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Best Social Media Analytics Tools Tiktok

Analytics are useful for figuring out or comprehending how well your videos are performing. Using social media effectively will help you reach a wider audience. TikTok, one of the newest social media networks, has already established itself as a competitor. Not only have consumers downloaded TikTok, but they also use it. Setting goals and determining whether or not you have eventually achieved your campaign goal should be one of your first moves as a TikTok influencer before commencing a marketing campaign. TikTok viewer analytics software is required.

This TikTok analytics tool will gather all the information you require to assess your progress and assist you in modifying your TikTok account to make it simpler to accomplish your aim. This article will offer instructions on how to easily examine TikTok metrics.

Best Social Media Analytics Tools Tiktok


You may examine every facet of campaign reporting with this analytical tool, and it offers a simple graph with all the data you need to successfully execute content strategy. One of the most complete analytics tools, it offers detailed competition analysis, accurate demographic data on influenza, and influenza optimization. With these two, you can search for Instagram users using their usernames or hashtags. Any TikTok hashtag or account can be selected to display a full summary with essential stats at the top. For a detailed study of performance based on metrics like average engagement, average likes, comments per post, most popular hashtags, most popular caption terms, tags, mentions, etc., scroll down. Additionally, you can export data to CSV or PDF for more use.


This analytic tool offers a user-friendly and slick interface for a better TikTok social listening experience and provides a monitoring platform for influencers and agencies. This platform can check out the top hashtag TikTok influences every day and discover the content creator based on keywords and ratings. Marketers and agencies can easily track the process of videos and TikTok influencers in real-time and identify the most effective ads that are working.


This is a brand-new tool used by social media managers and any motivational TikTok star to analyze the TikTok account with the most stunning features and design. The five tabs on this TikTok interface are accounts, analytics, trends, hashtags, and comparisons.

  • In the account tab, you can add a TikTok account and analyze it immediately or over any period. You can see statistics like likes, views, followers, etc. For the past 24 hours.
  • In the analytics, you get a deeper insight into the account and see the video data working best with detailed statistics on comments, shares, views, and reactions. You may download a CSV file of all videos for further analysis.
  • On the trends tab, you’ll get what is trending based on the country of the filter by views or video. Use the description to search and find niche topics that are trending so you can use them for your campaign.
  • The hashtag tab allows you to track your favorite videos and get statistics.
  • The comparison tab compares TikTok accounts for over 30 criteria and downloads multiple comparisons to CSV format for further investigation, or you can import into another software.


Influencers, digital agencies, advertisers, and social media managers all use this TikTok analytics tool. With the aid of this tool, you can analyze any account video or profile and develop a campaign strategy based on the success of accounts that are comparable to your own or your competitors’. With one of the most attractive user interfaces and a quick search button, this is a strong tool.


Users of this campaign monitoring tool are able to examine their campaign plan using hashtags, music, videos, and profiles. The fact that this program only updates itself once a day and lacks real-time updates is one of its biggest drawbacks.


It’s free to use and utilized by influencers and social media managers to evaluate captions, hashtags, and user profiles across 12 different platforms. It provides free reports and fundamental facts from the previous year, including comments, likes, and shares. You may access six areas of the matrix, which includes engagement rate per hour and day, and use them to categorize content by length, popularity, and engagement in addition to learning what posts draw visitors.

Melody Socials

Agency labels, top influencers, and other users use this analytical tool exclusively for TikTok profiles to offer detailed reports in real-time. You may search for comparable profiles, utilize hashtags, and filter results by geography.

Clout Meter

This tool provides TikTok profile analysis together with growth statistics to help users determine an influencer’s legitimacy. This platform’s fundamental feature—and a wonderful technique to determine the veracity of a profile—is the daily growth statistics on follower count that are provided.


Influencers may detect, anticipate, and keep tabs on TikTok trends by category and geography with the use of this mobile application analytics tool. Key features include analytics on new, increasing, and decreasing movements, tailored trend ideas, and trend prediction by AI.


As it provides a simple-to-read dashboard to communicate with businesses and clients, it is a well-liked analytic tool among marketing firms, social media managers, and brands. Automated reports, followers, and more than 400 metrics are essential features.

TikTok Analytics

TikTok statistics can be used to assess the level of activity on your account. This contains statistics like the number of views and shares your videos have, as well as the average viewing time.

You can learn what material is functioning well by examining this data, and you can adjust your strategy accordingly. For instance, you can decide to cease posting films comparable to the ones that are very controversial in the future. On the other hand, if one of your videos is very popular, you might want to produce additional similar content.

Your comprehension of your audience will grow as a result of monitoring your TikTok analytics. Knowing your audience helps you create engaging content, which is valuable. This may result in an increase in views, interaction, and even followers. Keep an eye on these important indicators if you are familiar with your audience and their interests.

Profile Views

Some people use profile views as a vanity metric to determine their level of popularity. Others use profile view tracking to monitor how well their content is received by the TikTok community.

If the number of views on your material is consistently rising, your audience is expanding and your content is hitting a chord with readers. However, if your view count begins to plateau or fall, it may be an indication that you need to switch up your material or try something new.

Of course, there are other metrics you should consider when evaluating the effectiveness of your TikTok account in addition to profile views. However, they can be a useful tool to gauge the effectiveness of your material and whether or not users are engaging with it.

Video Views

On TikTok, a metric called “Video Views” allows you to keep track of how many times your video has been seen. Videos with more likes and shares typically receive more views. Open the stats tab on TikTok and click “Views” to discover how many people have watched your video. This will provide the total number of times your video has been viewed as well as more specific statistics like the number of minutes and the average viewing time.


