Software for Fundraising on Social Media

Raise more for your nonprofit with software for fundraising on social media. Data Easy offers low cost fundraising technology platforms for nonprofits to create, post and organize content and applications on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Products also include fundraiser software , nonprofit cms software , and social media fundraising websites .

Get your nonprofit software and fundraising technology from a company committed to supporting non-profits. Single donations, events, events with sponsorship, donor management, donor tracking, ability for donors to find your new or archived stories online via RSS feeds and push notifications are just some of the features that our organization software provides.

Allegiance Fundraising

Fundraising Software Overview

Fundraising management software can help nonprofits maximize their efforts and reach their goals. Allegiance Fundraising combines three fundraising teams to help your nonprofit do just that.

Because Allegiance Fundraising combines three teams into one, you can rely on one source for fundraising strategy and implementation, donor management software, and membership loyalty programs. These solutions can stand alone or work together.

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always make the impact you need, and it’s also important to have cost-effective solutions that help nonprofits work toward their goals. Allegiance Fundraising can help you find that.

Integrates with Double the Donation

This platform can be integrated with the industry’s leading matching gift tool.

Check out the integration guide.

Top Tips for Fundraising Management

  1. Use cloud-based software for donor data management.
  2. Ensure your donation page is straightforward and mobile-friendly.
  3. Be sure to listen to your donors and explain where their gifts are going.
  4. Leverage the right matching gifts software, which should automate your process and remove the risk of human error.

Salsa Labs

Fundraising Software Overview

Online donations are one the most common ways for nonprofits to raise money for projects, campaigns, and events.

Moreover, online donation platforms are perfect for everyday fundraising, as nonprofits can set up a freely accessible online donation page and promote it to donors.

Salsa Labs has created a functional and intuitive donation page that is built with their CRM and advocacy software in mind, so your nonprofit can have one cohesive technology strategy.

Integrates with Double the Donation

This platform can be integrated with the industry’s leading matching gift tool.

Check out the integration guide. 

Top Tips for Online Donation Pages

  1. Only ask for information that is required.
  2. Make sure your donation form is PCI compliant.
  3. Don’t require your donors to create an account or profile to give.
  4. Keep your form simple, easy to understand, and user-friendly.
  5. Promote your donation page across digital and traditional channels.
  6. Remember to thank donors after they make an online donation.
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Donation Management Software Overview

Arreva’s software is easy to use and easy to learn. They say their software “adapts to your process, not the other way around.” With their solutions, you’ll be able to view all your donors’ information in one centralized location. Forget scrolling, searching, and leaving the page!

You’ll also get easy one-click reporting! Plus, you’ll be able to integrate marketing strategies to take your nonprofit one step further. With Arreva, you’ll stay on top of donor management.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Arreva’s tracking strategies let you manage all your donor interactions, looking through conversations to target the appropriate supporters and allowing you to set reminders for different individuals.

Donor Software Pricing

Arreva suggests scheduling a demo or speaking to their support staff to discover the best package and price for you.


Donor Management Software Overview

Over 90% of American adults own a smartphone, so wouldn’t it be a missed opportunity to avoid everyone’s favorite device? Snowball says yes! While they’re not strictly a donor management software, Snowball helps you manage donors and their donations with text giving, online donations, and email buttons!

Snowball’s easy-to-use online forms only require two clicks! Your nonprofit will set up donation options for a quick transaction and then, donors just confirm via email!

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Snowball’s text giving is only a two-step process! With your own dedicated number, you’ll get paid faster and connect with donors in a new way. A speedy donation process is beneficial for reducing donor abandonment.

Donor Software Pricing

Snowball Basic is free with a 2.9% processing fee and 30¢ deduction per transaction.

Kindful | Top Donor Data Fundraising Software

Fundraising Software Overview

Kindful is a popular solution for nonprofits that want to organize their donor data and manage their donors better. Kindful is built for relationships and understands how important donors are to your cause.

Easily track all data from your dashboard, such as:

  • Communications metrics
  • Donation history and tracking
  • Individual donor records
  • Wealth data

With the insights you get from Kindful, build your donor relationships with confidence.

Why This Fundraising Software Stands Out

Kindful ensures that you track all the essential data and gives you the tools to understand that data. Kindful’s easy-to-use and intuitive design displays all the information in an understandable format.

