Best Server for Minecraft Pe

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Minecraft is a popular game that can be both fun and affordable. Let’s take a look at the best server for both!

One thing that can be difficult, though, is finding the best server for Minecraft Pe. There are tons of Pocket Edition Minecraft servers out there, but not all of them will be what players are after in terms of quality and specific gameplay features.

 We’ve gone through the most popular ones out there and have come up with a list of the Best Server for Minecraft Pe.

Best Server for Minecraft Pe

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a computer game developed and published by Mojang, which is a subsidiary of the Swedish software company Ico. It was released on December 17, 2009. The first version of Minecraft was designed for Microsoft Windows. After years of development and several updates, the game was released as an open-source project in April 2014.

How to Choose the Best Server for Minecraft

When choosing a server for Minecraft, it’s important to consider your needs. Consider the size of your network, the type of hardware you need (PC or Mac), and your preferences when it comes to graphics and performance. You can also find servers that are optimized for other games such as League of Legends or Counter-Strike.

How to Get started on Minecraft

Once you have chosen a server for Minecraft, it’s time to get started! This article will teach you how to set up your account, play on your favorite server, and start mining!

Best Server for Minecraft Pe

1 – STCraft

It aims to provide the best and most exciting experience to players (Image via

STCraft is a community-based Minecraft Bedrock Edition server that aims to provide the best and most exciting experience that players can hope to find.

On STCraft, players can browse and immerse themselves within many of their favorite game modes, such as OP Factions, PvP Duels, SkyWars, and much more.

2. The Hive

  • Server IP:
  • Port: 19132

The Hive has one of the highest concurrent player counts in Minecraft PE and Bedrock Editions. It has multiple servers for three different regions, including North America, Europe, and Asia. It features tons of game modes like Hide and Seek, Death Run, Treasure Wars, Murder Mystery, Survival, Sky Wars, and more.

IP Address:

3- Mineplex PE

Mineplex Pocket Edition is one of the most popular servers

Mineplex PE is the mobile version of one of the world’s largest and most successful Minecraft Pocket Edition servers. With 19 languages supported, including Dutch, Turkish and Swedish, players can be sure that no matter where in the world they play Mineplex PE, they’ll feel right at home.

Specifically, Mineplex PE has 13 different game modes, each designed to appeal to a different type of player. Some of the most popular game modes include Death Tag, Master Builder, Survival Games, Sky Wars, and much more.

IP Address:

4. CubeCraft

  • Server IP:
  • Port: 19132

CubeCraft is one of the biggest Minecraft servers ever created and enjoys a huge number of daily active users. The content in CubeCraft mainly focuses on mini-games. Players can choose from a variety of game modes, like Egg Wars, Sky Wars, Survival Games, Block Wars, Skyblock, Parkour, and other experimental modes which are exclusive to the server.

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5 – Grant Theft MCPE

Grand Theft MCPE is a Grand Theft Auto-inspired Minecraft Pocket Edition server

Grant Theft MCPE is perfect for those looking for a role-playing addition to their classic Minecraft gameplay. In this server, players can take on the story of being either a good or bad guy and embark on missions, just like the hugely popular Grand Theft Auto games.

What truly makes Grant Theft MCPE great is that players can experiment with and utilize custom guns, helicopters, tanks, boats, and much more. This is all thanks to the unique resource pack implemented by the server.

IP Address:

6. Nether Games

  • Server IP:
  • Port: 19132

One of the most popular servers in MCPE, Nether Games always hosts a steady stream of active players. It features tons of game modes, like Bed Wars, Survival Games, Duels, Murder Mystery, and Skyblock. This server also has a server leaderboard, where players can flex their high scores in each of these game modes.

7 . Infinity Craft

Infinity Craft is a vanilla survival server for Minecraft Pocket Editon

Infinity Craft is a vanilla survival server with all the communicative and custom features to guarantee players have a fantastic time. It has no plugins that force gameplay or break immersion, just what’s really necessary (e.g., land claims).

This ultimately gives players of any type their ideal experience: whether that means talking over a mic with friends for hours on end or growing crops in peace by themselves, it can be achieved here.

IP Address:

8. Hyper Lands

  • Server IP:
  • Port: 19132

Hyper Lands is one of the most popular servers in MCPE and Bedrock Edition. It is similar to the massively popular Hypixel Server from the Java Edition of Minecraft. It hosts tons of active players and offers game modes like Bed Wars, Sky Wars, The Bridge, Duels, and UHC Meetup.

9 – NetherGames Network

NetherGames Network is a friendly network of Minecraft Bedrock Edition server communities in which players can engage in all their favorite types of gameplay.

From Creative Plots and Duels to classic Factions, Murder Mystery, SkyBlock, or SkyWars, there’s something for everyone here!

IP Address:

10. Versai

  • Server IP:
  • Port: 19132

Versai is one of the most popular servers for Minecraft PE. It specializes in PvP modes but offers many others like Parkour, Creative, Factions, Survival, and more. A unique feature of Versai is that all the mini-games in the server have unranked and ranked modes.

