Intranet Software for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations are largely notable for their contributions to society through various charitable undertakings. In order to administer these projects, as well as all of their other internal business practices, nonprofits utilize intranet software. The following information is intended to familiarize business owners and prospective users with intranet software. Everyone knows a nonprofit, and when you know someone who is part of a nonprofit, you want to help them. Intranet Software for Nonprofits is an invaluable gift to nonprofits. Here, we look at what an intranet is, what it does and if you need it as a Nonprofit.

Have you found yourself looking for intranet software for nonprofits because you really want to improve your non-profit organization but aren’t sure how? You should ask yourself some questions. Every nonprofit is different and that is why there are so many tools that can be used in a variety of ways.

Workplace from Meta

Workplace is a business communication tool from Meta that helps your teams stay connected in a simple and secure way. With familiar features like Live Video and Groups, you can share information, engage your employees, build culture and connect your people anywhere, anytime. Best of all, you don’t need to be an IT genius to use it. Anyone can pick it up and get started straight away. Workplace also makes it easy to integrate with all your favorite tools like Office 365, Google Workspace and ServiceNow, or you can build custom integrations to connect any other tools you rely on. Above all, you can be sure that security and privacy are at the heart of what we do – your data will always belong to you and we’ll keep all of it separate from Facebook. At Workplace, we believe that business is simply better when people feel connected… So why not join over 7M of our users worldwide?

HCL Connections

Connections delivers a collaborative platform that keeps your employees connected and engaged. Connections helps create a personalized, well-designed, digital office with role-based content and tools to keep your teams focused on achieving business goals and objectives. Connections offers a cohesive framework based on transparency, engagement, application interoperability and knowledge transfer. Connections focuses on how your employees actually work, not on tools and applications, and integrates seamlessly with existing applications to breakdown these silos. It puts people, not content, at the center of how your teams collaborate. Facilitate rich interactions and learning opportunities between leadership, management and employees. The built-in features of Connections allow for two-way communication, giving employees a voice and managers real insight. Count on enterprise-grade security and control, whether in the cloud or on-premises. You can customize levels of access to content and files for both internal and external users, and the robust security and privacy features ensure effective compliance and lower risk

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Blink Software

Blink is an intranet solution designed for mobile and field workers in businesses across various industries such as retail, construction, hospitality and more. Key features include calendar management, content management, an employee directory, file sharing and discussion forums.

Blink features Blink Feed, which is an employee task inbox that helps managers and workers to post and access information regarding different tasks, stimulate discussions and create feedback loops with one-click answers, surveys and votes. The solution also features multiple employee engagement functionalities that include cultural alignment and more.

Additionally, Blink provides users built-in storage for their policies, job documents and features ‘Workforce Analytics’ functionalities. The solution can be deployed either on-premise or hosted in the cloud and also supports integration with various third-party systems such as Office 365, Google G Suite, Salesforce and Dropbox.

Mobile applications for iOS and Android devices are available. Services are offered on a monthly subscription basis that includes support via phone and email.


In searching for a new communication platform, I thought I knew what I was looking for and which company I would go with. Blink was added as just another platform for comparison. However, during my first demo, I was convinced this was the right choice. It ticked off all the boxes: top down communication, bottom up communication, side to side communication, individual and group chats, an information repository, and one of the best price points of (in my opinion) even inferior platforms. Plus, they were up front about all costs, so I didn’t have to worry about a surprise invoice I would have to explain.


There are a few small functionality issues I have had since getting into the platform (such as not having control over what shows up under an employee name or what is displayed in the Directory), but I have been assured the team is adding my suggestions to their list and looking into how we can work around the other issues.

Reasons for Choosing Blink

Blink has the best user interface and is able to accomplish everything we were looking for as an organization.


Non-profit intranet

Uniting not-for-profit workers and volunteers behind your mission

People are what make your not-for-profit organization

They’re the ones powering and championing your mission. Connect each and every employee, volunteer, and affiliate to your cause with a social intranet, offered at a discounted rate to all not-for-profit organizations by Interact.

Non-profit illustration.
People Directory screenshot.

Connect dispersed workers and volunteers

Bring together your front-line volunteers, office-based workers, affiliates, and even those you work to support. Interact People Directory can be easily searched not only by name and location, but skill, expertise, interests and more. Break down silos and get everyone communicating and collaborating to better support your organization.

