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We all know that in order to make good tailored garments, it requires an excellent software. What is the best software available in the market? There are many options in the market. Thanks to technological progress, you can now find hundreds of varied programs with advanced features.

Tailoring software is a technologically advanced and sophisticated tool and it may seem like a difficult and staggering task to choose and set up the right tailoring software for your business. But this article will make the task easier for you with the help of some useful tips.

Darziware Software

DarziWare is a tailor store management software supporting tailoring businesses to simplify their daily shop operations. The tailoring software streamlines the production activities of tailoring studios besides helping them manage orders, inventory, delivery and accounts their preferred computing devices- mobile, computer, tablet or laptop.

DarziWare provides tailor stores with an opportunity to create a sustainable business with operational efficiency. This cloud-based tailoring software helps streamline the production, track your orders, and manage your business from anywhere. DarziWare promotes operational efficiency through robust order tracking modules that also help improve order tracking, booking and completion processes.

DarziWare tailoring software supports simple accounting functions to prevent cash leakage, eliminate the possibility of human error and handle workers’ pay outs.The software is also backed by detailed reporting and invoicing capabilities.

Key Features of DarziWare Software

  1. Instant notification about order status
  2. Pay out management to ensure timely payment for employees
  3. Strategic business planning through forecasts, trends and patterns
  4. Multiple user management through robust permissions and roles
  5. Cloud access for easy business management anytime, anywhere.

Logic Apparel & Footwear system Software

LOGIC AFS is a complete fashion and tailoring software solution for Apparel, Footwear & fasion store software is one of the bestselling software with an unmatched modular solution with powerful tools. The tool takes care of each and every requirement of a retailer, distributor, manufacturer of footwear and apparel manufacturing companies and retail stores, etc. This best apparel ERP software provides a comprehensive solution for accounting, sales, purchases, order management, production, e-Commerce, B2B and MIS Reporting.

Product Features

The solution has specific features helping meet the business needs of different business units in industry. The details are as below:

  1. Retailer – Enables managing the franchised stores, assist in the documentation for franchise agreements, integration of receivables and collection with accounts, help in innovating loyalty points administration, helps undertake market-driven promotions, centralized stock maintenance, etc.
  2. Wholesale And Distribution – Helps manufacturers and distributors in allocation & reservation of stock against orders, effective shipments by enabling size wise entry and view, helps in retailer wise booking and billing to distributors, track commissions for agents, etc.
  3. Production units – Helps create BOM (Bill Of Material), accomodates the ad-hoc specific requirements of make to order, takes into account both in-house production or outsourced production on job work basis, helps manage bill payments of job workers effectively and manage the core business efficiently.
  4. E-commerce – Helps in B2B onlise sales order booking, helps automate the manual process of making master entries and transactions of non-profitable activities.
  5. ShopInShop – helps manage number of ShopInShops at multiple locations, help control inventories, keep a track of stock returns, etc.

Tailobill Software

TailoBill is a tailoring software, designed to ensure seamless order management, stock tracking, and more. This tailor management software is an ideal pick for tailoring shops and boutiques with a simple design. Even those with minimal computer literacy can use this software.

Moreover, with TailoBill tailoring software, businesses can track sales, payment status, cash flows and financial transactions. It also offers real-time notifications related to workload analysis, delayed orders and delivered or undelivered products.

TailoBill with its inbuilt functionalities and user-friendly interface reduces almost 65% of users’ routine workload besides eliminating recurring tasks. Also, you can customize the features of this tailoring software to manage your day-to-day processes.

Features of TailoBill Tailor Management Software

  1. Elimination of Paper Bills/Notes: By facilitating electronic management procedures, TailoBill saves users from maintaining manual records in the form of physical account books and ledgers. From inventory to sales, everything can be managed online.
  2. Advanced Measurement Book: The software not only saves measurements but also stores related narrations, styles and preferred patterns mentioned by individual customers.
  3. Seamless Order tracking: Track every order at individual stages until completed. TailoBill offers real-time information about pending orders, ready for delivery, ready for trial or delivered.
  4. Multi Trial and Delivery Extension: The tailor shop management software records all the re-trial dates in an organised way, backed by timely notifications.

