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Best Personal Accounting Software for Mac

We recently surveyed Mac users about their favorite personal finance software for mac. The three most popular answers were YNAB (You Need a Budget), MoneyWell, and Acorns.  As you compare these three financial apps for Mac, keep in mind your personal preferences and needs. For example, if you’re looking for an app that makes it easy to track your investments and long-term goals, MoneyWell might be a better choice than YNAB, which focuses on “envelope budgeting.”  

Personal finance software for Mac is perfect for managing your business and personal assets. Personal finance software for Mac also allows you to keep a track of your expenditure, income and other expenses to stay on top of your money. The best accounting software for mac offer easy accounting and calculation, supports multiple accounts and payees, generates reports and tax tables. With the help of personal finance software, you can do personal accounting on Mac computers easily. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best personal finance software for mac available in the market that is suitable for your business needs. If you are looking for the best personal finance software for Mac, it can be confusing to know which option to choose.

There are so many programs and apps these days, all fighting for your business. But not everyone is as good as they all say they are. You need personal finance software that is going to take care of your money in an easy-to-use, clear and intuitive manner. You need personal finance software that’s recommended by trusted sources, and you need to find free personal finance software because let’s face it – personal finance isn’t exactly anyone’s favorite thing to do.

If you’re looking for personal accounting software to help you manage your finances on a Mac, there are a lot of options out there. But not all of them offer the same features and tools that will make it easy for you to track your spending, set goals, save money, and more. We’ve put together this list of the top 10 personal accounting software programs for Mac so that you have an idea of what’s out there and how each program can help you manage your money.

10 Best Personal Accounting Software for Mac in 2022

  • Quicken: Best Personal Accounting Software for Mac
  • Banktivity 7: Best Personal Accounting App for Mac
  • Money Pro: Best Free Personal Finance Software for Mac
  • iBank 5: Best Budgeting App for Mac
  • YNAB (You Need a Budget): Best Budgeting App For Beginners 6. Personal Capital: Financial Management Tool 7. Mint: Free personal finance app 8-10! Moneydance, Moneyspire Premium, CountAbout Premium

1. Quicken

Quicken is personal accounting software that comes in several versions, including Quicken Deluxe and Quicken Premier. It’s one of the most popular choices for personal finance software for Mac users because it’s easy to use and has many helpful features.

2. Banktivity 7

Banktivity is a personal finance software for Mac that makes it easy to keep track of your accounts and finances. It syncs with all of your bank, investment and credit card accounts so that you can see everything in one place.

Banktivity has some great features such as bill reminders, online banking support, alerts and more.

3. Money Pro

Money Pro is a personal finance software for Mac. It helps you manage your money and keep track of your expenses, income and debts. Money Pro is a fully-featured personal finance software that helps you to manage your money and budget.

Money Pro has four main modules: Expense Tracker, Debt Manager, Investment Tracker & Portfolio Analyzer. Each module provides powerful features to help you manage your finances in an efficient way.

4. iBank 5

iBank 5 is a personal finance software for Mac users who want to budget, track spending and manage investments. The free trial version offers limited features. To unlock the full version, you have to pay a one-time fee of $89.95.

If you want simple personal accounting software that can help you track your finances and stay on top of your bills, then iBank 5 may be the right option for you.

5. YNAB (You Need a Budget)

YNAB (You Need a Budget) is another great personal accounting software for Mac. It’s a little more advanced than some of the other options on our list, but it’s also one of the most powerful and popular apps out there.

YNAB allows you to set up a budget and track your expenses, income, savings plans and debt reduction plans. It also has an extensive toolset that allows you to plan for retirement or college savings.

6. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a free personal finance software that lets you manage your investments, monitor your net worth and find low-cost investment solutions to help you reach your financial goals.

It comes with three great features that make it stand out from the other software:

  • Portfolio Fee Analyzer: This feature shows how fees affect returns over time, so you can see when fees are actually bad for you.
  • Investment Checkup: This tool finds hidden fees, inactivity charges and other things that can cost you money without knowing it. It will also recommend ways to improve what is already there.
  • Investment Checkup Scorecard: This will show if any changes need to be made such as rebalancing or adding new funds or changing allocation percentages based on goals set earlier

7. Mint

Mint is a free personal finance software that can help you keep track of your spending and manage your budget. It’s a secure and easy-to-use personal finance software where all your transactions are automatically organized into categories like spending, income, bills and investments. Mint also has an online community with over 25 million users where you can ask questions and find answers on how to make the most out of Mint.

Mint works on macOS Yosemite or later versions, as well as Windows Vista or later versions; however, there is no Linux support yet but hopefully, in future updates they will add it!

8. Moneydance

Moneydance is a cross-platform personal finance software for Mac, Windows and Linux. There are three versions available: Personal Plus, Basic and the free Lite version. You can use Moneydance to track your bank accounts with online banking support, credit cards, loans or investments such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds. You can also create budgets and set goals to help you manage your money better.

