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Best Green Screen Video App

When creating video, you want to make it look as professional as possible. Every filmmaker wants the best green screen video app, but that can be difficult. There are so many different applications it can be a challenge to choose. In this article I’ll tell you what makes a great green screen app, and point you in the right direction of free green screen apps.

Recently, I’ve been looking for the best in class and ideal green screen apps available in the market. Due to my work, I have been exposed to several apps and tools which captured my attention. If you are also looking for an app to create a video with a background color of your choice then you may check out these apps.

A green screen, or chroma key, is an effect that allows a video to be composited over another background. The green screen effect (or blue screen for the color-blind among us) allows you to basically put your video anywhere.

What is the best free green screen video app? I have seen a lot of people looking over the internet for green screen apps. And I know why, it’s fascinating technology and people love to see how it works. There are so many apps out there that you can use to create amazing videos. But the question is how good are they?

Who Invented Green Screen?

With the invention of Chroma key technology in the 1930s, Larry Butler first used Blue screen traveling matte in the 1940s in a movie called The Thief of Baghdad which won him an Academy Award for special effects. After that time, filmmakers started to realize that Green color is more suitable than Blue as a background in Chroma key technology, and afterward, Green screens replaced Blue screens.

What is a Green Screen Software?

Green Screen software is an application that is used to change the background of a video. This tool enables you to easily edit the video timeline and trim it as you like. Green screen software allows you to add the color of your choice in the video clip background. It also enables you to organize and share footage or media files with other people.

How does Green Screen Software work?

The green screen works as follows:

Step 1: It uses a process which is called as Chroma key.

Step 2: Removes a single color in a defined video region.

Step 3: The software utilizes a bright green or blue color to isolate the background.

Step 4: It selects the portion of the video based on the hue.

Step 5: Finally,it detaches the background so that you can easily add visual effects in your video clip.

Here are some of the best green screen apps that will help content creators and smartphone videographers make green screen content on the fly:

1. PowerDirector

Free — Premium subscription: starting at $5.83 a month

Available for: iOS and Android


PowerDirector is one of the highest-rated green screen apps on the Google Play store and on iTunes. While being able to handle 4K quality video, it has a multi-timeline and can share to YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. You will be able to choose the background color: homogeneous blue, green or other colors. You can then change the hardness and brightness of the color by adjusting the Denoise value with its slider. You can make the background more or less transparent and edit content directly in the app. Additionally, you can blur the edges around the main image, which can be very useful for making a subject look like it’s really in the scene.

It is worth noting, you will have a watermark in the free version of the app. However, the watermark is removed if you purchase the Premium account.

2. Kinemaster

Free — Monthly subscription: $4.99 — Annual subscription: $39.99

Available for: iOS and Android

Our next entry is KineMaster. It’s a fully equipped video editor for iOS and Android. In addition to chromakey, it features multiple video layers, blending modes, voiceovers, speed control, transitions, video reverse and special effects. Additionally, it can export 4K 2160p video at 30fps. At first, you select one of the available colors. There isn’t a special palette available. That is one of the cons of this app. You have to select the color yourself using the slider. After that, you can replace the background. You can dim and brighten the background and adjust the level of transparency and background stiffness.


Similar to PowerDirector, Kinemaster will have a watermark in the free version, which you can remove if you purchase the Premium version.

3. Motion Ninja

Free — One-time payment: $20

Available for: iOS and Android

Motion Ninja

Motion Ninja is one of the best chromakey apps available because it’s a feature-packed video editor. The app is available on both Android and iOS. Motion Ninja offers a few green screen resources in various styles and blending options. Also, it’s a full-fledge video editor, allowing you to do more than just chromakey your footage. It has a high user-review on both Android and the App Store. Also, it keeps ads to a minimum. Some features are only accessible to Pro users. However, the free version still offers a lot. If you end up wanting the Pro version, you need to pay a one-time $20 payment.

4. iMovie


Available for: iOS


Next is iMovie. Now, this is only open for iOS devices. You will not find this on the Google Play store. One of the great things about iMovie is that it is free and can remove anything in the background that’s green or blue. So you don’t have to find other higher-end products to remove blue screens. Also, you can adjust the effect with a 4-point mask. You can also drop in images with transparent backgrounds and use photos as overlays.

5. Do Ink


Available for: iOS

Do Ink
Do Ink

For iPad and iPhone uses, you can use Do Ink’s green screen apps. Once considered one of the best new apps in education on iTunes, it’s a decent option for iPad and iPhone users to make green screen videos. You can use this app in two different ways. First, you can import a prerecorded video. Additionally, you can use the app with live video as well. You can also use photos and artwork as well. You can get it in the app store for $4.99.

