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Best Social Media Analytics Tools Twitter

Twitter is a great tool for businesses to connect with their target market and create online communities. However, relying on high-quality content won’t cut it because there are hundreds of competition accounts and little room for newcomers. Implementing data-driven analytics can be the saving grace for any brand’s social media marketing plan rather than attacking Twitter in the dark. In fact, a lot of Twitter analytics solutions offer a wide range of metrics, from follower demographics to engagement rates. Many businesses continue to lose out on the great benefits of tracking analytics, even though social media analytics are considered to be the secret to generating significant commercial results. Are you one of them?

You need proof that your Twitter marketing approach is working if you’re spending time and money on it. And employing Twitter analytics tools is the best method to accomplish this. Even though Twitter has its own built-in analytics (more on this later), there are a variety of more powerful Twitter analytics solutions that enable you to look at all of your other social media platforms at once, easing your reporting process.

Best Social Media Analytics Tools Twitter

Sprout Social 

Thanks to its detailed reports and astute publishing capabilities, Sprout Social is the market leader in Twitter analytics. The software lets you to examine more closely at how each individual tweet performed and provides thorough overviews of your overall insights.

With the aid of Sprout Social’s Twitter comparison report, which creates a one-dimensional report on how your business compares to competitors, keeping a careful check on rivals is made simple.

By highlighting themes that are frequently addressed in connection with your brand and brand-new topics that are likely to inspire engagement with your Twitter account, the platform also enables you to work smarter, not harder.

The ability to schedule, queue, and publish tweets in advance is one of the best aspects of Sprout Social’s Twitter analytics. It’s a wonderful strategy for keeping the social media staff calm and in the lead.


Keep up with the various in-depth and collaborative Twitter analytics tools offered by Hootsuite. The Hootsuite platform is the ideal tool for brands who are juggling several projects since it enables your team to implement campaigns across multiple social platforms from a single web-based dashboard.

By tracking the effectiveness of your content, producing insight metric reports, and scheduling your posts in preparation, the Hootsuite Twitter analytics tool is also fantastic for managing your online brand. Additionally, the platform places a high priority on cooperation by archiving and categorizing content in a common library for quick content retrieval.

One of Hootsuite’s distinctive features is the ability to design personalized reports that highlight the metrics that matter most to you. With just one click, you can know exactly how your brand is doing, whether it’s a deep dive into engagement or follower demographics.


Several Twitter analytics tools from Brand24 are a perfect supplement to any report on social media monitoring. In reality, the platform provides a ton of helpful analytics, such as the ability to monitor significant industry discussions and gauge hashtag performance.

In addition, by closely monitoring social media reach, interactions, brand sentiment, likes, and shares, the Twitter analytics tool enables firms to broaden their initiatives. Brand24 has an advantage over other companies in areas of specialized or specialty marketing thanks to its deft use of hashtags and influencers.

The Brand24 tool is a wise choice for businesses looking to increase hashtag reach and spot potential flaws in current or prior marketing campaign initiatives.


Have you ever desired having a network map? With Mentionmapp, you can quickly create a visual map of both your own network and other people’s networks. Mentionmapp effectively conveys the essence of your Twitter brand in a visually appealing and engaging manner without the use of tedious numerical reports or monotonous graphs.

Important mentions, followers, and hashtags that are closely related to your Twitter account are displayed on each map. This frequently includes what consumers are saying online about your brand and how it compares to rivals.

Additionally, the sophisticated Twitter analytics tool determines the companies, individuals, and issues that are now dominating your sector. Mentionmapp enables you to customize your Twitter marketing plan in a data-driven method by giving you a better insight of how your business is perceived.


With Keyhole’s Twitter analytics tracker, you can get a deeper understanding of how your online community is feeling. An agile marketing approach can be implemented thanks to Keyhole, an analytics-only solution that is renowned for its ability to track tweets in real-time.

Their Twitter analytics tool also keeps a tight eye on brand performance across various social media channels, campaign performance, and social media messages during events. In addition, the platform offers market research and influencer analytics to assist your brand in developing the most effective Twitter marketing plan.

