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A good lead generation tool offers an easy way to collect leads and avoid spam complaints. Therefore, when choosing a tool for your lead generation campaign, you need to consider first how safe and effective the software is. Even if a tool is free, it can still create problems because of poorly collected information, or it can be broken into by cyber criminals.

Lead generation is one of the most important steps in any type of sales funnel. In this article we will showcase some of the best free lead generation tools, which will make your leads pop up like never before.

 If you’re looking to draw website visitors directly to your sales page, there’s no better way than Lead Gen Tools. It’s a complete training program that shows you how to use the power of the internet to generate leads over and over again.

Lead Gen Tools is an underutilized area of marketing and sales. Lead Gen Tools lays out in a simple, easy to understand format the tools you can use to generate leads, convert customers and keep your top of mind when they are ready to buy.

Using Online Marketing To Generate Leads

One of the best ways to generate leads is through online marketing aka digital marketing.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for any sort of advertising that uses the “digital” medium – including, but not limited to: PPC advertising, social media marketing, display and network advertising and many more.

Digital marketing typically targets consumers at the top of the purchase funnel – people who already have some knowledge about your business and are interested in learning more about your product/service offerings.

However, some digital marketing tactics can also help you generate leads further down the purchase funnel.


trustpulse new homepage updated

TrustPulse is the market’s best social proof notification plugin.

Wait, social proof? Weren’t we talking about lead generation? Yes. But without trust, you will never collect leads. Social proof builds that trust.

In fact, adding social proof notifications is one of the most effective lead generation marketing tactics requiring the least amount of effort. TrustPulse will show notifications of activities taken by real people on your site, like viewing or buying products, signing up for newsletters, and more.

By displaying actual activity from real people, you will build trust with visitors.

Key Features:

  • Real-time event tracking
  • Smart targeting to boost conversions using advanced targeting rules and timing control
  • Flexible design options to match your site’s branding
  • Actionable analytics to get the stats you need to boost conversions
  • Easy setup on any website with no coding needed

Pricing: The pricing plans start at $5/month for up to 2,500 sessions!



Pricing: Contact for pricing, they offer a free trial

Rating: 3.9/5 stars on G2, based on 380 reviews 

Hoovers is a sales acceleration tool that helps businesses leverage data and analytics so you can build your lists and connect with prospects faster. Features include informed conversations, automated workflow software, real-time notifications, and personalized buyer intent data. 



Best For: On-page lead generation, surveys, and lead forms 

Suited For: Small to big enterprises

Integrations: Yes

Picreel is one the best lead generation tool that lets you target visitor behavior to explore customer experience optimization and lead generation opportunities. It focuses on exit intent to help you understand customers’ intent and prompt them to leave their contact information to build your prospects list. You can re-target the leads with follow-up conversations to convert them into customers.

How to Generate Leads Using Picreel?

  • Design personalized offers and rebrand them to suit your website using the visual editor.
  • Use overlays to display customized offers based on visitors’ behavior, position on the page, or after a designated amount of time on the page.
  • Combine offers with lead forms to prompt visitors to share contact information.
  • Use Reelinks™ to show a lead form overlay when visitors click on a page link to allow them to join the mailing list or navigate to another page.
  • Embed survey overlays to collect valuable insights from existing visitors.
  • Target visitors based on demographics, visitor type, referral site, etc., to maximize engagement.
  • It provides a mobile-responsive design for website overlays.
  • Measure the performance of your website and campaigns with the in-depth analytics dashboard. It shows the page visits, conversions, impressions, and other useful metrics for quick analysis.
  • Integrate with other applications to send the leads to your CRM tools and turn them into customers.

Price: Starts at $14/month billed annually


  • Flexibility to customize lead pop-ups using the HTML & CSS editor.
  • We found that this pop-up lead software offers more in-depth targeting options than other similar tools.


  • The UI can sometimes feel a little glitchy.
  • The A/B testing dashboard needs refinement to display more data.


SeedProd landing page builder home_

SeedProd is the best landing page builder on the market. Create beautiful landing pages using only a drag and drop builder (and no coding) in only a few minutes.

With a beginner-friendly drag and drop builder, you can create various pages for your site. Whether it’s for sales, maintenance, webinar, or optin campaigns, SeedProd has your back. But, with 150+ landing page templates, you don’t even need to worry about designing responsive and mobile-ready pages. All the hard work is already done for you.

SeedProd strong arms the conversion game by integrating with many email service providers and protecting your pages from spam, bots, and other fraudulent entries.

Key Features:

  • Edit content in real-time and preview your website exactly as your visitors would with its live preview
  • Put your website into coming soon, 404, or maintenance mode and go live whenever you’re ready, all with one click
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme and helps you ensure your website matches your branding

Pricing: SeedProd’s yearly pricing starts at $39.50 for their Basic package, $89.55 for their Plus package, and $159.60 for their Pro package.

Hunter lead generation tool

Pricing: Free to find up to 25 requests/mo; plans start at $49/month with a free option

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars via G2

Hunter helps you find emails by typing in the person’s name and their company. You can also browse for all emails at a specific company. You can use the tool for free for up to 25 email searches and 50 email verifications per month. From there, paid plans start at $49/month for 500 searches and 1000 verifications.

 ProProfs Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey Maker

Best For: Surveys, polls, quizzes, scored surveys, web forms, and sidebar form

Integrations: Yes

ProProfs Survey Maker is another lead generation software and a CRO tool specifically designed to maximize user engagement and prompt them to fill the survey forms. It offers a plethora of features such as scorecards, skip logic, 15+ question types, visual questions, and more to make your surveys fun, interactive, and personalized for your visitors.

