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Convert Scanned PDF to Editable Word Document Free Online

Welcome to this report where we look at Free convert PDF to Word converter online with OCR. It is possible to convert scanned pdfs as images to editable word document with OCR. It is mostly used in the digitization of documents. Read on to know more about creating an online free pdf to doc converter, create a free conversion tool and convert pdf files online.

Convert scanned PDF to editable Word document for free online. Convert scanned PDF to editable Word format in several ways. It is extremely convenient to convert PDF to Word document, especially when you have a large number of files that need to be converted from PDF and save time manually converting one by one.

Free online conversion tool for scanned PDF to editable Word document. It’s simple and easy to use. You can convert more than 60 file formats. We will help you to translate your scans into an editable .docx file(Microsoft Office ® Word) in minutes. Whether it is a business trip or holiday journal, our Free Online PDF to Word Document Converter can turn a scanned PDF file into a Word document so that you no longer need to carry a bulky paper notepad.Convert scanned pdf to editable word free online. The PDF files are not just a piece of image or something. Because the PDF files include a large amount of information, including images, text and graphics, then we need to edit these files often but since it’s included into an image file, then we can’t access it easily. But there are some programs that can help us convert scanned pdf to editable word free online.

How to Convert Scanned PDF to Word Online

HiPDF has now become a popular online scanned PDF to Word converter due to its ability to not only convert PDF to Word but also convert even the scanned PDF files. Furthermore, this online tool is a powerful PDF editor and manager. Isn’t it amazing to know that HiPDF can also convert PDF into other file formats such as Excel, images, PPT and the vice versa is also possible?

Just like any other online tool, one of the advantages of using HiPDF is that you don’t have to download any program to perform the conversion job and it is pretty simple to use. Let’s now learn how to use HiPDF to convert scanned PDF to Word online free.

Step 1: Open your browser and go to the HiPDF official website. Click on the “OCR” option on the header.

Step 2: Select the scanned PDF file that you wish to convert to Word, drag and drop it on the program’s website. You may also tap on the “Choose File” tab on the homepage, browse the document from the File Explorer window that will pop up and select it. More so this online PDF to Word converter with OCR allows the batch processing, that is you can select multiple files and convert them at once.

convert scanned pdf to word online

Step 3: Tap on the “OCR Setting”. Choose the language of the document and then select “docx” as the output format. Click “Submit”.

convert scanned pdf to word online free

Step 4: Click “Convert”. When all the scanned PDF files have been converted to Word document, then you can click on the “Download” button to save the new documents on your computer.

Using this online OCR PDF to Word converter is easy and quick and should only take just a couple of seconds to complete the conversion process.

How to Convert Scanned PDF to Word Offline

Wondershare PDFelement – PDF Editor is one of the software that has made it more popular. This alternative tool for free online scanned PDF to Word converter is by no doubt the best and most powerful PDF editor and manager. It is a multipurpose program that you can convert your PDF file into various formats, create and design document as well as editing it fully to bring out the best results.

PDFelement OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and it is a powerful tool that can recognize and identify characters in digital images as well as a scanned PDF. More so, the OCR offers about 25 languages and from which you can convert your scanned PDF into several different languages. Let’s take a look at how to convert your scanned PDF to Word document.

Step 1. Perform OCR

Drag and drop your scanned PDF from your File Explorer into the program’s homepage. Alternatively, you can click on the “Open File” tab from the homepage, browse for the target PDF, and select it.

Immediately after a scanned PDF document has been opened, a notification bar pops up at the top of the Window. To efficiently and conveniently convert the scanned PDF into a Word document, then you can click on the “Perform OCR” tab.

online ocr pdf to word

Step 2. Select Language for OCR

Tap on the “Change Languages” button from the new window that pops up and specify the correct language from the provided list. Then click “OK”.

pdf to word online ocr

Step 3. Edit After OCR

Click the “Edit” tab, you can then edit the contents of your scanned PDF according to your desire, including text, images, background, font size and watermark.

scanned pdf to word converter online

Step 4. Convert Scanned PDF to Word

Tap on the “Convert” tab just next to the “Edit” tab and select “To Word” from the submenu that appears below the control panel. In the new window, click “Save” to start the conversion.

pdf to word converter online ocr

Some of the main and key features of PDFelement include:

  • It enables the editing of PDF elements, including the texts, images, font, watermarks, backgrounds, links etc.
  • The markup tools help users to add notes, highlight, strikethrough, free-hand drawing, callouts etc.
  • It Enables the conversion of PDF from/into other file formats such as Word, images, and HTML.
  • It offers a password protection system ensuring the security of your PDF files.
  • You can create, fill out, sign, share and send PDF forms.
  • You can deal with multiple PDF files with the Batch Process tool.
  • The OCR function can turn scanned documents into editable PDF files, extract texts from images.
  • Data extraction from PDF tables to Excel spreadsheet.

