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Best Program to Combine Pdf Files

In office, we usually need a file combining capabilities. Many users are in need of this program to combine pdf files function. So, did you find the best program to combine pdf files? For example, if there are two or more PDF pages, you need to combine them into one single PDF file. Sometimes, users are also looking for a free program to merge pdf files. It’s necessary if you want to keep it with limited cost.

The best program to combine pdf files is one that will make easy tasks even easier.  It needs to have clear instructions and a simple interface, so even someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience can use it with ease. If you want to combine pdf files, you can use free software instead of Adobe Acrobat PDF. The program allows users to merge multiple pdf files into a new single document. You will not only keep the content but also maintain the original formatting and layout of the pages that were separated. It is great for distributing or archiving your documents in a convenient and cost-efficient way.

Merge PDF is one of the most important features that people nowadays look for. Here in this article, you will get to know about the top five  PDF combine software  along with detailed intros, so that you can choose the best. Merging PDF files is necessary if you want to have all the crucial information in just one file, rather than looking for them in different files. This way, you get to save time and also set yourself free from the hassle of dealing with separate attachments. 

Also, when you  combine PDFs,  you also get to share those files easily as well. To be able to  merge PDF into one,  you will need the best  PDF merge software,  which will let you merge different PDF files easily. We will take you through various software, which will suit your requirements and will allow smooth PDF merging process.

Which Is the Best Tool To Split And Merge PDFs?

This was our comprehensive list of Best Paid & Free PDF Splitter & Merger Solutions available online & offline. After testing more than 40 PDF Management solutions, we have listed these top 10 since all of them offer the best solutions to meet your PDF combining & splitting needs. Moreover, all of the utilities listed here have a lot to offer; some even provide PDF encryption, PDF Conversion, and Compression.

PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro is a full-featured software to merge different PDF documents without quality loss and fast in processing. It is efficient and simple to use PDF combiner that everyone can pick up quickly. You can merge or combine two or more PDF files in a single PDF file, reorder pages and customize page size before combining. 

It also offers various page range options to customize the combine settings. For instance, you can combine from page 1 to 5 of a PDF with page number 6 to 10 of another PDF. Every PDF file you choose to combine can be customized in this way. And of course, you can combine the entire files into one.

So how to combine multiple PDFs into one PDF? There are three basic ways you might want to merge PDF pages or merge entire PDF files. Last but not least, save the combine PDF to a destination on your device. That’s it.

PDF Converter

PDF Converter

PDF Converter is a reliable PDF merger that can handle most of your file needs. You can merge PDFs, Word documents, images, and more through seamless conversion. The web-based merge tool is easy to use and enables you to drag and drop files to reorder them. When you’re done, you can compress your new PDF to save space on your hard drive. 

The catch to this tool is that its name is misleading. PDF Converter allows you to conduct just one merge for free per hour. So, once you merge files, you’ll need to wait 60 minutes before you can merge any more unless you purchase a Premium subscription. Subscription options include monthly, yearly, or a one-time life-time license that comes with priority account support.

 Soda PDF

Best PDF merger tool for cloud connectivityTODAY’S BEST DEALSVISIT SITE


+All-in-one PDF software+Available for web and desktop+Limited free version available+Connects to cloud storage


-No page reordering in free version-Doesn’t include PDF encryption

Soda PDF is another all-in-one PDF handling software program with a capable merger tool. What’s particularly nice about this platform is that it’s available both on the web and as desktop software for Windows and Mac. 

Both versions of the platform connect to Dropbox and Google Drive so you can quickly access your files in the cloud. This is particularly useful in the era of remote working, where individuals frequently use multiple different devices to manage their files. With Soda PDF’s cloud options, you shouldn’t have to worry about where you’ve saved your PDF documents. You can also email merged PDFs right from the software. 

You can use Soda PDF for free, but this version is somewhat limited. You can’t reorder individual pages or convert between file types. Paid subscriptions are available as an annual fee, or as a one-time license fee and comes with customer support.




+Connects to Google Drive and Dropbox+Drag and drop to rearrange+Free up to 25 files+Includes other PDF tools


-Pricey to merge more than 25 files-Ads when using free version

ILovePDF is a one-stop shop for working with PDFs and includes a simple tool for merging files. You have to upload your PDFs to the online platform to start the merge process, but this process is made easy thanks to a drag and drop option. You can also connect ILovePDF to your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts. 

Among the excellent features on offer, ILovePDF lets users merge, split, compress, convert, unlock and watermark PDFs with just a few clicks. Once your files are online, you can rotate pages or drag and drop PDFs to rearrange the merge order. The platform displays thumbnails of each page to make working with your files easier. When you’re ready, just click ‘Merge PDF’ and your new document will download automatically. 

