Software for Fundraising Professionals

Software for Fundraising Professionals is a fundraising technology platform that helps organizations run their events more creatively & efficiently, while enriching their donors’ experience at the same time. Their online system has been developed to help you create and manage non-profit projects, fundraise through them, raise awareness, and effectively grow your donor database.

Fundraising software used by leading organizations across the world. Using best-in-class technology and sound methodology, we develop software solutions that can help your organization achieve its fundraising objectives and dramatically improve your work.

360MatchPro —Best Donor Management Software for Matching Gifts

Donor Management Software Overview

360MatchPro’s matching gift donor management software lets your organization manage, market, and automate your matching gifts. From automated matching gift identification to actionable insights for next steps, 360MatchPro has your back the whole way through the matching gift process.

With their match portal, email domain screening, automated outreach, and process tracking, organizing your matching gift data has never been easier.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Because 360MatchPro knows how important your donors are, their software lets you automate customized acknowledgements for when donors submit matching gift requests and for when your organization receives the matching gift. No donor will go unthanked with 360MatchPro.

Donor Software Pricing

Contact 360MatchPro for a quote on their matching gift management solutions.

CharityEngine — Best All-in-One Donor Management Software

Donor Management Software Overview

CharityEngine equips nonprofits with a suite of tools that fulfill nearly all of your organization’s software needs, making this solution our top pick for all-in-one donor management software.

The majority of donor management software solutions focus exclusively on a few key features, forcing nonprofits to purchase and integrate many separate solutions to manage their donors effectively. Researching and investing in multiple solutions quickly wracks up time and money that could be spent marketing to donors and fulfilling your organization’s mission. 

CharityEngine’s donation management system provides nonprofits with a CRM, fundraising capabilities, donor profiles, event management features, advocacy tools, a payment processor, and reporting functions all in a single solution.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Because CharityEngine‘s features and solutions are all a part of a single solution, all of your data is stored in one centralized location, making it easy to streamline data from one campaign to be leveraged for another and ensure important information is never lost. Plus, CharityEngine integrates with external solutions such as Double the Donation’s matching gift database.

Donor Software Pricing

Contact CharityEngine and request a demo to get a quote for their all-in-one solution. 

Salsa — Best Donor Management Software

Donor Management Software Overview

Salsa’s donor management software allows you to track supporters holistically and make intelligent decisions to engage, retain, and connect with each one. This software solution is powered by SmartEngagement Technology, which combines industry best practices with machine learning and automation features. With SmartEngagement, nonprofits can optimize their fundraising strategy and maximize limited time and resources.

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As a donor management platform, Salsa offers rich donor profiles and intelligent reporting. These powerful tools will allow you to spend less time deciphering data and more time connecting with supporters. Automated and personalized messages (including gift acknowledgments, fundraising appeals, and advocacy campaigns) ensure you never miss the opportunity to activate a supporter.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

With Salsa’s unified platform, your supporter cultivation and communication efforts are seamlessly integrated for more relevant, timely, and compelling engagement. Salsa helps your team work smarter to accomplish more and drive your mission forward.

Donor Software Pricing

Salsa’s pricing varies based on list size. Contact them for a personalized quote on their donor management software.


Fundly offers a stellar crowdfunding platform for nonprofits.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

Fundly’s crowdfunding software highlights the importance of visual storytelling, videos, and images. Users can create interactive slideshows on the front page of their fundraising page for donors to flip through.

Fundly also offers its fundraisers a mobile app that allows them to post updates, photos, or videos on-the-go.

There is no minimum amount to raise in order to receive the funds. Plus, it only takes 2-4 days to receive these funds.

Integrates with Double the Donation

This platform can be integrated with the industry’s leading matching gift tool.

Check out the integration guide.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

Fundly allows fundraisers to raise money for practically anything. It’s an extremely diverse and easy-to-use platform that anyone can customize for their own personal fundraiser!

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

Fundly charges a 4.9% platform fee plus a credit card processing fee of 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.

Soapbox Engage

Soapbox Engage offers the perfect event management software for mid-sized organizations that use Salesforce.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

Soapbox Engage offers a whole suite of flexible Salesforce apps designed to meet the needs of organizations that don’t have time for extensive configurations. Designed to work seamlessly with Salesforce Enterprise Edition and the Nonprofit Success Pack, their event planning tools are perfect for nonprofits already using the world’s most popular CRM platform.

Their event management app can streamline your planning and management process from start to finish, automatically flowing essential data into your CRM.

Integrates with Double the Donation

This platform can be integrated with the industry’s leading matching gift tool.

