Software for Fundraising on Facebook

This is the only software available on the Facebook App Directory specifically designed for fundraising on Facebook that makes it easy to provide a custom experience for your supporters, donors and volunteers. Our program comes with hundreds of options to make configuring the experience easy, and it is the most reasonably priced option in the industry. We also have added a lot of great new features since our product launched.

Our software lets you raise more money on facebook than ever before and you never have to ask your fans for money. Our system keeps donors and the money they give to you legal and valid. Facebook tells you all about nonprofit fundraising, but we tell you how to do it!


Fundraising Software Overview

Donor management software is designed to keep your nonprofit on top of your donor base in order to develop the most successful and beneficial strategies.

DonorPerfect is a donor management software built for fundraisers, meaning that your team has easy access to all the donor data they need to make the most effective asks possible.

With many donor management software providers, you’ll be able to track essential data and automate communication efforts. Your software will spend the time collecting and organizing donor data so you can spend time on what really matters: strengthening donor relationships.

Integrates with Double the Donation

This platform can be integrated with the industry’s leading matching gift tool.

Check out the integration guide. 

Top Tips for Donor Management Software

  1. Before looking at outside solutions, see if your current nonprofit software has modules or expansions that can assist with managing your donor data.
  2. Use the software that has features catered to your specific needs to get the most out of your donor management tool.
  3. Make sure to transfer any donor data to your new software before you begin. Some vendors will even provide migration assistance so that your existing information transfers over smoothly.
  4. Take time to properly set up your new software and train your staff on how to use it. Many vendors provide training free of charge!


Fundraising Software Overview

Prospect research can help nonprofits find major and planned giving prospects. It allows nonprofits to analyze their existing database to see who could be a good candidate for the aforementioned giving programs.

Prospect research examines a donor’s willingness and capacity to give a sizable donation, and DonorSearch gives your nonprofit easy access to the most important wealth indicators.

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Without it, nonprofits have to play a guessing game to determine which donors might be ready to give at a greater level.

Integrates with Double the Donation

This platform can be integrated with the industry’s leading matching gift tool.

Top Tips for Prospect Research Software

  1. There are in-depth prospect research tools that cost money and there are free options that are a bit more limiting. If your nonprofit wants to perform a simple search, use the latter approach. If you are looking for a more comprehensive view of your donor database, use the former approach.
  2. You might think that wealth screening might be the way to go for your organization. But it has its limits. Prospect research takes both wealth and willingness to give into account.

SimplyFundraisingCRM—Best Donor Management Software for Easy Fundraising

Donation Management Software Overview

SimplyFundraisingCRM is a fantastic donor management solution for organizations looking to elevate their supporter relationships and overall management strategies while saving time and raising more for their causes. The CRM also boasts extreme measures to ensure donor data remains protected and secured⁠—including AWS security technology and high levels of data encryption.

Additionally, the SimplyFundraisingCRM platform leverages high-tech artificial intelligence, fundraising automation, unusual gift management, reporting and analytics, and more, but it’s easy enough that anyone can use it! Not to mention, you can have an unlimited number of users managing your account so that everyone has access to the information they need.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

One of the reasons that SimplyFundraisingCRM stands out from the crowd is its emphasis on offering fundraising support and expert advice. Nonprofit clients can easily access informational how-to videos and detailed guides on-demand, or get in touch with their live support team for more personalized assistance.

Donor Software Pricing

Depending on the number of records and level of functionality and support you’ll need, SimplyFundraisingCRM offers a range of pricing options for any sized nonprofit. The Simply Plan begins at only $19/month, and organizations can sign up risk-free with a 30-day free trial!

Raklet—Best Membership Management Software

Donation Management Software Overview

Raklet is a modern, cloud-based, member management software provider dedicated to equipping member-based organizations with the communication, management, and fundraising tools they need. This platform serves over 4,600 groups in more than 27 countries, reaching 1.4 million members worldwide.