ILovePDF is free for merging up to 25 PDFs and 100 MB in total. A Premium account is available for a small monthly fee and enables you to merge up to 200 files or up to 1 GB of data. However, the inclusion of ads and a 25-file limit is certainly not bad for a free solution. If you don’t want to pay for your PDF merger, then this is the tool to go for. 


Best PDF merger tool that’s paidTODAY’S BEST DEALSVISIT SITE


+Includes document conversion tools+Delete individual pages during merge+Save merged PDFs to Drive or Dropbox+Free 14-day trial


-Expensive for PDF merging-Files are deleted after one hour-Batch upload doesn’t always work

If you’re going to shell out money for a PDF merger, SmallPDF is one of your best options. In addition to merging an unlimited number of files, this platform includes tools for converting between document formats, signing PDFs, and securing files. You can merge PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and JPGs seamlessly. 

SmallPDF shows you thumbnails of your PDFs and enables you to easily drag and drop files to reorder them. You can also delete individual pages while merging documents, which is nice if you need to eliminate cover pages or other extraneous sheets. Once you merge your PDFs, you can download the new file or save it directly to Dropbox or Google Drive. 

You can try SmallPDF free for 7 days, and after that you can subscribe either monthly or annually. It’s a bit of an investment, but it can be well worth it if you work with PDFs often.


PDF-Merge is an easy-to-use web-only PDF merger. It doesn’t come with the bells and whistles of the all-in-one PDF editors listed above, but only the document combine feature.

Using the tool is a straightforward process. You can drag and drop to add PDF documents to merge. Then, rearrange the order and click Merge PDF to combine the documents. Once done, download the merged PDF document to save it locally on your PC. is an online PDF management utility. It has many PDF management utilities, including PDF to image and document format conversion, PDF compression, and PDF merging.

You can combine PDFs without signing up, and there is no purposed limit on merging tasks. You can upload documents from your local drive or link your Drop or Google Drive account to access your documents from the popular cloud storage accounts.

Once done, you can download the merged files to your local drive. However, it doesn’t have any option to rearrange the PDF files order. So, you will have to upload the documents in the intended page order you want them to appear in the final file.

PDFSam Basic

PDFSam Basic

PDFSam Basic is a desktop-based PDF merging software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In contrast to many of its competitors, PDFSam doesn’t impose any limits on how many files you can merge or how often you can use the tool. 

Of course, you get what you pay for. This software can merge and split PDFs and enables you to quickly reorder pages, but that’s about it. You cannot connect to your cloud storage or automatically email or share merged PDFs from the tool. It also doesn’t include file conversion, so you’ll need another tool or PDFSam Enhanced if you want to mix and match file types.

Merging files with Adobe DC

As the pioneering company that gave birth to the PDF, Adobe has made a number of strides to improve its product and introduce new features over the years.

It may come as no surprise, then, that Adobe DC allows you to combine, or merge, documents in just a few easy steps.

Still, like other document-editing functions offered by Adobe, you must have an Adobe Acrobat DC or Adobe Acrobat Pro DC subscription to merge PDF files.

If you already have an Adobe Acrobat subscription, the official steps outlined below are easy and require just a few mouse clicks. Once your documents are merged, Adobe Acrobat allows you to not only download your new file but also generate a link to it or share your document in an email.

  • Get started by opening “PDF Services” in your Adobe account menu.
Merge PDF, select PDF template
  • Select the files you want to merge by going to the “Combine Files” tab in the Adobe PDF Services toolbar and clicking on the “Select Files to Combine” button.
Combine files, Adobe
  • On the next page, you can select documents stored in Adobe DC by clicking on the “Document Cloud” tab in “Select Files.” If you prefer to upload photos from your computer, select the “My Computer” tab and click the “Choose Files from My Computer” button.
Choose files to be combined
  • Once your files have been uploaded, type a new document name for your file in the “Enter combined PDF file name” text box. Click the “Combine” button in the toolbar to merge your documents.
Combine the files to be merged, Adobe
  • In the popup window that appears, click the “Download” button to save a copy of your newly merged PDF file to your computer.
Click download button, Adobe
  • You also may access your new document at the bottom of the “Combined Files” web page. Hover your cursor over the thumbnail of your combined document, and two icons will appear: one on the left to download your document, and one on the right to either create a shareable link to your document or send a copy of your document in an email.


If you’re looking for a software that can help you combine multiple pdf files into one pdf file, Acrobat Pro is probably not your best choice. You can use it to combine two or three files but not more. If you need a free software tool like Adobe Acrobat but with more capabilities and options, I would advise using PDF Combine. This software allows you to merge a set of text documents into one document including images and even forms if they are multiple pages long.

Even the most powerful modern computers cannot efficiently operate with dozens or even hundreds of different files simultaneously. Many users prefer to keep their working documents in tabular form, using templates or spreadsheets. Multiply that by a couple of clients and you will understand how it’s difficult to handle a large amount of data.

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