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Top Social Media Analytics Companies

Social media analytics should be used instead of the already complex social media marketing. Digital marketers can become perplexed by the magnitude even with all the sophisticated tools to monitor and improve your social media presence. GoodFirms offers you the top social media analytics companies that offer real-time analytics and data-driven consulting to support your marketing initiatives. The top social media analytics service companies are listed below:

Top Social Media Analytics Companies

Sprout Social

Users and tech review websites have consistently recognized Sprout Social as one of the top products available right now. This typically refers to their assortment of social media analytics tools, which also includes a long list of cost-free ones. They track traffic sources and cover a variety of social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The suite has improved thanks to the recent acquisition of another social media analytics business, Simply Measured.


SumAll, the industry leader in linked data analytics, may be a name you are already familiar with, but they recently announced the addition of Google+ pages to their data visualization tool. Everything from SEO ranking, sales, site visits, and revenue should all be improved as a result of this shift. Competitor benchmarking is aided by the layering into charts of competitors’ Google+ pages.


With a five-year history, Trendrr has collaborated with ABC, MTV, Telemundo, and Univision. It was recently purchased by Twitter. Because Trendrr offers real-time data, Twitter intends to use it. Media and advertising companies could use Trendrr to learn more about how consumers use social media while watching TV.


To The New recently purchased ThoughtBuzz, a prominent provider of social media analytics in South East Asia and India. In order to track publicly accessible information on social media networks, To The New will use ThoughtBuzz to incorporate social media analytics into its portfolio of digital services.

Social Crawlytics

Because it is a powerful standalone social media analytics tool, Social Crawlytics has been getting a lot of attention. If you have a Twitter account, you can simply monitor, plan, and analyze social sharing stats in one simple dashboard with the use of this free resource. You can also look at the places where the material of your rivals is shared and promoted.


Although GraphDive is still a young company, its future seems bright. The business provides businesses with a better knowledge of who their internet visitors are using Facebook Connect data, which includes age, income, education, and relationship status. These crucial insights can be utilized to locate new users who resemble your best existing customers as well as provide your clients with customised recommendations.

Although social listening is a crucial ability, few businesses have mastered it. Therefore, they consult Brandwatch. This company will assist brands in understanding and taking advantage of the dialogue that is taking place around them as well as in hearing it.

They can pick between Analytics and Vizia, two products. The first involves standard social reporting and monitoring. The second is a full-featured social command center with cutting-edge tools to maximize your data.

On their website, they list three options, but there is no information about actual cost, which is a little perplexing. To learn the rates, you must ask for a demo.


Talkwalker provides centralized social media analytics dashboard offering you graphs and analysis for:

  • Hashtag and campaign tracking including shares, reach, engagement, mentions
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Image recognition to help you protect your trademark & reputation
  • Google Analytics integration for social media ROI estimation
  • Virality that monitors how your content spreads across the web
  • Influencer marketing helping you identify industry influencers and (future) brand ambassadors


The free on-site analytics platform Finteza offers a variety of options, including the ability to analyze your social network traffic. This organization does more than just social media analytics, but I’m convinced that your own website visitors will provide you the most useful information.

Setting up Finteza is quite simple. As soon as you install the tracking code, the data collection and display will begin. You can develop conversion funnels and manage ads with this independent business.

Social Bakers

This analytics company provides a variety of solutions for businesses that want more advanced analytics. The basic platform of Social Bakers manages monitoring, interaction, benchmarking against competitors and the industry, competitive analysis, and more. It is tailored to satisfy the particular requirements of businesses that are reliant on sales. This is different from many other venues, such blogs, which can also be utilized for non-sales brands.

Its AI-powered technology tracks the behavior of your social media followers and creates personas that you can more easily relate to and hence more successfully target.


The four functional areas of the social media platform Awario are lead generation, brand management, conversation management, profile management, and subject monitoring. This offers a thorough method of data collection and application that confronts the issue of a weak campaign from all directions.

With Awario, you can filter brand mentions for neutral, positive, and negative sentiment using a reliable sentiment analysis feature. Based on how satisfied (or dissatisfied) your customers are, you can utilize this information to efficiently assign responsibility for developing customer relationships.

sprout social

A cloud-based social media management tool called Sprout Social enables companies of all sizes manage their customer interactions and marketing activities. Automated posting, discussion tracking, social content management, social media analytics, and more are important aspects.

