Best Relationship Management Software for Nonprofits

The satisfaction of keeping donors throughout the whole process of giving, starting from their donation to the organization until they give again, is something that every nonprofit organization needs to build. Best Relationship Management Software for Nonprofits is a cloud-based CRM software that aids in the development of relationships with donors.

This is the Best Relationship Management Software for Nonprofits on the market, and it is FREE. The software will allow you to manage your contacts, generate leads, process donations and much more. It is a CRM for Nonprofits. You can use this software to manage your contacts and increase donations. This software is available at no cost in exchange for you helping us promote our services.


Nutshell is all about building better relationships with people. 

Priding itself as the most flexible CRM on the market, Nutshell’s contact management and pipeline automation tools are built for sales organizations but can easily be adapted for the needs of non-profits. 

Using Nutshell, you can log communications from your computer, or from your phone if you’re at an event. You can even scan a donor’s business card, and they’ll be added into the CRM as a new contact instantly. That way, you’ll never lose track of a potential donor again. 

Like any modern CRM, Nutshell allows you to store all your contact details, call notes, and email conversations in one place—from your first interactions with a potential donor to the confirmation of their first payment—so that everyone in your organization can quickly access them whenever they need to.

What really sets Nutshell apart are its automations, which take the grunt-work out of nurturing donors. Notably, the full-featured Nutshell Pro tier allows your team to build and deploy email sequences that roll out to a potential donor until they respond, and the sales automation suite ensures that your team always gives their leads (potential donors, in this case) the right attention at the right time. 

How nonprofits use Nutshell

Nutshell was designed with flexibility in mind, so that users with drastically different use cases (like nonprofits) can still have a solution that addresses all of their needs and pain points.

Nonprofits prefer Nutshell because of its ability to easily map people and companies as “donors,” “volunteers,” and whatever other labels are required. There are no limits on this feature. Label away.

Also, Nutshell’s ability to create multiple pipelines and automations specifically addresses nonprofits’ needs to have multiple workflows.

People and companies can be labeled and then added to whichever pipeline is appropriate for them, so contacts never get mixed up. The audiences are different, the automation is different, and Nutshell controls for this at its most base level.

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Furthermore, Nutshell includes features like email automationemail sequencing, and custom email triggers, making it easier to communicate with different audiences and nurture them differently based on their needs.

Price: Starting at $19 per user / month for Nutshell Starter, and $35 per user per month for Nutshell Pro; all Nutshell subscriptions include unlimited contacts and free technical support


Salesforce has built a Nonprofit Cloud specifically to cater to non-profits. It provides non-profits a complete, 360-degree view of every part of their organization’s work.  

Using the Nonprofit Cloud, organizations can create personalized engagement plans to track donor movements and improve their volunteering and fundraising efforts. On top of that, non-profits can generate new groups of potential donors (for example, a group from a recent fundraiser) and target them with a custom market campaign.

And this gives non-profits a streamlined, organized way to nurture their new relationships. The results: 


The Nonprofit Cloud also has tools dedicated to advancing donors. The platform allows organizations to manage memorial gifts and in-kind gifts to nurture donor relationships in a more meaningful way, without it being robotic. 

It’s multilingual, too. Non-profits can use the CRM to communicate with the constituents in English, Spanish, German, and Japanese.

Price: For qualified customers, the first 10 users are free. Although your non-profit has to meet Salesforce’s eligibility guidelines, which you can check out here


Kindful is a CRM built specifically for non-profits in mind. 

Once a donor is entered into the system, a non-profit will be able to track their online and offline donation history, event participation, past acknowledgements, and pledges within a single profile. 

As Kindful is built to help with fundraising, donor tracking, and analyzing interactions, it makes sense that it’s geared towards non-profits who raise funds online. The software gives non-profits the tools to build and customize their donation pages to accept and store donations internally.

And what about all the data? Non-profits can generate reports to track and analyze the success of their events, fundraising efforts, and their total donor pool, which can then be automatically sent to developers, CEOs, and board members.

Price: Starts at $100 / month for 1,000 contacts


CRM Overview

360MatchPro is a comprehensive CRM solution that allows nonprofits to market and automate matching gifts like never before.

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With its robust features, maximizing your matching gift revenue is a piece of cake. From automated identification across your fundraising, match completion, and actionable insights for next steps, your matching gift process will be intuitive and simple. 