Other Scanned PDF to Word Converter Online

In this section, we will take through the top 5 online PDF to Word converter tools containing the OCR tool, which efficient in recognizing characters in scanned PDF or digital image.

1. OnlineOCR

This program is a powerful PDF to Word online ocr tool with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The user has a variety of input formats to select from such as PDF, JPG, Gif, and many more. The output formats that are offered and supported by Online OCR include Word, Excel, and Plain Text. The software offers a wide range of languages of about 46 in number. With this tool you can also upload large sizes of up to 200MB with ease and obtain the best result from OCR, and the document file should have a resolution of about 200-400 DPI.

online pdf to word converter ocr

2. Convertio

Here comes an another great and amazing PDF to Word converter online OCR tool. One of the outstanding features of Convertio is that you can upload images or PDFs from various places, such as computer, Dropbox, and even your Google Drive. This program supports a wide range of inputs from PDF, JPG, JPEG, and WEBP, and the user can also upload files in ZIP format to get rid of continuous selection and uploading of files or documents. Besides, Convertio allows conversion of a single page, multiple pages, or the entire PDF into other file formats.

online scanned pdf to word converter

3. NewOCR

We would doubt these top 5 online OCR PDF to Word converter tools if NewOCR is not among them. This program supports about 106 OCR languages and this simplifies the troubles you would have gone through to convert your PDF file. More so, NewOCR is among the countable websites that can recognize mathematical equations and formula thereby converting them appropriately and efficiently into other formats. The user can also upload multiple image files into the site and convert them at once.

scanned pdf to word converter online free

4. FreeOCR

The user’s privacy is at the most important, and in consideration with this free online PDF to Word OCR tool, you don’t have to register or submit your email to access the services of the FreeOCR program. This tool is compatible and supports a wide range of input file formats in addition to PDF documents. FreeOCR websites offer about 29 OCR languages and this gives a variety of languages to translate your PDF into.

convert scanned pdf to word online

5. Scanned PDF to Word Online

This is also a free online OCR PDF to Word tool that quickly, easily and accurately converts your scanned PDF to Word, recognizing any character in the digital images and does not mess up with the format and page layout of your document. It offers a wide variety of output formats, some of which are DOC, XPS, TXT, and HTML. Scanned PDF to Word Online Converter is an entirely anonymous and secure tool, however, only a maximum of two pages can be supported for each uploaded file.

convert scanned pdf to word online free

Convert Scanned PDF to Word

Use our powerful PDF to Word OCR converter tools to instantly turn your scanned PDFs into
perfectly formatted Word docs that are easy to update and edit.

Free Online PDF to Word OCR Converter

Evaluate Able2Extract PDF OCR technology 100% free.
No email required, completely anonymous.

How to convert scanned PDF to Word free online:

Step 1: Upload your scanned PDF file.

Step 2: Download the converted Word document.Drag & drop or click to upload a PDF file

Desktop PDF Converter & Editor with OCR

Get our Able2Extract Professional software and enjoy the best conversion results possible thanks to its next-generation OCR engine:

  • Convert scanned PDFs to MS Office and more formats.
  • Turn image-based PDFs into searchable PDFs.
  • Extract scanned PDF tables into Excel sheets.
  • Password protect PDFs; redact sensitive content.
  • PDF OCR support for 12 different languages.
  • Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

How to convert PDF to docx?

PDF files are known for their ability to preserve data and document layout. They are the most common file types and they are viewable on all platforms. However, it often happens you need to edit a PDF file and to do so you need to convert a PDF to docx format. Working with .docx files is much easier, you can edit them without hassle. To convert a PDF file, drag and drop file above or click to upload it. If your file is stored in the cloud, you can click on Dropbox or Google Drive icon to import PDF for conversion. when the conversion is completed, click on the “Download file” to save the converted file on your computer or a mobile device.

How to convert a scanned document to Word?

If you need to work with data that is available on a paper document only, you have two solutions. The first one is to manually retype data from a paper document. This can be very time consuming, and chances are you will rewrite some data incorrectly. Another, much quicker way is to scan a document with a scanner. When you scan a document, you will have its digital version saved on your computer. The scanned document will be saved in a PDF format. The trouble with scanned PDF files arises when you want to convert that kind of file to Word. If you use PDF converter that doesn’t have OCR engine, the output file will still be unusable. Our PDF to Word converter has OCR engine so you can convert scanned PDFs to editable Word files.


Convert scanned PDF to editable Word document free online is possible with a free online pdf converter and free desktop pdf conversion tool. With this online pdf converter you can easily convert scanned PDF to Word online. There are lots of documents like invoices, contracts and receipts which are in PDF format. These documents can be scanned and converted into editable word with this free online pdf converter.

PDF files are important and a major requirement for many businesses. These files can only be accessed using the specific software available for the same. However, with today’s advancement in technology, there is good news for people who face this problem now. The good news is that there are many sites that offer free PDF to Word converter online. There are also free PDF to Word conversion programs available and these do not have to be downloaded. They can be used directly online.

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