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Best Tool to Reduce Pdf File Size

Are you looking for the best tool or program that can easily reduce PDF file size? There are several ways to reduce PDF file size. Some of them are using the best quality image for your PDF and using black and white or grayscale mode. But if you want to do this work with ease, then you must install some best tools or software on your PC. This article will help you and walk you through the best tools and softwares that can easily reduce your large PDF file size.

Convert a pdf file to word document is always been the most annoying job in the world when people have thousands of pdf files to do that. We need a best program to reduce pdf file size. Fortunately, we can easily solve this problem by using software like Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Ten years ago, the idea of sharing documents digitally was a novel idea. Today, we are living in the digital age where digitally sharing your information has become the norm. We are now constantly working on computers and using computers for all sorts of reasons like paying bills, working with clients, and so much more. Despite the many things we can do with our computers, the fact remains that computer’s can be slow sometimes. One of the largest drawbacks to this is that when you need to open a document (especially if it is a large one) it can take several minutes. This waiting time is completely counterproductive especially when you are trying to get something done in a timely manner.

Not many people understand what is meant by reducing the size of a file. They think it to be just cutting down the number of bytes contained in it. This is not the real meaning of it and you shouldn’t read into it that way. A much simplified explanation will tell you that a particular file, of any kind and from any platform, can be reduced in such a manner that its durability, readability, availability and usability, is increased. Likewise, when it comes to the PDF files, reducing the size means converting it into another platform or simply compressing them to make them reach their destination quickly without occupying more space.

List Of Online PDF Compressors

The top online PDF Compression Tools are listed below:

Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2

Best for creating, editing, and converting PDFs easily.

Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2

Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2 is a PDF editor with the functionalities to create, edit, convert, and merge PDFs. It has capabilities for creating a perfectly sized document so that it will be readable on any device.

The tool makes it easier to rearrange & delete or crop & rotate the PDF pages. It will also allow you to add pages from other PDF documents. It offers the functionality of encryption to protect the documents. The documents will be protected through 128-bit AES encryption.


  • Creating and editing interactive forms.
  • Comparing two PDFs side-by-side.
  • Snapshot function
  • Auto-repair feature

Verdict: Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2 is a PDF editor with all the required functionalities for creating, editing, merging, and protecting the PDF.

Price: Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2 is available for $29.99. It is a one-time payment and can be used for 3 systems for non-commercial use. You can download a free trial. For commercial use, you will require one license per installation.

EasePDF PDF Compressor

Best for online editing, splitting, conversion, and a simple batch compression of PDF files.


EasePDF has a very clear and concise interface for its truly rich functional menu and would let you know exactly how to operate quickly. All its designs are necessary and not redundant. It supports inter-conversion between PDF and multiple formats, PDF splitting, merging, and editing.

Batch compression features are also a boon for those who have to deal with a bulk of huge PDF files every day. Besides, what attracts most is that you could select the compression level which fits you most. The higher the number, the better the compression.

It’s remarkable that all your uploaded files are well protected and won’t be sent to other platforms as they have strong 256-bit SSL encryption.

Steps to reduce the size of PDFs on EasePDF:

#1) Click “Compress PDF” and add files that you want to compress. Or you can just drag and drop your files here.

Add Files or Drag and Drop Files Here

#2) Once finish uploading, you can preview and check if you have put the correct files with the thumbnail. Then you can choose the compression level you prefer and start compression.

Batch Compression and Choose Compress Level

#3) When you finish compression, download and save it on the computer. If you want to adjust the compress level, just click “START OVER” and try again.

Download the Compressed File or Start Over


  • Batch PDF compression
  • Compress level adjustable
  • Easy to drag and drop feature
  • Inter-conversion between multiple formats.
  • Security guarantee
  • Supports editing, splitting, and merging PDF files.

Verdict: EasePDF is a comprehensive and powerful PDF processing tool, because almost any operation related to PDF can find a solution here. It will only pay you back more unexpected surprises. The clear and concise interface of this tool allows you to get started in a second. The batch compression feature is definitely worth a try.


  • Monthly subscription: $4.95/month
  • Yearly subscription: $3.33/month (Billed as one payment of $39.95/year)
  • You can also experience 2 free tasks every 24 hours.

PDFelement Pro (Mac & Windows)

PDFelement is a user-friendly PDF editor, which allows you to compress and reduce PDFs’ size with top-notch compression setting options. Plus, it comes with a variety of PDF creation tools. Try this free trial of PDF compressor today.

The best part is that every task is just a click away. With a few clicks, you can finish any process you want, including PDF compression. There are different sections in the interface, where you can find a number of features, including view, edit, comment, convert, pages, form, protect, share, etc. For example, if you click on the Pages section, you can organize your pages. The software allows you to merge pages, split pages, delete pages, and more functions. The same intuitive design follows every other section.

And on top of that, PDFelement is affordable software. There are three pricing plans, including standard, pro, and business. Whatever you choose, the price is quite lower than Adobe Acrobat DC and similar competitive software. You get a full-featured software at a price you can afford.

FeaturesBetter reading experience with a great performance of loading, zooming, and scrolling pages. Edit and modify PDF content easily, like you are on a word processor. Collaborate with your team members and collect feedbacks quickly. Convert and create PDF files to or from other popular file formats. Sign PDF with digital signature and hand-written signature. Protect your document with open passwords and permission passwords, and redaction areas. Extract data from PDF form fields easily. Perform OCR to make a scanned PDF document editable and searchable.

