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Do you have a hard time producing the right content? We can help. If you are looking for Instagram content creation tools, social media content creation tools, video content creation platforms, then look no further. We give you the best options to fulfill your needs.

A content creation and management tool is a software program that can create and update content on your website in an easy and timely manner. It consists of a variety of modules to generate a smooth workflow for your business to maintain consistent regular content at all times.

A lot of websites use content management systems (CMS) to power the content of their website. Content creation tools help corporate business and association websites to eliminate the need for full-time technical staff and reach out to target markets on a broader level. Content management systems are frequently sold with a wide variety of add-ons such as photo galleries, taxonomies, wikis, blogs, published authoring interfaces, online store functionality, and more.

Content creation tools are very important for businesses to promote their products and services in social media. Social media is an effective tool to connect people and create brand awareness. Tools can be used to create content like photo, video, and social post. They include platforms like, Canva and media lab. 

You can’t be original (but that’s good)

It’s tremendously hard to run your business and your content marketing efforts at the same time. If you want to be truly original, you’re going to have to conduct truly original research.

If you don’t want to spend hours and hours poring over statistics and analyses, you can stop trying to be original and just start being awesome.

In short: create 10x content.

The term was first coined by Rand Fishkin of Moz, and it stands for content that stands out in a crowd.


Create better content by:

  1. Offering a unique take on a topic
  2. Being more comprehensive than competitors
  3. Presenting the subject in a style that fits your audience

Sometimes it’s enough to take a look at what your competitors are posting, identify the gaps in the content, and use the skyscraper technique to create new pieces that your audience wants to read.

Google loves it, and so do your customers.


demio webinar software

Demio is a hassle-free webinar software for marketers. This tool provides a no-download webinar experience for your audience. It comes with fully customizable webinar domains, featured colors, and more.


  • Live presentation with real-time HD streaming
  • Your audience can attend with one click in the browser.
  • Create customizable registration pages
  • Add custom form fields to collect info from registrants
  • Embed the form anywhere
  • Send automated email notifications
  • View, manage, and export contacts

Pricing: Start at $34 per month with an annual payment plan. 14-day free trial available.


Biteable video making tool

Biteable is another powerful video creation and editing tool. It has a forever-free plan with limited features. What you can create with this tool ranges from social media posts and digital advertising to animation and promo videos.

It comes with a huge video templates library for your use.

Pricing: Free plan available. Premium plans start at $29/mo with a monthly plan and $19/mo annually.

Canva – Online Graphic Design Tool

Canva visual content creation tool

It wouldn’t be wrong to say Canva’s popularity blew over recent years. And it’s clear to see why.

You can design almost anything with Canva, including presentations, social media posts, infographics, resumes, newsletters, logos, and YouTube intros. What makes this tool amazing is the way it streamlines the designing process and makes it easy for just anyone.

It saves your time and money spent on expensive designing tools. Additionally, it comes with stock elements and a photo library, as well as a wide range of templates for every need.

Pricing: Free plan available. Premium plans start at $9.99 per month.


GIPHY gif maker tool

If you think GIFs are fun to use in blog posts, you can look for GIFs on the internet’s best-known GIF database GIPHY. It can integrate with multiple apps and make GIF sharing simpler than ever.

It also allows creating your own GIFs. Just upload a video or photo and set the animation speed. Your GIF will be good to go in no time!


Piktochart infographic making tool

Infographics are still one of the most popular ways to visualize data and to use as a part of your link building strategy. You can drive backlinks by creating superb and share-worthy infographics in your niche.

That’s where Piktochart comes in. You can design professional-looking infographics without needing any design skills with Piktochart.


Free plan available. Premium plans start at $24 per month with monthly payment and $14/mo annually.

Answer the Public

Answer The Public

As we have already discussed, you should be optimizing for questions as part of your SEO strategy, and the more insight you have access to, the better responses you can give to the different questions that are being asked.

While shows results from PAA, Answer the Public returns results from Suggest data, showing combinations of auto-complete searches. 

Use the two tools together to supercharge your insights and research.

Cost: FREE

SEMrush SEO Content Template

SEO Content Template data screenshot

If you are creating content to help you rank on the SERPs, you shouldn’t be writing blind. You need to know what is helping the top results to rank and take this into consideration when creating your own content. 

The SEMrush content template can help you analyze the content that is ranking top for your target keywords and help you understand what you need to include in your own pages to compete. 

Cost: From $99.95 per month 


Screenshot of Grammarly results

It might sound simple but creating mistake-free content is harder than it sounds. 

Grammarly can help you check for spelling and grammatical errors in your content while writing, as well as helping you to focus the tone of your content and check for plagiarism. The browser add on also makes sure you avoid typos in social shares.

Think of it as your helping hand to make sure your content reads well and is free from errors. 

Cost: Free version and Premium $139.95 a year

Hemingway App

Hemingway app example

In their own words, “Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear” and helps you make your content more readable and also shorten sentences.

Run your written copy through the web app, and in seconds you will see the opportunities to make it better for your readers. 

Cost: FREE screenshot

Izitext is a transcription service that’s used by transcribers, podcasters, journalists, and more. You can sign up for a demo today and learn more about their services! 

Cost: FREE DEMO and further pricing may apply


Image Source: PiktoChart

If you’re looking to create eye-catching, high-quality infographics or presentations, give PiktoChart a try. PiktoChart is a web-based content creation tool that doesn’t require users to have extensive design experience.

