 365, it just makes sense to add this tool to your repertoire. It’s free to do so and you can upgrade to paid plans with additional features only if needed.

Skype is free and comes in different versions such as Meet Now, Skype for Content Creators, and Skype for Business.Visit Website

  • Pricing details upon request.

Visit Website

HarverBest for high volume recruitment

Harver screenshot - 10 Best Video Interviewing Platforms For Virtual Interviews [2022]

Harver lets applicants review their answers before submitting them in video format.

Harver is a hiring tool that comes with features that go beyond virtual interviewing. Through Harver you can conduct situational judgement tests, gather continuous feedback, and showcase videos of your company culture. Harver also has assessments for hard skills, behavioral, cognitive and learning agility, and job fit to make your hiring process truly unbiased and data-driven. Harver also puts an emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion, encouraging users to make unbiased hires with their blind hiring process crafted by psychologists.

Harver bills itself as a leading volume recruitment solution and I tend to agree. Harver was built to accommodate a large volume of hiring using efficient automations to identify top candidates quickly. Additionally, the tool offers options to provide a personal touch to the hiring process (company culture videos, interactive experiences, and score sharing) so that candidates feel engaged from start to finish.

Harver offers pricing details upon request.Visit Website

  • From $143/month

Visit Website

Breezy HRBest for small teams & startups

Breezy HR screenshot - 10 Best Video Interviewing Platforms For Virtual Interviews [2022]

Breezy HR lets you see the applicant, relevant participants, interview guide, and scorecard in one screen.

Breezy is an HR and applicant tracking tool that comes packed with features including Live Video Meetings. This convenient feature lets hirers not only meet with the applicant but also view their interview guide and scorecard on-screen at the same time. Breezy has a ton of other features including reporting and analytics, candidate management, job advertisements, candidate sourcing, careers site and referrals, and team collaboration.

Breezy HR has a very generous entry-level tier plan that immediately unlocks unlimited users, unlimited candidates, unlimited positions hiring, and unlimited candidate pools. These numbers are often cut off at the knees by bigger systems who want you to pay for increased volume. Not so with Breezy, making them a great choice for SMBs and startups looking to scale on a budget.

Breezy HR has a free plan but the best video interviewing tools are limited to the paid plans. Breezy HR costs from $143/month. Visit Website

  • 14 days free trial
  • From $119/month for 3 users

Visit Website

Spark HireBest for ease of use

Spark Hire screenshot - 10 Best Video Interviewing Platforms For Virtual Interviews [2022]

Spark Hire streamlines the recruitment process with one-way video interviews, allowing candidates to self-record video answers on their own time.

Spark Hire is used by more than 6,000 organizations to enrich their recruiting process and screen candidates more efficiently. Their video interviewing software supports one-way interviews, allowing recruiters to speed up the screening process by asking candidates to record short video answers to standardized questions. This also helps to eliminate potential recruiter bias.

The Spark Hire platform also supports live video interviews that can be recorded and re-watched by other members of a hiring team. Interview evaluation features make it easy to rate and comment on candidates, or document rejection reasons and send rejection emails. Large recruiting teams will appreciate the platform’s ability to create personalized and branded videos at scale, and receive notifications when any videos are viewed.

Spark Hire has 40+ integrations with commonly used applicant tracking systems. It also integrates with common scheduling platforms such as Google, iCloud,, Exchange and Office365. They also have a convenient mobile app for Android and iOS users.

Spark Hire packages start at $119/month for 3 users. A 14-day free trial is available without providing a credit card.Visit Website

  • From $35,000 for 2500-7500 employees

Visit Website

HireVueBest for enterprises

HireVue screenshot - 10 Best Video Interviewing Platforms For Virtual Interviews [2022]

Keep track of important details during the video interview by typing your notes down.

HireVue comes with video interviewing software and pre-hire assessments that get rid of assumptions and mitigate bias that hirers may unknowingly make when evaluating just documents from applicants. This is done with the help of Organisational Psychologists that came up with a system of suggested competencies, interview questions, and evaluation criteria. HireVue is easy to implement, secure, and built to scale.

HireVue pricing assumes a workforce of 2500+ employees and their broad feature set and robust customer service solutions support this enterprise-grade focus. HireVue is perfect for big businesses, global corporations, or rapidly growing companies.

HireVue costs $35,000 for 2500-7500 employees.Visit Website

Need Expert Help Selecting The Right Video Interview Software?

People Managing People has joined forces with the software comparison platform to assist you in finding the best tool for your needs. Crozdesk’s Video Interview Software advisors can create a prsonalized shortlist of software solutions with unbiased recommendations to help you identify the solutions that best suit your business’s needs. Through our partnership you get free access to their bespoke software selection advice, removing both time and hassle from the research process.

SoftwareOverviewFree OptionPriceSite
VidCruiter Read VidCruiter features & functionalityNot AvailablePricing available on requestCheck out VidCruiter
Willo Read Willo features & functionality15 days free trialFrom $42/user/monthCheck out Willo
Hireflix Read Hireflix features & functionality30 days free trialFrom $75/monthCheck out Hireflix
myInterview Read myInterview features & functionalityNot AvailableFrom $29/month for 5 Active JobsCheck out myInterview
Zoom Meetings Read Zoom Meetings features & functionalityNot AvailableFrom $149.90/year/licenseCheck out Zoom Meetings
Skype Read Skype features & functionalityNot AvailableFreeCheck out Skype
Harver Read Harver features & functionalityNot AvailablePricing details upon request.Check out Harver
Breezy HR Read Breezy HR features & functionalityNot AvailableFrom $143/monthCheck out Breezy HR
Spark Hire Read Spark Hire features & functionality14 days free trialFrom $119/month for 3 usersCheck out Spark Hire
HireVue Read HireVue features & functionalityNot AvailableFrom $35,000 for 2500-7500 employeesCheck out HireVue


It is not a secret that a video interview can increase an applicant’s chances in job application. And a skilled professional can increase your conversion. But sometimes an HR department is lazy to pick up the phone and call each candidate to tell them about the final results, that’s why they use video interviews as a tool for remote communication with candidates.

The ability to create a split-screen video opens up a world of creative possibilities. Whether you’re recording a remote video interview, compiling a tutorial or how-to video, or conducting a market research interview video, side-by-side functionality is endlessly useful.

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