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Software for Advertising Brochures and Posters

A lot of advertising companies are using digital printing services when they have to print advertising posters and brochures. Using such services is typically cheaper than ordering the same type of advertising poster or other print pieces with a traditional printing company such as Color Impressions or another local printer. The truth is that there are so many characteristics of modern printing equipment, giving you different options in choosing software for design for brochure printing. Today, I want to tell you about some light software used for making designs for advertising posters, which at once could be printed out and posted in some public places.

This easy-to-use yet powerful software is used to create professional-looking advertising logos, brochures and posters. It allows designers to showcase their talents in a unique way and gives advertisers a chance to market their products effectively. This brochure maker software is free and comes with ready-made templates so that you don’t need to create your own design from scratch.

We offer software for creating banners, brochures and posters – our technology allows to convert any jpg images into fully editable vector format. It is easy to change size of the graphics, add text and create any kind of publication in several clicks.

There are several types of advertising posters and each one based on the purpose for the poster. Some examples are publicity posters, business cards posters, stickers posters, and much more. Other example is logo design in which many details need to be taken care of. Here we will we mainly focus on advertising logo brochures and posters.

Can I design my own brochure?

To design your own brochure using Venngage’s Brochure Maker, simply sign up to create an account then choose a template to customize for your brochure design. With Venngage, you don’t need to be a designer to be able to create professional, beautifully designed brochures.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the most suitable Adobe program for the design of flyers and other promotional documents. It allows you to create crisp, sharp lines and text while incorporating images and colour.

Illustrator can change images, although not with such nuance as Photoshop can, but its forte is creating a single page – arranging all the elements, such as text and images in one layout.

Avaliable for Windows & Mac.


Canva makes design simple for everyone. Used by millions across the globe and I can see why.

It’s an online software that allows users to create various projects easily and effectively. With templates, stock images, filters and shapes, design your flyer to it’s potential. Sign up and save your creations and easily download them in various formats.

There is paying features to this software as some of the images, templates and text is not 100% free. But you can definitely design something special without the paying features.

Poster Maker

This app for creating flyers and posters is available through iTunes and supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, though it is optimized for the iPhone 5. It is available in 10 languages, including Simplified Chinese. Unfortunately, it cannot export high quality PDF in any size larger than 8.5 x 11 inches nor create 11 x 17 inch layouts for posters.

Details: For iOS, $4.99 to buy

Microsoft Publisher

Although my least favorite suggestion on the “best” list, Microsoft Publisher has made something of a name for itself among do-it-yourself designers. It has lots of built-in templates, with more available online, and has an interface that might be familiar to users of Microsoft’s other Office software.


  • Familiar interface (for Office users)
  • Built-in templates
  • Included with Office 365 (Home)


  • Not a professional-grade product, which can make getting press-suitable files difficult
  • Limited functionality

Sumo Paint

SumoPaint - free graphic design tools - chilliprinting

This web based image editor comes with standard graphic design tools such as different brushes, shapes, and cloning tools. The interface was designed with Photoshop in mind and offers and intuitive floating toolbar. You can upload documents from your computer to edit them online with this tool.

Sumo Paint is free as an online image editor that requires Adobe Flash Player. A paid Pro version is available for download.


Inkscape - free graphic design tools - chilliprinting

Professionals and amateurs alike use this open source application. Inkscape is a sophisticated high quality vector graphics software which allows you to create a great variety of graphics: illustrations, logos, diagrams, maps, flyers, posters and many more. It comes with extensive drawing tools just as capable as those of Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW or Xara Xtreme. Inkscape can import and export various file formats such as SVG, AI, EPS, PDF, PS, PNG, OpenDocument Drawing and more. The user interface is simple and intuitive and enables you to have first successful results within minutes. The built-in features are already comprehensive, but you can customize the application’s functionality with add-ons. Inkscape is a great tool ideal for but not limited to designing vector-based posters, flyers, brochures or business cards.

Inkscape is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


You can use this graphics editor to create vector graphics easily and intuitively. Vectr is capable to design any 2D graphic for all sorts of print products such as business cards, posters, flyers, brochures and more. The software is available as a standalone desktop app or as an online version and features cross-platform live collaboration and synchronization, allowing you to work on the same project with others. Vectr’s easy-to-use approach enables you to focus on your creativity instead of grappling with the software.

Vectr is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Chromebooks. You can also use it online in your browser.

Microsoft Word

Wait what? I thought Microsoft Office Word is a boring word processing tool? Not anymore. The newer Microsoft Word versions (2007 onwards) are capable of making posters, flyers, cards, and even infographics. On the program they have many templates to choose from so you can start creating your flyers easily in seconds!

Avaliable for Windows & Mac.


