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Best on Premise Project Management Software

Best on Premise Project Management Software

The role of project management is crucial to successfully complete a long list of tasks within a team or in an organization. On-premise Project Management Software is one of the two basic types of project management software. The other one is Cloud-based project management software. On-premise solutions are specific and customizable as per the need of the organization. You get the tools that help you in monitoring projects in a strategic manner. You can work on your connected tasks and projects with ease. This is done so that you see an increase in the efficiency and productivity of the team and the organization. Here is a list of the best On-premise Project Management Software.

Best on Premise Project Management Software


What is Asana and how does it work?

Asana is an online team collaboration and workflow management tool. Organize your work in the best way possible to follow tasks through and be able to avoid obstacles to meet deadlines. Asana’s boards let you visualize your work, and arrange all your relevant emails and files into one place. Use Asana’s portfolios to monitor the status of all your projects and keep your strategic initiatives on track and easily report on progress. Its custom fields allow you to keep track of info important to the team and share the information with the right people. Commonly used projects can be turned into templates to ensure your team workflow moves more smoothly and fast.

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What is and how does it work?

With, managers can better keep their team aligned from one collaborative workspace. This flexible platform allows you to truly centralize your data, leveraging native integrations, third-party apps, and helpful widgets. With an overview of all ongoing processes, you can quickly gauge the status of essential tasks and follow up with the relevant team member efficiently. Essentially, on, executives have the flexibility to build the perfect tools for their team using intuitive drag-and-drop technology. Simply select one of over 200 templates, and customize it using the 20 editable columns to support any of your workflows. Then if your team grows, your workflows can easily scale with you, empowering your team to new heights with complete visibility.


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Smartsheet pricing: Starts at $7.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Smartsheet and how does it work?

An intuitive project management software and collaboration tool that is useful for small and mid-size organizations to track and manage various types of work. Besides project management, it assists organizations to manage event schedules, sales pipelines, marketing campaigns, HR and product development. It has a spreadsheet-like interface that offers a number of handy tools such as card view, gantt charts, reporting and file sharing, work automation etc. It is a top-rated business application that can be integrated with leading web apps like Dropbox, Zapier as well as Google Apps and Salesforce. More than 80,000 businesses and millions of users across 175 countries rely on Smartsheet.


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Basecamp pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Basecamp and how does it work?

Basecamp assists small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, small groups and departments to manage their personal, internal and client projects and tasks. An overview of all your text documents, files, discussions, to-dos and events can be found at a glance in the dashboard. It provides customizable collaboration option in which, you can choose your collaborating team mates and clients. Basecamp lets the users communicate effectively with co-workers, enabling them to send messages, share files and emails, host discussions, organize meetings and events, and assign tasks. There is also an option for customized sharing by which the admins can restrict views and permissions to all the users.


(3,831 Ratings)

Wrike pricing: Starts at $9.8. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Wrike and how does it work?

An all-in-one project management tool that helps to organize your complex work easily and flexibly. It is ideal for remotely located teams, mid-sized organizations and enterprise companies for managing teamwork and communicating with clients. With Wrike’s collaboration features and customization tools, you will be able to manage teamwork better and finish your work sooner. It helps the team leads and administrators collecting project requirements, creating and assigning tasks and visualizing schedules on the Gantt chart. Moreover, each team member will be aware of their work priorities with personal dashboards and real-time work updates so that you’ll get an efficient and goal-oriented team.


A project collaboration and management software that is useful for teams across diversified organizations including marketing, finance, HR, digital agencies, event planning, construction, manufacturing etc. The software provides intuitive Gantt charts along with task management, task level communication, file sharing and time tracking. It is a web based software that simplifies communication among the co-workers and maintain a database in which all documents are saved. Few other functionalities are resourcing team, planning projects, task scheduling, setting priority levels on tasks, mapping out projects with milestones, deliverables, deadlines and interdependencies.


Hive, as an intelligent productivity platform, helps 1000s of companies all over the globe to enhance their productivity levels in real-time. Admins can leverage on the particular to revolutionise the way their teams perform by allowing them to manage each project independently. The platform offers various tools like Gantt charts, Kanban boards, Calendars and Tables, to display information systematically. The software consolidates work by enabling real-time integration with external platforms like Google, Dropbox, Outlook, Zapier etc. It allows users to monitor and report on projects proactively. Admins can plan and schedule tasks, assign them to team members and chat with them over messages. Users can also share documents with team members and display the necessary instructions through forms without sending out emails individually. Hive is an ideal software to scale the efficiency levels of every team serving departments like management, production, marketing or operations.