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Share. Communicate. Celebrate.

Inspire passion in each and every worker or volunteer by communicating who you are, what you do, and what you’ve achieved. With Interact’s simple social tools and rich content areas, all users can share stories or experiences on the blog, post updates, create galleries, and ask questions or share ideas using discussion forums and dedicated team areas.

People Directory screenshot.

Easy for anyone to use With a simple WYSIWYG editor, drag-and-drop homepages, and recognized social features such as @mentioning or #tagging, Interact is easy to adopt and use, regardless of ability. Accessible and mobile Make sure users can access your intranet from anywhere, at any time. Secure cloud hosting and a dedicated mobile app give your workers access to everything they need, on-the-go. Build your brand Bring your brand to life and inspire users with an intranet design they’ll love. With the support of Interact’s dedicated professional services, you can make your intranet your own. Workflow and Forms Reduce overheads and improve efficiency by streamlining common processes through your intranet. Use easy-to-build forms to save valuable time and cut costs for your organization. Onboarding homepages Get new starters and volunteers up to speed quickly with a personalized onboarding experience. Tailor content and access before their first day so they feel part of the team. Centralized content management Give everyone access to the latest news, research, information, legislation and more with an easy-to-manage CMS and integration with your cloud storage.

LS Intranet

LS Intranet for Nonprofit Organizations Special Offer

Pricing starts at $199!

Up to 300


24 Hours

4 Hours of

One Homepage
Set Up

Updates for
Basic Edition

This is a great opportunity for any charity/nonprofit organization to put internal communications to an entirely new level by implementing modern digital workplace technologies with LS Intranet solution. Here is what you will be able to get quick:

  • We will help to implement your new intranet fast, so you could start using it immediately
  • Email ticketing support with 24 hours SLA for getting issue for resolving
  • We will help you to get in tune with LS-I capabilities and adjusting some use cases. So 4 consultancy hours for good implementation are included in the package
  • Your homepage should be perfect so we will help you to design it with our Enterprise Branding Tool
  • And of course, LS Intranet for charity or nonprofit organizations includes updates for Basic Edition

Worldwide Hub

While the globe is captured into social networking (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) it’s inflexible to use all these social channels for corporate communications. As they are difficult to manage, not secure, lack important information, and cannot support geographically dispersed teams.

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A single platform that will cover all those needs as being cost-effective is a key for charity & nonprofit sector.

For a great number of charity and nonprofit organizations, there never raise a question of their technical support and use of IT system innovations. As first of all, they care about indigent people, solve global problems of society or help environmental protection while pushing aside their own needs to work and help more productively, easily and quickly.

But like any other business, these sectors also need to make sure that they keep up with the changing digital world that we inhabit nowadays. Let’s see how an office intranet can greatly assist charity & nonprofits organizations to improve communications, multiple efficiencies and enhance engagement with employees and volunteers.

The Most Important Advantages LS Intranet
Brings for a Nonprofit Organization

LS Intranet Software for Office 365

Fascinated Communication between Employees and Volunteers

Software for the nonprofit organization is a colossal facilitator of communication and is especially actual for companies and board members who are in various locations or simply work remotely.

Data Safety

Determining the access to corporate data can be easily controlled by permission rights. In this case, intranet charity software users, be it employees, management or volunteers, have an opportunity only to see the data which they require. This eliminates the demand.

Convenient and Secure Data Sharing

The wikis, discussion forums and chats (as Yammer) and project areas within the charity software empower teamwork across the non-profit association. Thanks to the latest SSL encryption technology nonprofits can be assured about.

High Level of Engagement

Intranet software for charity and non-profits will show employees and volunteers how greatly their individual contribution matters. Using interactive features such as Blogs, Surveys, messaging and so on will.

Streamlined Processes

Systematize internal processes with the help of charity software. For example, booking leave, completing expenses claim or ordering stationery is by far easier when accomplishing online through Intranet Workflows.

Saving Costs for Charity

Intranet as a software for the nonprofit organization will help to reduce printing costs (namely paper copies of docs will decrease). This will help to save additional finances for beneficiaries.
Besides, office.


You don’t have to be a large enterprise with hundreds of thousands of users to need powerful intranet software. Whether you’re a small or medium-sized business, a non-profit organization, or even an intranet for a school or university campus, there’s some very affordable intranet software available that can handle your business needs and is far less complicated than comparable big-name intranet software.

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