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Best File Sharing Tools

No one can deny the fact that file sharing is useful. It’s useful for anyone, in any situation. We’re going to review some popular file sharing software in this article and I guarantee that you’ll find it beneficial. Before we get into detail, let’s first discuss what file sharing is. The simplest definition of file sharing would be an application that allows computers to share files with each other directly without the use of a central server. This means no overhead is required for such operations.

If you are a business owner or working in a small setup, you need to share files. For this you also need file sharing software. It is very helpful especially when someone from remote office has sent the data and we need to get it downloaded on our machine. Then it will be wise to choose the best file sharing software for the professional use. This article will help those who are planning to buy the best file sharing software for use in their offices.

If you are looking for the best file sharing tools on the net, then this is where you should start. There are many different file sharing sites out there, but not all of them give you the same features or as much space as others.

When it comes to file sharing software, first we had a floppy disc, then a simple network and ten years later we’re using a myriad of file sharing software packages. Sometimes there is computers and systems with combinations of confusing technology. In this hub I will discuss the best file sharing tools and give you some tips on how to get the most out of them.

What is the best file-sharing software solution of 2022?

The best file sharing software solution of 2022 is Synology Drive. This powerful yet easy-to-use file sharing platform was designed for personal and office use. Aside from your own private cloud storage, Synology Drive also allows a seamless collaboration among work teams. Synology Drive doesn’t only help save precious space in your hard drives; it also offers a long list of features to allow more efficient data sharing and management for teams. – FREE TRIAL is a cloud-based file management system. It allows its users to share files from a cloud server while encrypting files in-transit and at-rest. For easier access, provides secure file exchange without the need for special “user accounts” via share links or file inboxes.

One of the unique values of is its wide third-party integration to other file-sharing mechanisms, from SFTP, WebDAV, and other cloud storage services like AWS S3, Azure, and GCP. Everything, including “other clouds” can be viewed and controlled from a single interface.

Key Features:

  • Generate secure links to share data.
  • Real-time collaboration via built-in MS Office.
  • 2FA and encryption at-rest.
  • Supports files up to 5TB in size.

Price and trial. is a subscription-based service charged per month/user. offers a full 7-day free trial.

Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business

Dropbox is a file hosting service offering cloud storage, client software, and file synchronization. Its initial release dates back to 2007, but its popularity is only growing exponentially. Today, Dropbox saves an estimated 1.2 billion files every day.

Dropbox Business is the regular Dropbox optimized for high collaboration and integration. It allows you to integrate everyday tools such as Google Docs, Sheets, MS Office, Dropbox Paper, and Trello into a single platform. It also integrates with platforms such as Zoom and Slack.

Key Features:

  • Preview Photoshop and Illustrator files without Adobe software.
  • Request specific files to users in the contact list.
  • Chat feature for live collaboration.
  • JustCast service for Podcast hosting.
  • Save screenshots and screen recordings.

Price and trial. Dropbox Business is charged on a per-user/month basis.  Professional (3 TB for €16.58 for a single user), Standard, (5 TB for €10), and Advanced (€15, for unlimited storage). Start a 30-day free trial.

Drive from Google Workspace

Drive from Google Workspace

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, includes all Google’s tools and software for businesses, such as Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drive, and more. The bundle includes Google Drive with flexible storage and added features like collaboration and file sharing.

Google Drive gives you total control of how to whom, and when to share files from your cloud-based storage. You can adjust the access with fine-grain control by modifying policies.

Key Features:

  • Share via email or shareable URL.
  • Data loss prevention and data retention with Vault.
  • Google Drive runs Google AI for recommendations and predictions.
  • Shared drives to organize files according to teams.
  • Drive file stream to access files from the cloud.

Price. All plans are charged on a per-user/month. Business Starter ($6), Business Standard ($12), Business Plus ($18), and Enterprise.


FileWhapper screenshot

FileWhopper is an innovative alternative to subscription services and cloud storage solutions. It is a pay-as-you-go file transfer service that uses a file sharing methodology. The pay-as-you-go method suits many business use cases. If you want to send a large file or folder to someone, you simply upload it to the FileWhopper system, get a link for the location and then send that download link to your correspondent. The system is strictly for file sharing and it isn’t meant for live collaboration which makes it less cumbersome than other tools on this list.

Key Features:

  • Pay as you go
  • Individual files up to 10TB
  • Storage for up to 14 days
  • Send a link

You pay a fee for each file upload based on file size and the FileWhopper service includes a utility to upload the file. The file is stored in an encrypted state and is password protected so it can only be accessed by the intended recipient. The file can’t stay on the FileWhopper server forever. The storage system isn’t intended to be accessed repeatedly. The file is resident on FileWhopper for 14 days (can be extended if needed), and then it will be deleted if no one accesses it. When the recipient does access the file, it can only be downloaded, and once that process completes, the file is removed from the FileWhopper system. The sender can purchase additional downloads if the file has to be shared with more than one recipient.


