Free Payroll Software for Nonprofit Organizations

Your search for a free payroll software for nonprofits ends here! IPSoft Accounting is one of the best online accounting solutions available. It’s available as a no-cost solution.

Getting started with accounting is easy when you use our free nonprofit payroll software. This software is easy to download, simple to use and can help your organization track expenses and manage employees.

– Best for global businesses

Oyster screenshot - 10 Best HR Software For Payroll In 2022

Oyster helps small businesses hire specialists and measure associated payroll costs from all over the world.

Oyster is an online payroll platform that’s great for remote-first businesses. However, its features make it ideal for businesses with global distributed teams because it can help you hire, pay, and offer benefits to people living in over 180 countries. This payroll software makes remote hiring easy, enabling enterprises to expand their talent search outside of their country.

This software solution has a clean interface that’s easy to navigate. Its applicant tracking and employee onboarding features help HR professionals hire specialists from around the globe without difficulty.

Even though Oyster is a complex human resources information system (HRIS), the software stands out because it enables you to organize pay and employee benefits while respecting the local legislation of each employee.

Thanks to this feature, I chose Oyster as the best tool for remote-first small businesses.

Oyster offers customized pricing upon request. Free plan available.

– Best for restaurants & hospitality

Push screenshot - 10 Best HR Software For Payroll In 2022

Push mobile app enables your team to schedule meetings and communicate in real-time.

Push is an employee management software that helps HR professionals stay on top of everything that’s happening in an organization. This tool’s payroll services are simple to use but offer everything you would need for a restaurant or hospitality business.

The tool’s AI enables your HR management team to automate workflows, collect employee information, track employee experience, and schedule HR tasks ahead of time.

One of the things that I like about this software is that it comes with a fully functional mobile app. The app enables your team to clock in, schedule meetings, communicate in real-time, swap shifts, and plan their workday, depending on your business needs.

Push can track shift-based work schedules, automate sending approved hours only through the payroll system, and even calculate split shift premiums and tip payouts. This makes Push a great HR software for payroll for the restaurants and hospitality services who rely on this sort of flexibility for industry-specific compensation considerations.

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Push costs from $4/employee/month. Demo available

Papaya Global 
– Best for companies with a global workforce

Papaya Global screenshot - 10 Best HR Software For Payroll In 2022

Paapya Global lets you manage all employee types (payroll, EoR, and contractors) in in 160+ countries.

Papaya Global is a cloud-based payroll that makes hiring, onboarding, managing, and paying employees and contractors in more than 140 countries possible in just one platform. Features include solutions for automating payroll and payments, learning about your total payroll costs, saving time on self-managed time off requests, workforce planning, auditing, keeping track of benefits, and immigration solutions.

There isn’t a payroll software as encompassing as Papaya Global. Multinational companies that make cross-border transactions will find it easy to run their payroll no matter where in the 140 countries their employees are.

One con to note is that if you have a legal change of entity the software will store files separately between pre-change and post-change names as if they are two different and unrelated entities. This makes some historical information hard to organize properly.

Papaya Global integrates with BambooHR, SAP Concur, Expensify, NetSuite, Namely, SAP Business One, SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite, Priority Software, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. More applications and software offer integrations upon request.

Papaya Global costs from 20$/user/month. Sign up for a free demo through their website.

Paychex: Best for Solopreneurs & Startups

Paychex logo

Overall Score: 4.16 OUT OF 5

  • Special package for solopreneurs includes payroll, incorporation support, and access to a 401(k) plan
  • Has multiple HR and payroll plans
  • Offers a dedicated payroll specialist
  • Automated payroll and payroll tax filings

  • Pricing isn’t all transparent
  • Payroll tax administration and year-end tax reports cost extra
  • Learning management tools and access to a dedicated payroll specialist are included in higher tiers
  • Time tracking is a paid add-on

Paychex Pricing

  • Paychex Flex Essentials: $39 per month + $5 per employee
  • Paychex Flex Select: Custom-priced
  • Paychex Flex Pro: Custom-priced

Paychex Plan for solopreneurs and the self-employed

  • Paychex Solo: Custom-priced

Paychex is a feature-rich human resource and payroll software. It has a wide range of tools and services that help you manage the entire employee lifecycle—from hiring to retiring. What’s great about Paychex is that apart from providing 24/7 customer support, it assigns a dedicated payroll specialist to its clients. Plus, it has small business tiers that are perfect for startups and a special plan for solopreneurs. The other providers in this guide don’t offer dedicated payroll support and solopreneur options.

