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Best Vacation Rental Software 2021

Best Vacation Rental Software 2021 Vacation Rentals are on the rise as a great way to make money while enjoying life. A vacation rental property can be rented directly from the owner or can be managed through an on-site company. The benefits of vacation rentals are numerous, include cash flow, tax advantages, and can be a great investment if done right. You don’t want to waste your time looking for the wrong custom software, which means you’ll need to get professional vacation rental management software for your property. The next time you’re doing research for the best vacation rental software on the internet, you need to visit my website. It can help you with your needs, whether it be finding the best vacation rental software for only one property, or finding a free solution (or a costly one at that). Looking for the best vacation rental software? Want to manage your vacation rental business with the latest and greatest vacation rental software? You have come to the right place. We have created an ultimate list of the best vacation rental software for you.

Trying to find the Best Vacation Rental Software can look like a difficult and time-consuming task. But that’s not the case! In this article, I will explain how you can find the best vacation rental software. This vacation rental software list is based on the author’s experience with these vacation rental software and the success of multiple users following the suggestions provided by us while choosing a Vacation Rental Software. Are you tired of spending hours packing up your vacation rental online through 3rd party sites like Airbnb? Do you want the software to manage every aspect of your vacation rental business from the booking process to accounting? Look no further, this is the most complete and affordable vacation rental management software available.

Vacation rental software is one of the best vacation rental websites 2021. The main difference between these two types of properties is that vacation homeowners feel more at home in the rental software. They believe that they will have a better customer experience of their home than with the traditional syndication site. Whether you want to rent your property as a vacation home or vacation rental investment, one of these companies can help you find renters who want to rent short-term or long-term.

Vacation rental software has come a long way since it was first introduced. Today, there are so many different types of vacation rental software that it can be tough to choose the right one for your business. We’ll take you through some of the most popular options and help you find the best fit for your needs.

Find the right vacation rental software for your business:

  • Take a look at the features that are important to you.
  • Take a look at the features that are not important to you.
  • Know what price you want to pay, and know how much it’s going to cost you in both time and money.


Hostaway is a great option for small and medium-sized businesses. If you are looking to grow your business, Hostaway can help you with that. If you want to save money, then Hostaway might be the solution for you. And if you’re simply trying to find a better way of doing things, then Hostaway might be the perfect fit!

Hostaway has some powerful features that allow it to scale up or down as needed. This software allows users to add new properties very easily (as well as remove them), so if your needs change in terms of the number of properties or locations visited by guests each year, this software will handle it no problem!


Rentalvision is an easy-to-use vacation rental software that’s a cloud-based solution. It’s best for small to mid-sized businesses, but it can also be used by large businesses and even vacation rental agencies.

Rentalvision offers many different features including:

  • Guest management and reservations
  • Property management with inventory control
  • Online booking system with a calendar view of availability and pricing
  • Customized reporting

iGMS Rental Software

iGMS Rental Software is a cloud-based vacation rental management software. If you’re looking for a great vacation rental software solution, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on an enterprise-level program, then iGMS Rental Software may be the right choice for your business.

iGMS Rental Software offers all of the features that you need in order to run your business smoothly and efficiently. It allows you to manage all aspects of the booking process, including accepting bookings online and taking payments via credit card or other methods (such as PayPal). You can also use it to create marketing campaigns that target potential guests with ads on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram—and if they click through those ads then it will automatically send them over so they can make their booking request directly from within your website!

Kigo Vacation Rental Software

Kigo is a vacation rental software that is cloud-based, so it can be used by anyone. It provides you with the tools you need to manage your property and market it for rent. Kigo offers several tools for managing your property, including:

  • Bookings (with a calendar view)
  • Guests (with photo gallery)
  • Payments (with reports), and more.

V12 bookmarklet

V12 Bookmarklet is a free solution that works on any device. You can use it to book and manage your property, as well as its calendar. You can even send an email from the V12 Bookmarklet for guests to reply to!

V12 Bookmarklet allows you to manage all of your properties from one central location, so it’s easy for you and your team members to stay on top of everything without having separate accounts for each property or employee. This makes it easy for you and anyone in your company who needs access (such as cleaners) to get what they need quickly without having multiple logins or passwords.


Lodgify is a cloud-based rental management software for vacation rental properties, which can be accessed on any device from anywhere in the world.

Lodgify is a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of your vacation rental business. From marketing your property to collecting payments and organizing guest feedback, this powerful tool lets you automate every aspect of the process so you can focus on what matters most: living life on the beach!


FutureStay is a vacation rental software solution made for connecting your business to guests, channels, payments, and your own brand. It helps you provide a 5-star hospitality experience instead of wasting time on manual tasks. It’s best for property managers who need an end-to-end rental management platform with advanced automation capabilities. 