In addition, 360MatchPro is easily integrable to keep your process as streamlined as possible.

Why We Love This Donor CRM

360MatchPro offers an extensive list of features, one of which is automated acknowledgements. Because they know how important your donors are, 360MatchPro places focus on donor stewardship by automating triggered thank-you emails when they submit a matching gift request and when you receive the matching donation.

Nonprofit CRM Pricing

Contact 360MatchPro for a quote on their matching gift CRM services.

360MatchPro & Matching Gifts

360MatchPro by Double the Donation is the industry-leading matching gift system for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes. With this software, fundraisers can easily promote matching gift opportunities to supporters and integrate company-matching at every step along the donor journey.

This powerful solution leverages Double the Donation’s comprehensive matching gift database which allows donors to quickly and easily determine their matching gift eligibility. Additionally, organizations are able to screen donor information for employment markers and configure automated, personalized matching gift follow-ups which drive both the number of matches secured as well as total match revenue.


CRM Overview

CharityEngine is an all-in-one CRM solution that empowers nonprofits like yours to engage supporters throughout their entire donor journey.

Instead of continually integrating piecemeal solutions, CharityEngine offers every tool you’ll need in one complete package, including data storage capabilities, fundraising features, direct mail marketing, major gift management, and automated marketing. 

With all of your fundraising and communication tools located within the same solution, CharityEngine makes it easy to communicate with donors and encourage their involvement during every phase of their donor journey.

Why We Love This Donor CRM

CharityEngine helps nonprofits recruit donors and retain supporter relationships long-term. Your nonprofit staff can streamline their workflow by using this single software solution to create communication and marketing materials, personalized with key donor information. Whether you’re fundraising, launching an advocacy campaign, or stewarding donor relationships, CharityEngine makes staying organized simple and manageable for your nonprofit.

Nonprofit CRM Pricing

Contact CharityEngine to request a demo and get a quote for their all-in-one CRM solution.

CharityEngine & Matching Gifts

CharityEngine emphasizes the power and importance of matching gifts and streamlines the process for their users with a seamless integration with Double the Donation’s matching gift automation tools. For these users, the process goes like this: As donors give to support a nonprofit’s efforts, their information is collected by the CharityEngine CRM⁠—which then flows into 360MatchPro. 360MatchPro identifies match-eligible donors and triggers automated outreach which encourages donors to submit their matches and secure more funding for the organization.

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Salsa CRM

CRM Overview

Salsa CRM + Salsa Engage is an innovative donor management and engagement platform built to help nonprofits optimize their campaigns, outreach, and overall fundraising strategy. Salsa’s innovative SmartEngagement technology leverages the power of machine learning, marketing automation, intelligent reporting, and more to power your mission.

Salsa CRM offers robust donor profiles to holistically track each supporter’s history and make informed predictions about the future. With built-in donation pages, peer-to-peer fundraising tools, multi-channel advocacy, and more, this CRM has everything you need to accelerate fundraising, all in one place.

Why We Love This Donor CRM

Salsa is more than just a CRM. This unified platform will equip you with a full suite of tools to communicate, advocate, and fund your cause.

With unparalleled predictive analytics and intelligent reporting features, Salsa offers world-class fundraising technology supported by fundraising expertise and best practices.

Nonprofit CRM Pricing

Contact Salsa for specific pricing information.

Salsa & Matching Gifts

SalsaLabs offers a technical integration with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation in order to equip its users with innovative matching gift solutions. This streamlines the process of promoting matching gift opportunities to donors, providing donors with detailed information about their employers’ matching gift programs, and following up to remind eligible donors to request company matches. That means increased engagement with supporters and increased corporate funding for your nonprofit!


Bitrix24 offers a free cloud-based or on-premise CRM for nonprofits. With a less than a one-minute setup and up to 12 users, you can efficiently utilize the platform to discuss instant messenger style and organize volunteers.


Primary features include contact and lead management, email marketing, product catalog, quotes and invoices, and workflow automation.


A few limitations of Bitrix24 are its overwhelming UI navigation, its expensive features, and the platform has a learning curve.


Free version available for up to 12 users (limited storage). The CRM+ plan starts at $55 per month.


We’ve thought of everything! Our Nonprofit Relationship Management Software is the best software to help you track donors, volunteers, members and prospects. Built exclusively for nonprofits by a former nonprofit CEO, it’s powerful yet easy to use.

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