Payment Software for Nonprofits

There are a lot of cheap online payment processing for nonprofits and best online payment system for nonprofits, but which one is the best? And how do you find free payment processing for nonprofits? Learn more about top rated payment software for nonprofits.

Are you wondering if your organization should be using a payment platform for nonprofits? Maybe you’re not sure how you’d integrate this into your existing website or payment processing software. In this article, I discuss the different payment software platforms and features to give you an idea of what each is capable of.

Network for Good

Reach your fundraising goals, connect with supporters, and advance your mission with Network for Good’s all-in-one fundraising software. Overwhelmed by messy spreadsheets, toggling between applications, or tripping over complex and unnecessary features that aren’t worth paying for? Network for Good brings together all the tools, features, and guidance you need so you can confidently raise funds and build strong donor relationships. Built for small and growing nonprofits, only Network for Good is designed to help you become a better fundraiser. Get donor management, powerful communication tools, online fundraising features, and more—all in one integrated software. Plus, our best-in-class onboarding, customer service, and data migration are always included.

iATS Payments

iATS Payments is the only dedicated payment processor exclusively serving the nonprofit sector.


iATS Payments has worked exclusively within the nonprofit sector for over 20 years, so it’s safe to say they understand charitable organizations.

In fact, iATS has partnerships with dozens of nonprofit fundraising software providers, making integrations with different platforms no problem for nonprofits who work with a number of different solutions.

On top of their experience and nonprofit expertise, iATS also has security on their side. Because iATS maintains the highest level of PCI-compliance (with plenty of fraud prevention methods in place), you’ll never have to fret about safety. Nonprofits and donors can rest easy knowing that online fraudsters won’t stand a chance!

Our Favorite Feature

Being a dedicated payment processor, iATS can customize their services to meet a nonprofit’s specific needs. They can get to know you to determine the most effective payment processing solutions.

Another plus of personalized service? If fraudulent activity is ever detected, iATS can contact your organization directly to resolve the issue instead of freezing your account like other processors might. 

The Price Tag

iATS’ credit card processing rates range from 2.49% to 3.2%, depending on the card type. ACH processing costs a flat fee of $0.26 per transaction.

They don’t charge for set-up fees or any hidden fees and charges.



CharityEngine is designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, meaning their team understands your every goal and need. They kept these common needs in mind when developing this all-in-one nonprofit solution.

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CharityEngine offers comprehensive fundraising tools such as peer-to-peer fundraising pages, online donation pages, and event ticketing, all of which are powered by CharityEngine’s own payment processor.

This payment processor is PCI-certified, meaning the CharityEngine team has gone through a lengthy process of ensuring safety quality and even had a qualified security assessor (QSA) inspect the software and security measures in place. 

Our Favorite Feature

CharityEngine’s comprehensive solution takes care of all of your nonprofit’s fundraising tech needs. You can use this single solution to engage your donors, receive their contributions, process their donations, store important data, and pull reports on your campaigns.

In terms of payment processing, CharityEngine does more than just watch for suspicious activity; their unique Environment Aware approach proactively seeks it out in order to address it quickly.

The Price Tag

Contact CharityEngine to learn more about their software and how they can save you money on nonprofit tech.


Braintree is a payment processor that works with nonprofits.


As a PayPal company, Braintree offers plenty of flexibility when it comes to accepting different types of payments. From Apple Pay to Venmo, and of course, traditional credit and debit payments, nonprofit donors can have their pick of payment options.

Braintree provides a simple-to-use payment interface that easily integrates with your website or mobile app, so you’ll be able to customize the checkout experience while remaining PCI-compliant.

Plus, Braintree also offers their 3D Secure feature for eligible payment types. This second-step security measure can decrease chances of fraud, keeping nonprofits safe with no extra effort on their part.

Our Favorite Feature

Braintree’s reporting features offer a next-level view of a nonprofit’s transaction history, with custom tracking options to make staying on top of donations a little less complicated.

Within their report module, your team can view transaction history by card type, date, and more. You’ll also have access to disputes, settlements, and real-time notifications to help you stay as up-to-date as possible.

The Price Tag

Braintree’s standard processing rate is 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction. They boast no minimums, monthly fees, or hidden costs, either!



