Hr Software for Nonprofit Organizations

A nonprofit organization can take anything other than donations as means of generating earnings and these earnings are termed as ‘non-operating fund income’. But every year, there is a need to get professional help with the financial operations and you may want to consider free hr software for nonprofits – one of the best options nowadays.

It’s summer time and there’s lots of sunshine outside. But you’re stuck inside working. But, let’s be honest here. This is a good thing for non profit organizations who want to save money and think about the budget. How? By using free hr software for nonprofits which can help with efficient human resource management and save the organization thousands of dollars.

Zoho People

Zoho People

Zoho People is an HR software solution that offers core HR services. Although it’s basically for healthcare, media, IT, education, and finance industries, Zoho People is also suited for nonprofit organizations.

Zoho People is one technology to consider if you’re looking for cloud-based software that offers a self-service portal, reporting, analytics, document storage, and attendance/time tracking all in one system. It offers a myriad of services and modules that make HR processes for nonprofits highly efficient and automated.

Zoho’s ease of use is also one aspect users never stop commending.

As a free HR software for nonprofit organizations with up to five employees, they have a nonprofit organization among their case studies on their website.


  • The self-service gives employees the autonomy to apply for leave, submit approvals, and maintain their own records.
  • Attendance tracking helps you visualize when each user reports and how much time they spend working. Reporting and analytics give you actionable intel to help you make well-informed decisions for future events.
  • All-in-one document repository to keep all employee information and volunteer contact details..
  • Performance management gives insight into how each team is performing and how to improve your nonprofit organization’s overall performance.
  • Easily customized to suit your nonprofit’s bespoke structure.


  • 15-day free trial with no credit card required  Free for up to 5 employees
  • ESSENTIAL – $1/employee/month
  • PROFESSIONAL – $2/employee/month
  • PREMIUM – $3/employee/month
  • ENTERPRISE – $5/employee/month


  • Insufficient documentation
  • API is limited to 200 records per request
  • Poor technical support



If you are looking for HR software that is tailor-made for nonprofits, you’ve found what you are looking for. Silent Partner Software developed and designed PartnerHR based on over two decades of experience working with charities, faith-based organizations, education institutions and associations to understand their challenges when managing employees and volunteers.


PartnerHR is a Software as a Service (SaaS) which enables nonprofits to manage their people-centric data and documents in a secure, easy-to-use application.

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The software enables nonprofit executives and HR staff to access reports through PartnerHR. They have visibility to the skills and abilities their team has currently, and to assign training to-dos to get new and existing staff up to speed. PartnerHR has a reputation for being easy for users and administrators.

Does your charity work with children, the elderly, or other individuals with different needs? PartnerHR can track background checks, store documents, and send reminders when checks need to be renewed.

The PartnerHR self-service portal enables employees and volunteers to securely request time off, see upcoming events that are on the calendar, and see what training requirements they need to complete for onboarding and skills refreshing. Employees, volunteers, and recruiters can store resumes, training certificates, and other pertinent records.

Pricing: Contact PartnerHR for subscription pricing

Support: Online, phone

Languages: English

Suitable for nonprofits of any size and social services organizations.


BambooHR is used by companies, institutions and organizations for functions like:
Applicant tracking and online applications
New hire onboarding
Time tracking
Performance tracking
Employee satisfaction surveys
HR reporting and analytics
Employee records

Although the BambooHR online platform was not developed for nonprofits specifically, they do offer a couple of case studies on their website for charities.

They offer two pricing tiers for companies or organizations to choose from, mostly depending on whether or not an organization needs features like hiring/onboarding functionality, integration with other applications, or custom tabs and fields.


To manage volunteers separately, you’d need to opt for the higher-end Advantage edition. They offer add-on modules for reminder alerts and employee performance reports.

Pricing: Contact BambooHR for subscription pricing

Support: Online, phone (with Advantage edition)

Languages: English, French Canadian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch.

Suitable for small, medium, and large businesses, and some nonprofits.


BreezyHR is an online HR software solution which is available for nonprofits, and they have a couple of church organizations on their website. This service is promoted primarily as a recruiting and applicant tracking system. You can even use their “Bootstrap” service for free to search for candidates across over 50 job boards.

If you want to interview or assess candidates online, manage candidate scorecards, or integrate with other core HR applications, the BreezyHR Business Edition is required. That is their most popular service which offers functions like background screening and automated reference checking.

