Software for Fundraising for Nonprofit

Nonprofit fundraising software to simplify your donor and member management. Now you can create and send campaigns, track donors and manage pledge payments. With mobile and online access, you can do it all from anywhere!

Nonprofit organizations across the world are harnessing the power of software to further their mission. Fundraising software can help increase fundraising and donations, while a donor database can help nonprofits connect with new donors. At Fundraising Software we’ve spent years helping nonprofit organizations find fundraiser and donor database software that fits their needs.

Bloomerang — Best Nonprofit CRM

Donor Management Software Overview

Bloomerang’s donor management software was developed by fundraising professionals who understand the importance of building relationships with your supporters and donors. It includes features that help fundraising professionals not only capture initial donations, but also focus their efforts and attention on retaining their supporters for the long haul. 

The interactive dashboard offered by Bloomerang shows the organization’s retention rate front and center, making it easy for nonprofits to track and improve this important metric. Other features, such as comprehensive donor profiles and customizable reports, provide nonprofits with the remaining tools to develop impactful fundraising and stewardship strategies.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

The team behind Bloomerang recognizes what nonprofit professionals want to see when looking at their donor data. That’s why their Engagement Score for each supporter takes into account all engagement metrics, from events attended to emails clicked through to surveys completed. From this score, nonprofits can identify and reengage supporters in danger of lapsing while also identifying top contributors.

Donor Software Pricing

Bloomerang’s standard pricing starts at $99 for up to 1,000 records saved in the CRM. However, they also offer specialized pricing for small shops to help them get started. This pricing ranges from free to $79 and is applicable for nonprofits with between zero and 750 records in their system. 

Dataro — Best Donor Management Software for AI-Driven Fundraising

Donor Management Software Overview

Dataro is a leading provider in an area that’s quickly emerging as a new frontier in fundraising: artificial intelligence.

Their machine learning system integrates directly with leading CRM platforms to deliver reliable predictions based on previous interactions with donors. These data-driven insights can help you plan more targeted and effective campaigns based on what you already know.

Which donors will be most receptive to your next direct mail appeal? Who’s ready to convert to your monthly giving program? Who’s at risk of lapsing and not giving again? Dataro takes all the guesswork out of answering these questions with predictions generated using advanced artificial intelligence.

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Why We Love This Donor Management System

Dataro is a valuable addition to any nonprofit’s donor management toolkit. In recent years, organizations of all sizes have learned the importance of actively tracking donor data to inform their future strategies. The challenge, however, is finding the time and resources to put all that data into action.

Dataro uses innovative technology to simplify the entire process and reduce time-consuming manual data analysis. For instance, their AI-driven predictions helped Greenpeace see a 22.8% improvement in ROI for a direct mail campaign in just 65 days!

Donor Software Pricing

Dataro subscriptions are available on a tiered pricing structure based on the number of constituent records in your database and how many donor modules you want. Set up a free demo account to see their innovative AI-driven platform in action.

Grassroots Unwired — Best Donor Management Software for Advocacy Organizations and Political Campaigns

Donor Management Software Overview

Grassroots Unwired’s virtual canvassing software allows non-profits, grassroots organizations, and political campaigns to seamlessly collect and manage donor data. With real-time data availability and accessibility, your organization can connect with supporters anywhere and at any time.

With the ability to text and video chat, Grassroots Unwired equips canvassing teams with the ability to build relationships with your supporters while simultaneously staying in contact with their group directors. This allows for comprehensive management of all volunteers, even as they hit the streets to knock on doors.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Grassroots Unwired’s canvassing software creates a two-way conversation between supporters and your campaign. With customizable, multilingual scripts and script branching, volunteers will never be at a loss for what to say, and voters are invited to continue the conversation in automatically emailed follow-up surveys and social media posts.

Donor Software Pricing

Request a demo to learn more and contact them for a quote that fits your budget.


Check out Salsa's event management software solution.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

Salsa’s fundraising software solutions marry digital marketing with online fundraising and donor management tools so that your organization’s fundraising efforts can be taken to new heights.

Salsa’s comprehensive suite of nonprofit management tools are invaluable resources for supporting fundraising events, whether it’s through customized marketing plans that help keep your constituents informed of upcoming events or through adding peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities to your planned fundraisers.

