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Most Used Accounting Software in Germany

Germany is the country of many innovations, and with its high-tech companies leading the way in this regard. This blog article will list some of the top software that are used by companies to keep track of finances, while also providing insights into how they’re used. The accounting software market in Germany is something that every business owner should consider. Although there are many financial software options available, the following ten products have proven to be the most popular and widely used.

Check out this complete list of TOP 10 Accounting Software in Germany as we cover everything from cloud-based accounting systems to software for small business to high-end enterprise level solutions.  

Are you running a business in Germany? You need to be aware of these top 10 accounting software for your company. We help you separate the best software suited for your needs from the rest. We compare different types on offer including cloud based solutions, multi-user options and old fashioned desktop solutions.   

The Top 10 accounting software in Germany includes:

  1. Fastbill
  2. Lexoffice 
  3. Debitoor 
  4. Moss
  6. Penta
  7. SevDesk 
  8. Billomat 

Fastbill – Overall Best Accounting Software in Germany

Fastbill is a cloud-based software that helps small businesses automate billing and invoicing. It provides a user-friendly interface, efficient routing of payments, and advanced reporting features. It is available as a subscription service or as an application.One of the most important features of Fastbill is its ability to route payments quickly and easily. Payments are routed based on rules you establish, which can include categorizing payments by type (such as accounts receivable), client, or project. This makes it easy to understand where your money is going and how it’s being used.Fastbill also offers powerful reporting features that allow you to see how your business is performing. You can see detailed information about each payment, including the amount, date, payer, and beneficiary. This information can help you identify problems with payment processing and make improvements before they cause major issues down the road.

Fastbill is a software that helps you to manage your bills and payments. It includes features such as bill sorting, automatic payment reminders, and advanced filtering options. You can also create custom reports and save your billing information for future use. Fastbill is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

Topping our list of the best accounting software in Germany is Fastbill, an indigenous Cloud-based software that aims to automate your daily processes and bring order to your tax processing and reporting, customer collaboration, receipt management, among others, etc. It automates all your bookkeeping and accounting.

If you need an all-in-one German accounting software, then Fastbill is the right option for you.


Fastbill prices start at $10.71 per month, but you will have to request a price quote based on your requirements.

It also offers you a free trial, but there is no free version.


  • It analyses your incomes, expenses, and surplus.
  • It will also create an online customer center with your logo and invoice history.
  • You can easily create professional custom invoices in a flash.
  • It automates sending of recurring invoices.
  • You will have access to cancellations, payment remainders, discount functions, gross invoices, etc.
  • Your receipts will also be automatically recorded and secured.
  • It automatically carries out bank reconciliation with your transactions.

Why Do We Recommend Fastbill as the Best Accounting Software in Germany?

We recommend Fastbill because it automates most of your accounting and bookkeeping processes. It also takes care of most of your receipts, customer management, and tax accounting. Generally, it offers many features that it is considered the best all-in-one accounting software in Germany.

What’s more? Its cloud feature serves as an online filing system for your receipts and business data.

Lexoffice – Best Accounting Software in Germany for Freelancers

Lexoffice software is a suite of office tools that helps you to manage your work and stay organized. The software offers a variety of features, such as: a word processor, a spreadsheet application, and a calendar. You can use Lexoffice to create documents, organize your thoughts, and keep track of deadlines.The word processor in Lexoffice can be used to write memos, letters, and reports. The spreadsheet application lets you track financial data or data from scientific experiments. The calendar allows you to plan your day and make appointments.Overall, Lexoffice is an efficient and user-friendly suite of office tools that will help you to stay on top of your work schedule and get the most out of your time in the office.

Lexoffice is one of the top and popular online accounting software you can come across in Germany. It’s the best German accounting option for self-employed people and freelancers that will automate and simplify your financial processes for you. It also offers a lot of features the range from payroll management to income and bill tracking.


Lexoffice pricing plans include;

Bill and finance plan: €5.78 per month

Accounting and reports plan: €12.28 per month

Accounting and wages plan; €18.72 per month.

It also offers you a 30 days free trial.

We recommend that you buy the most plan within these three that best fits your business as they are all diverse, offer many features, and are a good value for your money.


  • It includes over 30 Integrations with top apps and software such as PayPal, Zapier, Shopify, Billbee, etc.
  • You will be able to see the performance of your business with just one glance at your dashboard.
  • Faster creation of custom invoices.
  • It takes care of all your tax office duties such as UStVA, EUR, as well as depreciation accounting.
  • It writes offers and estimates quickly.
  • The software Keeps records of all your receipts.
  • Lexoffice automates payments of your wages and salaries.
  • It also Integrates with business accounts such as Spackase, Commerzbank, etc., for free.
  • You will be able to access it anywhere and any time -even go the go.

Why Do We Recommend Lexoffice As One of the Best Accounting Software in Germany?

We recommend Lexoffice to you because of the host of integrations, add-ons, and features it offers small businesses, freelancers, and self-employed people in Germany.

In addition to this, it is excellent at managing its tax accounting and reporting, making it hassle-free for you as you continue on your gigs as a freelancer.