Companies in need of current insights that concentrate on monitoring hashtag campaigns and optimizing their Twitter strategy could use Keyhole’s Twitter analytics.

Union Metrics 

Union Metrics is a complete social analytics solution that is simple to use and ideal for inexperienced marketers because to its vibrant graphics and strong social intelligence engine.

Your Twitter audience’s finest content may be found using their Twitter analytics tool, which also reveals which hashtags generate the most impressions. Important market trends, competitive insights, and an evaluation of your overall platform performance are all included in the Union Metrics report.

Union Metrics’ platform has the capacity to provide optimization strategies for increasing your engagement, followers, and eventually revenue outcomes. For social media managers who want to use their platforms to make strategic marketing decisions, this Twitter analytics tool is ideal.


Your brand needs to be intimately familiar with the demographics of your target market on Twitter if it wants to succeed. Fortunately, Followerwonk’s Twitter analytics tool offers answers to important queries, such as who and where are your followers as well as what they tweet.

You can use the freemium tool to compare your profile to competitors and search bios for specific keywords. The tool also offers a thorough graph showing how your Twitter profile’s follower count and engagement rate compare to those of comparable companies.

For businesses who want more information on their target market, Followerwonk is a great option. Your company will definitely benefit from using the Twitter analytics tool to reach a bigger, more active audience.


Although Buffer is mostly recognized as a tool for scheduling social media posts, its little-known Twitter analytics tool offers high-quality statistics on followers, content insight, and overall account performance. It’s very useful for figuring out when to post for your online community.

The Twitter reports from Buffer track post performance and cover content interaction. The reports may also be exported, which makes it simple to distribute and organize them.

Although Buffer’s Twitter analytics tool isn’t the most comprehensive, it covers the essentials of monitoring crucial Twitter statistics and presents data in an understandable way.


Twitonomy is the Twitter analytics solution for you if you’re searching for a straightforward platform with a substantial amount of data. Twitonomy is as basic as they come; all you have to do is connect with your Twitter handle and you’ll be shown the most crucial social media stats right away.

The data provided by Twitonomy include a summary of your top tweets, engagement statistics, and the best times to post. Additionally, the data is presented in vivid graphs and lists with clear labels, making Twitter analytics very easy to understand.

Additionally, the software has the ability to track certain phrases and conduct a thorough study of any Twitter account. Twitonomy is a fantastic tool for big enterprises thanks to its substantial metrics and insightful competitor analysis.

Best Free Twitter Analytics Tools


Social media managers with years of experience adore Followerwonk since it has been around for so long. It’s one of the greatest tools, both free and paid, for finding people, comparing data with those of your rivals, and using filters to get at key aggregate data.

With the help of Follower Wonk, you can determine when your followers are most active and the best times to tweet to increase your content and interaction.


Tweepi is your solution if you’re looking for a Twitter analytics tool that’s more interested in audience statistics. Based on a single keyword, you can locate users to interact with, such as thought leaders in your field or influential people.

If you want to use influencer marketing or look for brands to partner with for co-promotions in the future, Tweepi is a necessity.

Additionally, you get access to features such as those who are following you, research tools to get in touch with influencers, and trustworthy suggestions for individuals to follow.


Manage Filter allows you to filter your Twitter statistics and does exactly what it says on the tin. You can use this tool to organize your followers and tweets and determine who is active and who is not. This information can be used to better understand and foster a sense of community among your Twitter followers.

To get the most of your Twitter following, use Manage Filter to identify phony Twitter accounts. They have a fantastic function called “PowerPost” with their paid account. As a result, you can determine when to post Tweets based on your account.

Twitter Analytics

Remember to use Twitter’s own analytics program. It is open to all users and might be an excellent starting point for learning how your tweets perform.

You are first presented with a 28-day summary that includes information on your number of tweets, impressions, visits to your profile, mentions, and follows. After that, you can scroll down to view a monthly summary.