Your number of followers is one of the most crucial indicators on TikTok. It demonstrates your reach and influence as well as the number of individuals that are interested in your material.

However, it can be misleading to simply look at the total number of follows. Quality is equally important as quantity. In order to acquire a more accurate view of your audience, it would be great if you dug deep into follower statistics.

You can tell, for instance, when your followers are most active. This informs you of the optimal time to publish material to reach the largest audience. You may also check which material is most popular with your followers. This aids in honing your content strategy and ensuring that you are producing content that your audience is interested in.

Follower Activity

Follower activity tracks factors like how frequently and at what times your followers are watching your videos, as well as the types of content they are most interested in. You may use this information to understand your audience and the types of material they are interested in from you. It can also assist you in identifying the best-performing video formats so that you can adjust your content strategy accordingly.

Follower Demographics

The age, gender, and location of your followers are just a few examples of the demographic data you may view on TikTok. Understanding who you’re reaching with your content and what kind of content is engaging them might be aided by this. Additionally, you may track how your content is doing globally to better personalize your content strategy.

Average Watch Time

The typical viewing time of your videos is monitored by TikTok. This enables you to determine whether or not viewers finish watching your movies. If visitors are abandoning your films midway through and the average watch time is low, it is likely that your material has to be improved.


The growth rate meter on TikTok calculates how quickly your account is expanding. This amount is calculated by subtracting the number of followers you have on any given day from the number you had on the day before. If you had 1000 followers yesterday and 100 followers today, for instance, your growth rate would be 10%.

You must make sure your growth rate metric is high if you want to keep developing your TikTok account. To do this, it is best to frequently schedule fresh, interesting material.

Top Territories

Based on the followers’ geographic distribution, the Top Territories metric evaluates the effectiveness of content. Cross-referencing viewer IP addresses and geolocation information from videos yields this measure.

Top territories can be useful for identifying the geographic regions where your content is most well-received and for adjusting future material accordingly. This data can also be used to decide where areas to concentrate your marketing efforts in order to get the most viewers.

You should monitor TikTok Analytics since they provide you a sense of how well your material is performing. You can use the formula from a successful video or post to create similar content in the future. You can go back and review the content to figure out what went wrong if you notice that a video or post isn’t performing as well as you’d intended. Your ability to optimize your content and observe a sharp increase in growth will increase as you learn more about your audience.

TikTok Monitoring Tools


TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms tracked by this sophisticated online media monitoring tool. You can keep track of hashtags, keywords, brand names, and product names throughout online media, including social networking apps, news, blogs, videos, forums, podcasts, and other sources, using Brand24.

After setting up the project, you’ll get access to TikTok analytics, including:

  • The volume of mentions on TikTok
  • Social media reach
  • List of trending hashtags
  • List of popular influencers and sites
  • Online sentiment analysis
  • Share of voice in the industry
  • Strength of brand reputation
  • Automated reports

You will evaluate your TikTok performance using all of those data. Additionally, you will learn who is mentioning your brand and if it is being mentioned in a favorable, unfavorable, or neutral manner.

Finding influencers, monitoring hashtags, and reporting on social media campaigns are all really easy with Brand24. Our tool is primarily used for this by our clients.


The application is particularly focused on influencer marketing. On any social media site, including TikTok, you may track and analyze the influencers you want to follow based on the material they provide.

You may keep track of your actions with the use of the TikTok analytics tool Storyclash. Additionally, you will be able to examine TikTok influencers, evaluate performance, and create reports using the information acquired.

Three main features might interest you:

  • Monitoring and reporting on influencer campaigns
  • Comparing your competitor’s strategy to yours
  • TikTok trends discovery


Pentos is a TikTok-specific analytics and monitoring solution. This tool enables hashtag, influencer, and—more excitingly—music tracking. It will keep you informed of your TikTok profile efforts through weekly performance reports and email reminders.

Although the program appears intriguing, it simply allows you to view TikTok data. You can also watch Twitter, Instagram, and other services with the additional tools I’ve provided in this article. Therefore, I suggest considering whether it is a cost-effective option.

Key features:

  • Influencer monitoring
  • Music monitoring
  • Hashtags monitoring and analytics
  • Song and video analytics


An AI-driven social media intelligence software called YouScan is available. Social media, forums, blogs, telegram channels, and online media are all included in social listening. According to TikTok, it keeps an eye on trends within a selected topic, post descriptions, and thumbnail material.

I was particularly interested in the feature of visual analysis. On photos, YouScan detects logos, objects, actions, scenes, and demographic information. Additionally, it describes pictures and offers beneficial consumer information.

The tool will help you:

  • Manage and monitor brand reputation
  • Conduct market research
  • Analyze your marketing campaigns
  • Find the right influencers


One of the TikTok analytics solutions that enables tracking of brand mentions is Iconosquare. The optimal time to submit material will be revealed by this tool, along with data into engagement, comments, and likes.

Additionally, you will have access to video analytics that include statistics on engagement, views, and indicators like shares. Iconosquare provides analysis of previous content by retrieving old videos and using historical data.

Iconosquare may be used to track and analyze TikTok as well as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Interesting features:

  • Mentions monitoring and analytics
  • Competitor profiles monitoring
  • Hashtag tracking
  • Automated social media reports


Tiktok is a great choice for those looking to boost their social media profile. The app provides you with insights into social media engagement, as well as the statistics necessary to gauge your progress. With the help of Tiktok, you can take control over your social media presence and make it the powerful marketing tool that it is designed to be.

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