Sunrise Tailoring Software

Sunrise Tailoring software is one of the best tailoring management software for tailor shops. This software provides tailors the tools to smoothen tailoring business processes. The software offers essential features that organize data, saves time, do accounting, and oversees customer relationship management. It takes care of all the tailoring needs like maintaining measurements, identifying clothes with the customers, even inventory management. Sunrise tailoring software promises 100% customer satisfaction and best in class tailoring software. The software does not charge extra for user-oriented customization and timely servicing — all these at a very reasonable price.

Features of Sunrise Tailoring Software 

Sunrise tailoring software provides a plethora of features that make it a number one choice for customers, here are few listed below:

  1. Master sheet for Tailoring Item: Sunrise Tailoring software creates unlimited tailoring item sheets, where you can define measurements, parameters, and rates of your tailor shop. You can set prices on different factors, for example, piece of clothing, type of sewing size et cetera.
  2. Customer Master Sheet:  This feature allows you to manage complete details of your customer in an organized approach. For multiple items of a single customer, you can save item wise measurement parameters of customer.
  3. E-Billing: Tailors can prepare their invoices for customer and measurement sheet for worker very easily. Sunrise tailoring can manage all customer-related details and work efficiently.
  4. SMS Alerts: It improvises customer retention by generating SMS alerts for booking, trial, delivery, collection, and payment related updates.
  5. Basic CRM: Sunrise tailoring software provides basic customer relationship management features to boost client retention rate and earn goodwill among them, by generating discount vouchers for them and giving offers for regular customers. 
  6. Accounting Management: Your tailor shop accounting details are sorted with the help of Sunrise tailoring software. Sunrise replaces all your physical bookkeeping and digitalizes it. You can keep a track of your income, expenses, payable, receivable and other fiscal reports effortlessly.

Anvesha Garments Store Software

Fashion designing and tailoring software name as an Anvesha Garment store software is used as windows-based/web-based retail garments software specifically designed for managing garment shops/stores. With time, as the fashion changes, the stores need to keep a track of inventory, bring in new stock and maintain a history of the unsold stock, stock of all types, designs, colours, fabrics, etc.

Product Features

The solution lets the store design customer promotions, loyalty cards, discounts, season end-sale, fresh arrivals, etc. which are to be arranged in a systematic manner. The software supports stores with features like billing, accounting, request for stock, managing suppliers, analyzing buying pattern, tracking customer history, analyzing and deploying promotion schemes, discounts, inventory, multi quantity purchases, customer engagement through SMS, email and cards, sale manager wise performance report, incentives and many more, as required. Below are the key features of the solution:

Purchase records
• Purchase planning & purchase order management
• Supplier wise various outstanding reports & remainder
• Auto barcode/label printing from purchase bill

 Discount & Schemes
• Items wise double percentages discounts
• Item wise double volume discounts
• Multi discounts on complete bill

• Receipt/payment advice
• Sales/purchase invoice, estimate a4 challan/half page
• Sale/purchase return replacement & price difference

User-Interface Invoicing
• Vat invoicing tax (tax/retail)
• Tax inclusive, exclusive & MRP billing
• Multiple –taxes in single invoice

Taxation & Report Generation
• Sales tax/purchase tax summary
• Sales tax account registers & vat returns
• Sales tax forms receivable/issuable & reminders

• Cash flow, funds flow & ratio analysis
• Budgets/targets/credit limits
• Online graph, SMS & e-mail

• Smart VAT Patch – no need to update the software
• Year-wise data backup and restore
• Data export to word/excel/text file

Accounting Management
• All book of accounts & final results
• Balance sheet with various schedules
• Configurable sales & purchase registers

• All books of inventory
• Brand, group & category wise inventory
• Stock valuation on multiple methods

Generic Features
• Single user & multi user
• 100% data security & accuracy
• Tried & tested


Whether you’re in direct-to-consumer, custom and made-to-order, and bespoke tailoring businesses, in need for immediate order fulfilment solutions, or in the need of a bunch of cool tools for fast and effective customer service, you need an excellent tailoring software to multiply your sales and distribution channels.

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