There is also an audiences tab, which, predictably, provides information about your followers. This includes data on demographics, purchasing patterns, and way of life. Then you may contrast this with pre-made audiences like millennials or small enterprises.


Although Klear offers a free version, it will try to convince you to subscribe to a subscription plan. However, Klear will provide you your account’s metrics once you enter your Twitter handle. To distinguish between phony influencers and those who can have an impact on your target audience, Klear employs sophisticated algorithms.

You’ll receive information on your following, top-performing posts, and an influence score. However, you’ll need to sign up for a paid account if you want a more in-depth report.


Instead of displaying your analysis like other Twitter analytics apps, Twitonomy displays your account together with that of your rivals.

Twitonomy will provide information about the Twitter lists you and your friend are a part of, as well as trends, statistics, and much more. You can use Twitonomy to understand how you might develop a Twitter strategy to beat out your rivals.


If you’re more concerned about mentioning it and utilizing it to your benefit. Based on the users you’ve been interacting with through your most recent Tweets, Mentionmapp enables you to construct a visual map of hashtag and username mentions.

These tools can be used for social listening, enabling you to listen in on and participate in the conversations surrounding your business.


A Twitter analytics application called Followerwonk enables users to acquire and analyze data on Twitter users, identify patterns in the aforementioned social networking platform, and broaden their reach to reach a larger audience, gain more followers, and advance their professional objectives. This analytical software assists companies in finding current and potential followers, categorizing them (by geography, sentiment, people they follow, etc.), comparing Twitter accounts, and more.

Businesses may find and work with brand influencers in their niches using Followerwonk, compare relationships with friends and rival companies, and efficiently optimize brand campaigns by coordinating activities that draw and keep followers. The program also makes it simple for users to publish their reports and view their data with a few simple button clicks.

Using Followerwonk, businesses can go deeper into their Twitter data and get high-quality insights that could help them advance their business. The tool is pretty helpful, especially for helping users narrow down their Twitter following by geographic location, find prospective brand influencers, expand their reach, and boost interaction with their followers. Users can use Followerwonk’s extensive breakdown of Twitter followers by social authority to find handles that are worthwhile connecting with and contacting.

Followerwonk’s fundamental features include the capacity to search and gather information from any profile (bio, location, name, and URL); contrast and compare two to three people in order to find overlapping and new audiences; and look at interactive charts of both the quantity of new followers and unfollows. With the knowledge you gain from Followerwonk, it is easy to fully optimize your campaigns, create more engaging content, and gain new followers while retaining your current audience.

The ability to utilize keywords to search for Twitter users and then contrast them against different metrics is one of the best advantages that Followerwonk gives its users (influence, followers, following, age, etc). This makes it simple and quick to search for significant Twitter users, including bloggers, social media experts, and regular people with large followings. Users can then explore their analytics, statistics, and followers to determine whether or not they are pertinent to them. Additionally, users can follow them on Twitter without leaving their current tabs and going to a separate Twitter page.


Twitonomy is a tool for Twitter users who want to analyze their tweets. You can use it to track your followers, find the best times to tweet, and analyze your tweets by keyword or phrase.

The app lets you track how many people are following you and what percentage of those followers were acquired over time. The app also tells you how many people click on links in your tweets, how many people retweet your posts, and how many followers are inactive (or “dead”).

You can also use Twitonomy to find out which words and phrases are most popular in your tweets, then use that knowledge to get more clicks on the links you share.

Twitonomy lets you see which of your followers have been active recently (and which haven’t).

Twitonomy is a website that lets you see who’s following who and what people are tweeting about.

You can use it to look up your friends’ profiles, or people you’re interested in, and see the tweets they’ve been posting. You can also see which other accounts have followed them.

If you want to look at someone else’s profile, j

Just go to their Twitter profile page and click Followers. Then click on any person’s name to see their tweets.


If you are running one of the most popular social media sites, it is likely that a slew of Twitter data analytics tools will be available for your use. From free to paid, these applications can provide a wealth of information on your Twitter followers: how they find you, what they’re interested in, and how often they post.

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