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In our evaluation, Paychex earned a 4.16 out of 5 with perfect marks in HR features, reporting, and popularity among users. Many like its efficient payroll, onboarding, and employee self-service tools. However, it scored the lowest in pricing because most of its products and plans are custom-priced (except for the starter tier of its Paychex Flex solution).

Paychex Features

  • Multiple plan options: Paychex’s multiple plans target businesses of different sizes, including those run by only one person. Solopreneurs can start with its Paychex Solo option that includes payroll, a retirement plan, and business incorporation services. If their operations expand, requiring them to hire workers, then they can transition to its Paychex Flex product (which has three tiers) that come with more compliance support and advanced HR tools for handling employees. Note that while ADP also offers flexible plans that can handle the growing HR and payroll needs of your business, it doesn’t have a special package that’s geared toward the self-employed.
  • Payroll and payroll tax processing: Paychex’s payroll tools can handle both employee and contractor payments, although it lacks the separate contractor-only payroll plans that Gusto and Square Payroll offer. Tax calculations, payments, and filings to federal, state, and local agencies (including W-2/1099 tax reporting) will be managed by Paychex, but some of these payroll administration services require add-on fees. For a payroll solution that doesn’t charge extra for filing tax forms, consider any of the providers in this guide except ADP. QuickBooks Payroll is also a good choice but you have to subscribe to its Elite plan if you want local tax filings.
  • Employee benefits: In addition to retirement, health insurance, FSA/HSA, dental, and vision plans, Paychex offers financial wellness tools—the other human resource payroll software that reviewed don’t have this. However, it lacks ADP’s employee discounts and Gusto’s college savings plans.
  • HR tools: Paychex’s HR solution suite is similar to that of ADP and more robust than those of Square Payroll, OnPay, QuickBooks Payroll, and Gusto. These four mainly offer onboarding, online document management, and new hire reporting functionalities, although Gusto also provides performance review tools. Paychex has all these functionalities and more, including learning management, employee attendance tracking, background screening, and hiring services. However, if you require a wide job posting reach, consider ADP as it can advertise your job listings to over 25,000 sites. Zenefits is also a good choice if you’re looking for a compensation planning solution, while Rippling is great for those wanting basic IT tools to streamline computer and software provisioning and deprovisioning processes (Paychex doesn’t have these features).
  • Strong support: Paychex assigns a highly trained payroll specialist to its clients to serve as their single point of contact for everything related to pay and tax processing. It also provides 24/7 phone support with customer service reps that are all US based.
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OnPay offers HR payroll software and is a great option for growing small businesses and startups.

Their payroll solution is flexible and supports business owners who have contract, part-time, and hourly employees. Managing all of this on your own can be difficult and time consuming, but with OnPay, it’s much easier to do.

Since payroll doesn’t run automatically, you can choose which employees you want to pay before you run payroll. It’s not as automated as other solutions, but some business owners might need more control.

You can pay employees via direct deposit, printed check, or debit card.

It includes other features like unlimited payroll runs, tax filing, support for multiple pay schedules and rates, unemployment insurance withholding, and more.

You can also integrate your business payroll with your preferred accounting and time-tracking software.

The pricing is straightforward, with a base fee of $36 per month and an additional $4 per person. So if you’re a 50 person company, you’ll pay $236 per month.

Since there’s only one plan, you get access to all features, including HR tools.

The bundled HR tools include templates for employee offer letters, paid time off management, HR document management, and more.

Expert Review: We believe OnPay is the best HR and payroll tool for businesses with contract and hourly workers.


Our free payroll software improves efficiency and saves money. Your employees can track their hours online, and you can build calendars with your schedules. Payroll is simple – just enter the hours worked, and it takes care of the details – from direct deposit to taxes to reporting. It’s easy to see where your organization is at a glance thanks to automatic data backups.

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