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The Raklet system allows organizations to better engage with members, personally nurture audiences, raise money through sales and donations, and build strengthened communities over time.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Raklet serves a wide variety of clients, ranging from churches and nonprofits to political parties, businesses, creators, and more. If your organization involves members of any kind, Raklet may be the perfect solution. Plus, they’re affordable for all sizes of organizations, while continuously streamlining and improving day-to-day operations.

Donor Software Pricing

Raklet’s pricing varies depending on the features and functionality that the user needs. To get started, they offer a free plan with additional upgrades available for increased records, storage, admins, and more.


Doubleknot offers fundraising hardware for in-person donations at fundraising events.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

With Doubleknot’s mobile Sales Station tool, your organization will be able to accept donations and payments virtually anywhere. The giving process is simple: pick the donation amount or items the supporter wants to purchase, swipe their credit card, and send a receipt to the donor’s email.

Doubleknot will keep track of all your transactions, so you can focus on what’s most important: developing relationships with supporters and raising money.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

In addition to their in-person donation options, Doubleknot has several other fundraising solutions to help your organization. From event registration to membership management, there’s something for every nonprofit.

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

Contact Doubleknot to learn more about pricing for their giving kiosk solutions.


99Pledges is a top GoFundMe alternative for events.


With 99Pledges, your school, team, or other organization can create a campaign for your next walk-a-thon or other “event-a-thon” style fundraiser and share it over email and social media.

When you create a 99Pledges campaign, each participant receives a personalized fundraising page to share with friends, family, and followers. The tracking feature shows the progress of individuals and groups of fundraisers.

99Pledges fundraising pages support donations made online and via mobile.

Why We Love It

99Pledges is easy to use and adaptable to a variety of “event-a-thon” style fundraisers, so you can get creative and choose the perfect fundraiser for your organization. Looking for ideas? 99Pledges offers a list of fundraisers that work well with their platform.


99Pledges charges no upfront fees, and fundraisers are free to start. Users keep 100% of all cash and check donations and 90% of all credit card and PayPal donations.

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 MatchMaker, an Arreva Software | Top Donor Relationship Software

Fundraising Software Overview

MatchMaker is a fundraising tool that has now been acquired by Arreva. Arreva is another fundraising solution, and together the two can help your nonprofit manage its donor relationships.

From one central location, Arreva’s MatchMaker lets you:

  • Manage your peer-to-peer campaign
  • Optimize the event registration process
  • Oversee your volunteers
  • Communicate with your donors

The better you treat your donor relationships, the more effective your fundraising efforts will be!

Why This Fundraising Software Stands Out

MatchMaker, an Arreva software, can improve your donor relationships with its flexible online donation options. Add recurring donation options, present fixed donation options, and even let your donors pick where their money is going. 

How Much Does This Platform Cost?

MatchMaker, an Arreva software, has multiple pricing plans. Contact them on their website to learn more.

Check out Arreva's website to learn more about MatchMaker, an online fundraising tool.

 NeonCRM | Top Cloud-Based Fundraising Solution

Fundraising Software Overview

NeonCRM is designed for growing nonprofits to help raise more money. As a cloud-based nonprofit solution, NeonCRM assists you in all your donor engagement efforts by tracking all necessary donor data from one place.

Consider these ways NeonCRM can help you:

  • Communications tools
  • Event planning management and registration
  • Reporting tools
  • Customized and flexible donor profiles

Target the right donors and fundraise effectively with NeonCRM.

Why This Software Stands Out

Not only can NeonCRM track and manage donor data, but it can also tell your organization’s story with its nonprofit web design tools.

Because most of Neon’s staff come from nonprofit backgrounds, they understand exactly what your nonprofit needs. Create a website that will grow your supporter base, solidify branding, and inspire your website visitors.

How Much Does This Platform Cost?

NeonCRM has a range of packages for you to peruse. Check out their pricing page here.

Check out NeonCRM's website and learn about their fundraising tools.


Designed to be used by nonprofits and organizations to raise money online through Facebook, the Fundraising on Facebook website and software application is free for any nonprofit or organization. The website includes many helpful tips for using Facebook to raise money as well as an Application Programming Interface (API) for developers to build and create new tools.

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