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Vat Software For Small Business

VAT stands for value added tax and there are few countries that still do not use VAT. This is a tax imposed on the supply of goods and services in the course of trade or business. VAT is everywhere and so is vat software. You need to be careful of both good and bad companies offering vat software solutions. This article aims at helping you find the best free vat software you can use to make life easy for your company.

Have you been looking for a good, reliable vat software but have been unable to find one? It’s easy to find free accounting software online, but if you want the best vat software on the market then you might want to check out these first. I am going to show you some of the best vat software free and vat software for small businesses. Some people may call these accounting softwares.


Designed to be used directly from web browsers, Xero’s cloud-based platform is an excellent choice for mid to large-sized businesses. Its innovative dashboard allows you to track your accounts with ease, and it supports sales, purchases, bills, expenses, inventory and payroll, all from one platform. Some of its latest additions include enhanced expense and project management, mobile bill-tracking, integration with HubDoc, improved navigation and a partnership with payroll tool, Gusto

Starter plans begin at £10 a month, although these have limits on the number of invoices and bills you can send and submit. For a more all-round solution without limits, consider the Standard plan, which comes in at £24 per month.

  • Starter: £10 per month
  • Standard: £24 per month
  • Premium: £30 per month


Recognized as the G2 Crowd High Performer for sales tax compliance and corporate tax, TaxJar® solves a problem no one wants to deal with – sales tax. We passionately leverage technology and exceptional customer service to help you forget about sales tax and focus on what matters most – growing your business. TaxJar serves over 20,000 businesses in a wide range of industries, including Coca-Cola, Dell, Microsoft, KiwiCo, Shein and quip. Automate your e-commerce sales tax with the only sales tax solution powered by AI and the fastest API in the industry. Request a demo today.


TallyPrime is one of the leading business management solutions in the world, known for its accounting, stock control, reporting and payroll features. With TallyPrime, you don’t need to pay extra for additional features, which makes it affordable for small and medium businesses. It is used by 2 million businesses worldwide. 


QuickBooks is well-known in the accounting solutions sector for its wide range of features and accessible platform. Available as both a cloud-based web browser application and as a standalone desktop application, the platform offers packages tailored to your needs. For example, the Simple Start package will allow you to track income and expenses, capture and organise receipts, invoice and accept payments, run general reports, send estimates, track sales and sales tax, as well as manage up to 1099 contractors. 

For a more comprehensive package, you could get Essentials, which adds the ability to manage bills, track time efficiently and gives three users access to the platform, while the Plus package expands this to five users, and also lets you track profitability and inventory too.

The Simple Start plan will set you back £12 per month, while the Essentials and Plus plans will cost you £20 per month and £30 per month respectively. You can also get 50% off the cost of any plan if you commit to 4 months upfront, so it’s worth considering if you try out the service and find it works for you.

  • Simple Start: £12 per month
  • Essentials: £20 per month
  • Plus: £30 per month
  • 50% off all plans if you commit to 4 months upfront


Avalara aims to help businesses get tax compliance right. Avalara customers face demanding tax obligations imposed by state, local, and other tax authorities around the world, and use Avalara for efficient and more accurate solutions to manage those requirements. The Avalara Tax Compliance Suite — Avalara AvaTax, Avalara Returns, and Avalara CertCapture — offers solutions for various transaction taxes, including sales and use, VAT, excise, communications, and others. The suite enables you to calculate taxes, file and remit returns, and comply with document management requirements. More than 700 integrations are available for accounting systems, ERP and CRM providers, ecommerce platforms, and more. The company also offers Professional Services including Tax Advisory Services, Implementation Services, Managed Services, and Support Plans and Training to help customers prepare for and achieve compliance.

Oracle ERP

Oracle ERP is the leading VAT accounting software in UAE, it can equip your workforce with modern ERP software and empower them to higher levels of productivity. Oracle ERP Cloud is a complete, integrated, and modern cloud application suite that manages accounting, procurement, products, and projects enterprise-wide.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

A returning mention from our best apps for small businesses in 2020 roundup, Sage’s Accounting software is one of the best in the business, with comprehensive features to help you handle every aspect of your finance. It’s ideal for businesses looking for a straightforward solution, as it simplifies your sales tracking and reporting, but it can also accept and receive payments, create and send invoices and help you stay on top of bookkeeping. An additional benefit is that the entire system is cloud-based, so regardless of whether you log in from a phone, tablet or computer, you’ll always have access to the same powerful features. 

Its plans start from £12 + VAT per month for the Accounting Start package, which offers access for one user, but you’ll also get a 3 month free trial before you have to start paying. The Accounting Standard package costs just £24 + VAT per month, but also offers extra features, such as advanced reports, forecasting cash flow and managing purchase invoices, as well as logins for as many users as you’d like. This makes it a worthy trade up if you want to get the most out of what the platform can offer.

  • Accounting Start: £12 + VAT per month
  • Accounting Standard: £24 + VAT per month
  • Accounting Plus: £30 + VAT per month


Webgility is the most flexible, powerful, and easy to use software to automate accounting for online businesses. Data is synchronized automatically and securely across all your sales channels. Your books are always up to date. Cash flow and profitability are at your fingertips. It’s easy to file sales taxes. And our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way. Do Less Accounting Work — Reduce Errors and Inefficiencies — Take Control and Grow Faster >> Accounting is automated << Your online income, transactions, sales tax, and fees are automatically recorded into your accounting platform so you don’t have to do any manual data entry. >> Financials are always up to date << Income is recorded with each transaction or each payout in real-time so your books are always current. >> Close your books with ease << Your accounts neatly match your bank deposits so you or your accountant can close books quickly every month. >> Sales tax filing is a breeze << Sales tax collected from all your sales channels is recorded and neatly organized by jurisdiction into your accounting platform for easier filling. >> No sweat compliance << All accounting entries are compliant and tagged so you can easily audit and rollback changes. >> Manual data entry is eliminated << Data is captured securely from your sales channels and flows into your accounting platform on your schedule without using spreadsheets or any manual effort. >> Tailored to your business << Settings can be personalized to the way you do accounting for each sales channel and with field-level mapping control. >> Collaborate with your accountant << Shared access to your books can allow your bookkeeper, accountant, or outsourced accounting firm to stay on top of any necessary adjustments. >> Inventory is accurate << Pricing and inventory are automatically updated across your sales channels and your accounting software, so you never oversell. >> Automate business processes << Purchasing, fulfillment, returns, refunds, and other workflows can be enabled to improve operational efficiency. >> One dashboard << Data from all your sales channels, payments, and shipping systems are in one easy-to-use dashboard so you’re more organized and in control. >> Expenses are better managed << Marketplace, payment, and shipping fees are detailed so you can easily understand them and identify ways to save. >> Cashflow is optimized << Income and expenses are tracked with every payout so you have better visibility into your cash flow for each sales channel. >> Intelligent insights are unlocked << You get a true picture of your performance and profitability at an order and item level by entering the cost of goods sold (COGs.) >> Save time and money << Leverage automation to get rid of manual data entry and lower labor costs so you can move faster and focus on your growth.


Many small business owners are looking for free vat software that will help them with the management of their accounting. It still holds true that 90% of all businesses are small businesses, so there are many owners who are trying to figure out what the best free vat software program will be for their needs.

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