Regpack’s registration management software toolkit is complete with an integrated payment processing solution that any nonprofit can leverage. Regpack’s PCI-compliant Level 2 payment processor allows your nonprofit to create customizable forms and collect donations directly from your website.

With Regpack’s payment processor, nonprofits can create customizable one-time and recurring donation plans and implement recurring billing, improving donor retention. Your donors and your team will both receive automated invoices, payment confirmations, and payment failure alerts to create a seamless communication process from start to finish. 

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In addition to donation management, Regpack is an all-in-one software solution that can assist nonprofits with membership applications, event and gala registrations, and more. 

Why We Love It

Regpack’s online form builder uses conditional logic to change question forms in real-time based on previous responses. For example, if a supporter attending event selects no for food allergies won’t see any additional questions while a supporter who says yes will have their form change to ask additional questions about their allergies. This system provides supporters with a fully personalized experience, whether they’re filling out a donation form or registering for a nonprofit event.  

Lengthy forms and data re-entry can lead to form abandonment. But with Regpack’s conditional logic capabilities, your forms only ask questions relevant to the user, encouraging them to see their payment process to completion. 


Regpack’s processing rates start at 2.1%. Get a quote and request a demo to learn more. 


Aplos is a cloud-based system designed specially to serve the needs of nonprofit and church organizations. The Aplos platform includes fund accounting, online donation management, reporting functionalities, fundraising tools, event management, and custom communications. Aplos offers features that allow organizations to manage their fund accounting (including report transactions, manage finances, track cash flows, and create journal entries for direct double entry accounting), fundraise more effectively and efficiently (through the use of online donation tools, custom communication, donor database reports, and event registration), and is the all-in-one solution for users who would like to manage all of their financial, donation, and donor information in one place. Aplos is tailored for small to mid-sized organizations, including nonprofits, foundations, service clubs, faith-based organizations, churches (from church plants to multi-sites), and schools. Aplos makes it simple with accounting software for nonprofits and churches: Nonprofit Reporting Powerful Budgeting True Fund Accounting Cloud-Based Contributions Management Donation Tracking

Greater Giving Event

Greater Giving, a Global Payments company, is dedicated to providing technology solutions to the nonprofit community in order to improve their fundraising efforts. Greater Giving offers integrated and stand-alone solutions that include event management software, online registration and donation services, online bidding, on-site payment collection, and credit card processing. Best-in-class customer service is also provided leading up to and for the duration of an event. Since 2002, Greater Giving has processed more than $7B in credit card payments in support of nonprofit causes for thousands of organizations and schools across the United States and Canada. Greater Giving also provides free fundraising education resources throughout the year, including webinars, live seminars, eBooks, guides and blog articles. For more information, visit

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Vantiv understands that nonprofits need to offer their supporters variety when it comes to making donations.

To make the giving process as convenient and accessible as possible, Vantiv gives nonprofits a plethora of payment solutions, from recurring giving to flexible payment options.

And because they’re a dedicated merchant account provider, Vantiv can adapt to each nonprofit’s needs and customize their services accordingly.

Our Favorite Feature

Vantiv’s team is determined to help their customers get the most out of the payment processing experience.

To that end, Vantiv has advanced troubleshooting and live customer support available 24/7. Vantiv will work with you to resolve issues and keep your organization on track at all times.

The Price Tag

For information on Vantiv’s processing fees and rates, please contact them via their website.

Heartland Payment Systems

Heartland offers payment processing services specific to the nonprofit community.


Heartland Payment Systems is a dedicated merchant account provider that serves businesses of all sizes as well as nonprofit organizations.

Heartland prides themselves on keeping payment processing simple and accessible for merchants, with consolidated, user-friendly statements, next-day funding regardless of card type, and a comprehensive web portal available 24/7 year-round.

To make sure they’re on top of their transactions, merchants can request a free review of their statements from one of Heartland’s client managers. Heartland will analyze statements and even make recommendations to improve business practices and reduce transaction costs!

Our Favorite Feature

To prove their dedication, Heartland Payment Systems created the Merchant Bill of Rights, a resource to help small and mid-sized businesses understand the ins and outs of payment processing.

Naturally, Heartland enforces each of these ten rights with their merchants. With Heartland on your side, your team will always have full transparency with your processor!

The Price Tag

To learn about Heartland’s competitive pricing, contact a sales representative on their website!Learn More About Heartland Payment Systems!


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