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Check out the integration guide.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

Soapbox Engage’s event management app for Salesforce is a comprehensive yet lightweight solution. If your organization isn’t ready for a more heavy-duty solution, the Soapbox platform, which provides custom ticketing and event website options, is a smart move.

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

Soapbox Engage Salesforce apps, including their event management solution, starts at $99/month.


Need a solution to your nonprofit's event management problems? Try ePly!

Event Management Software Overview

ePly is a comprehensive event registration software that can help your association’s fundraising events run smoother than ever. 

Manage your fundraising event with ePly’s powerful set of tools, which include:

  • Mobile check-in options.
  • E-ticketing services.
  • PCI compliant payment processing.
  • Custom form builders.
  • Data reporting tools.

Additionally, ePly will create a unique, branded mobile app that appears as a seamless extension of your organization’s digital presence will make managing a fantastic professional conference or networking event easier than ever before. 

By using ePly’s event services, you’re taking a step in the right direction. Your organizers will be happy that you’ve selected a simple and easy-to-use service while attendees will be satisfied with the check-in and registration experience.

Why We Love This Event Management Software

With an easy-to-use form builder and customizable event apps, ePly’s event registration software is perfect for associations looking to score big with their donors at the next conference or symposium.

Pricing of This Event Management Software

See ePly’s website for more details.

Qgiv | Top Online Fundraising Software

Fundraising Software Overview

Qgiv’s comprehensive fundraising software platform offers a variety of robust features. These include:

  • Online giving tools
  • Event registration
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising and gamification
  • Mobile fundraising
  • Reporting and tracking tools
  • Auction software and a mobile bidding app
  • Mobile giving kiosks for on-site giving
  • Integrated merchandise sales

Additionally, Qgiv’s software easily integrates with a variety of other software platforms. This way, your organization can build a comprehensive fundraising solution while still staying organized, streamlined, and efficient.

Qgiv’s simple, user-friendly interface works great for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Easily engage your donors, plan effective campaigns, and increase fundraising!

Plus, with their responsive and friendly customer service team, you’ll be set up for success from the very beginning.

Why This Fundraising Software Stands Out

Qgiv’s fundraising options offer nonprofits a large degree of flexibility and customization. For instance, Qgiv provides:

  • Peer-to-peer and crowdfunding features that are easy to set up and personalized to match any nonprofit’s look. This platform also offers a variety of interactive and social sharing tools to augment your fundraising efforts. To increase fundraising even further, gamification tools like a fundraising thermometer and badges are available.
  • A powerful text-to-give program that easily streamlines mobile donation collection. Let donors give with a simple text, perfect for any fundraising effort. Qgiv also provides a unique opportunity to collect in-person donations with their giving kiosks. During live events, equip fundraising staff with user-friendly tablets that allow donors to give in-person using a credit or debit card.
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Expand your reach no matter what campaign you’re hosting. Qgiv provides plentiful options to supplement all fundraising efforts.

How Much Does This Platform Cost?

Qgiv offers a variety of different packages based on your organization’s needs.  You can check out our full product set and prices right here.

Check out Qgiv's online fundraising software on their website.

 Bloomerang | Top Nonprofit CRM Software

Fundraising Software Overview

Bloomerang’s nonprofit CRM is designed to help nonprofits raise more funds by developing deep, meaningful relationships with their supporters. This software is equipped with features allowing fundraisers to: 

  • View the entire engagement history of supporters.
  • Create smart segments for efficient donor outreach.
  • Identify potential lapses before they occur.

This comprehensive CRM system provides both at-a-glance views of important metrics from their interactive donor database as well as customizable reports, helping nonprofits track and improve the fundraising metrics most important for growth.

Why This Fundraising Software Stands Out

Bloomerang was designed by fundraising experts who understand the importance of donor retention for sustainable organizational growth. The solution comes equipped with engagement tracking tools like an engagement timeline for each donor profile and their giving history, providing an in-depth view of the history for fundraisers to analyze. 

Built-in features of Bloomerang’s software include helpful tools like payment processing, robust profiles, custom reports, social media listening tools, and segmentation tools. In addition to being the top donation management system in the space, Bloomerang also integrates with other top solutions, including Qgiv, DonorSearch, and QuickBooks. Plus, with Zapier, they’ve expanded their integration network even further.

How Much Does This Platform Cost?

Bloomerang’s pricing is designed to be affordable for nonprofits of any size. They have specialized pricing for small shops, starting from free to $79 per month. Nonprofits with fewer than 750 records in the CRM can take advantage of this discounted rate. 

Their standard pricing then starts at an affordable $99 per month for up to 1,000 records and increases on a sliding scale as your nonprofit continues to grow.

Check out Bloomerang's website and learn about their top fundraising software.


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