Nifty Project Management

Nifty Project Management can be used to take care of tasks, projects and communications. It helps teams centralise, streamline and modernise work-related operations. The application can be used to automate work between clients and teams in a single click, besides eliminating the need to switch between tasks, chats, calendars, docs and meeting tools. Large teams can utilise the particular to schedule goals and work accordingly. Collaborate on regular tasks by leveraging swimlane, kanban and list views. They can also establish a knowledge hub by generating feedback and finalising specifications. Moreover, Nifty Project Management offers real-time integration with Google docs, enabling users to generate wikis, docs and notes for their projects accordingly. They can also gain operational clarity by getting access to automated reports. The application is an ideal match for digital agencies, marketing teams, product teams, legal case management teams, client management teams and agile development companies.


Favro is an advanced collaboration and planning app that allows teams to organize their working structure as per individual business needs. It helps in creating a flexible vision with multiple groups and boards at a single place. With the app, the marketing team can monitor their daily work and development team can get the sprints and backlogs streamlined. Sheets and database feature offered by Favro can be used to add columns, organise hierarchies and conduct calculations in order to bring down big chunks of work into smaller ones. It facilitates real-time collaboration, helping both office and remote work run in a seamless manner. With this platform, one can build an executive dashboard enlisting the roadmap of the entire team within a single view. Google docs or Word documents can be replaced with Favro. Users can schedule marketing campaigns, write stories or execute plans directly within Favro besides automating their individual workflows. Favro offers active integrations with tools like Google Drive, Zapier, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google calendar and more.


OpenProject as an advanced project management software offers a classic, agile and hybrid project management network. It aims to make users’ work simple, productive and pleasant. Admins can assign tasks to their teammates and communicate with them in one place. The software helps to deliver projects on time and make better iterations with development and methodology tools, like Scrum and Kanban. OpenProject, hosts a big community of open source enthusiasts, developers and businesses who help and support each other. Also, the platform assures the highest level of security and creates a protected environment for its users enabling full data ownership. Users get full freedom to run, share, study and modify their projects without limitations. Businesses can find professional support for their self-hosted projects over this platform. It reduces users’ burden by letting the experts do the hosting. Users can find work management solutions regarding various industries, including IT & Technology, Engineering, Healthcare, NGOs, Banking and Finance, etc.


ActiveCollab is a project management tool. It allows users to organize their entire work including tasks, communication, team members, and files with a single app. The collaboration features and centralized communication makes for quicker messaging, comments, feedback and file sharing without the need for scattered emails. Meetings, tasks, and statuses can be viewed at a glance by every authorized personnel. The tool also lets users track times for the team members and use the data to evaluate and estimate timelines. Invoices can be created according to the tracked times for accurate billing. Users can also add branding using the Invoice Designer and send it directly from ActiveCollab. Payment gateways and recurring invoices can be set up as well. Payments can be tracked with statuses such as unsent, sent, partially paid, or paid. Integrations with QuickBooks and Xero enables them to use ActiveCollab time records to generate invoices.


Paymo is a project management software that helps your team manage the entirety of a project right through, from conception through to the very conclusion. With features all aimed at making work as easy as possible, Paymo is a valuable utility software for a work team. Impressive Real Time Task Management with a smooth keyboard-friendly inline editing enables you to change or add tasks quickly, organize similar tasks into lists and reorder tasks. A bird’s eye view is provided to show an overview of projects or you can alternatively switch to an advanced task view for a more detailed description. You can visually manage your work, team members and time bookings all in a well-formed timeline. You can also schedule your resources appropriately by assigning tasks, monitoring employee activities and availability, making changes in your plans via the timeline. Other useful features are the; Kanban board which helps create and move project workflow through ordered and logical steps, an Automatic Time Tracking system to monitor and clock in tasks at appropriate times, the Gantt Chart – a scheduling tool that shows how tasks on the timeline are related to each other, to name a few. Paymo has desktop widget apps (available on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux) and also has a mobile app though quite limited in functionality, but still optimized for efficiency and ease of access.

