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Rental Software for Landlords

As a landlord, you may be familiar with some cost-saving ways you can keep your house from crumbling: mow the lawn yourself, or perhaps buy a second hand power washer instead of a new one. Perhaps you already have experience with what is known as a “Rental Equipment Inventory Management Software”.

Rental Software for Landlords is innovative and easy-to-use property management software for small landlords. Rental Software for Landlords allows you to manage all aspects of your rental property business and organize your properties, tenants, repairs and maintenance requests, amenities and rental rates.

Are you running a business on a small scale and are in search of the best equipment rental software? Would you like an easy-to-use solution that can help you manage and track your assets without costing you much? Stop wandering and have a look at this website. It tells everything about the best equipment rental management system, its features, and benefits for using it. Plus, it has a comparison of diverse tools to find the right one as per your requirements.

Rental Software for Landlords is the best property management software for landlords. Now you can manage your rental properties on your computer, with online access at all times. Rental Software for Landlords is easy-to-use and easy to install, which means you will be on your way to a more successful rental business in no time!

What is landlord software?

Landlord software allows rental managers to control all aspects of a rental property including:

  • Screening and managing tenants
  • Responding to maintenance requests
  • Scheduling periodic property inspections
  • Processing online rent payments
  • Tracking operating expenses
  • Generating monthly P&L and cash flow statements
  • Compiling year-end tax-ready financial statements

How landlord software works & the benefits of using It

Landlord software comes in two different versions: 1) Computer-based software is downloaded and run on your desktop, laptop, or tablet. 2) Web-based landlord software operates in the cloud and offers online access from any internet-connected device anywhere in the world.

Some landlord software systems also offer smartphone mobile apps that securely connect with web-based software to track expenses and monitor property performance with iOS and Android applications.

According to the 2021 State of the Property Management Report recently released by Buildium, there are five top technologies renters expect landlords to offer:

  1. Communicating via text or email
  2. Paying rent online
  3. Submitting maintenance repair requests online
  4. Electronic leasing
  5. Access to a resident portal

Even though the demand for rental property is at all-time highs, with average single-family rental occupancy rates at 95.3%, the race to find good and keep good tenants is even stronger. The average length of time a tenant stays in a single-family rental is three years, and landlords are investing in technologies to earn the best rents and keep tenants even longer.

The best landlord software applications help you efficiently run your rental business, meet the needs of your tenants, and maximize the financial performance of your investment real estate:

  1. Improve your online tenant application process to reduce application errors, manage the entire leasing process online, and update applicants on their application status. 
  2. Online rent collection including a variety of rent payment options, schedule recurring monthly payments for tenants, and automated rent payment reminders to reduce late payments and improve cash flow.
  3. Track maintenance requests for tenants and schedule repairs with vendors to increase tenant satisfaction, keep occupancy levels high and tenant turnover low.
  4. Automating your real estate business with landlord software allows you to spend less time on paperwork and routine matters and more time growing revenues by scaling up your rental property portfolio.

Best software for small landlords and big property managers

There are typically two main types of landlord software:

Smaller investors with anywhere from one rental unit to a dozen properties or more generally require features such as tracking properties at the portfolio level and property level, automating income and expenses, organizing documents, and running reports.

Professional property management companies with hundreds of thousands of properties under management require more sophisticated – and expensive – landlord software systems for a wide variety of property types including large apartment buildings, student housing, HOAs, and commercial properties.

Here are some of the best rental property management software available for both small landlords and big property management companies. 



Landlordy is a unique option in that it’s iPhone-specific. If you’re just looking for a simple solution that mainly helps you track rent payments and send invoices, this could be a good fit.

However, keep in mind that you’ll be losing out on many of the more premium features that many of the other options on this list offer, like a tenant portal, owner portal, and maintenance management.

It’s also important to consider that it currently only offers an iOS version, no Android.

Landlordy features

  • iPhone integrations such as SMS messaging
  • Payment reminders
  • Basic accounting features such as rent and expense tracking
  • iPhone app (no Android)

Landlordy pricing

Landlordy offers a free plan for up to 1 property and tenant lease. Their starter plan is $14.99 per month with some additional features, such as data backup.



Avail is another good option that offers a more comprehensive feature set than Landlordy while also offering a free plan.

Unlike Landlordy’s affordable premium plan, however, Avail’s paid plan isn’t cheap.

Other pros and cons include a decent UI that’s easy to maneuver. It can be challenging to get started because Avail doesn’t offer good tutorials or a competent knowledge base for learning how the software works.

Features include:

  • Online rent payments
  • Work order management
  • Tenant screening
  • Automatic listings

Avail pricing

Avail offers a free plan with an unlimited number of units. However, their Unlimited Plus paid plan is pricey even compared to some of the higher-end options on this list. If you want to get many of their more valuable features, it will cost you $5 per unit, per month.



TenantCloud offers a free plan most similar to Landlordy’s, being free up to 75 units. It’s not unlimited, but it will suffice just the same if you have a small portfolio.