Best Survival Server For Minecraft Pe

1. The Mining Dead

  • Java Address:

When talking about the best Minecraft survival servers, zombies are bound to show up. With the Walking Dead as its theme, the server goes all out on apocalyptic vibes. If fighting other players isn’t enough for you, this server gives you plenty of mob-based alternatives to fight. So, if you like zombies, do test your luck against hungry mobs and a beautiful map.

The part I enjoyed the most was the recreation of cities on this server. And as if that wasn’t enough, we also get to use guns and melee weapons in Minecraft. This server offers direct competition to some of the best Minecraft modpacks, thanks to such features.

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2. Grand Theft MC

  • Java Address:
  • Bedrock Address:

If you haven’t guessed from the name, this is the best GTA lookalike survival server in Minecraft. You get to play in similarly-named cities like MineSantos, Sanktburg, and New Mineport. All of them are inspired by Rockstar Games’ GTA video game series. If you are joining this server using Java edition, you get the added benefits of unique Minecraft mods. One of them includes 48 custom weapons.

Since the server is one of the oldest GTA-based servers, it has a very active multilingual community. You can get weapons, vehicles, and even a chance to gang up with players, just like GTA Online. Not to forget, the added nostalgia of the GTA world won’t let you leave until GTA 6 comes out.

3. The Archon

  • Java Address:

Our next option on this list of the best survival servers feels like a whole new game within Minecraft. It has plenty to offer, and almost all its offerings are unique and fun. This community server takes regular survival worlds to next level by offering unique game modes around it. We get skyblock, factions, outlands, prison, and even robbery game modes to explore.

Coming to the survival part, you get unique items like in-game jobs, custom monuments, and even skydrops. The jobs on this server are a source of income that helps you survive, just like in real life. All you need to do is pick a job, and you will get money to do basic tasks like mining or killing mobs on this best Minecraft survival server.

4. MCCentral

  • Java Address:

Minecraft Central is one of the most popular and longest-running servers currently on our list. There are several game modes that you can enjoy on this server, including Factions, Minigames, skyblock, prison, and many more. The active community ensures that you have a forum, a rigorous set of rules, and a lot of players on one of this best Minecraft survival servers.

What makes this server a little different than most is that it has an option for you to use your own mods. Most servers put a complete ban on all mods. But you can use many of the allowed best Minecraft mods on this server. Admins have no issues with mods unless they give any major advantage that you can use over other players.

5. Mineplex

  • Java Address:
  • Bedrock Address:

This server is home to one of the largest Minecraft communities. If you want a server that has the most active players, reliable hosting, and fun gameplay, this is one of the best Minecraft survival servers you need to opt for. This server’s survival mode has a simple aim – you have to gather resources and kill other players. The last person standing wins the survival round.

Coming to the gameplay, the map has different types of chests scattered throughout the blocky Minecraft world. You can even find many crafting tables while exploring. And to make things even more interesting, we get supply drops similar to other battle royale games. They spawn at night with a beacon beam revealing their location. This intense action-packed survival gameplay is almost as intensive as an FPS shooter game.

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How to Save Money on Minecraft Server Supplies.

When it comes to server supplies, it’s important to choose the right ones for your needs. This can include things like servers, routers, and storage media. To save money on Minecraft server supplies, look for products that are both fun and affordable. For example, if you want a server that’s easy to set up and use, an inexpensive game server may be a good choice. Alternatively, if you need a more powerful or expensive server, consider looking into buying one instead of renting one.

Save Money on Minecraft Server Supplies

Another great way to save money on Minecraft server supplies is by shopping online. You can find many products at online stores that are both fun and affordable. By doing your research ahead of time, you can find the best deals on Minecraft server supplies without feeling overwhelmed. Plus, online stores often have delivery options so you can get your orders delivered quickly!

How to Save Money on Minecraft Server Space.

When it comes to server space, you first need to decide what type of server you want. There are three main types of servers: full-time, half-time, and multiplayer.

A full-time server is the most popular type and can accommodate up to 50 players. This means that it’s the ideal choice for those who want the most functionality and features in their Minecraft experience.

Half-time servers are designed for between 10 and 20 players and can be used for short bursts during peak hours. They’re not as powerful or versatile as full-time servers, but they’re a good option for people who don’t have time to dedicate to a full server build.

Multiplayer servers allow players to play together on one platform or computer. This can be great for games like Minecraft where cooperation is key. However, multiplayer servers often cost more than half-time servers do to get the same amount of space.

To save money on Minecraft Server Space, choose aserver that falls in between these two types of engines. Multitiering can help by splitting your server into multiple half-time and full-time engines so that each player has their own engine but access to all the features of the others. You can also try using a hosting service that offers multiplatform services such as Windows Azure Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services cloud computing platforms which offer affordable per hour rates for hosting Minecraft Servers.


Minecraft is a popular game that can be played on many different servers. There are many different ways to save money on Minecraft server supplies, and by following these tips, you can make the most of your experience. In addition, if you want to play with friends online, saving space on your server can be a great way to do it. By choosing the right Minecraft server supplies and saving money on them, you will be able to have a great time playing Minecraft.

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