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How to Convert PDF to Word Document Windows 10

Perhaps you have a pdf file on your computer and you want to edit it or make some changes. You don’t need an expensive program in order to convert it. Fortunately, Microsoft and the Office online package has an online converter which gives you the possibility to convert pdf to word and other common documents really fast.

Conversion pdf to word can help you in incomprehensible pdf copies. Using free online converter pdf to word application is a great solution for your daily job, it’s very safe reader and user friendly. You can easily convert from pdf to word documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Are you wondering how to convert pdf to word document windows 10? There are a lot of ways to do your pdf conversion. Many of people try to use online tools or software (if they get pdf converter for free). But some of them also just want to print out their PDF files.

Do you want to learn how to convert pdf to word document windows 10 pc? Well, if the answer is yes, then simply follow the steps below. There are many ways to do this; however, the easiest way is by using a Pdf printer driver. In this article, we will show you step-by-step how to complete this task.

Download A Desktop PDF to Word Converter

A desktop PDF to Word converter is not as convenient as online ones, but it works when you don’t have an Internet connection. There is a bunch of desktop PDF to Word converters like PDFeements, SmallPDF, LightPDF, PDF Candy, etc. You can free download them and try if they fit your requirements. Today we’ll use PDFelement as an example.

Step 1. Free download the PDFelement and install it to your Windows or Mac computer.DownloadDownload

Step 2. Open PDF file

Launch the program and click “Open File” to choose files from your computer, or you can simply drag and drop the PDF file you want to convert into the interface.

PDFelement Open File

Step 2. Perform OCR recognition (Scanned PDF only)

If your PDF file is a scanned one, you need to use OCR to recognize the texts before the conversion. For normal PDF conversion, you can skip this step and go directly to step 3. Click “Tool” on the top menu bar. Choose “OCR Text Recognition” on the drop-down menu.

PDFelement OCR Text Recognition

Step 3. Convert PDF to Word

Once your PDF file was opened, click “File” on the top menu bar, then click “Export to” and choose “Word” as output format. Choose an output folder you want to save the converted Word document. When you’re done, click “Convert” button to start the converting process. Your PDF file will be changed into Word.doc in seconds.

PDFelement Export PDF to Word


Best for Powerful and Fast PDF Processing.


iLovePDF is a fantastic looking tool, that lives up to its advanced aesthetics to offer a very powerful PDF processing tool. The tool performs the task of converting a PDF file into an editable Word file very easily.

The two-step procedure simply requires you to select the file you want to be converted, choose the format you want it to be converted in, and wait for the end result.

Apart from the word, you can convert your PDF into a number of usable formats including JPEG, Powerpoint, and Excel. Not just conversion, you can also perform tasks like PDF merge, compression, and Split a PDF with the help of iLovePDF.

Verdict: iLovePDF is an unbelievable tool when it comes to free software available for conversion. Not only you can convert your PDF file into any format you desire, but also perform a variety of other processing features with the utmost ease.

Price: Free

Convert PDF to Word with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a better option when it comes to converting image-contained PDFs and scanned PDFs. When you convert scans to Word in Acrobat, the original formatting gets well maintained – even in complicated layouts. No need to spend time to adjust text and images.

Step 1. Open a PDF file in Acrobat.

Step 2. Click on the Export PDF tool in the right pane.

Adobe Export PDF

Step 3. Choose Microsoft Word as your export format, and then click on Word Document.

Adobe Export PDF to Word

You can click on the setting cog to choose your converted Word options, such as layout, comments, image and recognition settings.

Adobe Save As Word Settings

Step 4. Click “Export”. Acrobat will run text recognition automatically if your PDF contains scanned text.

Step 5. Select a location where you want to save the file, name your new Word file, and then click “Save”.

Adobe offers a seven-day free trial of Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud (DC). You can use the trial version for a one-time conversion if you don’t need a plan for further usage.

Export PDF to Word Use Adobe ExportPDF Service

Adobe Export PDF is an Adobe Document Cloud service that lets you export PDF to Word or Excel, online or on a mobile device. Compare to expensive Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Export PDF costs much lower, it only needs $23.88 a year. So if you’re an Adobe user and you have frequent PDF converting requirements, this is a better option then the free trial of Adobe Acrobat DC.

Copy text and tables from PDF to Word without Adobe

Works best when you need just a piece of text or a single table copied quickly.

Step 1. Open a PDF in FineReader 15 with “Open PDF Document”:

Screenshot Practice 1 Step 1

Alternatively, just double-click on the PDF (if you have FineReader set as a default PDF program).

Step 2. Select text or a table with the mouse and click “Copy as Text” or “Copy as Table” buttons that appear:

Screenshot Practice 1 Step 2: copy table from PDF to Word

Step 3. Paste copied text of table into a Word document and start editing!

Screenshot Practice 1 Step 3

Being the quickest way to extract a piece of text or a table from a PDF, with FineReader this way works equally well both for digital and scanned PDFs.

Convert PDF to Word as a whole document

This method works best to import PDF into Word as a whole document, making all its content, structure and formatting available for further editing.

