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Seo Tools for Excel Mac

This is quite possibly the best Excel tool for webmasters. I had never dived into Excel for SEO, it used to be hard to find info on the internet. No more, this one app covers all the ground you need covered. Seo Tools for Excel Mac has all of the information you will ever need on SEO with a simple set up and amazing results.

Seo Tools for Excel Mac is a great integration of advanced tools available. Here are some of the features you’ll find in the new release:


GrowthBar is one of the easiest to use SEO tools on the market. They enable users to see millions of keyword results, your competition’s backlinks, Google Ads data and generate blog content in one click.

GrowthBar is a tool that is built using Open AI — the most sophisticated language model ever made. That means the results and recommendations are as good as it gets. It’s slick, sleek, and 100% intuitive.

Because of the simple user interface and robust data sets, it’s becoming a favorite choice for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and freelancers. But GrowthBar counts bigger companies like Minted, MagicJack, Square, Spekit, and Teepublic among its customers as well.

GrowthBar also has a free Chrome Extension so you can get SEO insights while you surf the web.


  • Organic Research — See millions of keyword suggestions along with their competitiveness score.
  • Competitiveness Metrics — See your competitors’ top organic keywords, top backlinks, and export any of the metrics into an Excel-friendly CSV.
  • Content Generation — Generate blog post outlines with proper keywords, headlines, word count, links, tone, and more — all with one click of a button.
GrowthBar Dashboard


GrowthBar Pricing

You can test out GrowthBar for 5 days for free, before upgrading to a paid subscription. It’s an all-in-one super powerful SEO tool for $29/mo — which makes GrowthBar significantly cheaper than most other quality tools out there.


  • Content generation for bloggers.
  • Competitive research: understand your competition’s top organic keyword, Google Ads keywords, backlinks, and Facebook Ads.
  • Get word counts, difficulty scores, keyword suggestions, backlinks, and much more to build your content strategy.


  • Lacks technical SEO metrics
  • Lacks historical tracking data
  • Lacks SEO audit feature


Adam Enfroy Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of my favorite SEO tools on the market. Not only is it the second-fastest web crawler (only behind Google) but it has the best user interface out of all tools on this list.

It’s primarily used for backlink audits, competitive analysis, URL rankings, keyword research, and more. Like SEMrush, Ahrefs also offers organic search reports to analyze the traffic of your competitors’ sites.

Users then use that extracted data for link building, keyword research, SEO strategies, rank tracking, and content marketing.

I use Ahrefs every day to check on new backlinks, my keyword’s search positions, and check out competitor insights.

I especially love their keyword explorer tool, which allows you to see keyword difficulty and related keywords that “also rank” for target phrases.

All these impressive features make Ahrefs a highly competitive SEO tool used by numerous SEO professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide.


  • Amazing Keyword Tools – Ahrefs generates millions of keywords on a single research query.
  • Ranking History – You can see the ranking history of any keyword used on any page of your website.
  • Content Explorer – You can do a content search within the Ahrefs database that contains more than 1 billion web pages.
  • Monitor Outbound Links – Ahrefs shows outgoing links report in the site explorer. This helps you keep proper track of where your guest posts are linking.


Ahrefs pricing

You can test out the product by opting for the 7-day trial for $7. After that, you can upgrade to the subscription plans start from $99 and range up to $999.


  • Getting website improvement tips for increased visibility and ranking
  • To get a clear backlinks analysis report
  • To know the URL rating
  • To get historical backlink data analysis
  • To build a content strategy


  • Lack of automated client-facing reports if you’re running an agency


Sitechecker Website Checker is a great website checker that provides a deep SEO analysis so that you can make SEO improvements. You simply input your website URL and click analyze. Once Sitechecker scans your website, you get insights into traffic, backlinks, rankings, and more.


  • Website Change Monitoring – Their ongoing website scans audit your website and provides information on changes that have been made and how they impact your SEO scores.
  • On-Page SEO Audits – Sitechecker scans your webpages and provides insights into issues to fix.
  • Website Traffic Check – You can view competitor site traffic without any limits.
  • Daily Backlink Tracking – Get notified whenever any new links point to your site (or any disappear) so you can take action.
  • Rankings Check – View your keyword rankings (including local and mobile rankings).


Sitechecker Pricing

Sitechecker has three main pricing plans starting at $29 per month. Their $29/month Startup Plan provides you the ability to use their website checker on 5 websites, 5,000 URLs, 500 keywords, and 5,000 backlinks. Pricing plans scale up with the number of websites, URLs, keywords, and backlinks you want to track.


  • People that need a website checker for site audits.
  • Competitor tracking.
  • Keyword position tracking and monitoring.
  • New and lost backlink tracking.

Bitrix24 Integration Guide

Bitrix24 provides a complete suite of social collaboration, communication and management tools for your business, including CRM, file sharing, project management, calendars, and more. You can integrate SE Ranking with Bitrix24 to automatically transfer all your leads to your CRM.

Integration process

1. Log in to your Bitrix24 account.

2. Click on the “Applications” button on the left to get to the list of all available applications.

3. Go to the “Web hooks” section.

4. Click on the “Add web hook” button.

5. Select a web hook type – “Inbound web hook” – from the drop-down list.

6. To add an inbound web hook, fill in the required fields – specify its name (for example, SE Ranking), select the module you need to have access to (in this case, we need access to the CRM module). Then click the “Save” button.

7. The form now shows some new information where 1 is your Bitrix24 address, and 2 – the Bitrix web hook code. You will need these two parameters to further integrate SE Ranking’s Lead Generator tool with Bitrix24.

8. Then, go to your SE Ranking account, select the Lead Generator tool from the list of tools, go to Settings → Integrations → Bitrix24 → Add.

Add Bitrix 24 in SE Ranking

9. In the pop-up menu, fill in the “Bitrix24 address” and “Bitrix webhook code” fields (see step 7). Then, click the “Connect” button. Now your Lead Generator is integrated with Bitrix24.

Connect Bitrix24 in SE Ranking

SEO Reporting

If none of the tools below fit your needs, take a look at our full post about SEO reporting software.

Market Samurai – This tool has been around for years and includes a rank tracker, domain finder, content finder, content publishing & link finder. I really like the SEO competitor analysis module.

SEO Powersuite (Free Version) – This includes a suite of 4 SEO tools for Mac including Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO Spyglass & Link Assistant. I have used this suite of tools for a long time, see my full SEO Powersuite review.

Advanced Web Ranking (Free Trial) – This tool can monitor all aspects of your SEO campaign including ranks, creating SEO audits, monitoring social media and producing great looking white label reports.

Domainer (100% Free) – This great app lets you keep track of any domain and is great for tracking your fleet of sites. It pulls in a range of metrics like Alexa information, links & page rank. Can also use to monitor competitors.


I love Excel, but when it comes to Excel macros, there are plenty of things to be wary about. For instance, when you look at an Excel macro for free, you might not always get the full picture. So make sure you’re taking a good look at the developer’s website and if tests have been done before you install. Before going further I’d ask you to check out WooRank, a great tool that will allow you to see SEO statistics for any site on the internet. Of all the stuff that DeepCrawl does DeepCrawl allows for customization to create perfectly optimized Wordpress URLs. But if you want a SEO tool for Mac, BookMiner is a killer plugin from WordPress Plugins Review

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