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Best Word Document Programs

Word Document is one of the essential applications that our computer systems need. Without it, we cannot do any writing or editing on our computer systems. I have tried using a lot of word document programs like WordPerfect, Pages, and various other software. Try them all I did until I found the best one that suited my needs perfectly.

Are you curious about best word document programs for beginners? Or about best word document programs 2022? If yes, then you are at the right place. Due to the huge demand of best word document programs and growing competition, hundreds of companies provide the software designed to help the students study better. Students can easily find lots of opportunities to get the best word document programs free download. It will save your money as well as time.

If you are looking for the top word processors, then look no further. In this article I’m going to give you examples of word processors that will help you get all your documents typed up in no time.

There are many different word processing programs on the market. They all have similar features, but there is also a lot of variety among them. You may want to use the same program as your colleagues or maybe you want to try something new. Perhaps you are looking for extra features, such as translation or collaboration, or you need something that has been specifically designed for people with disabilities. Whatever your needs and requirements, there is a good chance that we have found the best program for you.

Online Microsoft Word Alternatives


Best for all types of firms to compose and edit word processing, spreadsheets, database, and other documents for free.


LibreOffice is a free and open-source Office Suite. The software supports most of the features you can find in paid word processing software including MS Word Office. The Office Suite includes word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, database, flowcharts, and formula editing apps.


  • Compatible with MS Windows 7+, macOS 10.10+, Linux kernel 3.10+, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Haiku, Solaris, and AmigaOS
  • Open MS Office documents
  • Customize user interface
  • Export to PDF

Verdict: LibreOffice is by far the best open-source office suite. It supports a large number of documents. Schools, corporations, and government entities use the software all over the world.

Price: Free

WPS Office

Best for composing, editing, and sharing documents for free.

WPS Office

WPS Office is another great application that can create documents, spreadsheets, and presentation documents. You can also create a free WPS cloud account to save all your documents online.


  • Compatible with MS Windows 7+, macOS 10.10+, Linux (Ubuntu 14.04+, Fedora 21+, Glibc 2.19+), iOS 12+, and Android 6+
  • Online composing
  • 1GB cloud account
  • PDF editing, converting, and printing
  • Android and iOS compatible

Verdict: WPS Office is one of the best word processors for composing documents and spreadsheets for free. The software supports PDF editing features that are unique among most other free word processing programs.

Price: Free

Google Docs

Best for composing, editing, and sharing Word documents online for free.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a free word processor that is part of the G-suite applications. You can use the software to create letters, memos, reports, and other documents. The applications support hundreds of fonts. You can also select free templates to create different types of word documents.


  • Create and edit word documents
  • Free template
  • Share documents online using Google Drive
  • Convert Word docs to Google Docs
  • Add quotes and images with Google search

Verdict: Google Docs is a good online app for basic word editing. It is part of the free G-suite office software that also includes Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Forms.

Price: Free

WPS Office Free Writer

A word processor with cloud storage and support for all text files


Operating system: Windows, macOS, LinuxTODAY’S BEST DEALSVISIT SITE


+Interface almost identical to Word+Excellent file format support+Free cloud storage


-Contains some ads

If you’ve used a modern version of Microsoft Word, there’ll be no learning curve when you switch to Writer – the word processing component of WPS Office Free.

This free word processor looks and behaves almost exactly like its premium counterpart, and even has its own equivalent of OneDrive, offering 1GB free cloud storage.

Its selection of pre-installed templates gives you everything you need for common document types, and you can easily create your own for bespoke tasks. It’s compatible with every text file format you can think of, including current and legacy versions of Microsoft Word dating back to Office 97.

WPS Office Writer is supported by discrete ads, which can be removed by upgrading to the premium version, but they’re barely noticeable and no features are locked behind a paywall. Overall, WPS Writer is very impressive, and in our opinion it’s the best free word processor available to download today.

WPS recently launched a free PDF to Word converter as well, which is a great companion to its word processor.


The ideal word processor for first drafts, with no fussy formatting


Operating system: Windows, macOS, LinuxTODAY’S BEST DEALSVISIT SITE


+Blocks out distractions+Timers and alarms+Auto-save function


-Not ideal for editing

If you simply want to hammer out some words without worrying about formatting, you could just use Windows’ built-in Notepad app, but FocusWriter is full of clever tools that will help you maximize productivity without ever getting in the way.Advertisement

As the name implies, FocusWriter blocks out all distractions so you can give that all-important first draft your full attention. In normal use, all you see is a blank page – toolbars are only visible if you move your mouse pointer to the edge of the screen – but there’s a killer feature in Focused Text, which fades everything into the background except the current paragraph or sentence.

FocusWriter also features alerts that are triggered at certain times, or when you’ve reached a predefined word count, so you don’t need to worry about watching a counter (as you would in Microsoft Word). This also makes FocusWriter a good tool to use in tandem with the Pomodoro Technique, which involves working hard for a period of time that’s long enough for you to work productively, but not so long that you become fatigued.

