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Best Pdf Tools Android

The age of mobile has arrived, people are using their mobile devices around the clock, doing various stuff like browsing, reading and watching things online. So it stands to reason that, if you have some products or services to sell online. You need to consider a responsive website design or even better an application. One of the most popular item shared in the platform of apps is the PDF document. It is a simple little document that stores information in the form of text and images too.

Best Pdf Tools Android is a very beneficial app, especially if you tend to read a lot of pdf files on your smartphone, but find them quite annoying to deal with via your touchscreen. This app creates a virtual image of your device’s displays which you can use as if they were actual sheets of paper. In addition, this app features the capacity to convert a text document or webpage into a PDF file, allowing you to clip and save parts of it or entire pages.

In recent years, the android devices and other smart phones have revolutionized the way we search information, communicate and work. The development and appeal of such devices has made them a popular item among all age groups and professions. But, as every coin has two sides – one of the major setbacks that our smart phones have, is reading PDFs. 

Best Pdf Tools is a free PDF app that allows you to merge, split, mix, and edit your documents on the go with ease. Enjoy great features like a clean design interface and search, so you never have to worry about accidentally moving an important part of your document while editing

What can PDF Editor Apps on Android do?

As mentioned earlier, PDFs by default do not have the ability to be modified, so let’s say you’re reading a book in the form of a PDF, and you wish to underline or highlight some text for future reference. You can do so using a PDF editor app. Another use would be for filling up online application forms, which can be done by using an app to edit PDF on Android. You can even convert PDFs to editable formats like Microsoft Word Documents or .jpg in case of an image.

Xodo PDF Reader –GET IT DONE

best free pdf apps adobe acrobat xodo pdf reader

Meet the honorable mention from our list of the best free PDF apps!

Xodo is another good PDF mobile app on the market that helps you “get things done”, or so they say. It’s got some nifty features like form fill-in, document sync, and eSign plus it lets you turn any document into a “virtual meeting room” by sharing it with coworkers or friends.

Also, you can merge documents just like you can with Soda PDF. The interface used to be, let’s say, terrible (to be polite). But they’ve totally revamped it and honestly it looks great. With multiple zoom, annotation, and view modes, the app is pretty complete. It even lets you print right from the browser. Definitely worth a look in our opinion.


Adobe Acrobat Reader is an excellent PDF editing app and comes with a pretty good array of editing tools. The interface is quite intuitive, which makes the app very simple to use.

6 Best Free Pdf Editors For I Phone That You Must Get 7
6 Best Free Pdf Editors For I Phone That You Must Get 8

All the tools needed to edit a PDF is laid out at the bottom as soon as you open a PDF. You can add your comments if it is a document that you are reviewing. Or, you can also add a text on top of the existing text.

Other then that, Adobe Acrobat Reader comes with annotating tools like Underline, and Highlight. Simply run your fingers across the PDF where you want to make the changes after you’ve picked your tool.

6 Best Free Pdf Editors For I Phone That You Must Get 9

And to make matters even better, there are onscreen cues to make the journey even better for the first time user in you.

However, the free version of Acrobat Reader can at best be described as basic. You can make the primary changes, but you can’t change the pencil color or convert and export PDFs.


Foxit Mobile PDF is an advanced PDF editor that comes with a diverse set of tools. You’ll love it for its simple interface, and of course, all the features it packs. Right from annotating on a PDF to adding text and text boxes, it lets you do a lot.

6 Best Free Pdf Editors For I Phone That You Must Get 12
6 Best Free Pdf Editors For I Phone That You Must Get 14

You can choose the color of the text and also its transparency. Plus, not to forget that Foxit Mobile PF also has a nifty Grid view that lets you view all the pages of your PDF file, thus making it incredibly easy to get a bird’s eye view of the document that you are working on.

Personally, I liked using Foxit Mobile PDF. It may take a little bit of time to get used to initially. However, once you do get used to it, there’s no turning back.

Did I tell you that it lets you choose the font as well?


If you like Foxit Mobile PDF, you’ll fall in love with PDFelement. If you are a regular reader of Guiding Tech, you might have read about it in one of our previous posts. And similar to the PC version, the iPhone app is also a powerhouse, and comes loaded with tools.

6 Best Free Pdf Editors For I Phone That You Must Get 18
6 Best Free Pdf Editors For I Phone That You Must Get 17

With it, you can even add text to the actual text element of your PDF file. That is one feature which makes it different from the rest of the apps. And needless to say, there’s a horde of tools for annotating.

And the eraser tool is a boon as it can easily remove old annotations quite easily. The only catch is that you have to make an account for the changes to be saved.


Compared to the ones above, you might find the free version of PDF Max a tad limited. Some tools let you select PDF elements or add or highlight lines of text. However, you can only use four tools at a time in the free version. So, that’s a kind of a bummer.