6. WeVideo Movie & Video Editor

Free — Monthly subscription: $4.99

Available for: iOS and Android

WeVideo Movie & Video Editor
WeVideo Movie & Video Editor

WeVideo’s free app offers a green screen feature. It is one of the highlight features of the app. The app itself is able to connect with the cloud as well, so you can always have access to your projects with Android devices. Additionally, WeVideo also has a web-based online editor that allows you to make a green screen video without having to download anything. You can get it for free, but for the green screen effects, you need to get the Mobile Pass version.

7. Chromavid

Free — Yearly subscription: $2.99

Available for: iOS and Android

Last, we have Chromavid. Offered on both iOS and Android, the app features unlimited recording time and doesn’t place a Chromavid logo into the frame. You can choose the chroma color: either blue, green, yellow or red. Now there are some drawbacks. You can only replace the background with a still image. You can’t place video. Additionally, the video you do use in front of the image has to be filmed live. Chromavid offers a 1-year premium subscription for $2.99.


So, these are some of the options available for mobile green screen editing. We hope this list helps you make great green screen videos.

8. VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor is a green screen software that can produce high-quality footage. This app helps you to highlight or blur elements in your video. It enables you to upload videos directly to YouTube.


  • This free green screen software allows you to edit video in formats like AVI, MP4, MPG, and more.
  • You can create or make changes in the video captured from mobile phones, webcams, etc.
  • VSDC allows you to convert one clip format to another.
  • This green screen editor enables you to place objects in any position on the timeline, having any size.

9. AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor is a free green screen software that enables you to trim, cut, split, merge, and rotate videos. This tool can process, edit, and save video files in VOB, AVI, MP4, and more. It allows you to make changes in the video shot with a green background.


  • You can edit HD files with ease.
  • It allows you to record videos.
  • This application helps you to open and edit Blu-ray video clips.
  • You can share videos with other people.
  • It provides more than 300 video effects.
  • Supports many languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, etc.

10. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is a green screen software that allows you to ad customized shapes and objects in video. This tool supports motion graphics and animated titles. It allows you to import and edit video shot on camera.


  • Helps you to customize the motion graphic title.
  • Allows you to perform Hollywood style green screen editing.
  • PowerDirector enables you to produce video in a 1:1 output ratio.
  • This is one of the best chroma key software that allows you to import 8K videos.
  • You can add shapes to your video.
  • It provides numerous ready-made templates.
  • This tool offers slow motion and fast motion effects.
  • You can correct color distortion in a clip.
  • It can stabilize shaky footage.

11. Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro is a green screen software that has easy to use user interface to edit video or image. This tool automatically saves your work. It helps you to import video from a tablet, video camera, and smartphone.


  • This green screen photography software provides hundreds of effects.
  • You can remove whole sections of a video clip without hassle.
  • You can edit a video of 8K.
  • Sony Vegas Pro provides a drag and drop interface.
  • This tool offers a nested timeline to speed up your workflow.
  • The advanced version of Sony Vegas Pro provides a lens correction plugin.
  • You can make a slow-motion video.

12. EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS is easy and smart green screen software that can be used by everyone. It allows you to trim, cut, merge, split, rotate, and mix clips. This tool enables you to import and music track.


  • It offers more than 50 visual transition effects.
  • This application does have no export length limit.
  • You can record your narration with just one mouse click.
  • EraseUs allows you to record your narrations (written or spoken word).
  • Guru99 users get 30% off with coupon “GURU99EASEUS”

13. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Corel VideoStudeio Ultimate is a tool that enables you to edit a video having green background. This application supports HD, 4K, and 360 video editing. It allows you to split custom videos with ease.


  • You can perform lens and color correction.
  • It helps you to stabilize the shaky video.
  • Allows you to customize object motion.
  • Offers a wide range of overlays and templates.
  • Process video in batch.
  • You can crop, trim, and rotate video.
  • It provides a large variety of effects and filters.

14. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacles Studio is a green screen app that has enhanced color grading features to improve video quality. It contains more than 2000 effects.


  • This tool allows you to remove the green color background from video.
  • You can edit video efficiently across tracks in 4K and HD format.
  • It provides 360 video editing.
  • You can crop, rotate, edit, and zoom videos.
  • This application enables you to split-screen video.
  • You can edit videos captured from any video camera.
  • It helps you to stabilize shaky videos.

15. Hippovideo

Hippo Video is a tool that enables you to customize your background color with ease. This application helps you to lift your marketing, sales, and email campaigns. It also helps you to automate personalized Video emails.


  • This tool allows you to easily add a green screen/chroma key effect.
  • Bridge communication gaps with videos.
  • Collect video testimonials, surveys, and feedback.
  • Drive video ROI with audience demographics.
  • Engage and convert your prospects to customers.

16. ACDSee

ACDSee is a green screen software that enables you to wipe video background with no hassle. It allows you to perform image manipulation, video, layered editing, etc. This tool helps you to convert, finalize, and render videos in a variety of formats and sizes.


