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Convert Scanned PDF To Word Document Free Online

Convert Scanned PDF To Word Document Free Online converts scanned pdf to editable word – Convert scanned PDF to editable Word, PPTX, Excel, JPG, Image and Text files. Also, convert PDF to other formats.  It is a very simple online tool that provides an online PDF converter. Convert scanned PDF (jpg) document to Word Document, Pages Document, Text (CSV), Excel Workbook, PowerPoint Presentation and Images on your desktop without requiring Adobe Acrobat. Just upload the scanned files and convert them. This utility helps to repair corrupt/ damaged scanned PDF documents by converting them into user defined formats using this online converter.

In this article we will look at different ways to convert scanned PDF to editable Word online. Convert scanned PDF to editable Word online: I have scanned thousands of pages of text. They were converted into faxable pdfs and e-mailed to me by folks who did not have access to the books I needed. Being a writer, I resisted going digital as long as possible. But now that I’m retired, my days are short and my leisure time is precious. It’s now a source of frustration to me when someone sends me scans that are not properly removed from the book they were torn from. I think, “they’ve gone out of their way to make this difficult for me”.

Convert scanned pdf to editable word free online – There was an article written about how to convert scanned PDF to editable word. The article said that if you could scan it, then you could save it for future use. You can also make changes to it when you need to.

For those who are willing to avoid the paid tools that only convert pdf files to Microsoft Word format, you can use this online tool. It is able to convert online pdf to word with fast speed, high quality, and multiple format supported. You could try it.

How to edit a scanned PDF document (on Mac)?

Editing a scanned PDF (or any PDF for that matter) can mean at least three completely different tasks (both in terms of complexity and execution). Good news is, Able2Extract Professional can perform all of them on Mac.

Let us explain.

  1. Adding text, graphics, Bates numbering to a scanned PDF: If you just want to add some content to your scanned PDF, simply open the file and go to the Edit Document tab to gain access to features such as Add Text, Add Shape, Add Bitmap, and Add Bates Numbering.
  2. Editing scanned PDF pages: To delete or rearrange pages, insert blank ones, add pages from a separate PDF, or modify pages size and rotation, open a document and click on the Edit Document tab in the Main menu. Click on the corresponding icon to activate features such as Merge, Split, Insert Pages, Delete Pages, Move Pages, Rotate Pages, Resize Pages.
  3. Editing scanned PDF text: The most difficult task would be to edit textual content from image-based PDFs. As explained in the answer to the previous question, you can convert PDF to DOCX with OCR, and edit the content in Microsoft Word before printing the edited PDF with the Able2Extract Professional printer. You can also print the converted PDF without modifying it, and open it in Able2Extract Professional to edit the text just like you would in any word processor application (make sure the Edit Document tab is active).

How to type on a scanned PDF document?

Typing on a scanned PDF is possible with a desktop PDF solution such as Able2Extract Professional. Since a scanned PDF is basically an image of a document, typing on it will add a new layer containing text on top of the original image layer.

To type on a scanned PDF document with Able2Extract Professional:

  1. Open a scanned PDF in Able2Extract
  2. Go to the Edit Document tab
  3. Click on the Add Text button
  4. Place your mouse cursor anywhere on the document, left click, and start typing

Note: You can change properties of the added text in the right-side panel, such as the font, font size, color, outline, line spacing, etc.

How to edit a scanned PDF document in Word?

First, you will need to extract content from a PDF to the editable file format compatible with Microsoft Word by using a software application with OCR technology.

To convert a scanned PDF to DOCX with Able2Extract Professional:

  1. Open a scanned document you’d like to edit in Word
  2. While in the Convert tab, look for a Word section in the right-side panel that will let you choose the Format (DOCX – Word 2007, RTF – Rich Text Format, ODT – OpenOffice Writer) and Formatting (Standard, Frames, Text Only)
  3. Click on the Word button under the Convert tab in the main toolbar
  4. Set a file name, choose location, and hit Save

Once the extraction is completed, just open the resulting document in Word and start editing as usual. Beats manual retyping every time!

Can I convert a scanned PDF to Word for free?

Yes, you can. If you don’t want to pay for a scanned PDF to Word conversion, free online tools will do the job (such as the one on this page).

Keep in mind that:

  • Free tools are not as accurate as the paid ones in most cases
  • Free tools might have limitations when it comes to file size, number of conversions per day, etc.
  • Since the conversion is taking place on a server, you’ll need to upload your file and download the resulting editable document
  • Free tools can be overloaded at any given time, making the conversion much slower than with a dedicated desktop software application that has OCR

To conclude, free online tools can help you convert a scanned PDF to Word for free. However, if you are not comfortable with their limitations, you should look into a desktop PDF converter with OCR such as Able2Extract Professional.