Top Free Pdf Editors For I Phone That You Must Get 21
Top Free Pdf Editors For I Phone That You Must Get 20

If you happen to need more than four tools to use on a document, (including the handy watermark tool), you’d have to upgrade to the pro version. On the upside, PDF Max lets you choose the color of your annotation, and not to mention that using this app is like a walk in the park.

Top Free Pdf Editors For I Phone That You Must Get 22
Top Free Pdf Editors For I Phone That You Must Get 23

Just tap on the little orange-colored Pencil icon at the bottom, and the app will present you with all the available editing options.

PDF Max is an appropriate app if you edit PDFs not too often, if you plan to get the free version. And as a power user, you might want to consider the free trial before investing in it.


Documents by Readdle is a free and simple PDF editor that contains the basic PDF editing toolset. Mind it, I said basic, because the free version only contains a few features.

Top Free Pdf Editors For I Phone That You Must Get 24
Top Free Pdf Editors For I Phone That You Must Get 25

You’ll be able to highlight and underline text, however, you won’t be able to add text or draw freehand over the file. For that, you’d need to upgrade to the $9.99 PDF expert.


I Love PDF is a complete tool because it successfully meets the whole circle of editing a file and then saving or converting them to formats of our choice.

Image From I Os
Top Free Pdf Editors For I Phone That You Must Get 19

You can also sign PDF files or add watermarks. The home page says it all. My only gripe is that maneuvering on this app is a tad difficult, for the icons are a tad smaller for my taste.


PDFpen is the best PDF editor for iPad since it is a fairly lightweight app, and yet it includes all necessary tools that will help you entirely edit PDFs, sign contracts, make highlights, annotate the files, write over the PDFs freehand, fill out applications, and even create PDFs from scratch.

This PDF editor can also open PDFs directly from third-party apps and platforms such as iCloud Drive, Dropbox, and other choices.

And since PDFpen is built for iOS, it is good at eliminating digital wrist smudges while you use your Apple Pen to annotate, highlight, and write over the PDF files.

If you own a Mac or MacBook, you’ll also be able to take advantage of PDFpen’s iOS support to send and share files back and forth even when you’re on the go.

Also, when you’re on the go, you won’t even need anything else to read, edit, and sign documents. You can easily edit them on the go and even send them back via email or any other communication channel.

For PDFpen’s latest pricing, visit their official pricing page.


LiquidText changes how you work with PDF files, especially on an iPad, and it can help you work on PDF files on your iPad that will feel better than writing on paper.

With LiquidText, you can create PDF files from scratch or import them from your device, third-party apps such as Google Drive or DropBox, and you can even open PDF files directly from the web.

When it comes down to editing, LiquidText comes with a set of tools that allow you to do anything from adding your notes, freely drawing over the files, creating mind maps, connecting anything with drawing tools, and even comparing two PDFs and reviewing them at the same time.

Since LiquidText includes OCR technology, you also get to search your PDFs with a search bar and find any text, no matter how many pages are in your PDF file.

LiquidText is a free app with in-app purchases and for the download, visit their official AppStore page.

PDF Expert

PDF Expert includes all editing tools to ensure that you can efficiently work on PDF files using your iPad, yet it adds a couple of interesting features that can improve how you use your iPad.

Not only do you get to open PDFs from various sources and highlight and annotate these files in your way, but you also get to create notes as you review PDFs.

On top of that, PDF Expert allows you to work in the cloud so all your PDFs are securely stored and can be accessed via other devices, as long as you’re connected to WiFi when you are saving your PDFs on an iPad.

You can even add emotion stickers to PDF files which is a rare feature to find. However, from the most standard features, you’ll probably be happy to see that you can password-protect your PDFs, edit the original text in any PDF, sign documents, and even have constructive tools to create elements within your PDF files.

PDF Expert is a free app with in-app purchases, so visit their official AppStore page for the download.

Bonus tool

PDF Reader & PDF Editor Plus

PicsArt 02 15 08.53.46

While this app also offers similar functionality to the previous two, the unique aspect of this PDF editor app is that, unlike all the aforementioned apps that display a ton of ads, this one does not come with any and thus offers an elegant and tidy experience. You can highlight, underline, and mark-up text, and there’s even an option to add a watermark to your PDF files.

The rest of the functionality is pretty generic. You can convert files with different formats into PDFs, encrypt PDfs and even merge or split them. If you’re looking for a PDF editor app with a no-frills UI and non-obtrusive ads, this one is for you.


Nowadays, at the workplace and even in the home, many people need to regularly handle large amounts of documents, eventually in a digital form. The problem arises when it is necessary to transfer these documents from one computer to another or share them with colleagues across the globe—often in a secure way. A practical solution that meets all of these requirements would be a dedicated PDF management software that enables one to convert various electronic files into PDF and then manage them effectively.

Pdf is one of the most widely used file formats that allows users to create secure, digital, and portable documents. It is a platform-independent file format that delivers all features such as text, image, drawings, and links and more to the users.

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