  • Import your footage, work with existing media, or generate your own.
  • Arrange, edit, split, trim, and merge audio and video recordings, as well as still images.
  • ACDSee video converter 5 easily converts video files.

17. iMovie

IMovie is a green screen software that allows you to select dozens of styles to animate titles. It enables you to change the speed of shoots. This software for green screen can be used to add a finishing touch like a color correction to a video.


  • This chroma key software allows you to start editing on an iPhone or iPad, then finishes on your Mac.
  • This app includes built-in music, sound effects, and voiceover recording.
  • iMovie helps you to create 4K-resolution movies.
  • It enables you to create movie trailers from easy to use templates.


18. Lightworks

Lightworks is a Green screen software that helps you to edit video in a wide range of formats, including 2K resolution, 4K resolution, and HD formats. It is one of the best green screen program that enables you to export videos for YouTube, Vimeo, etc. This tool allows you to share a clip with other people and assign read or write access


  • You can easily edit the video timeline and trim it.
  • Lightworks supports English, German, Italian, and more languages.
  • This tool provides a simple way to trim your video.
  • You can easily customize the shortcuts.
  • You can make 2D and 3D titles.
  • Supports OS like Linux, Windows, Mac OS, etc.


19. OpenShot

OpenShot is an open-source video editor that allows you to move up, down or locked track. It helps you to split out an audio clip from the video. This tool allows you to adjust brightness, hue, gamma, chroma-key, greyscale, etc.


  • You can create as many layers as you want.
  • Titles can have 3D animated effects.
  • You can resize, trim, and rotate clips.
  • OpenShot software for green screen provides video transactions with real time previews.
  • You can quickly adjust the font and color of your titles.
  • This tool has a drag and drop feature.


#20) HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is a green screen software that allows you to edit the video and add effects with minimal effort. It helps you to trim, make changes in audio, and more. This tool enables you to make color corrections of video.


  • Combining 2D and 3D videos is very easy.
  • It supports more than 410 effects.
  • This tool can be used on Windows and Mac.
  • HitFilm Express provides unlimited tracks to arrange video clips.
  • It contains a track panel to control 2D tracking inside HitFilm.


21. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is an open-source and free live green screen software that enables you to create a scene with multiple sources, including images and text. This application allows you to switch seamlessly between video transactions.


  • This free green screen editor offers intuitive audio.
  • This green screen photo editor allows you to rearrange UI according to your desire.
  • OBS Studio allows you to preview the scene before making it live.
  • You can capture video in real time.
  • Offers easy to use configurable options.
  • This green screen software for photos supports lots of plugins.
  • Supported platforms are Windows, Linux, and Mac.


22. Ultimatte 12

Ultimatte 12 is a green screen software that enables you to remove the background from the images. This tool can be used to apply transformations, blend modes, color grades, and more in the video.


  • This green screen app for Windows can reproduce bright colours in the photo.
  • It has a dual timeline that lets you edit clips quickly.
  • You can instantly share your project with online services like YouTube and Vimeo.
  • DaVinci Resolve enables you to create a timeline with different frame rates.
  • Helps you to composite elements together with ease
  • Supported platforms are for macOS, Linux, and Windows.


23. The Simple Green Screen App

The Simple Green Screen App is an application that enables you to replace the green background of the video. This green screen background editor offers a user-friendly environment for editing video clips.


  • You can add the color of your choice in the background.
  • It can be accessed from PC and mobile.
  • This tool is available for free.


24. Blender

Blender is a green screen software that enables you to change the video background with a solid color. This tool allows you to customize the application using the blender’s API for Python script.


  • This Chroma key software provides animation support with onion skinning.
  • Blender allows the user to customize window layout and shortcuts.
  • Offers live preview of edited video.
  • Provides more than 32 slots for adding video.


25. Edius

Edius is a green screen software that enables you to change the background of a clip with ease. It allows you to perform real-time color correction and add filters in your clips.


  • Supports High Dynamic Range (HDR).
  • This green screen removal software can be used for a variety of cameras and codecs.
  • This green screen video software offers a variety of plugins.
  • Allows you to organize and share footage or media files with other people.
  • Enables you to quickly import and import video with minimal effort.


What is the Difference Between Green Screen and Blue Screen?

Very little. Blue screens were the original backdrop of choice as blue was easier to remove when working with film. Green screens require less light and are easier to remove digitally, hence their rise in popularity over blue screens.


A green screen app allows you to replace the original background in your videos with a realistic-looking virtual backdrop. The commercial and artistic possibilities with this video editing technique are endless. Green screen apps are used by filmmakers, videographers and photographers to create unique backgrounds. Many great apps work perfectly well with windows, Mac, Androids and iOS.

After days of downloading and testing both the free/paid green screen apps, here is the list of the green screen apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac

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