Easy Projects

Easy Projects is a work management software that helps companies to manage multiple tasks and projects by easily aligning processes and resources for the entire team. The software helps companies to optimise billable hours, manage projects financials and work with powerful business intelligence. Users can share files, leave comments, tag teammates and send approval requests for efficient collaboration. All changes, comments and updates of the software are time-stamped and users can audit them whenever they need to. Easy Projects brings together all projects and financial data in one centralised location and makes it available to all stakeholders. It allows users to connect data to different models and visualise it, creating memorable reports personalised with their KPIs. Easy Projects can be integrated with over 2000 business tools facilitating effective management of project portfolios, including Microsoft, JIRA, HubSpot, Salesforce and more.


Backlog is an online project management software that also provides different task management solutions to teams. Not only does the software enable project management but also it handles code management, simultaneously. Trusted by over 10,000 companies worldwide, Backlog’s simple yet useful interface can be quickly adopted by everyone. Designed for developers, this software enables seamless collaboration with clients. With Backlog, users can keep bugs and issue tracking under one roof. It further makes it easy for developers to release codes and track each step via pull requests. The particular project management software provides visuals like Gantt charts, Boards, burndown charts and Git graphs that make it easy to assess progress. Also, Backlog offers wikis, custom fields and file sharing that enables a developer’s team to store and track knowledge & history right in issues. By using one of the many integrations of this software, developers can create their own projects effortlessly. Task Hierarchy, Notifications, Mobile Apps, IPS Address Control and Jira & Redmine Importer are some other highlights of Backlog.


Celoxis is an all-in-one project management software. It helps your team plan and tracks their portfolios, projects, tasks, resources, timesheets, issues, and risks from one place. It has extensive collaboration features, including acustomizable free client portal. It offers a 360-degree view of your projects with its customizable dashboards. Celoxis has the best team adoption in the marketplace and has been the platform of choice for brands like HBO, Bombardier, KPMG & University of Washington. Choosing a project management software can be daunting and time-consuming. To make the process easier, Celoxis offers customizable demos designed by project experts, which cater specifically to your requirements.

on premise project management software open source


OpenProject is an agile, efficient, classic, and hybrid open-source project management software. You will have access to secure your privacy with the highest standards in privacy and data security. Installing it in your infrastructure helps you get complete control and data ownership.

Using the tool will give you insights into all your data and its storage without any external influence. It will also allow your team to work more productive, more pleasant, and simpler way. In addition, your team will be able to track their work to get better results while organizing tasks quickly and distributing tasks to anyone within the team.

OpenProject has everything in a single place so that you can communicate better. Optimize the creativity and experience of the teammates via shared timelines to visualize and create project plans.

Analyze the detailed activities to develop a plan and let everyone know how to proceed and when to deliver the project by understanding the scope. Agile teams will also measure, learn, and build to deliver faster and better work with every iteration.

OpenProject provides necessary tools to get methodologies like Kanban and Scrum and agile product development. It is a big community for developers, open-source enthusiasts, businesses, etc., where they can find the perfect setup to choose between premises and flexible hosting options.

The enterprise on-premises provides premium, professional support, and security features for the self-hosted OpenProject. According to your number of users, calculate your price. Choose the support options and subscription period to get your application starting at $405/year for 5 users.

If you need OpenProject hosting then you can try the Kamatera platform.


Are you searching for an alternative to Notion, Asana, and Trello?

Well, you can go for Focalboard, which is an open-source and self-hosted project management software. It helps to organize, manage, track, and define work across your teams by using the Kanban board view. It has two editions:

  • Focalboard Personal Desktop: It is a desktop app for personal and to-do projects. It is a single-tenant that runs on a local server to get optimal performance and speed.
  • Focalboard Personal Server: It is a self-hosted server to help collaborate better with your team.

Click over “add new boards” to pick project tasks from the different templates.

Change the created date, priority, sort settings, filter settings, and group by settings according to your preference. You can also drag cards from one column to another to change the group property. In addition, edit the cards whenever you want to know the set of properties and content and the list of comments.

Table views help you view the cards in a single place to hover over the title to open one. Furthermore, every board has card templates and board templates to customize each board as per your team. Get a Personal Desktop on your Mac and Windows or Personal Server on Ubuntu.


Get the open-source project management platform of Restya to manage tasks, chat, to-dos, etc.  Restya is a Trello-like kanban board that will offer advanced category Extend Restyaboard and countless options such as scripts, user styles, widgets, integrations, etc.

They have the MyRestyaboards app that is compatible with iPadOS and iOS operating systems. It tracks numerous Restya Boards, and you can import existing boards easily from Asana, which is used in project and work management.

It’s a cloud-based project management solution where you can also import your work instantly from Kantree, a flexible management tool that helps organize, collaborate projects, manage, and plan. Furthermore, you can easily transfer boards from Pipefy, Taiga, Taskwarrior, Trello, and Wekan to Restya Board.