ProsSimple and intuitive user interface. One-click tasks. Full-featured software. Affordable price. Regard as top-rated document management systems in TrustRadius. Member of PDF association. Capterra’s “Top 20 Most Popular for Contract Management Software”.

4 Ways to Edit and Compress PDF Files Using PDFelement Pro

  • Method 1: Reduce PDF file size by removing unwanted objects like text, watermarks, images, links, and more.
  • Method 2. Compress PDF by converting it to other file formats.
  • Method 3. Compress PDF by clicking ‘Tool > Compress PDF,’ and you can choose the PDF file’s different quality. Also, you can directly share the compressed PDF via mail, Messages, AirDrop, Notes, and more.

Foxit (Windows & Mac & Online)

Foxit provides a quick and easy way to compress PDF files, users just need to add files to this PDF compressor and click compress, then users can download the compressed PDF files. We would recommend Foxit to businesses as it is well suited for enterprise PDF solutions.

pdf compressor free download

Online PDF Compressor

No installation or registration required, you can use this free online PDF compression tool to shrink PDF file size easily and quickly. Simply upload your PDF file to this service, choose the proper type and then you are almost done! Just wait for a few seconds to download the compressed files. It has the ability to output PDF file with the same quality. Moreover, no subscription, you can batch compress multiple large PDF files to small ones. Overall, it is a very useful PDF compressor without any limit.


This free browser-based PDF compression tool has a simple drag-and-drop feature for uploading files. There are no extra options or specific compression settings but the quality is good, and the resulting size is optimized enough. After the compression process which takes a couple of minutes, you can instantly download the file.

Smallpdf Site

Smallpdf claims that files are deleted permanently after an hour to ensure privacy. It also supports all platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux.


ApowerCompress is a free downloadable program that lets you compress the size of large PDF files with an easy-to use UI. It’s capable of compressing the size of large PDF files with a resulting good quality. It supports batch mode which means it can optimize thousands of documents. It also supports lossless compression, compressing files at a fast speed and three kinds of compression types. The application can only shrink PDF file size on Windows.


Compressing PDF file should be a routine. In order to be such a simple and smooth process, you need to use the right tools, and one of the best is GorillaPDF compressor.

Without a doubt, GorillaPDF’s compressor in at the top of my list, because it shows amazing performance when compressing PDF files. Users have option to choose between four different levels of compressing PDFs which are:

  • Low compression (high PDF quality)
  • Medium compression (standard PDF quality)
  • High compression (printer PDF quality)
  • Very high compression (lowest PDF quality)

This online PDF compressor is free to use, and users are not limited by the number of compressed files. Moreover, GorillaPDF is not only a PDF compressor but users can take advantage of the other free tools that this converter is offering.

Gorillapdf compressor


  • Great results for reducing PDF file size
  • Free without limits
  • Allow files up to 5 MB.
  • Intuitive


  • No batch compressing


If you are looking for an incredible PDF compression tool you can access from anywhere, Hipdf is the one for you. This cloud-based tool is an all-in-one PDF management tool as it features over 50 conversion and editing functions. In other words, you can use it for everything related to PDF, not just compressing.

Using this tool allows you to compress PDFs online while retaining the original quality of the file. So, you get a smaller file with the original quality. How amazing is that?

However, in order to compress a PDF file with over 10MB in size, you need to subscribe first.

Hipdf compressor


  • Easy to use.
  • Fast.
  • Plenty of features.
  • Can be accessed from everywhere (any device).


  • The mobile site isn’t very responsive.
  • Need to subscribe for files over 10MB


One of the things in working with PDFs is that sometimes it’s hard to find a suitable program to work with this format if you aren’t using Windows OS. This usually happens to Mac users as there aren’t as many PDF managing programs for this operative system as there are for Windows.

Fortunately, there is an awesome PDF compression app, known as Preview. It’s a free built-in PDF compressor, which is very easy to use. in order to compress your PDF, you just need to drag-n-drop it on the app’s interface. Then, you just need to press the “Quartz Filter” option to reduce the file’s size. It’s that simple!

Compress PDF on Mac with preview


  • Simple to use.
  • Intuitive and reliable app.


  • It’s only for Mac OS.

How to choose the best PDF compressor for you?

Before you choose the best PDF compressor, you’ll want to understand what your requirements are. If all you want is simple PDF compression, then a PDF compressor with a simple interface will be great. But your options will be quite different if you need advanced tools, like PDF editing and file converting. 

If you don’t need PDF compression often, then a free online tool would be a smart choice, rather than purchasing an entire app dedicated to compressing. Similarly, if you compress many PDFs regularly and want them to retain their quality, opting for paid software will be wiser.


A great tool to compress pdf file is the best one here. It is a free service to help you reduce pdf file size and improve the performance of your browser or email client when you open a compressed pdf file. By default all downloaded pdf files are in their original form 

You probably know a lot about the best tool to reduce pdf file size, but you may not be aware of the best program to reduce pdf file size. You can’t achieve the best tool to reduce pdf file size in just one day. It’s quite hard, as you should deal with several aspects and make them work smoothly together.

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