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You can even compile this data into readable reports and create a story that your entire staff can understand.

How Much Does This Platform Cost?

As your nonprofit grows, Kindful’s pricing plan does as well. Use this convenient scale to determine the best price for you.

Check out Kindful's website to learn more about their fundraising software.

Double the Donation | Top Matching Gift Software

Fundraising Software Overview

Double the Donation is a leading matching gift software that takes advantage of corporate philanthropy programs to help your nonprofit raise your fundraising revenue.

In a nutshell, Double the Donation provides an embeddable searchable database that allows donors to check if their company offers matching gift programs. With Double the Donation’s easy-to-use tool prominently displayed on a donation form, donors are more likely to put in a matching gift request— meaning your organization is more likely to receive more funds.

Double the Donation’s base program is a great service for small to medium nonprofits. Larger nonprofits could benefit from their other tool, 360MatchPro, an automated matching gift software.

360MatchPro will automatically identify matching gift eligible donors and send them the appropriate educational materials to initiate the match process. This is done through automated messages and follow-up emails.

Why This Fundraising Software Stands Out

Many of Double the Donation’s features are easily embedded in your nonprofit’s website so donors can quickly check their eligibility. With 360MatchPro, you do even less work and the tool initiates the conversation on your behalf.

How Much Does This Platform Cost?

Depending on if you just want Double the Donation’s search tool or the more comprehensive 360MatchPro, the pricing plan will differ. Check out their pricing page to learn more.

Check out how Double the Donation's online fundraising software can help you.


Check out Smartwaiver for your next fundraising event software to create effective waivers.


Smartwaiver is the perfect solution if your event calls for a liability waiver from your participants. With a digital waiver, your participatns can sign straight from your website and be ready to go from the start of your event!

Use the waiver editor to customize your waiver with your organization’s colors, logos, and fonts. Then, save that waiver as a template for the future.

You can create as many custom questions as you need with dropdowns, yes/no answers, and checkboxes. Plus, you can set up notifications to flag participants when a specific sanswer is chosen.

Why We Love It

With Smartwaiver, you can add a link or a custom waiver widget directly to your website so participants can sign before they arrive at your event. Plus, you can include a safety or instructional video to the signing process.

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You can try Smartwaiver for free for 30 days. Then, their basic plan starts at $15 per month and increases as you increase the number of newly signed waivers you need each month. No matter which plan you invest in with Smartwaiver, you can rest assured that you will have access to all of their incredible features.

Raiser’s Edge

Check out Raiser's Edge, an all-in-one fundraising and donor management software.

Donation Management Software Overview

With features built to help nonprofits improve efficiency while engaging with constituents, Raiser’s Edge is an all-in-one fundraising and donor management platform.

Raiser’s Edge comes with a variety of customizable donor management tools, including comprehensive donor profiles, segmented constituent lists, and donor communication tools. With Raiser’s Edge, you’ll never lose sight of vital donor data!

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Raiser’s Edge combines fundraising with the power of effective donor management! With this platform’s features, you’ll also be able to manage multiple fundraising campaigns, process online and mobile gifts, and stay on top of major or planned gift prospects.

Donor Software Pricing

You’ll need to contact Blackbaud for a personalized Raiser’s Edge quote.


Fundraising Software Overview

RaiseDonors is an online fundraising software solution that is designed for nonprofits, rather than programmers.

RaiseDonors allows you to easily build, launch, and measure the impact of your organization’s campaigns.

Backed by this fundraising software, you can build effective donation pages, automatically connect to your CRM, and generate more revenue so you can continue serving your mission.

Integrates with Double the Donation

This platform can be integrated with the industry’s leading matching gift tool.

Check out the integration guide. 

Top Tips for Online Fundraising Software

  1. Use embeddable donation forms directly on your website so you can maintain your branding and keep donors on your site.
  2. Offer a recurring gift option during the donation process to encourage repeat donations.
  3. Allows donors to cover the processing fee with their donation and let the savings add up.


Looking to build your social following? Our all-in-one fundraising software allows you to quickly and easily monitor your social campaigns, analyze results, and collaborate with key stakeholders. Whether you’re looking to fundraise, engage a new audience or simply want access to tailored analytics and insights, our fundraising technology platforms are the essential first step in your journey toward successful social media fundraising.

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