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Best Pdf Markup Tool for Ipad

In this article, you will find where to get a good PDF markup tool for your iPad and what is the best app for PDF markup for your iPad. The article will also help you understand how markup a PDF on your iPad and what tools to use to make annotating your PDF files easier.

Turn your iPad into the ultimate notetaking device with the best pdf markup tool for ipad free, the intuitive annotations app that lets you draw, highlight and annotate PDF files on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Apple Pencil users can add notes anywhere directly on the PDF file thanks to iAnnotate’s precise handwriting recognition. And you don’t have to worry about storage space as all of your annotated documents are stored in iCloud.

I’m sure you’ve heard about it, the new craze in Aldudaa speaking. We’re all talking about it, the best pdf markup tool for ipad that is. As an aspiring entrepreneur I must be obviously interested in the productive use of my precious time. I’ve already purchased a number of pdf markup app for ipad but there is nothing that does what I want to do. That’s why I was super excited when I heard about best way to markup pdf on ipad . Knowing It would be a long effort, I decided to use some of the more popular pdf markup app for ipad (I was using more than one just to make sure).

Newtook is free, the best pdf markup tool for ipad. It allows you to quickly annotate pdf, fill out a form and sign your name with various tools. Moreover, you can add text or signature by hand writing on iPhone or iPad screen. You are able to choose your favorite pen and highlighter colors among 20 different colors. Also you can have your signature scanned into the app and then signed any of your documents. We all know that Apple Pencil is a unique, intelligent and versatile tool, especially powerful in annotation tasks. With Newtook, you can annotate photo and select texts faster than before! All annotations will be synced to Evernote account seamlessly (If you have one) in both iCloud Drive and Google Drive accounts after that.

Recommend the Best PDF Markup App for Desktop Users

PDFelement Pro for Windows and Mac is an all-in-one PDF editor that can help you edit PDF, markup PDF, convert PDF, secure PDF, and more. With this markup app, you can markup PDF easily. When you choose ‘Markup’, there are several tools you can choose to markup your PDF files, such as highlight, strikethrough, underline, pencil, text box, shapes, stamps, and more.TRY IT FREE

Key features of this markup app:

  • It provides different kinds of PDF markup tools to annotate PDF files.
  • It provides high-security features to protect your PDF files.
  • It comes with professional OCR tools and you can edit your scanned PDF document.
  • It can help you to digitally sign your PDF files

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

As one of the oldest PDF editors on the market, this is always a reliable choice for annotating or drawing on PDFs. With this program, you can effortlessly read, edit and browse your PDF documents on Windows and macOS.

In terms of power, it is a heavy-house since it can open and edit several PDF files at once! Furthermore, it is easy to use due to the simplicity of its user interface. All things considered, this free PDF markup software is more dependable than plenty of PDF editing tools.


  • Highlight any text
  • Merge and rearrange PDF pages
  • Delete pages from a PDF
  • Make scanned words editable with OCR


  • It is a heavy program on your computer
Adobe Acrobat reader

 Nitro Reader

Compatibility: Windows

Nitro Reader is an excellent software for marking up PDF files. It offers all of the basic editing features you need for your PDF documents. Speaking of its annotating features, it allows you to comment on PDFs and draw lines flexibly.

Beyond that, it is an excellent tool that will make everyday PDF editing much easier. A significant advantage of using Nitro is that you can also create PDF files from scratch. Likewise, you can create fillable forms by using its templates. 


  • Create and delete pages
  • Edit text and images
  • Combine and organize pages


  • You need to pay to access all of the editing features

 Expert PDF Viewer

Compatibility: Windows 

Expert PDF Viewer is a free PDF commenting tool that allows you to view and print PDFs. You can also use it to edit existing PDF documents, add stamps and edit document outlines.

In addition, it is possible to make annotations and highlight text. Last but not least, it is a fast program that won’t take a toll on your computer.


  • Open, cut, and paste any type of text
  • Change text properties (font, size, and color)
  • Drawing tools to insert comments and designs into the text


  • You can’t annotate restricted documents.
  • Not every editing feature is included in the free version

Qiqqa (Windows)

Qiqqa is a useful PDF markup tool if you have your PDF documents littered across multiple locations. It enables you to keep your PDF secure and organize them, making them instantly accessible as well as searchable across all devices. You will never have to waste time hunting for missing PDF documents again because of the automatic tagging, identification, and categorization that it features.


  • Faster downloading of multiple PDF papers.
  • Ability to hide items with no PDF.
  • Ability to open PDF documents directly from the internet or email.


  • Viewing and annotating PDFs can be difficult.

Preview (Mac)

Preview allows you to view and edit PDF files as well as images files. You can use it to view, markup PDF, combine as well as edit PDF files without any difficulties. When you are done editing the files, you can share them on a local area network or online very easily. Another thing that you will love about this free PDF markup software is the ability it gives you to add a digital signature to your PDF documents.


