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Best Green Screen Video Recording App

As you already know, using chroma key video in your work is a great way to create some more interesting and engaging content. Since you’re here looking for a green screen app (or recording app), I’m assuming that you’ve already got your hands on a green screen and now you’re looking for the best software available for it, right? Well, you’ve landed on the right page…

Green screen software are applications that can be used to change the background of video. These tool enables you to easily edit the video timeline and trim it. They allow you to add the color of your choice in the video clip background. Many such programs allow you to organize and share footage or media files with other people. For instance, the crew working on Star Wars Revenge of the Sith can’t shoot on Mustafar, the movie’s lava-filled planet. That’s where the green screen comes in. Also, you can use green screen for more practical reasons, like budget and travel time.

Searching for the best green screen app? Green screen app is a great solution to produce high quality videos. To use a green screen app, you first need to download this app and install it on your smartphone/tablet. Then, record a video using that app or upload your own video. With some add-on effects, you can make your video more professional.

Free green screen apps can be used for many purposes. They can give your regular photo a wow effect. You can edit videos, take special effects and more on these apps. Check out this list to choose best green screen video recording app.

What Is a Green Screen App and Its Uses?

The green screen app is an application that’s used by filmmakers, videographers, and photographers to create unique backgrounds. Many great apps work perfectly well with Windows, Mac, Androids, and iOS. Whereas a few can be used online, the majority are can only be used upon download. The green screen is also known as the Chroma key.

So, what are the uses of green screen apps? To replace the background of your videos and photos, you require a green screen app. Other uses include:

  • During weather forecasts, television producers use green screen apps to shade regions of interest.
  • In case of extensive use of single color in videos, you can use these apps to cut the color pixels from the video.
  • Green screen apps feature many editing effects that can be used to enhance the quality of videos.

1. PowerDirector

Free — Premium subscription: starting at $5.83 a month

Available for: iOS and Android


PowerDirector is one of the highest-rated green screen apps on the Google Play store and on iTunes. While being able to handle 4K quality video, it has a multi-timeline and can share to YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. You will be able to choose the background color: homogeneous blue, green or other colors. You can then change the hardness and brightness of the color by adjusting the Denoise value with its slider. You can make the background more or less transparent and edit content directly in the app. Additionally, you can blur the edges around the main image, which can be very useful for making a subject look like it’s really in the scene.

It is worth noting, you will have a watermark in the free version of the app. However, the watermark is removed if you purchase the Premium account.

2. Kinemaster

Free — Monthly subscription: $4.99 — Annual subscription: $39.99

Available for: iOS and Android

Our next entry is KineMaster. It’s a fully equipped video editor for iOS and Android. In addition to chromakey, it features multiple video layers, blending modes, voiceovers, speed control, transitions, video reverse and special effects. Additionally, it can export 4K 2160p video at 30fps. At first, you select one of the available colors. There isn’t a special palette available. That is one of the cons of this app. You have to select the color yourself using the slider. After that, you can replace the background. You can dim and brighten the background and adjust the level of transparency and background stiffness.


Similar to PowerDirector, Kinemaster will have a watermark in the free version, which you can remove if you purchase the Premium version.

3. Motion Ninja

Free — One-time payment: $20

Available for: iOS and Android

Motion Ninja

Motion Ninja is one of the best chromakey apps available because it’s a feature-packed video editor. The app is available on both Android and iOS. Motion Ninja offers a few green screen resources in various styles and blending options. Also, it’s a full-fledge video editor, allowing you to do more than just chromakey your footage. It has a high user-review on both Android and the App Store. Also, it keeps ads to a minimum. Some features are only accessible to Pro users. However, the free version still offers a lot. If you end up wanting the Pro version, you need to pay a one-time $20 payment.

4. iMovie


Available for: iOS


Next is iMovie. Now, this is only open for iOS devices. You will not find this on the Google Play store. One of the great things about iMovie is that it is free and can remove anything in the background that’s green or blue. So you don’t have to find other higher-end products to remove blue screens. Also, you can adjust the effect with a 4-point mask. You can also drop in images with transparent backgrounds and use photos as overlays.

5. Do Ink


Available for: iOS

Do Ink
Do Ink

For iPad and iPhone uses, you can use Do Ink’s green screen apps. Once considered one of the best new apps in education on iTunes, it’s a decent option for iPad and iPhone users to make green screen videos. You can use this app in two different ways. First, you can import a prerecorded video. Additionally, you can use the app with live video as well. You can also use photos and artwork as well. You can get it in the app store for $4.99.

6. WeVideo Movie & Video Editor

Free — Monthly subscription: $4.99

Available for: iOS and Android

WeVideo Movie & Video Editor
WeVideo Movie & Video Editor

WeVideo’s free app offers a green screen feature. It is one of the highlight features of the app. The app itself is able to connect with the cloud as well, so you can always have access to your projects with Android devices. Additionally, WeVideo also has a web-based online editor that allows you to make a green screen video without having to download anything. You can get it for free, but for the green screen effects, you need to get the Mobile Pass version.