It’s not great for editing, but for productivity, FocusWriter is hard to beat.

FreeOffice TextMaker

Another great looking word processor, but watch your file formats


Operating system: Windows, Mac, LinuxTODAY’S BEST DEALSVISIT SITE


+Can export to EPUB format+Prints multiple pages per sheet+Opens password-protected files


-Doesn’t support DOCX files

TextMaker – the word processing element of SoftMaker FreeOffice – is good looking, and comes with several handy templates for creating letters and other everyday documents. The selection isn’t as extensive as some of its rivals’, but you can also make new designs for future use and save them in TMV format.

All the features you’d expect from a modern word processor are present and correct, including advanced formatting options, the ability to create databases for managing bibliographies and footnotes, and a function for tracking changes to collaborative projects.

The only real drawback of TextMaker is its inability to save your work in DOCX format (though you can open and edit these files with no difficulty). This feature is limited to the premium version of SoftMaker Office.


Writer is a word processor that enables you to create documents for free. This tool offers readability, contextual grammar, and style suggestions. It allows you to integrate with Blogger pages or WordPress.


  • Allows you to collaborate with team in real time.
  • It helps you to review and document approval easily.
  • You can save the document as PDF and MS Word.
  • This tool helps you to manage your workflow.
  • Enables you to merge documents together.


Grammarly is a widely used writing enhancement tool. It offers numerous writing styles, suggestions for grammar, vocabulary, and syntax. You can use this tool via the website, as a browser extension, or as an app that you download to your computer.


  • It helps enhance your writing skills by highlighting grammatical mistakes and areas of improvement.
  • It works with every type of website with ease.
  • Detect contextual mistakes.
  • Genre-specific suggestion abilities.
  • It offers a useful knowledge base for grammar learning.
  • Helps writer to boost their writing style.
  • Make text corrections across different websites and platforms.
  • Supported platforms: Web and browser extension.


Prowritingaid is a tool that offers world-class grammar and style checking facility. It helps you to edit documents faster. This software includes more than 1000s of style to improve your writing.


  • It enables you to fix the writing style issue.
  • Prowritingaid shows spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • It has word explorer facilities to find the right word.
  • This tool offers a consistent report to reduce mistakes.
  • Supported Platform: Mac, Web, and Windows.

Dropbox Paper

Best for writing and editing word documents for free.

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper allows you to create and edit documents stored in Dropbox. You will need to create an account on the cloud storage platform to view and edit document files. You can share document files and folders with other users.


  • View and edit word documents online
  • Share documents

Verdict: Dropbox Paper is a basic word document application. You can use the free word processor when you sign up for a Dropbox account.

Price: Free

Apache OpenOffice

Best for composing word documents, spreadsheets, databases, graphics, and presentations in different languages for free.

Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is open source word processing software. The application saves documents in international Open Document Format (ODF). The free desktop application can be installed in many systems and used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.


  • Supports Windows XP+, MS OS X (64 bit only), Linux
  • Clipart and templates
  • Comprehensive online help

Verdict: Apache OpenOffice has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to compose and edit documents. The free word processing software is used by many non-profits, corporations, education, and government institutes all over the world.

Price: Free

Office Word Online

Best Free Word Processor Word Online

Platform: Web

Those who keep looking for a free word program don’t need to hunt for long as Microsoft itself offers a free version of Microsoft Word. Of course, you’ll need a Microsoft account to access the Word Online app.

You won’t find any third-party ads annoying you when you’re in the middle of something. The clean user interface of Word online is quite similar to that of its offline sibling. So, the learning curve is pretty small here and you’ll get hang of all the features quite soon.

However, that’s are where Microsoft has done the cost-cutting, this free online word processor doesn’t offer as many features as the regular Word app. Still, it includes everything you need.

What’s best about Word Online?

  • Clean UI with features laid out neatly
  • It can be accessed from anywhere via a web browser
  • Has built-in templates for different types of documents
  • Provides Editing, Reading, and Viewing modes
  • Has built-in grammar and spell checker tools
  • User can add comments to specific parts of text
  • User can easily share Word Online documents with others

What’s the bad part?

  • Track Changes feature is hard to use

What are the general features of Word Processor Software?

Here are the best features of Word Process Software:

  • Word Processor Software solves grammatical errors like punctuation, sentence structuring, subject-verb agreement, writing style, and wording.
  • Export text file to Markdown, HTML, or rich text.
  • It helps you to make writing easier.


In today’s world of computer, it is important to have a good word document programs. The 21st century is wired with computers, blue tooth wireless devices and everything that revolves around the internet. There is no doubt about whether computers are one of the most vital items that every person needs in their house or office.

You are probably wondering what is the best word document program? A lot of people don’t realize that Microsoft Word’s competition isn’t always Google Docs and that there a ton of open source programs out there that are also very useful. If you’re curious about best document programs or wondering which one will suit your fancy, then you have come to the right place.

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