A separate board manages every project, and you can create numerous boards and manage them simultaneously. Use existing templates for instant and quick launches, and duplicate a single board multiple times with different names. In addition, the keyboard shortcut keys let you perform some actions like deletion and addition of members, open cards, voting, etc.

Create one digital platform with classified projects and descriptions. In this digital platform, you will get an interactive interface, better organization visibility, and the option to edit, add a member, remove a member, change permissions, sort, and delete.

View simple boards or apply filters to see a list of boards and set its visibility to public or private. You can also see the cards in grid format or a list view. Restya provides you with a calendar view along with color variations to make it distinct and highlighted.

Additional features you will have are Gantt view, report view, member invitation, list view of members, editing visibility mode, changing the background, modifying textures and patterns, custom background option, automatic subscription, productivity beats, and much more.


Upgrade your daily working style through an open-source project management software ERPNext. It allows you to organize your task, schedule, plan, and analyze the projects by collaborating with your team to accelerate the work.

ERPNext can keep track of your project deadlines with a clear view of the plan. You can manage everything from a single workspace and simplify the projects by discovering a task-driven approach.

ERPNext offers easy collaboration by allowing you to split the project into bite-sized tasks and assign them to your teammates. You will also get access to the progress of your project and its efficiency via priorities and clear scope, milestones, and estimated timelines.

Moreover, ERPNext lets you share and upload multimedia files like images, documents, and videos. Achieve smooth communication with everyone with the help of auto-replies to incoming emails.

Get current and accurate insights anytime you need to stay on top of expenses and budgets, plan better for every project and see how the budget has been spent. It also allows you to build software for open-source projects.


Taskcafe is an open-source project management tool that helps manage different tasks via a Kanban board interface by setting due dates and adding checklists and labels. Once you get inside the “My Tasks” view, you will see each assigned task.

You will also get options like personal projects, task comments, task activities, etc. If you are searching for an alternative to NextCloud, Trello, etc., you can have Taskcafe that will fit your workflow and help you manage every project easily. It is in the alpha development stage and has many useful and unique features.


Get a scalable and secure open-source project management tool – Orangescrum to manage agile and simple projects for your teams. It helps you make strategies, plan it well, execute your plan, and allow your team to finish within the deadline to complete a project successfully.

Orangescrum helps you plan everything strategically to achieve higher efficiency and have optimal results. Apart from creating project plans, you can also monitor and deliver them seamlessly. It also helps in real-time collaboration and minimum resource utilization when you are assigning roles to your teammates.

Orangescrum integrates your workflow with visual project planning to increase the success rates. Get insights into portfolio performance and initiatives through real-time data in your dashboards. Furthermore, you can manage financial activities and budgets by monitoring project expenses and resource costs to achieve higher profit margins.

Secure your data with role-based access control (RBAC) and Single Sign-On. You can also download Orangescrum on Android or iOS devices to manage the same work being outside. In addition, centralize your project information to access easily from anywhere.

If you are a startup and want to keep track of the work, choose the startup plan at just $9/month for 10 users and avail benefits like unlimited tasks, projects, Gantt chart, status, task reminder, 5 GB storage, and 5 guest users.


Deliver your project as promised within budget with Taiga – a project management tool having rich features and simplicity with its intuitive interface for multi-functional agile teams. It lets you collaborate with your team to define deliverables and utilize their knowledge.

Start aligning tasks and prioritize the deliverables to allow each member for timely completion. As communication is a significant point in every management, Taiga helps you interact with your teammates quickly to share task progress. In addition, let your teammates view the ongoing activities and check the completed tasks.

With Taiga, you can enable better transparency with your team on the current status and resource allocation and better understand the effort required to complete the project. It has an easy-to-use interface to help improve the way of working and performing tasks.

You can change the workflows and add more features without any complex setup in between the project. Taiga also offers reliability, independence, adaptability, flexibility, security, performance, and stability to help you deliver excellent projects.

Sign up for free to get up to 5 private projects, unlimited public projects, and up to 300MB storage. If you want to have more benefits, go with the $5/user/month plan.

Top project management tools

1. TeamGantt – for seamless scheduling

TeamGantt is a project scheduling tool that makes scheduling a breeze. Though its timeline charts may look complex, they’re actually simple and self-explanatory, and you can create your own charts just by dragging and dropping – no training necessary. Perfect for people who like to envision project progress with a timeline, TeamGantt is also handy for getting everything together in one place; all related conversations and files are pinned to the appropriate task or project.

