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Free Online Pdf Editing Tools

PDF online editor tools are a very useful tool to convert your documents into Pdf file format. This has become an essential tool on the internet due to its advantages and benefits to generate and edit PDF files easily and safely. Also, it provides free pdf editor tools.

Online PDF editing is the best way to edit your PDF file online. These are easy-to-use online tools for editing your PDF files. This service provides multiple options for PDF document creation, editing, converting, and Merging. It can be done either by software or without installing any software on your computer.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Best for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the overall best solution for creating detailed PDFs and Forms.

Price: Adobe offers a free trial for Acrobat Pro DC. It offers two pricing plans for individuals, Acrobat Standard DC (For Windows only: $12.99 per month) and Acrobat Pro DC: (For Windows & Mac: $14.99 per month). For businesses, there are two plans Acrobat DC for teams ($16.14 per seat per month) and Acrobat DC for enterprise (Get a quote).

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC can be used on any device. It can convert PDFs to MS Office formats. Acrobat Pro DC can edit, create, export, organize and combine files on mobile devices. In a few simple and easy steps, you can share PDFs and gather comments.


  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has functionalities for creating and editing PDFs.
  • It has features for converting, sharing, and signing PDFs.
  • Mobile App has functionalities to annotate, sign, and share PDFs.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC will let you digitally track the progress and automatically archive the signed document. As per reviews, it has a complex interface.

Appy Pie PDF Editor

Probably the easiest editor on the list, Appy Pie PDF Editor is completely free to use. With its intuitive interface, editing your PDF files is a breeze. With e-signatures and OCR, it provides all the features you might need from your PDF editor.

The platform has no watermarks on pdfs you export and neither does it store user data meaning you can edit confidential pdf documents without worrying.


With PDFescape, you can either edit online or through a desktop application. The desktop application is the more powerful of the two as it supports edits to pre-existing PDF content and allows you to scan paper documents. However, only the online version of PDFescape is free to use.  

All the same, you get plenty of useful PDF editing options with PDFescape online such as the ability to make freehand notes and a tool for adding clickable URL links to your documents. You’ll also find that it’s pleasingly easy to add, rotate, and annotate pages with the in-browser version of PDFescape.

The only major flaw of this free PDF editor is that you can’t upload documents that are larger than 10MB. A regular A4-size PDF page only takes up about 100KB of data though, so this shouldn’t cause a problem unless you’re editing a book-length document.


Even though SumatraPDF lacks some advanced features like annotation, document signing, and form-filling, Sumatra PDF provides an intuitive and fast reading experience — it has multiple viewing modes like single page, book, and presentation and shortcuts that help you navigate any PDF file. If you just need to read PDFs for work, consider using SumatraPDF.

Slim PDF

Slim PDF is one of the smallest PDF readers in the world, taking up just 15 MB of space on your computer. Despite its tiny size, this free PDF reader comes with a lot of advanced features that complement core functionalities such as those allowing you to print, search, zoom and rotate PDF files.

If you are looking for a solution that strikes the perfect balance between being lightweight and powerful, Slim PDF is a great choice. It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

PDFSam Basic

Often, the only thing you need to do is split a PDF into multiple documents, merge several pages together, or change the orientation of pages. This is often the case if you’re working with paper documents that have been scanned. If this sounds familiar PDFsam Basic is the perfect tool for the job. It’s a lightweight desktop app that’s well worth keeping installed for just such situations.

Unlike some of the tools here, it won’t let you change the actual content of PDFs, but makes dividing and combining them a piece of cake. Just select the page range and away you go. There are no watermarks to worry about, and you don’t have to entrust your (potentially sensitive) documents to an unknown third party

During installation, you’ll be asked whether you want to install a trial of PDFsam Enhanced (a paid-for product) but you can decline this if you’re not interested in unchecking the box provided.

Haihaisoft Reader

Haihaisoft Reader is a fast, low-memory PDF reader. It’s only three MB, so it has basic functionality like rotate, full screen, presentation mode, search, and zoom. Even though it’s small, it still supports over 40 languages and has high security — it only connects to the internet with the user’s permission. Haihaisoft is best for casual PDF users.

PDF Candy takes an app-like approach to PDF editing, in the sense that everything you might want to do is a different icon accessed from a central landing page. That makes PDF Candy easy to use – select the task, upload the file, and let the app do its thing. However, the lack of a single interface can make using it feel disjointed. It’s as if every feature – from editing text to rearranging pages within the document to extracting images from the PDF – was a different app on your smartphone. The paid plan removes your hourly task limits, and you can get a lifetime license for $99.PDF Candy is what you get if you take every feature in a program and make it a separate app icon.


  • A large number of features, though many of those are file converters
  • OCR can extract text from PDF


  • Free plan limited to two tasks every two hours
  • File size limited to 10 MB
  • Interface is disjointed

Apple Preview

Apple Preview is a default software included in every MacOS device. It is perfect for users that already own an Apple device. Preview is good enough for basic editing and provides a set of advanced tools that should satisfy most use cases.

If you already have an Apple device, you don’t need to overextend to find PDF editing software. Simply launch your app and start going about your editing. The one fatal flaw with Apple Preview is the lack of support for third-party operating systems. It will only work on macOS devices.

PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor is one of the more robust free PDF readers out there. You can create, view, add notes, record and attach audio, highlight text, attach files, strikethrough words, and add signatures. But the PDF reader’s coolest feature is its Optical Character Recognition tool — it can scan printed documents and convert the text into a searchable document. If you need to create, edit, and share PDFs at work a lot, PDF-XChange Editor could be the PDF reader for you.

Qoppa PDF Studio

Best for being a PDF Editor that can be used across most computing platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux, and more.

$89 One-Time Fee for 2 computers. Volume, Education & Non-Profit Discount available.

An easy-to-use, full-featured PDF editing software that is a reliable alternative to Adobe® Acrobat® and provides all PDF functions needed at a fraction of the cost. PDF Studio maintains full compatibility with the PDF Standard.


  • Create, Upload, or Scan to PDF
  • Annotate and Markup PDFs
  • Convert From Multiple Formats
  • Create & Fill Forms
  • Merge & Split
  • Secure PDFs
  • Batch Processing
  • OCR (Make PDF Searchable)

This powerful PDF editor allows you to easily create, scan or convert documents to PDF as well as markup and edit existing PDFs.

At a fraction of the price as Adobe® Acrobat®, it also comes with very advanced features such as permanent redaction, imposition, file size reduction, preflight and even page resize! This editor can be used on multiple computing platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux.


The world of PDF is rich in both functionality and features. However, the ease with which you can create your PDF files often becomes an issue. For many people, it can be a bit of an inconvenience to have to download their PDF software. Some people don’t even know where to start when it comes to using it or how to make simple changes without calling for help from technical experts.

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