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The PDF is one of the most popular formats that is used to preserve the original content, along with giving people the opportunity to access it easily. much like any other electronic documents, pdf files are prone to be altered and edited by everyone who has a chance to do so. that’s often the case while sending/receiving a document via email or sharing your high-priority work plan with others.

PDFs and other document formats provide a number of advantages over their raw text-only files. They can include hyperlinks, images, and even multimedia elements such as maps and videos, all sorts of things that aren’t possible in an ordinary word processing file. But as useful as PDFs are for many different purposes, they still have limitations. If you need to do some significant textual editing of a PDF, special tools are needed.

A multimedia presentation format can be used as a booklet, a catalog, a brochure, and a report. And also a book to print the text with images, diagrams, and charts. To exchange your files or to present an idea becomes very simple by using pdf format for this purpose. Anybody can edit pdf with the help of free pdf editing tools. This post will help you to know about what is pdf editor and how can edit a pdf easily.

How to edit PDF files online

Follow these easy steps to edit a PDF online by adding comments:

  1. Choose a PDF to edit by clicking the Select a file button above, or by dragging and dropping a file into the drop zone.

2. Once Acrobat uploads the file, sign in to add your comments.

3. Edit your PDF by using the toolbar to add sticky notes, text, and freehand drawings.

4. Download your annotated file or get a link to share it.

As we all know, the PDF document is generally not editable. But sometimes, we may need to directly change some things of the PDF document without converting it to other editable formats. So for a PDF document, the elements you may want to edit:

free pdf editor
  • Text – add, edit, and delete text, change the text font, color, align, line space, etc.
  • Image – rotate, extract, replace, overturn the image, change its position and size.
  • Link – add, edit, or remove the hyperlink and its appearances, such as color, type, highlight style, line style, and line thickness.
  • Watermark – add watermark, edit its position, the proportion of pages, color, opacity, etc., or remove the watermark.
  • Background – add and edit the background color and image or remove the background.
  • Header and Footer – add or delete the page number, header and footer, edit their font,c color, position, style, page range, and so on.
  • Bates numbering – add, edit, and delete text, change the text font, color, align, line space, etcadd and edit bates numbering, including the font, size, style, position, etc.
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For the above elements in the PDF document, you can easily edit them using a PDF editor, such as PDFelement, an all-in-one PDF solution, making you edit all elements above with ease. In this article, there are some other useful PDF editors, and you can choose one appropriate tool to help you edit your PDF document.

1. PDFelement

PDFelement is an outstanding Windows 10 PDF editor that tops the list. It is a worthy alternative to Adobe Acrobat, which has been widely regarded as the industry standard when it comes to PDF editing. The good thing is that this wonderful PDF editor has a free trial that comes with basic PDF editing solutions. Meanwhile, the paid version offers good value for the cost, as it is affordable when compared to other PDF editors.TRY IT FREE

It boasts of a lot of incredible features which include annotating, editing, and converting PDFs to other formats, add a signature, and filling PDF forms. In fact, this best Windows 10 PDF editor gives you a complete solution to edit PDF files like never before. More importantly, it allows you to enjoy a large cloud storage space (up to 100GB) from Wondershare Document Cloud. Download this simple PDF editor now.


  • PDFelement can do what Adobe can do, making it the editor with the best value for money.
  • Users can try it out before they commit to buying it.
  • Its simple design provides a user-friendly interface for both beginners and pros.
  • It is secured with your documents.
  • It has OCR technology, which allows you to edit/extract the PDF files from scanning.
  • Moreover, it possesses the Document Cloud service, making you access your cloud documents on any device.


  • It has limited features when used as a free PDF editor with the trial version.


  • The free version offers basic PDF solutions.
  • Only costs $79.99 for the PDFelement professional version, which offers a comprehensive PDF solution.

