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Software Used for Advertising Logos Brochures and Posters

Software Used for Advertising Logos Brochures and Posters

Advertising is a way to communicate with the public. This can be done through various media like television, radio, newspapers, magazines and so on. However, this form of advertising has a lot of limitations. This is the reason why another form of advertising which is more effective is used more often. This new technology was found in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Nowadays, it is known as the poster and uses many media.

Software is a multilingual, easy-to-use software application designed to create brochures and layout of books. It allows the users to create high-quality publications in minimum time. Free brochure templates are available on our website, so it’s possible to create everything from corporate identity to flyers.

The goal of all advertising activities is to increase sales. Many companies have been using brochures and flyers to advertize their products or publicize store events. Brochures and flyers are often combined with other forms of advertising such as radio, television and online advertising. A brochure is a simple, compact type of advertising which provides useful information about the products and services your company offers. Many people find leaflets more attractive that complete-sized brochures.

The bottom line is that the software used for advertising logos brochures and posters, is a tool. The most effective advertising is done through a combination of expert design, photography and copywriting skills, not software alone. Creating professional quality artwork for print advertising requires more than just a computer program – it demands the insight and expertise of an experienced graphic designer who can tell your story in a fresh, dynamic way and communicate the essence of your product or service.

Five Secrets for Using Logos in Brochures and Flyers

Logos and graphics are excellent tools for enhancing your brochure and flyer designs. More than simple letterhead and images, logos and graphics can be used in several ways to funnel readers’ eyes to important information and streamline the flow of your marketing materials. The following top five secrets for using company logos and graphics in brochure and flyer designs will help you create powerful promotional pieces that make a lasting impression:

1. Use logos and graphics to balance your artwork

If you need to include a lot of information on your brochures and flyers, company logos and graphics might be just the thing you need to balance the flow. Logos can be used to differentiate different products and services, and graphics can be used to denote highlighted features, as backgrounds for call-out boxes and as separators between rows and columns of information.

2. Use graphics to clarify your message

As the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. When text isn’t enough, you can use graphics to enhance or clarify your message. It’s one thing to tell your prospects that your product offers a 20 percent increase in efficiency; it’s another thing altogether to depict this increase in a graphical chart or graph that pits your product against your competitors.

3. Use the power of proximity to impress

Try grouping similar photos, images, graphics and icons together for a common visual effect. Rather than scattering several small photos, you can put them together to draw attention and make an influential impression. Clarity and proximity will give more weight and authority to your images and graphics.

4. Contrast visuals for flow efficiency

When one thinks of contrast, contrasting colors usually comes to mind; but contrast can mean so much more – spacing and size, for instance. Contrast your elements to create more interesting brochures and flyers. You could change the hue or shading of a logo to enrich the character of a particular statement, for example; or, you could superimpose a small image over a large image.

5. Repetition lends brand recognition and unity

Contrast is essential, but repetition can also lend a sense of stability and comfort to your brochures and flyers. You might repeat a specific logo or graphic throughout your brochure or flyer. See if you can incorporate powerful icons that are different, yet similar, throughout your design to draw attention to branded products and services while maintaining a level of consistency for overall unity. There are many ways to incorporate company logos and graphics in your brochures and flyers. Use them judiciously and intelligently, and you can create amazing documents that grab attention, pull readers in to your enhanced message and elicit response for increased return on investment.

Adobe InDesign CC

Designing multi-page documents is what InDesign was built for, and it is very good at it. In addition, InDesign is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud software suite, which is considered the industry standard. InDesign has many strengths, and very few weaknesses.

Have a look at our InDesign Brochure template if you plan on working in this environment.


  • Industry standard design tool
  • Seamless Integration with Creative Cloud (e.g. Illustrator, PhotoShop, Acrobat, etc)
  • Configurable paragraph & character styles (setup type styles & re-use easily)
  • Master pages (page templates)
  • Configurable workspace
  • Asset linking
  • Output packaging
  • Advanced font management with TypeKit support
  • Advanced color management with support for PMS, FOCOLTONE, HKS, TOYO & more
  • Way more than can be listed in a basic bullet list on a blog post of reasonable length
  • The subscription is only $50/mo. So if you really need to, you could just get the subscription, design your brochure, then cancel the subscription.


  • Steep learning curve — if you’ve never used InDesign, it can be a bit taunting
  • Price — although the subscription is worth it for a professional designer, shelling out $50/mo annually can be a bit steep for someone who just wants to design a brochure this one time (but remember: you can simply cancel the subscription when you no longer need it)

Adobe Illustrator CC

Illustrator has many of the same strengths and weaknesses as InDesign, but with a slightly different workflow. Illustrator is intended for professional designers who want to create high-end vector art, but for a basic design like a brochure, Illustrator can easily be your go-to app if your more comfortable with it.


Scribus is an open source desktop publishing tool originally designed for Linux, BSD & Debian systems. Although not as powerful or flexible as Adobe’s software, Scribus has an impressive feature set that can be leveraged to create your perfect brochure. Much like InDesign, learning Scribus is not exactly a cakewalk, but unlike InDesign, Scribus is FREE. If you’re planning on going this route, it might be a good idea to get the (also free) image editing app Gimp, as they have some nice integrations.