This personal finance software has many useful features including bill reminders, expense tracking (including mileage logs), budget management tools (including custom categories), reports that can be emailed directly from the application itself, import capabilities for Quicken & MS Money files as well as export options for CSV files (which are compatible with other accounting software)

9. Moneyspire for Mac

Moneyspire for Mac is a personal finance software that helps you track your income and expenses, set up budgets and goals, and manage your investments. Moneyspire is available for Apple Mac computers and is also compatible with Microsoft Windows.

Moneyspire offers many features that give users the ability to record all of their transactions in one place. It has a simple interface but powerful reporting tools so you can easily analyze your finances at any point in time. The software lets you sync between multiple devices so you will always have access to your data no matter where you are or what device you use. All changes made through Moneyspire on any device will be reflected on all other devices as well so there is no need to manually enter information again after completing an entry once (although manual entry can still be done too).

10. CountAbout Premium

CountAbout Premium is a personal finance software for Mac. The app lets you track your expenses, income, and bank balances on your Mac. It has a free 30-day trial and it comes with a free mobile app as well as an online dashboard so that you can view all of your financial details from any device or computer.

If you decide to purchase the premium plan (which costs $39), the app will still let you use all of its features but also have access to premium support and other benefits like bill pay management tools and online banking integration with Fiserv or Yodlee (which is what I use).

Overall this is probably my favorite option out there if you’re looking for something that works well on both desktop platforms without having to pay anything extra than what comes included in the base price.

11. Fortora Fresh


Fortora is a newer entrant in personal finance software than previous options, and specializes in more streamlined features that allow you to quickly search for specific transactions, bulk edit entire fields to save time, and use shortcuts when setting budgets and recording items. It can import not only bank account information but also stock quotes for your investments. Otherwise, it makes a strong competitor to services like iBank and MoneyWell, although its support on mobile devices like iPad is unfortunately lacking.

You can download Fortora Fresh here for $49.99

12. SplashMoney


SplashMoney is more affordable personal finance software for creating budgets and tracking transactions. Like its more expensive personal finance software Mac brethren, it can also connect to major banks to upload transactions and account information automatically. There are features for comparing actual vs. budgeted expenses and rearranging budgets based on what’s important to you. There are both desktop and mobile versions of this software, make sure you pick the desktop version and its strong collection of features.

You can download SplashMoney here for $19.95

13. QuickBooks


Quicken for Mac gets a lot of attention, but if you aren’t using Windows then Quicken is a poor deal: In the last several years support has dropped off and the lack of compatibility just isn’t worthwhile (Quicken 2015 is currently to turn the trend around, to mixed results). QuickBooks, however, remains fully supported and feature-rich financial software for Mac: This is the program of choice for running a small business on an OS X platform. If your company uses Mac computers and you want the best financial software around, QuickBooks remains unparalleled with its full invoice, transaction, workflow and reconciliation features. Another great option with a free trial and also if you want something simple is EveryDollar, which is budgeting software that helps you plan out where every single dollar is going. However, the software does cost $99 per month after the free trial ends. And if you need weather details on your iPad, read our review of the 6 free weather apps for iPad. For Android users, here are the best free weather apps for android phone download.

You can download QuickBooks for Mac here for $229.95 or you can sign up for their online service which offers the first 30-day free.

14. iBank 5


The latest version of iBank offers a full suite of financial management capabilities at an incredibly deep level. Direct Access and direct downloads allow you to connect directly to bank accounts, and you can quickly import from Quicken to update all your data. Budgeting, investment tracking, and advance notifications about bills are all included. You can also build you own financial charts and reports if you want to analyze a particular part of your finances. The downside to this universal collection of features is, unfortunately, the price. If you love to customize your iPhone, take a look at our review of these 15 eye enticing parallax wallpapers for the iPhone 5s.

You can download iBank 5 here for $59.99

You can choose one of these programs to track your personal finances

If you’re looking for personal accounting software that can help you track your finances, there are many great options available. Whether it’s Quicken, Mint or some other program, any of these free applications can make your finances easier to manage.

You can also try out one of the best personal accounting software programs for Mac in 2022.


While there are many programs available for Mac, not all of them offer the same features. Some of these platforms are simple standalone apps that can be used by anyone regardless of their technical knowledge level, while others require some expertise before getting started. Regardless, you’ll find that each application has its own unique set of pros and cons—and no matter what kind you decide to use, it’s important to make sure it meets your needs as an individual user or business person so that you’re happy with your choice!

Best personal accounting software for Mac is what exactly need if you are a business owner who wants to manage his or her business with the help of digital software. Personal finance software is aimed at helping you map out and manage your personal financial goals. Personal accounting software allows you to get a complete picture of all your earnings and expenses, which helps in generating reports on a regular basis.

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