2. Sejda PDF Editor

What We Like

  • Lets you load the file from other websites
  • Supports adding hyperlinks
  • Includes a signature tool
  • Lets you insert blank pages into the PDF
  • Can remove pages from the PDF
  • Supports whiting out parts of the page
  • Can insert images and shapes

What We Don’t Like

  • Can be used on only three PDFs every hour
  • Limited to docs with fewer than 200 pages
  • Doesn’t edit files larger than 50 MB
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Sejda PDF Editor is one of the very few PDF editors that actually lets you edit pre-existing text in the PDF without adding a watermark. Most editors only let you edit the text you add yourself, or they support text editing but then throw watermarks all over the place.

Plus, this tool can run entirely in your web browser, so it’s easy to get going without having to download any programs. You can get the desktop version if you’d rather use it that way.

There are some differences between the online and desktop versions that you should know about. For example, the desktop edition supports more font types and doesn’t let you add PDFs by URL or from online storage services as the online editor does (which supports Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive).

Another neat feature is the web integration tool that lets PDF publishers provide a link for their users that they can simply click to automatically open the file in this online PDF editor.

All uploaded files are automatically deleted from Sejda after two hours.

This online PDF editor works no matter which operating system you use. Sejda PDF Desktop runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

3. Nitro Pro

The Nitro Pro PDF editor offers many PDF editing features similar to other PDF editors for Windows 10 listed above. Its features include the ability to edit, create and merge, review, and collaborate, among others. In addition, the Nitro editor will allow you to fill, sign, and secure your PDF files. It supports all windows operating systems and comes in 2 versions, personal and business. The professional version costs $179.99 and has its own set of more advanced features.


  • It is easy to use and also fast.
  • Includes OCR technology for editing scanned PDFs.


  • It is expensive in comparison to other top PDF editor software.
  • The trial version has limited features.

4.  Soda PDF

Soda PDF is portable software. You can use this software at your home, and on the go. It supports PDF version 2.0. It is a fully functional online PDF editor. Use such editor to annotate your documents. Two available versions are 1) Home and 2) Premium. You can choose the editor plan either monthly or yearly.


  • Create professional PDF from many various file formats.
  • Efficiently make changes in your documents.
  • It makes document revision process easy.
  • Send and track various contracts for e-sign.

5. Foxit PhantomPDF

Foxit PhantomPDF is a PDF editor to generate and manage PDF documents. It is one of the best PDF editors for Windows that offers an efficient way to create and manage documents after you publish them. Three available versions of this editor are 1) Standard, 2) Business, and 3) Mac.

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  • Easy to create and edit fillable forms and documents.
  • This PDF editor software allows adding headers, footers, and export PDF documents.
  • Easy to collaborate with the team.
  • It helps you to protect your content in a better way.
  • This PDF Editor for Mac offers ECMs and cloud storage facility to share your documents.

6. PDF Buddy

This is another one of the best free PDF editors in 2021. You do not need to download and install it on your PC to edit PDFs for free. It is a free PDF editor for Windows that allows you to edit PDFs files online easily. There’s no need to download a PDF editor, as everything is done online.


  • Uploading files and editing them is easy.
  • The instructions are clear, and you can complete tasks quickly.
  • Signing up takes just a few minutes.
  • It is a free PDF editor for Windows.


  • The features are limited, so there are many things you might not be able to do with this editor. For example, you cannot merge PDF files using this tool, and you can’t use it to create a PDF file.
  • The security and privacy of your documents are a concern with this editor because all edits are done over the internet.

Price: Free

System Support: This free PDF editor software works on all Windows systems, from XP to 10.

 7. Ashampoo PDF Pro

Ashampoo PDF Pro

Ashampoo PDF Pro is an editor to make changes in PDF files. It enables you to manage your documents with ease. The application can create the exact size of the document that you can read on any device. This tool can also be used to merge two PDFs.


  • You can design and edit forms.
  • Compare PDFs side by side.
  • You can split the document with ease.
  • It enables you to take screenshots.
  • The tool has simplified text formatting dialog.
  • Ashampoo offers settings for line and paragraph.


Moving PDF files around the internet is easy, but if you want to edit them, it can be more difficult. The best free pdf editor online gives users the option to edit the PDFs without the additional costs of purchasing additional software. Although pdf files can be opened in browsers like Chrome or Internet Explorer, these simple editors offer more than just editing.

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