 Debitoor – Ideal Invoicing Accounting Software in Germany

Founded in 2012, Debitoor is one of Germany’s best accounting software; it offers top invoicing and user-friendly features for German freelancers and entrepreneurs. Debitoor grows with your business and is also compatible with mobile devices – you can easily access it even on the go.


Debitoor’s different pricing plans include;

Xs plan: £5 per month.

S plan: £8 per month

The M plan stands at £ 12 per month.

The L plan stands for £24 per month.

We recommend you go for the Xs plan as it offers most of the essential features that freelancers and self-employed people need, and it is also a good value for your money.


  • You can easily make custom invoices with Debitoor.
  • It facilitates bank reconciliation against all your payments and expenses transactions.
  • It Integrates with other apps and software to give you the best experience.
  • You can also easily import data and avoid manual time-consuming data entry.
  • It also facilitates faster online payments and includes payment reminders.
  • Debitoor will quickly handle your tax reporting and accounting.
  • Its features include asset depreciation accounting.
  • It is also compact with multiple languages.

Why Do We Recommend Debitoor As One of the Best Accounting Software in Germany?

We recommend Debitoor because of its Top-notch invoicing features. It lets you quickly enter your invoice details, send them, and get paid in a snap. You can also generate your estimates into invoices. To give you the best of invoicing, it offers you built-in invoice templates that make sure you are on track and follows legal requirements, and you can also easily stay in the way of your invoices and associated payments.


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Moss is a technology-based payment and credit card platform that enables companies to optimize their finances. Thanks to a dynamic and up to 10x higher limit, our corporate credit card can handle even the highest spend.

With virtual and physical credit cards, the entire team can spend easily and securely. Individual spending limits and real-time data per card, merchant or team keep costs under control.

The Moss app makes it easy to digitize receipts, including cost center and VAT assignment. At the end of the month, all data and documents can be exported to any accounting software..


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CANDIS automates financial processes such as the collection of invoices, data capture, pre-accounting, and payments – for small and medium-sized companies through artificial intelligence. That enables companies and tax advisors to save time and have a better collaboration within finance teams.

To date, Candis serves thousands of customers and invests heavily in technology.


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Penta is a digital business bank platform designed to help startups and SMEs save time and money on banking. It automates bank accounts and invoices, offers online cashless banking services, and helps to open an online banking account in minutes, enabling consumers to manage their cashflows easily.

Penta’s mission is to disrupt business banking in Europe and worldwide. It was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

SevDesk – Best Accounting Software in Germany for Small Businesses

Just like Debitoor, this is another web-based accounting software for small businesses and freelancers. Its services include invoicing, accounting, and enterprise resource planning solutions that keep you on top of your tax reporting, financial, and inventory management.

Don’t you have prior accounting and bookkeeping experience? If yes, then SevDesk is the right option for you and your small business.


SevDesk pricing plans include;

SevDesk invoice: $6.20 per month.

SevDesk accounting: $13.50 per month

SevDesk ERP : $39.50 per month

It also offers 14 days free trial.


  • It lets you create custom invoices and estimates.
  • All your business data are secured automatically on the cloud.
  • You can create and send payment reminders against unpaid invoices.
  • SevDesk’s online payments feature allows you to retrieve transactions from your bank account.
  • You will get to manage your bank account properly.
  • It lets you track your inventory and easily manage collaborative work with your clients and employees.
  • You can also import and export invoices and receipts.
  • It automates recurring invoices as well as calculates your tax returns and their reporting.

Why Do We Recommend SevDesk As One of the Best Accounting Software in Germany?

We strongly recommend SevDesk because it is the best option for entrepreneurs and small businesses in managing their finances. You can use it to be at the top of your financial management game. It is also suitable for small businesses as it offers the best if invoicing and user-friendly features for novice small business owners.

 Billomat – Fastest Accounting Software in Germany

Billomat refers to accounting software that is top of the game, offering the fastest processes in managing your business’ inventory, CRM, and payments. The software provides numerous integrations and add-ons to small businesses and freelancers. Generally, it is the fastest accounting software you can get; everything is short, from its customer support service to income creation.


Billomat’ pricing plan includes;

The solo plan: €8.99 per month.

Business plan: €19.99 per month

Enterprise plan: €49.99 per month.

It also offers you 14 days free trial.

We recommend you start with the business plan as it has the best Integrations, add-ons and is also a good value for your money.


  • It allows for collaborative work as a team due to its Integration with DATAV.
  • The software is easy to understand.
  • You will have access to customer support that is always there to help you 24/7
  • You can easily create all your business documents.
  • It tracks your receipts, expenses, and payments.
  • Billomat also offers you payment reminders.
  • You can customize your dashboard with the KPIs that you want.
  • It lets you keep track of your business even on the go.
  • Billomat automatically reminds your customers of overdue invoices.

Why Do We Recommend Billomat As One of the Best Accounting Software in Germany?

We strongly recommend Billomat because of the fast service it offers to users. Everything about Billomat is short. From its invoice creation to the most prompt customer support, Billomat accounting software helps businesses save time managing and deciding their financial management and getting an overview of their revenues and expenses even on the go.


We researched, we compiled, we ranked the Top 10 Accounting Software in Germany. Our ranking is based on key review parameters that include market presence, as well as market share and client satisfaction. We reviewed 24 different accounting software in Germany companies and picked the top ten that fit our criteria.

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