7. Chromavid

Free — Yearly subscription: $2.99

Available for: iOS and Android

Last, we have Chromavid. Offered on both iOS and Android, the app features unlimited recording time and doesn’t place a Chromavid logo into the frame. You can choose the chroma color: either blue, green, yellow or red. Now there are some drawbacks. You can only replace the background with a still image. You can’t place video. Additionally, the video you do use in front of the image has to be filmed live. Chromavid offers a 1-year premium subscription for $2.99.


8. Green Screen Pro

Green Screen Pro

Green Screen Pro is an awesome Android app widely known for its amazing green screen background creation. This program makes use of Chroma to replace a color with a photo either taken by the app or that uploaded from another device. The app has a built background that can be easily invoked for Chroma effect. You need not to pay in order to install Green Screen Pro in your Android device.


  • The green screen video editor app for Android has got some great backdrops for use.


  • The output quality is not that good.

9. Chroma Key Touchup

Chroma Key Touchup

Chroma Key Touchpad is an excellent photo editor app that works pretty well with Android devices, its intuitive user interface makes “how to use the green screen app” a breeze. With this program you can create stunning green screen background images as per your nee. You can go through a list of editing options and make your image standout. Most people use this particular software to edit videos for sharing on social sites like Instagram and works fine. Remember this is an easy-to-use software.


  • The program is quite easy to use.


  • There are less editing options.

Are There Any Windows Phone Green Screen Apps?

Yes, but not many.

The Windows Phone formerly referred to as Windows mobile has since seen a rise in usage across the globe. Although the usage is still inferior when drawn against the likes of Android, iOS, and Windows computer, their rising popularity is significant and cannot be underscored.

There are innumerable applications of vast range that have been designed for iOS, Android, and Windows computer systems and everyone is well versed about this. However, Windows phone, maybe due to lower number of users, does not fully enjoy assortment of applications. The specific applications are fewer in number but can also work pretty well with other applications that work on Android and iOS among others.

Talking about video editing applications, a focal point to multitude of users, Windows Phone does boost some great applications. However, as you would expect, again these applications are fewer compared to other operating systems.

For Green screen applications, we have managed to curate a few that work exceptionally well on Windows Phone. There are still other programs lined up to boost the Windows Phone Green Screen Apps and shall soon hit the green screen headlines. However, these two Windows Phone Green Screen Apps will definitely create stunning videos for you. If you still need more, you can simply try with those of other systems. Other users have tried and have worked.

Comparison of These Green Screen Apps

Green Screen AppCompatible OSPriceUser InterfaceIn-app purchase
Hands-On Green ScreeniOSFreeFriendlyNone
Green Screen StudioiOSFreeFriendlyNone
Veescope Live Green ScreeniOSFreeIntuitiveAvailable
Green Screen ProiOS$14.99SimpleNone
Green Screen by Do InkiOS$1.99Easy to useNone
ChromavidAndroidFreeEasy to useAvailable
Green Screen ProAndroidFreeRelatively easyNone
KineMasterAndroid, iOSFreeA bit complex-more professionalAvailable
Chroma Key TouchupAndroidFreeSimpleNone
The Simple Green ScreenWindows phone, iOS devicesFreeEasy to useAvailable
PhotoshopWindows phoneFreeNot complexNone
PocketVideoAndroid and iOSFreeSimpleNone

How to Make A Green Screen Video with Filmora Video Editor

Step 1. Import green screen video and background video

Launch Filmora Video Editor and hit “Import Media Files Here”. Follow the on-screen steps and upload the green screen videos and background videos. Once the uploaded, right-click the video file which you need to apply green screen on, and select “Add to PIP”. The program would automatically place it on the timeline.

add videos to timeline

Step 2. Create green screen

Now right click the very same video and select “Green Screen” option and a new window shall pop-up. Check “Green Screen” tab and pick green color.

how to use green screen

Now slide the “Intensity level” until the original video and the video is perfectly overlaid.

apply green screen effect

Step 3. Export the green screen video

After you complete the green screen process, you can also apply other effects to make your video more amazing, you can choose to add filters, transitions and other effects. At last, you can click on the “Export” button to save your video to the target device in desired format.

export the video


Green screen videos have become a huge part of today’s video marketing industry. By playing with the concept of a green screen, you can easily create video backgrounds that would otherwise look impossible to be produced. From my experience, this is great for branding, marketing and simply showing off things you couldn’t do otherwise. There are so many different options available that it can sometimes be a little overwhelming trying to figure out which one is best.

These tools enable you to easily edit the video timeline and trim it. They allow you to add the color of your choice in the video clip background. Many such programs allow you to organize and share footage or media files with other people.

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