Here’s how to convert a PDF to Word using Microsoft Word

Wondering how much time you can save using Soda PDF’s easy-to-use document solutions? Here’s the (many) steps you’ll need to take if you want to convert a PDF to Word using Microsoft Office:

  1. Locate the file you want to open and right-click on it. This will open a menu box. If you’re using a Mac and don’t have a right mouse button, press Control as you click on it.
  2. Select Open with near the top of the menu. Another menu will appear.
  3. Click Word from the menu list. This will open Word and display the PDF.
  4. Click OK to convert the file when prompted. Word will convert the file to a .docx format to display it.
  5. Edit the document. Note that your newly converted document may not be perfect. There might be page to page discrepancies due to line and page breaks, graphics, and so on. Making manual adjustments might be required.
  6. If you downloaded the PDF from the internet (saved it from an email attachment for example), a bar at the top of the document will appear with a button marked “enable editing.” Make sure you click on that button if you want to edit your document.
  7. Finally, Save the converted PDF.

Is Soda PDF safe to use to convert scanned PDF to Word online?

The short answer is: yes!

Soda PDF’s website and PDF conversion solutions are used by millions of people every month, and they are 100% secure – that includes the online PDF to Word converter.

We use SSL encryption to ensure that your images and documents and data are not compromised, and remove all files after processing, including Word files.

Picture to text converter allows you to extract text from image or convert PDF to Doc, Excel or Text formats
using Optical Character Recognition software online

1 STEP – Upload fileSELECT FILE…

2 STEP – Select language and output format

3 STEP – Convert

Max file size 15 mb.

Use OCR online

to extract text and characters from scanned PDF documents (including multipage files), photos and digital camera captured images

Image to text

Any JPG, BMP or PNG images can be converted into text output formats with the same layout as original file

Convert PDF to DOC

Convert PDF to WORD or EXCEL online. Extract text from scanned PDF documents, photos and captured images without payment

Compatible with iOS and Android

You may convert files from mobile devices (iPhone or Android) or PC (Windows\Linux\MacOS)

Secure conversion

All documents uploaded under the free “Guest” account will be deleted automatically after conversion. Output files for registered users are stored one month

Free Service

OCR service is free for “Guest” users (without registration) and allows you to convert 15 files per hour

Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is arguably one of the most powerful PDF to Word converter with OCR feature. The program is widely known for the massive features offered alongside the OCR. With Nitro Pro, you can create PDF directly from a scanner or leverage the OCR feature to make your PDF file editable and searchable. Once you have converted your PDF to Word OCR, you can use Nitro Pro to edit, sign, review, and protect your document effortlessly. The intuitive interface and the wealth of incorporated features merit its place among the PDF to Word converter OCR giants. Unlike most other converters, Nitro Pro is known to solve some common inefficiencies by bypassing time-consuming processes like scanning and printing to create a good workflow.

best free ocr pdf to word converter


  • This program is feature-rich.
  • The program is fully integrated with Nitro Cloud.
  • Users do not experience a steep learning curve.
  • It supports batch processing.
  • OCR processing is fast.


  • The program only allows five conversions per month for the free version.
  • There is no support for indexing.
  • The premium version is highly-priced.

Kofax Power PDF

Kofax Power PDF is widely known by millions of customers across the globe, owing to its ability to create, convert, edit, share, and sign PDF files with ease. This way, users can streamline the flow of their work documents and achieve effective operations. Kofax Power is also known for developing and deploying cutting-edge technologies, which include OCR. With Kofax Power PDF, you can accurately turn your PDF files to editable and searchable formats with more efficiency. This way, users can save on time and scale up their level of productivity. Kofax Power PDF offers several purchase plans for users. Depending on the nature of your work and type of organization, you can simply choose a suitable option and try it out.

scanned pdf to word converter


  • It supports cloud connectivity.
  • It offers the right security level for documents with the help of signatures.
  • It offers many plausible features.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.


  • It is expensive.

How to Edit PDF on Windows

Your Windows PC can’t extract images the same way Macs can. But there’s an easy way to go about it. Convert the PDF document into Word and then edit it as you would a Word document. Easy-peasy! You can use a PDF to word converter online or use Adobe Acrobat.howto-edit-pdf image

Today, we’ll go over how to convert PDF to Word using Adobe Acrobat.

  1. Open the Adobe Acrobat program.
  2. Click on File > Open.
  3. Select the PDF document.
  4. After the document opens, click on Export PDF on the toolbar on your right-hand side.
  5. Select “Microsoft Word” and click Export.
  6. You now have an editable word document.
  7. Make the desired edits, and then save as PDF.


Portable Document Format, or PDF, is one of the most commonly used document formats for word processing. This useful format provides a way to easily share documents in a secure manner and can be read on almost any computer. If you require larger documents to be shared with many people, PDF has ways to make this easier. Conversion from PDF to other document formats can add value for your business because it allows for potentially non-secure sharing of documents.

If you are running a small business that requires you to accept orders and process payments but are working with a minimal capital to invest on specialized software and hardware, our free online PDF to Word document converter tool is a perfect fit for your requirements. This handy utility helps you convert scanned PDF files into editable Word documents within minutes. Online conversion eliminates the need to install any software program on your computer.

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