Payroll Software for Nonprofits

We’ve created this free payroll software for nonprofits to help make managing affordable payroll easy. Fill out your employee time cards & have them ready to upload effortlessly. No payroll company account or expensive software required. Start saving money and time today!

Our free nonprofit payroll software for nonprofits will help your non-profit organization or ministry manage staff, volunteers and payroll. Our software is easy to use and our website provides many resources to help you meet the requirements of a nonprofit organization.

– Best for mobile paystubs

Gusto screenshot - 10 Best HR Software For Payroll In 2022

Gusto lets employees receive their pay stub by phone, including net pay, tax deduction, and gross pay info.

Gusto is an online HR platform that will appeal to both experienced and novice payroll administrators. The software has a simple layout, and it’s friendly toward users who are not tech-savvy. The onboarding process is easy, and the tool offers a rich library of helpful documents that should enable your team to use all of its functions in good time.

This software is a great choice for employee self-service features because it enables your employees to create accounts to check their pay stubs, track healthcare or other benefits, manage paid time off, and more.

The tool has a handful of built-in add-ons that can help your HR system, such as the ability to donate part of your pay to a charity of your choosing. Gusto tracks the donations, making it easier for your team to file their taxes.

One of the things I like about this solution is its notifications feature. You can set up custom notifications to let you know when you should run payroll or when to file taxes.

Gusto has a base price of $39/month plus employee fees from $6/person/month. They offer a free demo upon request.

– Best for Canadian companies

Humi screenshot - 10 Best HR Software For Payroll In 2022

Humi enables you to easily manage payroll for employees with yearly or hourly wages as well as commissions, tips, or other types of “extra” pay.

Humi’s platform is not difficult, so your team should be able to use it with minimal training. The solution comes with a mobile app that enables your employees to request time off in an organized manner, without email exchanges or paper forms.

Humi collects and organizes employee data, such as employee records and performance reviews, so your HR professionals can manage payrolls, benefits, and other HR tasks with ease.

Humi is an all-in-one HR platform built by a Canadian team for a Canadian workforce. Not to say it won’t work for companies across the globe, but they clearly have a strong niche. Canadian labor laws, paperwork and forms requirements, and tax systems are all taken into account and baked right into the system. Both English and French language options are available.

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Humi offers customized pricing upon request. They offer a free demo.

– Best for simple reporting

ADP screenshot - 10 Best HR Software For Payroll In 2022

APD comes with a variety of dashboards that enable you to keep track of hours worked, gross pay, federal and state taxes, and assorted deductions.

ADP is a performance management solution that helps HR teams save time with payroll automation features. The software also enables them to create comprehensive reports based on the data around expected hours, overtime, leave and absences, and expected workforce costs.

This tool offers several helpful modules for HR professionals, including payroll solutions, PTO management, documents database, timesheets, and an applicant tracking system.

One of the best things about this software is that it comes with useful dashboards that enable you to understand what’s happening in your organization at a single glance. Thanks to the comprehensive reports it creates, I chose APD as the best tool for simple reporting.

APD offers customized pricing upon request. They offer a free demo.

Rippling: Best for Tech-heavy Businesses Needing HR, Payroll & IT Tools

Rippling Logo

Overall Score: 4.14 OUT OF 5

  • Offers modular HR, payroll, benefits, and IT solutions that integrate seamlessly with each other; you can choose only modules that you need
  • IT tools streamline computer and app provisioning and deprovisioning processes
  • Integrates with 400+ third-party software and apps
  • Unlimited and automated payroll

  • You must purchase its core “Rippling Unity” workforce management platform before you can get its other modules
  • Can get pricey as you add more solutions/modules
  • HR help desk option with phone and email support costs extra

Rippling Pricing*

  • “Rippling Unity” workforce management platform: $10 per employee monthly
  • Full-service payroll: $8 per employee monthly
  • Benefits administration: $6 per employee monthly
  • Flex HSA/FSA and commuter benefits: $6 per employee monthly
  • HR help desk: $100 per month
  • App management: $8 per employee monthly
  • Device management: $8 per employee monthly

*Pricing is based on a quote we received

Rippling is a highly adaptable human resource payroll software. Its core platform is a workforce management solution that includes onboarding/offboarding tools, document management, system permissions, workflow automations, and a unified database. Depending on your HR needs, you can add other modules to its platform if you want full-service payroll, benefits, time and attendance, applicant tracking, and learning management functionalities. It even has IT tools for managing the business software and computers that employees use. This makes Rippling optimal for tech-heavy businesses as it can streamline and automate HR, payroll, and basic IT processes.