A “Smart Inbox” is a component of the solution that compiles social media interactions from many social media websites. By converting messages into tasks, allocating them to specific individuals, and enabling team members to work together on the tasks, it aids users in managing interactions. The scheduling of social media material and managing content approval before publication are both automated by Sprout Social’s social media publishing feature. Users can track the social media performance of the brand across many platforms by using the reporting and social media analytics functionalities of Sprout Social.

Monthly membership services from Sprout Social include phone, email, and other online resource support.

Who is Sprout Social for?

Sprout Social is perfect for medium and large businesses with a multi-user social media team.

It offers a variety of insightful reporting templates, team workflow tools, and advanced features such as chatbot creation.

In terms of its pure functionality, it would be easy to recommend Sprout Social for businesses of all sizes. After all, it is a reliable platform for publishing and monitoring content across multiple social networks, with market-leading tools for managing customer communications. Sounds great, right?

And it is great, but all those capabilities come at a cost.

For what it offers at the Standard package level, there are equally effective options that cost less than Sprout Social’s $99/month per user. Of course, for sole users that price is accessible, but for small businesses with multiple users, the costs escalate quickly.

As such, it is the best fit for those that want their social media software to act as a strategic aid, as well as a functional suite of tools.

For businesses with the budget to spare, Sprout Social is a very appealing choice.

Sprout Social’s features

Undoubtedly, Sprout Social contains all the features you would expect from an enterprise-level solution, and then some.

We could split the average company’s social media software requirements into two groups.

First, businesses want the software to simplify their daily list of tasks. It should help them get things done, rather than add a new set of complications. This accounts for workflow, publishing, and reporting tools within a social media management software package.

Next, they want the software to help them make sense of their data. It is easy to locate lots of data these days, but what does it mean? Is your performance ‘good’, compared to the competition? What should the business do next, based on these results?

Sprout Social’s core, historic strength has been in delivering on the former. As we will see below, it excels as a robust solution for complex social media management.

It has introduced a host of new, compelling features to cater to the latter group, including trend analysis and advanced automation.

However, these are only accessible at an extra cost.

We will begin our review by looking at the central features available to all users, before assessing the premium features.

Team workflow tools

Sprout Social excels in fostering productive collaboration. It maintains a healthy focus on this aspect of social media management despite having so many cutting-edge features to show off.

By assigning different permission levels to various members of their teams, users can customize the user interface based on the responsibilities of each sub-team. Otherwise, it is just too easy to get sidetracked by all the sophisticated options that are offered.

Social media managers can collaborate on content creation and plan posts across several channels inside the platform interface. Through the Advanced Sprout Social subscriptions, members can have access to a content library with video and visual elements.

All-in-one inbox

The Smart Inbox from Sprout Social is one of the platform’s distinguishing features.

It compiles content from many social networks a company uses into a single, comprehensible feed.

This can also be divided into different feeds depending on the priorities of each company. As an illustration, certain users might be in charge of handling incoming tweets while others focus on Instagram.

Because the Collision Detection tool displays whether a colleague is answering to a specific message, there are no repeated efforts. Data on message response times by user or social network are also accessible to help organizations stay on top of their customer service goals.

The Smart Inbox is linked with Zendesk and HubSpot Service Hub (Professional and Advanced packages only).

Insightful reporting templates

A key consideration for marketing teams when assessing social media software is the platform’s reporting dashboards’ relevance.

Reports may seem to be objective data containers, yet there are many different conclusions that may be drawn from how they are laid out. Sometimes they make things so complicated that we can’t decide what to do.

The Sprout Social dashboards demonstrate a thorough understanding of this reality. The templates are carefully selected, accounting for various marketing goals.

The four main report topics are strategic insights, content performance, competitive analysis, and customer service.

Reports that track content performance across channels across each category or channel-specific reports are available.

It is important to note that some of the reports only operate with information from a limited number of social networks. For instance, competitive analysis is limited to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Everyone is catered for by the alternatives, from C-level executives who need a rapid snapshot to social media experts who need thorough reporting for each post.

Beyond boosted posts, there is definitely space for improvement in Sprout Social’s reporting on paid social media engagement.

It is now able to view sponsored social data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn thanks to recent platform improvements in this area. Although Sprout Social also interacts with YouTube, YouTube reporting is not yet available.

Social listening

As a social listening platform, Sprout Social excels in every way. Businesses can monitor and analyze social media posts about their products or sector using social listening to better understand customer trends.

The more efficient social listening solutions will collect this data as well as contribute to illuminating its significance. This entails determining the audience’s attitude toward a subject—whether it is positive or negative—and spotting newly emerging trends.