BreezyHR would be a service you would have in addition to a service like PartnerHR for the pre-hire and offer phases as opposed to managing onboarding and existing employees.


Pricing: The Business Edition of the BreezyHR service starts at $479 per month, or you can prepay for a year and get two months for free.

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Support: Online, phone (with Advantage edition)

Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Finnish, Italian, Polish

Suitable for small, medium, and large businesses, and some nonprofits.


  • Free plan: Includes 5GB of storage and access to self-help support materials. Bitrix24’s free plan supports up to 12 users normally, but a special during the COVID-19 pandemic allows for unlimited users.
  • Cost to upgrade: Upgrading starts at $19/month for two users and 10GB of storage. You also get access to live chat support during business hours.

A jack of all trades, Bitrix24 has applications designed to support a variety of business needs from customer relationship management and customer support, to videoconferencing, to document storage and project management. Within the free HR software application, you can create a company org chart, maintain every employee record, and manage a knowledge base with all of the HR process materials employees need to access.

Bitrix24 has both on-premise and cloud-based deployment options, and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.Employee directory in Bitrix24

Employee directory in Bitrix24 (Source)

Fluida logo


  • Free plan: Free for up to 10 users, Fluida’s free plan includes a company directory, time and attendance functionality, and access to email support.
  • Cost to upgrade: Fluida’s first paid plan is €2 (~$2.50 USD) per user per month and gives you access to advanced reporting, the ability to export your data, and support via live chat.

Based in Italy, Fluida is a core HR solution and attendance tracking tool available to customers worldwide. Within Fluida’s free HR software, an HR manager can manage paid time off (PTO), track overtime, maintain an employee directory, and even see who’s working in the office and who’s working remote through a shared calendar. Notifications pop up when employees request time off, and attendance reports are automatically generated.

Hardware devices to monitor employee location and check-ins at the office are available for an additional cost. A cloud-based HR tool, Fluida can be accessed through a web browser on any device with internet capabilities.User dashboard in Fluida


  • Free plan: Freshteam’s free plan, which allows for up to 50 employees and 3 simultaneous job postings, supports applicant tracking, core HR management, and basic time and attendance. Email and phone support are included.
  • Cost to upgrade: Costing $50/month for up to 50 users and 250 employees, Freshteam’s basic paid plan allows for more job postings, more customization, more advanced time and attendance features, and access to live chat support.

Freshteam is the human resource information system (HRIS) offering from Freshworks, and the first on our list to have applicant tracking features. Alongside the ability to maintain a separate recruiting email inbox, recruiters in Freshteam can post up to 3 job postings, create a basic career site, keep track of job applicants through their hiring pipeline, rate applicants with an interview scorecard, and maintain a roster of employee referrals.

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Freshteam’s free plan also includes an org chart, an employee directory, and basic time off management features to support more general HR department needs. Cloud-based, Freshteam also has dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.


Non-profit organisations are driven by a passion for a cause, and nothing should get in the way of reaching that goal – especially not dealing with human resources. That’s why non-profits turn to hronline. It’s a suite of really useful solutions to help make the routine elements of employing staff run like clockwork.

Even non-profits have commitments to employment law, and keeping on top of them can become a headache, diverting time and talent away from the core mission. But so many tasks in the running of an organisation could be handed over to the staff themselves or to our automated online system, which you, as the owner, would have complete oversight of.

Take holidays, for example. What’s your current setup? Staff writing their names on a sheet of paper stuck to the wall? With hronline, every staff member has an account and they simply have to log in and make a holiday request. The person in charge of holidays can then view the request on a calendar and decide whether to allow it or not, whereupon the employee will be notified. Simple!

Sickness and disciplinary proceedings are also logged against employees, all hidden behind a secure wall that allows only authorised people to view them

And any employee data that you want to take a closer look at can be used to make reports, with tabular and graphical results so you can see the big picture.

Our solution comes in three levels: Standard, Plus and Premium. Standard gives you all the tools you need for the day-to-day management of your staff, but with hronline’s Plus and Premium service you’ll also get extra features including telephone advice from qualified employment law experts. Which one would suit your non-profit the best? Have a chat with us or read our client testimonials to find out how much time hronline could save you.


There is no doubt that nonprofit organizations are flooded with all kinds of information in this age of Information Technology. In fact, it is a great concern even to hire a software for HR, especially if the organization has very limited budget. So it is important that you find the best HR software for nonprofits .

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