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Online Passport Photo Maker

Because of its high-quality service, many people prefer to use online photo services. These services will help to create the passport photo you need. If you want, they can even make a duplicate copy of your digital passport for you.

This is a free online photo making software which can be used to change the size of photos as per passport requirement. In this post, we will provide 20 tools to create passport photos online.

Passport Photo Generator


Passport Photo Generator is a versatile application for iOS and Android that helps people around the world take photos of important documents.

The developers have improved the photo creation algorithm and made it more convenient and qualitative. That is, right after you create a photo, you get a quality result and you just need to refine it a little bit.

After you have created your own photo for documents, you can generate a collage and photo – 4, 6 or 10 pieces – because the one photo is never enough. Then you can send your photos for printing right away – you can do it right from home and from your smartphone!


Photos will be printed and you can get them with absolutely free delivery to your home. Thanks to a huge database, you get a ready-made result that fully meets the requirements. The application provides visas for 180 countries, as well as the format of images for driver’s licenses, passports and so on. Forget about the search for photo salons with Passport Photo Generator.


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At, you can create free passport photos online in just three steps. The usability of this free passport photo tool is great. First, you have to upload a photo that you want to use as your passport photo. In the next step you can edit it. is not only a passport photo cropping tool. You can use their passport photo generator to modify various aspects of your image: you can crop the passport photo, change the brightness, saturation or contrast and even change your outfit. We think the last function, called “Pick a Dress”, is really cool. In the last step, you can download the passport photo and just print it.  So far, we have only been talking about passport photos, but you can also use the free passport photo tool for ID card photos, driver’s licenses and other document types from various countries. All of these features are free, but there is no compliance check included and you would have to live with some advertising. Nevertheless we think the free features in the tool can be highly recommended.

As long as your goal is to take a photo of your documents quickly and easily, Passport Photo Maker can help you. Nothing extra, purely functional – which, unfortunately, is strictly limited. Respectively, the tool will take up very little memory of your phone – the simple functionality does not require any resources.

When you open the application, the first question you see is whether you already have a photo ready. If yes, you can start editing or changing it at once to adjust it to all the documentation requirements. If you do not, you will need to give the application permission to take photos and videos, and only then continue the process.

After receiving the photo, you choose the format you need. Remember: every country has the right to set its own requirements for any document – so the size of the photo is incredibly important.

Passport Photo Maker(Creator)-screen

Apply filters or auto-correction to the image. This way you can avoid lighting defects. And that is it, the result is in your hands! You should just choose the format of the print and come to the nearest place with the printer – then the images will be in your hands.


Photid – AI-Driven Passport photo booth

Photid-AI Passport Photo Booth-logo

AI is everywhere now, and even the documentation has not been overlooked. For most of the images on your personal documents AI will be able to identify you, your identity, complete legal information and more. That is what caused the special requirements for photos.

By the special arrangement of the face, certain facial points, and other factors, artificial intelligence defines a person by photo. A special grid guides you through the best way to make a photo so that you can easily determine the biometric parameters.

With the help of Photid, you get a whole set of different photos in the final result – black and white, color, different sizes. All this you can choose in the editing settings in a couple of clicks. The most important thing is the desired photo size.


Persofoto knows how to build a user-friendly website. It is vivid, clear and well explained. On persofoto the creation of ID photos or passport photos is very easy. This passport photo creator also works for almost every country in the world and many different kinds of documents. For example, if you want to create a US visa photo, you can easily upload, crop and download it. This tool is faster than any other free passport photo software. However, a compliance check and also other add-ons are subject to a fee and, in our opinion, also quite expensive. All in all, it is still highly recommended and can be seen as a great free passport photo cropping tool.

Photid-AI Passport Photo Booth-screen

The application provides passport templates for more than 100 countries, as well as driver’s licenses, student documents, and other important templates.

Photid-AI Passport Photo Booth-screen2

Photid guarantees money savings and a high level of results, you can even remove the most complicated background from the photo – now there is no need to even select a special background because Photid will do everything for you.

Choose the number of photos, their size, and color – and the result will be immediately in your smartphone.


Passport Photo Maker by AMS

This is one of the best passport photo makers with all kinds of merits that we listed at the beginning. You can make perfect ID photos in a minute with a few clicks thanks to the straightforward user interface as well as templates for up to 130+ countries. The available options for printing are also diversified, which allow users to have the output exactly as they want.

