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Top 10 Accounting Software in Dubai

Accounting is a tough work, especially in Dubai. The UAE law requires the trading companies to use and pay for accountants and bookkeepers as compulsory requirements. Therefore, you need to create a good relationship with an accountancy company that can help you with your accounting services. To help you find the Top 10 Accounting Software in Dubai, we’ve reviewed all of your options and compiled them into one simple list to save you time.

Accounting software is application software for recording and analyzing financial information about businesses and corporations. Accounting software handles transactions; producing financial reports; tracking assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses. Top 10 Accounting Software in Dubai


Intuit QuickBooks is one of the most familiar names in the accounting software world. Quickbooks Enterprise ERP is generally considered one of the best business management apps on the market. It boasts the QuickBooks user interface that is easy to learn with intuitive operation. Almost all professional accounting firms either use QuickBooks as part of their own accounting software tool set or are familiar with the file formats so QuickBooks users can send QuickBooks data directly to their accounting services. Several custom solutions are available pre-configured to meet the needs of specific industries. QuickBooks Enterprise is best suited to mid-size businesses up to about $250 million. A larger business might benefit from a more professional-focused offering. Fully trained accounting professionals can find the interface somewhat isolating because it keeps technical accounting terms and actions hidden. A subscription-based option is available with hosting for data access from anywhere, anytime.


SAP ERP is a market-leading business management solution from well-known and widely used software giant SAP. It boasts 50,000 customers, supports 37 languages, and offers 45 localizations. It provides business solutions for product planning, human resource management, core finance functions, and many more specific functions. The recent launch of SAP S4 Hana has significantly improved the user experience.


Are you tired of chasing your teams for doing things for your Business which an ERP system would do on its own? Are you having dozens of standalone software which may be doing the work, but they don’t talk to each other and therefore you must multiply the efforts in feeding them all separately with information? Questions like these have become a norm for our clients and Companies are keen to look for automated solutions in the form of an ERP System in which 100% of the processes are synchronized with each other. With our expertise in the world’s most renowned ERP Odoo, we customize it so much specific to your Company’s requirements, that we guarantee in cutting down 50% of the man-hours consumed by employees operating de-synced software and applications. There is no doubt why 7 million users around the globe are now using Odoo to grow their businesses exponentially.


Many business owners have the idea of automating the accounting process that makes it easy of recording the business process. Tally prime is the perfect solution that simplifies the complex business process of monitoring the inventory, sales, and purchase orders. The new features of Tally give an enhanced view of the options on the top of the file. The user can restrict the data access to the employee according to their position.

TALLYVAULT provides strong encryption of business data by creating multiple security levels where you can limit the accessibility concerning the role of the employee. All-new “GOTO” feature allows the user to move from invoice creation to any of the report screens and return to the same place without any loss in the data entered.

Tally prime supports bilingual report generation where you can generate the invoice both in Arabic and English. Tally UAE allows the user to automatically reconcile your bank statements with books of accounts. The user can get a whole automated report on stock analysis, payment management, outstanding management, and sales order.

  • Generate Multi-language invoice
  • Single sign-on
  • Switch user without changing the content
  • Access anywhere and anytime
  • Simplifies the usage of username and password
  • Multi-tasking
  • GOTO feature
  • Inventory management

Sage Accounting Software

Sage is accounting software that helps in maintaining the financial process involved in all sizes of companies. This accounting software allows managing multiple companies with different accounts in the same place. Supports multicurrency which can be used to manage the business data and its operation globally. The user can track, send and manage invoices to avoid late payment from the customers and have a healthier cash cycle.

  • Settle bills online
  • Invoice through email
  • Custom management center
  • Fixed assets management
  • Standard accounting
  • Standard accounting
  • Track expenses automatically

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the best accounting software which ensures an accurate set of books with the speed of entry. With dynamics, organizations can manage the ability to view vendor information and material requirements.

  • Quick journal entries
  • Refund checks
  • Issue collection of letters with SmartLists
  • Fixed assets transfer
  • Payable transaction entry


ProfitBooks is an amazingly simple to use accounting software.

You can create beautiful invoices, track day to day business expenses and manage your inventory easily with ProfitBooks.

Key Advantages:
– Designed for non-accountants. Super simple to use.
– Supports VAT in UAE
– Supports multi-currency accounting
– Support multiple users and includes a simple payroll
– Generates 45+ financial reports for better decision making.

Free trial is available at

Software Features

Software Key Features:

  1. Simple invoicing
  2. Expense management
  3. Inventory tracking
  4. Simple Payroll
  5. Multi-currency support
  6. Multi-user support

Software Specialties

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Desktop OS Support

Web App

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Software Suites for?

Small Business Medium Sized Business


ZOHO stands well above the crowd, recognized for its versatility, and its ability to connect with hundreds of everyday programs used by millions. Cloud Storage is seamless whether you’re using the box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or anything else you can name. Its mobile versions run on iOS, Android, and even Windows Phone so you’re never out of touch with your work. You can handle Sales, POs, billing, payments, banking, and stay in touch on estimates, projects, and workflows. And nowadays, one of the most important aspects is VAT integration; you must be able to track VAT (since the new laws just went into effect), if you want to avoid costly penalties. ZOHO is one of the few accounting packages that are officially approved by the FTA (Federal Tax Authorities) of the UAE. On the whole, this is an excellent choice for consumers.


Wave accounting is intended to assist businesses to streamline the bookkeeping process. Wave provides bank reconciliation tools that help businesses to manage all master information in real-time to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of business.

  • Customizable chart of accounts
  • Invoice status tracking
  • Import bank statements
  • Automatic bill reminders
  • Importing & exporting data files


Focus is an online accounting software perfect for mid-size and small businesses. It deploys artificial intelligence which helps the user to automate and customize formulas and dashboards to enhance productivity.

  • Marketing integrations
  • On-time and error-free billing
  • Automated accounting
  • Automatic bill reminders
  • Resource management


This list of the top 10 best accounting software in Dubai is based on popularity, price and value to help you find the best accounting software provider, Our accounting software providers are carefully selected to ensure only the best and reliable services.

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