  • Price (Free!)
  • Powerful layout tools
  • Supports industry standard measurements & layouts
  • Integration with Gimp
  • Configurable paragraph & character styles
  • Master pages
  • Asset linking
  • Output packaging
  • and more…


  • Steep learning curve
  • Not as powerful or polished as InDesign


GIMP - free graphic design tools - chilliprinting

The GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP for short, is a versatile graphics editing package that allows you to perform tasks such as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. Available tools include painting, color correction, cloning, selection and image enhancement. GIMP supports common files such as JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF as well as some special formats. You can do advanced photo retouching and customize the view and behavior of the user interface to your liking. You can also easily extend GIMP’s capabilities with a wide array of plugins. A word of caution, though: GIMP does currently not support the CMYK colorspace, so for your printing needs, you will have to use an additional software for color conversion.

GIMP is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


Krita - free graphic design tools - chilliprinting

Concept artists, illustrators, matte and texture artist as well as VFX professionals value this open source painting tool. Its many common and innovative features are geared towards amateurs and professionals alike. Krita features brush stabilizers for shaky hands and allows you to customize your brushes with over nine unique brush engines for specific needs. You can import brush and texture packs from other artists to expand your tool set. You can also customize Krita’s intuitive user interface with your own dockers, panels and shortcuts. Drawing assistants, mirroring tools, a multi-brush tool, layer management and selections as well as transform tools and training resources enable you to realize the design you envision while layer masks allow you to work nondestructively. Krita supports full color management and comes with a wide variety of ICC profiles for every need. The software reads and writes PSD files out of the box. Also you can expand the functionality through a wide range of plugins.

Krita is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


Paint.NET - free graphic design tools - chilliprinting

Often billed as a free alternative to Microsoft Paint, this tool focuses on ease of use and beginning graphic designers with a simple and intuitive user interface. Once you get started with Paint.NET, you will find the tool surprisingly feature-rich and useful. Its strong point is the retouching and editing of photos and images with curves and brightness or contrast adjustments and special effects such as blurring, sharpening or red-eye removal. But the software also covers all the bases needed for rich image composition such as layers, unlimited history and tools for shapes, curves, gradients and selections. Paint.NET is your companion if you are looking for an easy-to-learn yet capable application.

Paint.NET is available for Windows.


Venngage is a free online design platform with various tools and solutions for creating infographics, presentations, diagrams, and other forms of graphic design.

Venngage’s Brochure Maker is specifically made for non-designers, with over 10,000 professional templates that you can easily and completely customize to fit your needs.

brochure design software

Here is one example of a brochure from the dozens of brochure templates on Venngage that are tailored for different industries and use cases:

brochure design software


Its drag-and-drop editor has smart features that let you change text, fonts, colors, and backgrounds with just a few clicks. Venngage’s library also provides you with access to 40,000+ icons and illustrations, as well as 3+ million stock photos that you can add to enhance your brochure design.

brochure design software

For businesses that want to get their brand out there, applying your brand colors to your brochures is easy with My Brand Kit. Simply upload your brand colors and logo and have them all applied to your brochure in one click:

brochure design software

Venngage’s takeaways:

  • Main features: Free brochure maker, free brochure templates, easy-to-use editor and business-supporting features like branding or real-time collaboration
  • Best for: Brochures, infographics, and data visualizations for businesses and professionals
  • Price: FREE for the first 6 designs, $16/month for premium accounts, $39/month for business accounts, and $499/month for enterprise accounts


brochure design software

Meanwhile, Inkscape is the open-source equivalent of Illustrator. It is a vector graphics program that you can use to create brochures for free.

The downside with Inkscape is that it uses SVG native files, meaning it only supports a single page or canvas at a time and lacks advanced canvas tools that you can use to simplify the design process for multi-page brochures.

  • Main features: Object creation and manipulation, node editing, and other vector editing tools
  • Best for: Vector graphics and illustrations
  • Price: Free

Inkscape is to Illustrator what Scribus is to InDesign. It is an open-source full-featured vector art editing program that uses the SVG standard as its native file. And just like Scribus, Inkscape is free to download and use. Since Inkscape confirms to the SVG standard, it only supports a single page or canvas, and is therefor lacking all of the cool canvas tools that might make creating a multi-page brochure a little easier. However, when all is said and done, you can just create two files (front and back), and Inkscape will let you have both open simultaneously. So it’s not a huge compromise.


  • Price (Free!)
  • Powerful vector editing tools
  • Supports industry standard measurements and page sizes
  • High-quality PDF export


  • Not as well-suited for the job as InDesign or Scribus
  • Not as powerful or polished as InDesign or Illustrator
  • No cool canvas tools


brochure design software

Canva is an online design and publishing tool that also offers templates for creating presentations, posters, and other visual content.

Canva offers lots of brochure templates; however, the designs are pretty basic and simple so if you are a non-designer or only want a minimalist brochure design inspiration, Canva is for you. 

  • Main features: Graphic templates, beginner-friendly editing tools
  • Best for: Quick and simple designs
  • Price: Free for basic accounts, $9.99/month for Canva Pro 

What is the best free brochure maker?

Considering all the impressive brochure design software that is currently leading in the market and how their disadvantages outweigh their benefits, Venngage is still the best free brochure maker that you can use. Not only is it free but it is also easy to use and produces quality output.


An ad is an information or persuasive message attempting to persuade another person or an audience to develop a specific view, opinion, and/or/behavior. The most basic ads are publicly displayed and convey a simple, straightforward message directly related to the product or service being advertised.

Software Used for Advertising Logos Brochures and Posters is an advertising design program used by home-based designers and corporate designers to generate their designs. This program has lots of new tools that enhance the production process. All tools are easy to use. We give you the best word processor which is easy to control even in its professional version. There are different background styles, hundreds of fonts and thousands of clipart pictures that support your business ideas or personal needs.

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