Step 1. Right-click on the PDF document and choose “Convert with FineReader 15” -> “Convert to Microsoft Word” from the menu:

Screenshot Practice 2 Step 1: choose Convert PDF to Word document

Step 2. Choose where to save the document converted to Word and click “Save”:

Screenshot Practice 2 Step 2

Step 3.  FineReader 15 opens PDF in Word, and you can start editing it there:

Screenshot Practice 2 Step 3

This works excellently to open scanned PDF in Word as well, not only digital ones.

Convert multiple PDFs to Word at once

You may need to convert many PDF documents to Word at once. In this case, follow these steps:

Step 1. Select all PDFs you need to convert (holding Shift button), right-click on them and choose “Convert with FineReader 15” -> “Convert to Microsoft Word” from the menu:

Screenshot Practice 3 Step 1

Step 2. By default, the PDFs are converted into the corresponding number of separate Microsoft Word files. You can choose to import PDF files all into one Word document using “Combine all files into one document” option. In this case, use “Move Up” and “Move Down” buttons if you need to adjust the order in which the content of the PDFs appears in the resulting Word document. Then, click “Convert to Word”:

Screenshot Practice 3 Step 2

Step 2a. Choose where to save the conversion results:

Screenshot Practice 3 Step 2a

Step 3. Edit resulting document (or documents) in Word:

Screenshot Practice 3 Step 3

This way you can also convert scanned PDFs to Word – for example, pages of the same document, or mixed set of digital and scanned documents.

Convert PDF to Word (Steps)

In the steps below, I am using a PC with the Microsoft 365 subscription. To learn about the latest version of Microsoft Office, check it out here.

1. Open Microsoft Word

Hit the Windows key type Word and hit Enter to open Microsoft Word

Because we are using Microsoft Word as our PDF converter, you need to start with Microsoft Word open. Doing so, you will not need any third-party applications or software programs to make this work.

The fastest way to open Microsoft Word on a PC is to hit the Windows key, type Word, and hit Enter.

2. Launch the Open File Dialog Box

Hit Control plus F12 to open the Save As dialog box

The fastest way to get at the Open Dialog box is to hit Ctrl + F12 on your keyboard. This immediately launches the open file dialog box in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. So it is a universal Microsoft Office keyboard shortcut.

Alternatively, you can click the File tab in Word and then click Open and Browse.

Click Open in Word and select browse to find your document

3. Locate the PDF File on Your Computer

Use the open dialog box to find the PDF file you want to convert to Word on your computer

Use the File Explorer dialog box to find the PDF file you want to convert and select it.

To learn how to shortcut the File Explorer using your Windows 10 shortcuts, read our guide here.

4. Click Open, Then Click OK

Once you find and select your PDF file, click Open

Once you find your file, select it with your mouse and click on Open.

You will then receive the following message:

“Word will now convert your PDF to an editable Word document. This may take a while. The resulting Word document will be optimized to allow you to edit the text, so it might not look exactly like the original PDF, especially if the original file contained lots of graphics.”

Click OK to continue.

In the Word will now convert your PDF as an editable Word document dialog box, click OK

5. Review Your Newly Created Word Document

Review your new Word document to make sure it converted properly

Depending on how many graphics were in your original file, Word can do a great or mediocre job at the conversion.

If your PDF file was previously created in Microsoft Word, and then saved as a PDF (for details, read our guide here), Word will do a great job converting your document.

See my comments below on what types of content work best when converting PDF to Word.

6. Save Your Word Document

Hit F12 to open the Save As dialog box in Microsoft Word

Before you get too excited about your new editable Word document, don’t forget to save it to your computer.

The fastest way to save a file on your computer is by hitting F12 to open the Save As dialog box. This allows you to not only rename your file (if you want to), but also to choose where you want to save it on your computer.

If your new Word document does not have a table of contents, this would be a great time to add one to make your document easier to read and navigate.

PDF to Word Issues to Look Out For

Here are a few issues that I’ve noticed when converting PDF to Word. While none of these undermine this trick, they are things to keep in mind when you are looking at converting your PDFs to Word.

The more columns in your PDF document, the harder it is for Word to convert it perfectly. The closer your file resembles a normal Word document (with one column of text) the more accurate your file will convert into an editable document.

#2. Many pictures, graphics and/or floating objects.

When looking at the document you want to convert, be aware that the more non-text objects in the document, the harder it is for Word to convert it into a fully editable document – especially if they do not line up within a single column.

#3. PDFs from PowerPoint. 

If your PDF was originally created from a set of PowerPoint slides, it will still convert to the Word format, but your pictures and graphics might not perfectly appear where you want them. That’s because your file will likely be full-page slides with lots of graphics. Word can (and will) convert as much of your slides into an editable format, but it will not be perfect.


Microsoft office is very popular application; it covers the field of word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and database. If you have word or excel file on your computer hard drive or laptop, it means you have to pay for their license. You have no need to worry if you don’t want to buy them. There is a magic tool PDF to Word Converter which can remove all your anxieties. It also works for syncing problems.

Convert pdf to word will be a useful tool when we want to edit or add text on the downloaded pdf files. You can convert pdf to word document free if you have a internet connection. It is highly recommended for online users who want to convert pdf file to doc format online for free and with simple steps.

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