  • It includes an icon previewer that allows you to view PDF files in their respective thumbnail icons.
  • It allows you to digitally sign your PDF files.
  • Apart from editing PDF files, you can also use it to edit images.


  • Editing photos can be more complicated.

PDF Expert (Mac)

PDF Expert is a free PDF markup tool that allows you to read and annotate PDFs easily on Mac operating systems. You can also use it to modify existing text and images. You can insert stamps and modify document outlines and annotations created either from PDF Expert. It is very fast and reliable.


  • Great support service team.
  • It features the ability to edit text and images
  • It makes modifying document outlines very easy


  • Free download but need pay for advance features.
expert pdf reader



For those who will primarily be annotating PDFs rather than creating or otherwise editing them, PDFescape (Free) is a terrific program for doing so. Although its interface is far more dated than the other options, it’s still fairly easy to navigate and it has all of the basic tools you’ll need for annotating and lightly editing/adjusting a PDF. You can add text and images, freehand draw, whiteout or highlight existing text, add sticky notes, and add in links. It also lets you add lines, arrows, circles, rectangles, checkmarks, and strikeout text.

The basic plan gets you free online PDF annotation abilities and basic editing, as well as the ability to create forms and share your PDF documents. If you need more functionality, consider upgrading to the PDF Premium plan, which is fairly inexpensive at $5.99/month (or $2.99/month if you opt for an annual plan). This plan gives you far more editing features, if you need those in addition to annotation tools. If you want to edit existing text, download the desktop version.

PDF Expert

PDF Expert is an excellent solution for all your PDF needs on your iOS device. It allows you to read and annotate PDF documents, make notes, highlight texts, add stamps, sign, underline, strikeout, draw with your fingers, and save the changes. The app is compatible with Preview and Adobe Acrobat so whenever you save the changes you have the option to preview and read them. Furthermore, it provides you with the best choice to fill PDF forms.

best free pdf annotation app

The organization of the app is evident, it utilizes popover menus, standard icons, and generously sized buttons that prevent the cluttering of your screen. More so, you can add, delete, or move pages and view media files in PDF files. The most impressive feature is the menu that lists all the previous annotations and lets you remove any change with a single swipe.

Neu. Annotate + PDF

Neu. Annotate + PDF opens and annotates PDF files in any application that supports the “Open with” command. They include Safari, Mail, Box, Dropbox, and much more. More so, the app supports the importing of PDF files using Dropbox, iTunes file sharing, and WebDAV services. The capability to create and edit PDFs in the app is impressive.

best pdf annotation app for ipad

It also supports annotating features such as highlighting, striking out, underlining, and or adding notes. However, the tools require some improvement for the app to challenge other top apps. Lastly, the app is easy to use, and it utilizes functions such as undo and redo.


Compatibility: Mac

If you run macOS, you will notice that Preview is your default PDF marking-up software. Despite being quite basic, it can allow you to do several editing features. You can use Preview to browse, markup, merge and edit PDF files without any difficulty. After you’ve finished modifying the files, you may effortlessly distribute them to other Apple devices with ease. 


  • Add and remove pages
  • Add annotations to text
  • Drawing tools to insert designs


  • You can’t create fillable forms or do more complex editing features

PDFOnlineReader (Online)

With PDFOnlineReader, you can view and annotate your PDF files online without any difficulties. It allows you to add annotations to your PDF as textboxes and highlight sections of a PDF document by choosing the text that you would like to highlight. You can also use it to change the text in your PDF document into external or internal hyperlinks.


  • It is a web-based PDF markup software that allows you to upload PDFs and annotate them online.
  • It allows you to change color, size and font in your PDF document.
  • It supports encrypted files.


  • It does not notify you when changes are made.

Best Desktop PDF Annotator – PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement – PDF Editor provides the best annotation application for Windows operating systems. The program allows you to annotate your PDF file by adding notes, creating custom stamps, striking out, underlining, and highlighting text. Other advantages include the ability to apply passwords to your documents thus preventing unauthorized people from making changes to your files.TRY IT FREE

Besides, with the PDFelement, you can create personalized encrypted passwords and use them to sign your PDF. Furthermore, you can use PDFelement to remove sensitive texts from the PDF or add relevant texts to the PDF. More so, you can insert new pages into the PDF, or you can replace the existing pages with new ones. Lastly, you can convert PDFs to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on a regular basis while marinating the original quality of the documents.


Markup language is an important tool for annotating and editing PDFs, which is frequently used for business communication. When viewing a PDF on iPad, a markup tool can be helpful for adding notes in a PDF file. If you are curious about best pdf markup tool for ipad or about best pdf markup app for ipad, please read this article on best way to markup pdf on ipad.

Markup is a software that lets you edit markup languages on the iPad. You can use it for improving e-reader’s accessibility, adding or removing content, or just editing existing files. Here are the best apps to markup PDFs on iPad.

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