How Can You Generate Leads With the Survey Maker?

  • Use the drag-&-drop editor to create beautiful surveys, web forms, polls, quizzes, sidebar forms, assessments, and more in minutes.
  • Use 100+ beautiful templates to create surveys and quizzes in minutes.
  • Send the survey and polls via mail, embed them on your website, and share them via social media to maximize the response rate.
  • Design polls to know the consensus of your visitors regarding new updates and changes.
  • Prompt the users to leave contact information with fun and immersive scored surveys and quizzes.
  • Use the sidebar form to add a non-intrusive feedback form, lead form, or contact form on your website.
  • Use the comprehensive reporting section for quick data analysis. You can see the survey responses, user details, survey scores, and more under the same screen.
  • Integrate with your CRM tools, such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, and Zendesk, to send across lead data and build prospect lists.


  • Massive library of 100+ ready-to-use templates and 100k questions.
  • Create scored surveys & quizzes to engage users and farm more leads for you.


  • Needs more flexibility to customize the templates

Price: Free Basic Plan. Paid plan starts at $0.05/response/month billed annually

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wpforms homepage

WPForms is an easy-to-use form builder that adds simple lead generation forms to your website.

With 300+ pre-built templates, you can get the proper form on your site in just a few clicks.

While forms are limited in targeting rules as opposed to tools like OptinMonster’s popups, they are still an excellent and reliable way to generate leads.

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop builder to make customization easy
  • Mobile-friendly forms let you collect leads from any type of visitor
  • Instant notifications allow you quickly respond to leads
  • Smart conditional logic guides you through creating high-performing forms

Pricing: WPForm’s yearly pricing starts at $39.50 for their Basic package, $99.50 for their Plus package, $199.50 for their Pro package, and $299.50 for their Elite package.

Voila Norbert

Viola Norbert lead generation tool

Pricing: Free to find up to 50 emails; plans start at $49/month

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars via G2

Voila Norbert is a sales tool that helps you find email addresses. Simply enter the name of the person you’d like to see an email for, along with the company they work for, and Voila Norbert will automatically find the email address. Bulk email identification is also available. In addition to paid plans, you can purchase pay-as-you-go plans start at $50/500 credits. 



Best For: Social Proofs and experience, On-page lead generation

Integrations: Yes

Proof is a SaaS-based lead generation tool that prompts website visitors to take action by adding Social Proofs and experiences on your website. You can show how people interact with your website and products in real-time, making Proof a perfect tool to build brand credibility and trust among your visitors.

How to Generate Leads Using Proof?

  • Social proofs show notifications to visitors about actual people taking action on your website. These include recent activity, live visitor count, hot streak, and more.
  • Personalize your visitors’ experience and generate new leads by building credibility and brand confidence through social proofs and experiences.
  • Prompt visitors to fill forms, place orders, and subscribe to newsletters by showing what other customers are doing on your website in real-time.


  • Very well-designed onboarding process.
  • Provides advance alerts when you are about to exceed the plan limit.


  • More expensive than other social proof tools.
  • Onsite social proof notifications tabs can be made larger to increase readability.

Price: Based on visitors. The plans start at $29/month

Constant Contact

constant contact email marketing service

If you have a more extensive contact list or simply prefer a MailChimp alternative, try Constant Contact. It’s a fantastic email marketing platform that will help you stay connected with your leads.

Constant Contact has an incredibly easy-to-use and lightweight interface. And, as one of the largest email marketing services globally, Constant Contact can offer great deliverability rates.

Their drag and drop editor and email newsletter templates give your emails a polished and professional look, impressing your leads.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with other lead generating tools, so you start emailing leads right away
  • Marketing automation sends pre-designed emails to increase engagement and drive sales
  • Easy-to-read reports track email success in real-time
  • Simple contact management tools give you the power to sort, add, and manage your email contacts

Pricing: Constant Contact’s email marketing pricing ranges from $20/month for Email to $45/month for Email Plus. They do offer a free trial.

How to get Sales Leads Manually

To generate leads in sales, you need to have some Internet research skills as well. Yes, you need to know the art of generating leads from social networks & search engines. Once you identify the source of leads, you need to manually copy-paste the prospect data from various sources into an Excel file or CRM. It is a time-consuming and tiresome task.

Once you have built the list of qualified prospects, you need to get the business contact information of your prospects. If you are targeting B2B companies, you need to focus on the C-suite executives or decision-makers. Finding business contact information for decision makers is another huge task because you can’t find their contact information easily on the Internet.  It again is a tedious task.

But, some salespeople with some Internet research skills try generating their own leads and manage their daily sales activities as well. But, it is very difficult. It takes a heavy toll on sales productivity. It certainly affects any one of their core activities, either selling or lead generation. But, both are important. This is where successful salespeople use lead generation virtual assistants to generate leads in sales. It helps them to automate sales lead generation, save a lot of time and spend more time speaking to the prospects, and close more sales.


Lead generation is the seamless process of engaging a target market and enticing them to become customers. This can be done either by telephone, direct mail, email or online — and it’s also referred to as inbound marketing. Lead generation is an essential procedure for organizations who are using market segmentation to attract new customers. A lead generation toolkit allows you to integrate your data-gathering methods so they more fully endorse these overall tactics. That’s why having the right tools can make all the difference when it comes to choosing which lead generation strategy will suit your ventures best.

You can use our lead generation tools to generate leads, track your lead flow, and stay in touch with your leads using email software. Our tools provide a way for you to manage all of your processes in one place by providing an organized structure and a suite of automated features.

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