If you’re looking for a convenient app you can take with you on the go– that offers a free plan– Landlordy is likely still the best option.

However, the one benefit TenantCloud has over Landlordy is that its feature list on both its free and premium plan is better.

Features include:

  • Online rent payments
  • Work order management
  • Vendor payments

TenantCloud pricing

TenantCloud has a free plan of up to 75 units. If you need something more or are looking for more features, they offer a Standard plan for $12 up to 150 units and a Growth plan for $40 up to 150 units.

However, you’ll need to opt for their $40 Growth plan to get a decent list of features comparable to the other options on this list.



SimplifyEM is an excellent option if you’re primarily looking for an accounting tool for managing your properties.

SimplifyEM mainly makes tracking and collecting rent easier, with some unique features such as payment reminders.

They have a free trial version of the software that’s unique among other property management software tools in that you can test out the complete software for a limited time without putting any sensitive information in.

Features include:

  • Robust accounting features
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Reminders
  • Automated rent payments

SimplifyEM Pricing

SimplifyEM has a free trial version of the software. Their paid plans start at just $20 per month, making it one of the most affordable paid plans on this list, though it only covers up to 10 units.

Property Matrix

Property Matrix

Property Matrix is a good option for businesses with very specific reporting needs. Offering over 500 customizable reporting fields, this software allows you to generate virtually any report you’ll need. 

However, it’s important to note that users report that Property Matrix’s price point is quite high for smaller businesses, especially when compared to software options with comparable features. Its Starter plan starts at $400/month for up to 250 units.

Features include:

  • Mobile app
  • Custom user roles
  • Custom fields and reports
  • ACH and credit card payments

Property Matrix pricing

Property Matrix starts at $400/month on its Starter plan, which is quite high compared to other options out there.

Even if you manage as many as 250 units, there are other software options out there that offer a more advanced subscription tier that still costs less than this basic package.

Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct is a property management tool with a large set of features and a great pricing model.

It has one of the most comprehensive sets of features of any option on this list. Their accounting features, in particular, are diverse, including everything from online rent payments to robust reporting tools.

However, users report Rentec’s interface is hard to navigate and find what you need, making it a bit of a pain to use on a regular basis.

Features include:

  • Good accounting features
  • Work order management
  • Tenant communications tools
  • Owner portal

Rentec Direct pricing

Rentec Direct’s pricing starts at a base of $35 per month for up to 10 units, with pricing increasing based on a tiered model.

For up to 50 units, you’ll $55 per month, 100 units for $90, and all the way up to 500 units for $450 per month.


Stessa aims to make rental property finances simple by helping both novice and sophisticated investors maximize profits through smart money management, automated income and expense tracking, and customized reporting. 

Pricing is 100% free and includes features such as unlimited property tracking, portfolio and property-level dashboards, automated income and expense tracking, real estate document organization and storage, unlimited monthly reports, and export of tax-ready financials. Stessa does offer optional premium services to investors for a fee, to assist with rent analysis, mortgage financing, and market research. 

Benefits of Adopting Equipment Rental Software

Regardless of which type of buyer you are, the many features of equipment rental software bring tons of benefits to help rental businesses achieve operational success. These benefits include:

Newfound organization. Many rental businesses will move to equipment rental management software from less efficient manual methods, such as spreadsheets, basic emailing for customer management and even paper tickets and contracts. Equipment rental software will provide incredible organizational benefits for these new adopters. Automating the tracking and availability of equipment, setting maintenance reminders and autogenerating customer communications will free up operators to spend more time training employees and checking in on customers.

Increased transparency. Equipment rental reporting tools give operators and managers unparalleled transparency and insight into their business. Specialized reporting dashboards offer a customizable view of the status on all equipment the company has. And such dashboards can be drilled down to account for filters such as equipment type, time since last maintenance and time until rental is returned. All of this combined enables rental businesses to make more informed decisions to propel their operations.

Decreased equipment downtime. Equipment rental software offers two distinct means of decreasing equipment downtime, thus enabling businesses to generate more money per asset:

  • The first is through maintenance management features that monitor metrics such as overall usage and time since last maintenance to prescribe predictive and preventative maintenance. By ensuring equipment is properly maintained through automated maintenance, rental businesses can keep assets out of the shop and keep them rented.
  • The second benefit equipment management software has for decreasing downtime is simply greater transparency into scheduling. By having an organized calendar of unrented days, businesses can focus on renting their equipment these days to increase revenue.


Rental Software for Landlords is a free property management software program for landlords. This complete set of tools will help you manage your rental business, so you stay organized and make more money.  If you’re a landlord, you must be aware of how important it is to keep an eye on your property and also keep your tenants happy. It’s not always possible for you to physically check the condition of your property or surprise a returning tenant with a new appliance. Land rental software is the answer because it allows you to handle your property management anywhere by only sitting in front of the computer at the office or from home.

Rental software is designed to help rental-based businesses track and manage their renting operations. When you’re looking for equipment for your company, it’s highly important to have reliable tools in place to efficiently manage the application process, inventory, reporting and invoicing.

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