GIMP is the best free Photoshop alternative you can find. Although it is an open source image manipulation software, it is almost as powerful as Adobe Photoshop. Some even argue that GIMP is better than Photoshop. If you are looking for free flyer makers and serious about flyer designing, look no further than GIMP. It has a steep learning curve for beginners, which requires newbie to put in some time and effort to master the features beforehand.

For Windows & Mac, Free


Used by us at eColourPrint, QuarkXPress is similar to the word processing program. Infact, I think almost anyone would be able to use this program as its easy to manage your document and work with. You can create complex page layouts including your own imagery and text.

We can incorporate Pantone colours into our work which helps us print designers a lot when it comes to the printing and this is why we use it.

Avaliable for Windows & Mac.


An online design program where you can start creating your flyers instantly! The user interface is clean and pleasant to work with, but you will be constantly nagged to register. There is even a pop up appearing every five minutes with the useful suggestion that you should sign up, along with two massive buttons on the page. You can’t export or share your work until you register, so you might as well click them eventually.

This has a free trail avaliable but unfortunately you will eventually have to pay for this service.


There is no complicated setup procedure, you merely click the big green “Create your flyer now!”. Combined with the gallery of ready-made images to be used on your flyer, you can create a truly spectacular piece of work, even if you’re not especially handy with art.

It’s truly a pleasure to work on PosterMyWall, but there is a nasty surprise when you try to save your work. There are three download options available – high quality, medium quality and the free option, which also puts a big, smeared watermark at the bottom of your flyer. This can be circumvented by taking a screenshot of your finished flyer and cropping the rest of the page, but it still leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

Print Creations

Sadly, Print Creations turns out to be just a one-trick pony. Though it allows the most customization with regards to printer options, in fact, it might be the most printer-friendly of all flyer solutions in this article, it also has the most eye-gouging pricing system imaginable. But the program includes templates for you to use under various categories.

Some people will definitely get on with this program better than others as it’s just down to personal ease. So this program could be worth a try for you.

Avaliable for Windows & Mac.


The classic Photoshop program is used all the time for flyer design by the professionals and the non. It isn’t just used for the full design however, you can take your imagery into the editor and create some wonderful things.

Rather more complex than straight forward for flyer layouts, but for those who want beautiful images rather than boring text can deal with this in Photoshop.

Avaliable for Windows & Mac.

SVG Edit

SVG Edit - free graphic design tools - chilliprinting

This online vector graphics editor uses only JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and SVG. This means it works in your browser and doesn’t require communication with any server. Should you wish to do so, you can create your own version of SVG Edit by modifying the open-source code. The standard toolset is capable enough for creating and editing vector-based designs, including features such as free-hand drawing, shapes, styleable text, raster images, undo and redo, gradients, opening local files and exporting.

You can use SVG Edit directly in your browser. The source code is available on GitHub.


Scribus.svg - free graphic design tools - chilliprinting

As a powerful open-source Desktop Publishing application, you can consider Scribus as a free equivalent to Adobe InDesign. Scribus is a professional page layout software that shines when you need to layout multi-page documents, but you can of course use it to design outstanding posters and flyers as well. Newbies will find the user-friendly interface reassuring, and to learn the details, you can use the free tutorials and wiki available online. Scribus supports professional publishing features out of the box. CMYK colors, spot colors and ICC profiles are part of the robust and reliable color management in Scribus which lets you control color display and conversion. The neat features include vector drawing tools, import and export for many file types, or emulation of color blindness to check your color choices. For going to print, Scribus offers reliable and professional PDF creation with a wide range of PDF export options.

If a lot of photos are part of your poster design, you will need to complement Scribus with some image manipulation application. But the great advantage to learning Scribus is that you will be able to design a wide range of print products with this software, from business cards, flyers and brochures to whole magazines or books.

Scribus is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

What is Poster Making Software?

Poster making software is an application that offers tools and techniques to design digital posters for different purposes. For example, these posters can be used in online promotions or printed for distribution.

The choice of templates, fonts, colour schemes, and more depends on the target audience and the purpose of designing a poster. Some of the common uses of software for making posters include event invitations, visual learning, presentations, political campaigns, product advertising, social media marketing, etc.


One of the possibilities for business promotion is advertising brochures. In this case, the advertising should be more intensive and it should contain other ways to promote your business in addition to brochures itself. A common way to promote businesses is at first glance – by means of posters or a large displays. I can assure you that all of that can increase company’s notoriety, as well as sales and profits. The development of your company name, product images and information can be intensified by using certain methods and approaches.

Design Brochures & Posters in minutes. Design outstanding advertising brochures and posters quickly and easily with your own photos, logos and text. Design your page layouts and templates on screen just like you would with a desktop publishing layout package. And then output to PDFs, JPEGs, Photoshop files or Glyphs (XML vector graphics) files.

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