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Scoring 4.14 out of 5, Ripping earned top marks for reporting, HR functions, and payroll features. It lost points because pricing isn’t all transparent, live phone support with an HR expert costs extra, and it doesn’t provide a dedicated payroll specialist like Paychex does. Nonetheless, many users left positive reviews on third-party sites like G2 and Capterra, wherein they complimented its intuitive platform, robust HR functions, and seamless third-party software integrations

Rippling Features

  • Modular solutions: Compared to the other providers in this guide that offer bundled plans with a fixed set of features, some of which you may not need, Rippling lets you select your needed HR and IT tools. While you have the freedom to choose which features to get, you’re required to purchase its core workforce management platform before you can buy other modules. This can get pricey as you add more functionalities to its system. If you have a limited budget and only need payroll, benefits, and basic HR, we recommend OnPay as it has only one plan that’s affordably-priced ($36 plus $4 per employee monthly) and comes with all of its features.
  • Payroll processing: Similar to Zenefits, Rippling’s pay processing solution is a paid add-on to its core platform. It offers unlimited pay runs, direct deposit payments, payroll tax filings, and year-end reporting. If you have international staff, Rippling (like ADP) can help manage your global payroll needs.
  • Employee benefits: Rippling grants you access to several benefits options, such as health insurance, retirement plans, FSA/HSA, and commuter benefits. If you’re already working with a broker that manages your plans, Rippling lets you add your preferred broker as a user in its system (this costs extra with Zenefits and Gusto). Note that the other five human resource payroll software that we reviewed don’t offer this option.
  • IT solutions: Unlike the other software in this list, which either don’t have IT features or only handle software setup for new hires (like Gusto), Rippling offers app and device management solutions to streamline IT provisioning and deprovisioning processes. Aside from helping manage computer inventories, it can set up app accounts for new hires and install the required business software in company-issued laptops. For your resigning staff, Rippling automatically revokes system access on your employee’s last working day. It can even remotely lock devices and wipe data from computers.
  • Robust software integrations: Rippling is the only provider in this guide that connects with over 400 third-party apps. Given its extensive network of partner systems, it’s highly likely that the business software you’re using are included in its integration options.
  • HR tools: From job postings to applicant tracking, Rippling has the hiring tools you need to find and screen qualified candidates. It also offers onboarding, new hire reporting, and learning management solutions. Tracking employee attendance is also possible through its time and attendance module. However, it doesn’t have ADP’s wide job posting reach and Paychex’s and Zenefits’s compensation management tools.
  • Help desk: You can contact Rippling’s customer service team through email and chat, but if you want one-on-one HR phone support, you have to pay a flat monthly rate. It also doesn’t provide a dedicated payroll specialist (Paychex offers this) who can help you manage pay and tax concerns.
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QuickBooks Payroll

Quickbooks Payroll is one of many Intuit products designed to make the lives of small business owners easier.

If you’re already using QuickBooks accounting software, adding QuickBooks Payroll only takes a couple of clicks. It has a beginner friendly user interface and makes payroll tasks a breeze.

You’ll find useful features like business receipt capture, automated taxes and payroll, in-depth reports, and support for all 50 states.

Quickbooks has also partnered with MammothHR to bundle the HR features you require.

They offer no contract pricing that starts at $45 per month for the Core plan. This plan gives you all the necessary features to manage HR and payroll including, automated payroll, health benefits, 401k plans, and more.

You’ll also find higher-level plans that start at $75 per month and give you additional features like same-day direct deposit, workers comp support, and mobile time tracking.

Expert Review: We believe QuickBooks Payroll is the best payroll and HR software for businesses who use Quickbooks accounting software. With that said, we use QuickBooks for our bookkeeping and accounting, but we prefer to use Gusto because they help us with state compliance and really make the experience hassle-free.


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