The approach for configuring these reports in Sprout Social is simple to follow.

The tool will begin collecting information from qualified Twitter tweets as soon as users create subjects that are pertinent to their business or sector. This works with straightforward search operators, and the setup procedure comes with a helpful preview feature so you can check the outcomes before finalizing your reports.

Advanced Listening from Sprout Social is a premium add-on that can be purchased with any membership plan. The price is available upon request because it is determined by the needs of each company.

A great social listening tool is Advanced Listening. It includes templates for rival activities, industry data, brand health, and many other topics.

These reports will be of great use to businesses looking into new product development or attempting to study consumer preferences. Despite this, even without the expensive add-ons, Sprout Social’s basic social listening features remain among of the best available.

Automation tools

We need look no farther than the expanding collection of automated solutions offered by Sprout Social to get a glimpse into the future of social media management.

From their Sprout Social account, businesses may build a Facebook chatbot. With its drag-and-drop flexibility and selection of pre-populated response options, setting is quite simple.

Naturally, the most expensive monthly subscription option is the only one that includes this automated capability.

Additionally, the platform’s Find Content function is accessible on all Sprout Social plans and is available on the web, Android, and the Sprout Social iOS app, which is a promising indicator that users will be able to come up with fresh content ideas on the platform in the future.

Similar to a search engine, Find Content parses user queries to determine the best possible answers. For large social media teams, Sprout Social may end up being a necessary tool for all stages of the process, from content ideation to strategy, publication, and reporting.


In order to accelerate digital transformation through an insights-driven strategy, businesses and agencies can use Digimind, the industry-leading social media monitoring and competitive intelligence platform. Digimind’s best-in-class technology, which has been acknowledged by Forrester and Gartner, converts social and internet data into useful business insights, empowering marketers to efficiently plan, carry out, and evaluate their marketing strategy.

The cloud-based social media monitoring tool Digimind is appropriate for companies in any sector. Social media monitoring, keyword tracking, reputation management, and reporting and analysis are important elements.


Pricing is priced based on two models:

  1. An estimate of total monthly mentions with unlimited queries/topics
  2. An estimate of the total number of queries required per year with unlimited mentions

Demos are available on request.

Products & Features

Digimind offers two products. That may seem a little slim and possibly underwhelming at first glance, but there’s a world of functionality behind them. 

Social Listening

Social listening helps you keep tabs on social media. Monitor apps to listen, engage, analyze, and report on what’s happening around your brand and products. You’re able to measure how owned content performs while benchmarking it against other social accounts (think competition). And if you’re looking for opportunities to improve your brand’s reputation, you have a chance at a real-time view of what customers and competitors are saying.

Social listening features include:

Monitoring Specific Terms and Topics 

You can:

  • Get unlimited social media & web coverage
  • Set custom sources
  • Access real-time updates
  • Leverage Geolocalization
  • Use automatic sentiment (based on a list of negative and positive words you provide)
  • Use personalized tags 
  • Use re-tagging
  • Use automatic translation
  • Develop ideas through clustering of terms
  • Sort information by Date / Relevance
  • Mark Mentions when read

Analyze Mentions

You can:

  • Access real-time analysis
  • View interactive graphs
  • Use multi-filter analysis
  • Establish and leverage benchmarking
  • Turn on automatic country detection for mentions
  • Enable automatic translation
  • Enable automatic sentiment for mentions
  • Identify top influencers
  • Create influencer comparisons by media type
  • Spot trending topics

Share Content & Engage Audiences

Get closer to your target audience with:

  • Personalized dashboards
  • Seamless engagement and direct sharing via social media and email
  • Instant publication of content
  • Real-time engagement with audiences
  • Smart email alerts to stay on top of all engagements

Generate Reports

Always have a handle on performance using:

  • Daily/weekly/monthly reports
  • Presentation-ready reports
  • Automatic report generation
  • Custom templates
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Multiple formats: PDF, PPT, Xls, JPG
  • And instant export capabilities

Measure ROI for Owned Media (Paid & Organic)

Track reach measurement and social statistics

Leverage Search Data for Reputational Management

Never miss a word or mention about your brand using:

  • Top search concepts
  • Top search results
  • Top domains features for set terms


Comparing the top social media analytics companies is great for any size of business. The hardest part of choosing one that is right for you is figuring out what you need. Do you just want to analyze your Facebook page, or do you want something that also analyzes Twitter and other social media sites? Are you looking for an extensive package with numerous features or are you looking for something really simple to get started?

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