2. Timely – for coordinating resources & workloads

Good time management is central to good project management, and luckily Timely helps make both a doddle. By using automatic time tracking, it can help you keep accurate records on how project time and budgets are actually spent. All your team’s logged project activity is fed into a central dashboard, so you can make sure everyone is working to your priorities with a balanced workload. Real-time budget spend tracking and team capacity bars give you full resource visibility without digging for any information. From keeping within deadlines to seeing who’s heading for burnout or available to help out, Timely is unsurpassed when it comes to managing team resources. Its precise time records are also essential when it comes to making better estimates for future projects!

3. GanttPRO – for visualizing progress

GanttPRO is a Gantt chart-based project management tool that is highly appreciated by teams from all over the world. It offers an attractive Gantt chart timeline where it is so easy to create, assign, and track all of your team’s tasks, assignees, dates, projects, and project portfolios. You can quickly make changes in your plans literally in a few clicks and in most cases, by simply dragging and dropping elements. GanttPRO is also a good fit for those teams that need to keep all project-related information in one place.

4. ProofHub – for mapping, assigning and following tasks

When it comes to project management simplicity, ProofHub is a tool for every kind of team. It effectively combines multiple project planning and communication tools under one roof. With its smooth onboarding process, you can quickly get to grips with it, even if you’ve never used a project management tool before. Step-by-step tooltips guide you through its impressive feature set and clean interface, which you can customize according to what you want to see. From adding tasks, assigning work and setting deadlines, to discussing projects, planning and sharing files, ProofHub offers supreme control – for both teams and projects.

5. Wrike – for project task management

Wrike is known for being one of the very best project management tools around, and thankfully you don’t need hours of training to get familiar with its different services. On the dashboard you can see all pending tasks, with upcoming or overdue assignments highlighted for ease. Importing and exporting from Google Docs can be done with just a click – a basic service that’s still sadly (and strangely) missing from many other project management apps. Though a multipurpose tool, Wrike is probably best at measuring project progress and assigning tasks, so be sure to get familiar with these services when you first play around.

6. Basecamp – for structuring project communication

The multipurpose Basecamp is another favourite for restructuring communications and keeping on top of different tasks. It’s especially great if you work remotely as it gets everything onto one page – so if you find yourself searching fruitlessly for old documents or important info, Basecamp will be a godsend. It’s simple to create individual to-do lists for every project, and if you forget about a task, the software is smart enough to give you a nudge. Basecamp’s straightforward message boards and scheduling abilities are also worth mentioning – they’re great for keeping all the discussions your team has throughout a project’s development in one place. Think of it as an information hub for organizing the project.

7. Asana – for simplified, streamlined collaboration

Known to be one of the most versatile and flexible project management tools around, Asana is unrivaled when it comes to streamlining collaboration. This tool allows you to map out each individual step within a project, create and assign tasks, get the latest updates from team members, keep notes and ask questions, alter task deadlines, and keep on top of your to-do list. The most basic Asana version is free, easy to get to grips with, and delivers detailed reporting on your strengths and weaknesses.

8. Trello – for visibility and coordination

If you ask people to name a simple project management tool, Trello will no doubt be one of the most they mention. This user-friendly tool keeps tabs of absolutely everything, and gives you a unique shared perspective on both tasks and projects. The simple, visually appealing design is easy to get used to, and you don’t need any training to start setting up workflows, allocating tasks or uploading documents. The free version allows you to create and access numerous boards for every project, and you can drag and drop lists and files between boards with a few simple clicks. Great for staying updated on task progress!

9. ProProfs Project– for effortless project management

ProProfs Project is a user-friendly tool that thrives on unmatched task management capabilities. You can effortlessly create, prioritize, and assign tasks across multiple projects within seconds. Its intuitive interface offers multiple project views such as Gantt charts and Kanban boards, giving you a quick overview of project tasks and activities. Moreover, you can fetch actionable reports and gain insight into task status, time spent on a particular task, and much more. Also, the tool allows seamless team collaboration with features such as instant messaging and task comments that enable a smooth-flowing project.


In order to be successful in starting a startup, it’s important to have a good project management system in place. By using the right project management software, you can keep your startup on track and achieve your goals. Additionally, make sure to communicate with your team and follow up on progress. In the end, success is all about taking care of your business and making sure that everything goes according to plan.

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