Main features:

  • Central dashboard: access your payment automation tools, branded website, and Smart Connections from one place.
  • Smart Connections: get bookings from sites like Airbnb and by setting up business rules and saying goodbye to manual work.

Other useful tools:

  • Relationship Builder: Get access to your guest’s direct contact information before a stay, even when booking through third-party channels.
  • Post-Stay Interactions: send automated emails to guests.

Pricing: 5.00% commission per booking.


Nozio is a cloud-based vacation rental software that helps hosts manage their property listings, guest bookings, and guest communications. With Nozio you can add photos of your rooms and amenities to make them stand out from the competition. You can also create an online calendar for your guests so they know what’s available at any given time. And if you’re looking to save money on marketing costs, Nozio offers free website hosting with every signup.

Nozio is a great option for vacation rental owners who want to manage their business from anywhere.


Cloudbeds is a hospitality management platform that allows you to manage guests, staff, inventory, pricing, and data in real-time. It helps you reach more guests, increase your reservations, and save time. It’s a good solution for managers of different kinds of properties, from hotels and hostels to B&Bs and vacation rentals.

Main features:

  • Property management system: manage reservations with an easy-to-use calendar.
  • Channel manager: sync rates, availability, and property details with hundreds of distribution channels. 

Other useful tools:

  • Booking engine: drive commission-free bookings to your direct booking website.
  • Revenue management tools: optimize your rates, track competitors, and get advanced analytics.

Pricing: Request a custom quote. 


Maxxton is a vacation rental management software that helps you manage your property from beginning to end. It’s a cloud-based solution that’s easy to use and affordable, so it’s perfect for vacation rental owners who want to use a single platform for managing their properties.

Maxxton has all the features you need to run your business efficiently:

  • Listings – Manage your listings on Airbnb, HomeAway, and more.
  • Bookings – Track bookings made through these sites with automatic reminders sent out before arrival dates.
  • Customer Relations – See who has booked at what time, send them emails when necessary (including invoices), check-in on guest satisfaction ratings and more!


Vonigo is a full-featured vacation rental software that offers a range of features for managing your property. It is a cloud-based software that is easy to use, and can be accessed from any device.

Vonigo offers more than 70 free integrations with third-party systems like Social Oomph, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager and many others. With these tools, you can manage bookings and payments directly within the platform (no need to export data).

Another useful feature is the ability to create custom dashboards where you can see all important metrics in one place. For example number of new reservations; rate changes by month; revenue per room type or property location etc.. You also get access to reports on occupancy rates by day or week so that you can see how busy your property was during different periods throughout the year (and use this information when planning future seasons).

BookingSync Pro

BookingSync Pro is a property management software for property managers with more than 20 listings. It’s a complex solution that lets you connect with more than 100 channels, gaining access to new markets and boosting your revenue. BookingSync has another product for smaller hosts with less than 20 listings called Smily

Main features: 

  • Channel manager: synchronize your rates, calendars, and listing content across more than 100 websites through API connections.
  • Website builder: build a professional website with an integrated channel manager and payment processing capabilities.

Other useful tools:

  • Remarketing tools: retain customers and build your brand.

Pricing: Starts at $339.00 per month plus a one-time setup fee starting at around $817.26.

So many software solutions out there, so little time!

If you’re looking for the best vacation rental software, you’ll want to take a few things into consideration. First and foremost, you should consider your own needs. If your business is small and not yet profitable, consider buying a cheaper solution that can scale as your business grows. If your budget is large enough to afford an expensive option from the start, it can save money in the long run because it will be built to support larger businesses like yours.

Next, look at customer satisfaction surveys and reviews of each software solution on the market today. You’ll want to make sure that whatever product or service works best for you also has positive feedback from other users who are using it now—and not just those who were satisfied with their previous experience but have since moved on (or been fired).

Finally, check out which options offer integrations with other popular apps in travel management systems (TMSs), such as Expedia or Airbnb; these integrations help streamline workflows without having too many standalone processes running simultaneously at once.”


If you are looking for best vacation rental software 2021, great! Or maybe you are wondering about best vacation rental sites 2021. Whatever the case may be, if you have taken a closer look at the vacation rental software market in the past years, you may have noticed that a lot of providers have come together on one or two platforms.

Best vacation rental software 2021 – A portal for vacation rental investing is the best way to find out the latest vacation rental software 2021. This will help you be up-to-date with all the new features that are added in 2021. We hope that you’ll find the right vacation rental software for your business in this list, and we wish you an exciting and successful journey as a host. Good luck!

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