  • Allows secure and auditable files sharing to third-parties, great for legal documents, and contracts.
  • Files are available after the transfer for 14 days
  • Can support massive files, making it a viable option for replication


  • Pay-as-you-go pricing can be over complicated for businesses who move files regularly
  • Sender must buy additional downloads if files are being shared with more than one person

FileWhopper is a pay-as-you-go service. You pay for each upload and the price depends on the size of the file. You can see the price that you are going to pay by moving the file size slider at the bottom of the service’s Home page. Files up to 5 GB cost nothing to transfer. Very big files get a bit pricey and you can go up to 10 TB. Visit their website to learn more and see their pricing model.

Google Workspace Drive

G Suite Google Drive

Drive is part of Google Workspace and is often referred to as Google Drive. The environment of Drive mimics the File Explorer on a PC and makes file storage very easy. The tool isn’t available as a standalone system. It comes as part of the Google Workspace package, which includes productivity tools, such as a word processor and a spreadsheet.

Key Features:

  • Account management
  • Secure storage
  • Files available offline

In theory, businesses should pay for the Google Drive service. However, there is nothing to stop small, distributed business with independent remote workers from using the free personal verison. Under that scenario, though, the workers own the space and not the company. The business version gives you admninistrator controls over accounts and legal ownership of contents.

Access controls can be imposed on folders and also at file level. The decision over whether to allow others access to files can be taken by the crater of the file or by an administrator. For example, it is possible to set up a folder for a group of people, to which all have equal access. It is also possible to grant individuals viewer-only access.

The Drive system is hosted in the cloud, which might be a problem for some who can’t always expect to be online all the time. In these cases, it is possible to make files available offline. However, this can create version control problems for shared files.


  • At least 30 GB of cloud storage per user
  • Encryption-enforced security
  • Access controls per folder and per file
  • Administrator functions


  • Offline accessibility confuses version control

There are four business plans for Google Workspace. These are Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, and Enterprise. The Business Starter plan includes 30 GB of storage per user and costs $6 (£4.47) per month per user. The Business Standard edition allows  for 2 TB of storage per user at a price of $12 (£8.94) per month per user. The Business Plus version costs $18 (£13.40) per month per user with 5 TB of storage per user. The Enterprise edition is a custom account.  You can get to know the Google Drive system with a 14-day free trial.

Synology Drive

Synology Drive is the leading file-sharing software that provides fast and secure ways to share and store your files. The platform allows you to explore, add, and organize your files using a mobile phone or tablet. It is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, making it easier for you to access your files from any device of your choice. Additionally, Synology Drive ensures that you have online access to terabytes of data that you have stored in team or personal folders.

It gives you an effortless cloud-storage experience at over 112 MBps of sequential reading. All your files are also protected by Synology Drive’s robust multi-version backup solution. This way, your digital assets are safe from malicious attacks and ransomware threats. Aside from this, the system has sync functionalities so you can easily see all the changes in your storage and access files throughout different offices.

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features.

What is unique about Synology?

  1. Safe file sharing. Synology Drive lets you share files or request file uploads from other users. It generates customizable links that you can share, as well. For security, you can enable password protection and set a validity period.
  2. Full data ownership. The platform offers an on-premise infrastructure for your files. You can locally store your data on Synology NAS, allowing you to have complete data ownership.
  3. Real-time file synchronization. With Synology Drive’s Client desktop application, you can sync your files between Windows, macOS, Ubuntu computer, and Synology Drive Server. The on-demand sync feature also lets you see all the files without consuming PC storage.
  4. Seamless collaboration. The software allows you to collaborate with other users in editing the same sheets, slides, or documents. You can also use the comment tools to streamline discussion with other users.
  5. Remote backup. With Synology Drive, you can back up your files to a remote site. This way, you don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting your files.

Find Out More about the Product Through Its Free Trial Offer

With their unique technological offerings and budget-friendly pricing, it’s easy to jump on the boat and purchase the one that appeals to you right away based on what we have presented here. However, you will be wise to exercise prudence and patience. While these write-ups help a great deal in giving you a good idea of the file sharing application that appeals to you, bear in mind that nothing beats getting the actual look and feel of the application. Hence, you should do a double-take and see if the software you have in mind is offering a free trial or demo so you can see the application in action with your real needs. Many of these applications are good on paper, but last-minute demos help address issues that write-ups might not have covered. For that, we highly recommend signing up for a free trial of Synology Drive, the leading file-sharing platform.


Are you looking for the best file-sharing software? File sharing is the process of allowing people to collect and share files. File-sharing can be done in various ways, such as copying data to portable media, transmitting data over the Internet, or using instant messaging networks. Digital information is stored on computers, replicated with backups and stored in multiple locations.

The best free file sharing software to share, backup, sync and protect files. You can upload, store and share any type of files including movies, music, ebooks and more with your friends, family or co-workers!

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