Like most content creation tools, PiktoChart also offers more than 600 themed templates for users to choose from.

As digital marketing requires some data analysis work, PiktoChart can conveniently help convert your numeric data into visual charts that provide a more engaging story of your marketing efforts.

According to Google’s Search report in 2015, there’s already been an 800% growth in infographic searches. And the numbers are continuing to grow. Infographics will undoubtedly become another way for people to consume information in our fast-paced society.


Image Source: Vectr

If you’re looking to design logos or icons for your business or clients, Vectr could be the tool you’re looking for.

It’s a web and desktop cross-platform tool that helps marketers create zero-frustration and amazing designs for all social media platforms.

Most importantly, Vectr allows its users to save photos in SVG format (Scalable Vector Graphics), indicating that resolution won’t change when you zoom in or out of the design.

And since it’s a professional SVG creating tool, many users also use it when making web mockups.


Image Source: BeFunky

BeFunky is another easy-to-use content creation tool praised by many digital marketers.

It offers features such as batch photo editing, collage creation, background removal, and more. It also offers templates for various purposes such as events, blogs, and social media marketing.

If you’d like to double-check for minor details on your image, BeFunky provides a scroll bar that you can drag and adjust the size of your design for more meticulous examination before publishing it officially.

It also lets you edit screenshots directly while using the tool.

BeFunky also offers a Chrome extension, allowing you to see a list of dropdown images on the upper left toolbar.

Once you click on the extension icon, it takes you straight to BeFunky photo editor.

In terms of pricing, it’s also very affordable if you’re running your own business and striving for visually attractive images for your content marketing.

Pic Collage

Image Source: PicCollage

For content marketers, Pic Collage is one of the must-have content creation apps on their mobile phones.


It offers more than 60 templates suitable for all marketing platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, and more.

Additionally, both Android and iOS apps are packed with over 500 stickers, templates, backgrounds, and fonts for users to choose from.

Digital marketers can easily create unique visual content within minutes and then publish them directly on social media.

Many also use Pic Collage as a tool to send images to their friends and family. Whether it is for personal or business use, Pic Collage has made the content design more interesting and accessible than before. screenshot

Ask a graphic designer to remove a background from an image using Photoshop, and it will likely take hours using the lasso tool. 

Use and you will be able to remove backgrounds using AI in a matter of seconds.

It’s as simple as that and can save you hours when cutting out images to use in your visuals.

Cost: FREE and Paid Plans

Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recording Chrome Extension

Youtube video thumbnail

Screenshots and screen recordings are the perfect way to help your audience understand what you are trying to show them in “how-to guides” and the like.

But capturing these, especially if you don’t want to have to edit them before using in your content, isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

We love the Nimbus Chrome extension to capture both screenshots and recordings without hassle, and we are pretty sure you will grow to love it, too! 

Cost: FREE


unsplash example

Images and photos can really help to make your blog content more engaging, and the reality is that not every marketer has access to a team who can take custom photos. While some have the luxury of a stock photo library at their disposal, not everyone does.

When you need a license-free image to use in your content, Unsplash’s library contains, as they claim, photos for everyone, something that we can confirm to be true! 

Cost: FREE

Why is video content important to your business?

Apart from the great ROI, video content offers several other benefits for businesses. some of the most common reasons why video content marketing is so important to businesses are listed below.

Videos help explain your product

Video content can help your customers understand your product better. Though you can very well explain what your product offers through a blog post or how-to article too, video helps them visualize that same information. But videos help buyers gain more confidence in their purchase decisions. In fact, Google research shows that 55% of buyers watch an online video about a product even when shopping in-store. Also, studies show that viewers can retain 95% of what they see in a video compared to only 10% of what they read in text. So buyers will be able to remember features and instructions for longer with video content.

Videos help build trust

One of the biggest perks of creating and sharing video content is building trust with your audience. User-generated video content, for instance, helps buyers see proof of a product’s performance first-hand. Behind-the-scenes videos show them how a brand works to bring them the products they are buying. Videos featuring a business’s top executives, like the CEO or CTO, can instill more trust among viewers by increasing the brand’s accountability.

Google favors video content

Video content is also great for SEO. People are demanding more videos today and Google is trying to cater to its users by prioritizing video content. According to Forrester, video content is about 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results compared to any text page for the same keywords.

Video increases your reach to mobile users

Video content is found to be increasingly popular among mobile users. The number of mobile phone video viewers has been constantly increasing over the past few years and as of 2021, there are 2.33 billion viewers worldwide. 

Number of mobile phone viewers worldwide

Video content is engaging

Audiences love video content. Videos are found to be far more engaging than text-based content. For instance, Twitter Business reveals that tweets with videos can derive 10 times more engagement than those without videos. LinkedIn posts with videos are 20 times more likely to be shared. Instagram video posts generate 150 comments on average, higher than both images and carousels.


Content creation tools have become more popular than ever. With companies like Instagram and Facebook introducing new tools that allow you to post video content, this is one trend that is here to stay. If you are looking for ways to increase engagement on your social media pages, check out our top content creation tools for instagram, Facebook, and other popular networks.

Content management and creation tools can help improve your overall website’s content, security, and generate greater brand awareness. CMS (Content Management Systems) and blog software are two of the most important tools for establishing an online presence, allowing you to create and deliver relevant content across multiple channels.

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