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Integrates with Double the Donation

This platform can be integrated with the industry’s leading matching gift tool.

Check out the integration guide. 

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

One of the best things about Salsa’s software solutions is that they are easily scalable, meaning that you won’t have to shop for a new vendor or pay to build integrations with other systems as your needs evolve. Whether your nonprofit is just starting out or whether it’s been around for years, Salsa’s programs are able to be tailored to suit your organization’s needs.

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

Contact Salsa for a quote on pricing!


Handbid is one of the leading fundraising event software in the nonprofit space.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

With Handbid’s online auction platform, it’s never been easier to host engaging and lucrative virtual events. Built specifically for nonprofits, this platform comes equipped with everything you need to set up your auction from start to finish.

Gain access to powerful live streaming tools, mobile bidding, Text2Give, invoicing tools, and much more.

When planning your next virtual fundraiser, rely on Handbid to handle all backend processes, so you can focus on boosting event registrations, driving engagement, and forming lifelong partnerships with supporters.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

After running more than 4,200 auctions, Handbid’s expert team has a proven track record and knows what it takes to pull off successful events. On average, the platform generates an outstanding 120% more bids per item and sees a 60% increase in revenue per item when compared to paper-based auctions. With Handbid, you can rest assured knowing that your fundraiser is in good hands.

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

Handbid offers packages for every price range. Take a look at their auction pricing page for up-to-date costs. While you’re there, be sure to check out their add-on features to make the most of your event.

Snowball Fundraising

Fundraising Event Software Overview

Snowball Fundraising is a mobile giving solution that your nonprofit can use during an event or for your everyday fundraising.

Their simple text-to-give software makes it easy for donors to give to their favorite nonprofit with only two clicks. The technology is also secure, so your organization doesn’t have to worry about your donors’ data being compromised.

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Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

Snowball has some of the most easy-to-use text-to-give software on the market. They make collecting donations a hassle-free process.

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

Snowball’s starter pack is free. They also have a $99 a year option as well as a $149 a month option depending on your nonprofit’s needs.

DonorPerfect | Top Donor Management Software

Fundraising Software Overview

DonorPerfect is a fundraising software solution that helps nonprofits engage donors and cultivate relationships for maximum success. With DonorPerfect, your fundraising team can:

  • Create branded online forms
  • Manage engaging fundraising events
  • Compile comprehensive reports
  • Secure finances with an integrated payment processing
  • Engage donors in meaningful ways

Your donors are the most important people to your organization and DonorPerfect knows that.

Why This Fundraising Software Stands Out

DonorPerfect is known for its donor engagement and management capabilities. If you invest in DonorPerfect, better reach your donors through:

  • Personalized communications
  • Task assignments and alerts
  • Donor targeting and filtering

Keep all your donor data in one place and engage your supporters!

How Much Does This Platform Cost?

Depending on how large your donor base is and your nonprofit’s budget, DonorPerfect offers payment plans to meet your needs. Their pricing plan can be found here!

Check out DonorPerfect's website to learn more about their online fundraising software.

MatchMaker, an Arreva Software | Top Donor Relationship Software

Fundraising Software Overview

MatchMaker is a fundraising tool that has now been acquired by Arreva. Arreva is another fundraising solution, and together the two can help your nonprofit manage its donor relationships.

From one central location, Arreva’s MatchMaker lets you:

  • Manage your peer-to-peer campaign
  • Optimize the event registration process
  • Oversee your volunteers
  • Communicate with your donors

The better you treat your donor relationships, the more effective your fundraising efforts will be!

Why This Fundraising Software Stands Out

MatchMaker, an Arreva software, can improve your donor relationships with its flexible online donation options. Add recurring donation options, present fixed donation options, and even let your donors pick where their money is going. 

How Much Does This Platform Cost?

MatchMaker, an Arreva software, has multiple pricing plans. Contact them on their website to learn more.

Check out Arreva's website to learn more about MatchMaker, an online fundraising tool.


Fundraising software for nonprofit organizations has become critical as more rely on donations from the public. Donor management software is used by nonprofits to streamline the donor acquisition, retention and cultivation processes and to improve overall donor engagement.

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