Passport Photo Maker is one of the best passport photo makers with all kinds of merits that we listed at the beginning.

If your basic picture has an unqualified background, this app can help you change background automatically, such as fill it with any color. You can even replace clothes inside the program by using the large templates kit with 100+ items. Nevertheless, as warned early, to access the full functions, you will need to spend extra money to upgrade to the premium editions.

Tips: To make more precise editing in image background, you’re suggested to use Jihosoft Photo Eraser, which is an easy-to-use alternative to Photoshop.


If you know clearly the size required for your passport photo and only need a good photo editing tool to make it perfect, then PhotoScape is just for you. This free photo editing software is favored by thousands of users, especially newbies, for its ease of use and versatile functions.

With PhotoScape, you can easily polish your ID photos by resizing, brightness and color adjustment, white balance, red eye removal, etc.

With PhotoScape, you can easily polish your ID photos by resizing, brightness and color adjustment, white balance, red eye removal, etc. If you need multiple copies, just merge the same photos on the page frame before printing the final photo out. It is also able to convert RAW to JPG format if you shoot portraits with a digital camera.

Free Passport Photo Software by Digital Album Inc

The developer of this free passport photo app for PC has stopped releasing updates for years. Frequent updating doesn’t have to be a must for small utilities, but for ID photo tools, it is necessary to make their templates and preset sizes qualified for the latest requirements in different countries. That’s why we don’t rank this free-of-charge app high. Anyway, you can use this software to make and print passport photos through your printer or save as JEPG files and print them later.

Passport Photo


In case you need to change your passport, you also need a photo of it. But there are so many incredible bureaucratic requirements in the world! While you collect all the necessary documents and references for the passport, you will completely forget about the photo, let alone the requirements for it.

If you have faced with the processing of visas, as well as certificates, then you know very well that each document has its own requirements. You do not need to load yourself with unnecessary information. Simply install Passport Photo on your smartphone and take pictures of the documents you need.

The application will ask you to choose the country where you will issue your passport. All you have to do is just follow the instructions of the application and get a great result. The most important thing is that the photos will comply with all the state requirements and there will be no need to redo them.


Sending photos by e-mail is free of charge, so you can even print them almost immediately after processing. The app has standards in most countries, but if you do not have one in your Passport Photo list, just set your own custom image settings.


Passport Photo Maker(Creator)

Passport Photo Maker(Creator)-logo

Passport Photo – ID Photo App

If you have a favorite photo editing app in mobile platform which is not available in PC, the workaround is using emulators. For example, Passport Photo – ID Photo App is an app developed for smartphones, but we can use it to edit passport photos in computer, just like we can download and install PUBG in PC. The key is to install a desktop app emulator. If you’re interested in this solution, keep reading to know more about this passport photo maker.

As one of the best passport photo editor apps, this tool can perfectly erase the background from your photo and resize photos in a single sheet of 3×4, 4×4, 4×6, 5×7 or A4 paper. It contains all standard printing paper sizes for free.

Photo4id: Passport, Visa, OCI & PIO Photos

Photo4id logo

Technology does not stand still, nor do the developers’ ideas. This time, the developers of Photo4id decided to simplify people’s lives and create an application for photos for visas and passports.

Initially, you have to choose the country – this will help the utility to define the requirements for photography in your country. Next, all the most interesting things.

Photo4id creates biometric passport and visa photographs. That is, it will be possible to find you by these photos in the future. Biometrics is expressed in the fact that when you upload a photo you place it on the canvas so that the main points of your face were in a well-defined place. Their technology is patented and is not used in any other service.

Depending on the country’s requirements, you may need a different background color (white, gray, blue) or a certain size. When you enter any country you will need to provide a biometric photo document, so Photo4id makes your life as a traveler much easier.

Photo4id screen

Full support for your smartphone camera allows you to take the necessary pictures even through the application. Photo4id automatically adjusts the picture in a certain position of your head and with a certain background and facial expression. Just relax and Photo4id will do all the hard work for you!



Getting your passport pictures taken can be one of the most frustrating tasks of preparing your passport application. Here at 2×2 passport photo, we’ve made it easy for you to get up-to-date passport photos with our free online passport maker that allows you to crop and resize your photo with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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