How to Convert From PDF To Word Document Free

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PDFs are great. They’re portable, easy to open, and serve their purpose when it comes to scanned documents. But for many businesses, PDF files are not enough. That’s because you can’t edit a PDF file with ease. It is certainly possible, but it can be challenging.

As a user, you may have noticed that there are times when all you have is a PDF file but what you need is a word file. What to do? The most obvious solution, of course, is to use the aptly named Adobe Acrobat Reader software. But while this software has many powerful features, one thing it can’t do (much to the frustration of some users) is to convert PDF files into editable Word files.

How to Convert From PDF To Word Document Free is the easiest way to convert your PDF files into editable Microsoft Word documents. There are more than a few reasons that you might want to do this, such as: To edit the documents created in Adobe’s mobile apps or Google Docs, preserving all of their formatting and graphics; Because you have many documents and don’t have time to manually open each one; Because it’s insecure when someone sends you a PDF file and you don’t know if they’ve made changes – converting it first allows you to make sure that there aren’t any malicious changes hidden inside.

In this article, we will share with you the best ways to convert PDF to Microsoft Word format on your computer. These methods can be done in both Windows and Mac computers. We also include a few tips so that you can convert from PDF to editable Word document or PDF to word directly without changing it back to HTML format again.

Is PDF to Word conversion safe online?

If you use reliable software for your conversion, then yes, PDF to word conversion is absolutely safe online. To be on the safer side, always check the privacy page of a PDF to Word Converter.

Rest assured, all the tools available in this list provide a safe and secure way to convert your valuable file and documents.

Following in PDF Conversion Suite’s example, here is another simple to use free PDF to Word converter – PDF2Doc.

You may have spotted the key difference in this option already. That’s right, this one is a website, rather than a downloaded app. This means that instead of converting your files locally on your computer, your files will be uploaded to an online server in order to be processed, then you’ll download the converted file back to your computer.

If you don’t mind uploading your files to an online server, this option is great for your basic PDF to Word needs. For those with sensitive documents, however, you may think twice about converting such files online.

Summary (PDF2Doc):

✔ Multiple conversion formats
✔ 2-way Conversions
✔ Batch Conversions
✔ Free
✔ Online

EasePDF Online Converter

EasePDF is another trusted online PDF solution provider. This platform runs online, so you just need a reliable web browser for accessing it, supporting any devices with different systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.

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EasePDF provides a range of easy-to-handle tools with a PDF Converter enabling you to convert PDF documents to and from different file formats, as well as a PDF Editor, allowing you to edit, rotate and sign PDFs. You can also organize your PDF documents’ layout by merging, splitting, compressing, cropping, as well as protect your PDFs with passwords.EasePDF PDF to Word

If you’re happy to upload your PDF documents online, EasePDF is a good choice due to its speed, availability on multiple platforms, free trial version, and is competitively priced at $39.95/year for the premium plan.

Summary (EasePDF Online PDF Converter):

✔ User-friendly UI
✔ Choice of PDF converters
✔ Cloud platform connection
✔ Free Trial
✔ Online

Nuance PDF Converter for Mac

Nuance PDF Converter for Mac is an outstanding tool for converting PDF files. It has robust features for converting with high productivity.


  • Can convert iWork supported Word files.
  • Uses OCR.
  • Can also edit as well as share PDF files.


  • Creativity for converting is absent in the software.
Nuance PDF Converter for Mac

deskUNPDF for Mac

deskUNPDF is a very easy to use PDF converter for Mac. It can convert PDF files into editable formats without sacrificing the original layouts.


  • Can convert to not only Word, but also Excel, PowerPoint etc.
  • OCR technology is present in the software.
  • Multi files conversion feature.
  • The software can convert PDF to plain text document.


  • Sometimes odd conversion achievements can be experienced.
deskUNPDF for Mac

 PDFelement Pro for Windows

PDFelement Pro is a quick and all-in-one PDF editor for Windows platform. It does great job in converting PDF to Word. It can also edit PDF. Not only that, you can also convert the scanned PDF with OCR technology that is incorporated with the software.TRY IT FREE


  • It can convert scanned PDF files too.
  • Very fast as in a minute, it can convert 100 pages of PDF.
  • Batch conversion allows converting at best 200 PDF files at a time.
  • Preserves the original layouts as well as formats.
main interface of windows version

PDFMate PDF Converter

This nice PDF converter comes with tons of great features for converting PDF to Word. It can convert in batch conversion. The good thing is that you do not have to pay for a single penny to use it as the software is free of cost.


  • It can convert encrypted PDF files.
  • Has batch conversion facility.


  • Advanced options of the software are confusing.
  • No way to stop or pause any conversion action once it is started.
PDFMate PDF Converter

Nemo PDF to Word

With Nemo PDF to Word, you can convert PDF files to Word format documents. It is very fast in conversion. The software can be used without any price as it is totally free.


  • Intuitive feature with accurate conversion.
  • User friendly use.


  • It can’t convert scanned files.
nemo pdf to word

 SmartSoft Free PDF to Word Converter

For converting Adobe PDF files to MS Word, SmartSoft Free PDf to Word Converter is a perfect option. It is free and you can conver PDF to Word seamlessly.


  • User friendly interface.
  • Free.
  • Preserves layouts of original PDF files.


  • Batch conversion is not possible.
smartsoft free pdf to word converter

Kofax Power PDF

Kofax Power PDF is a powerful PDF to word converter with a simple design. The tool is specially designed to allow users to create PDF, convert PDF files to other formats, edit PDF, and share them flawlessly with friends. With Kofax Power PDF, users can convert PDF files to a variety of output formats, including Word, Excel, and image formats. The intuitive interface alongside the numerous functionality ensures a unique workflow that ensures productivity. Its fast and accurate conversion represents some of the ingredients for effective performance.

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pdf to ms word converter


  • The conversion process is fast and accurate.
  • The intuitive interface ensures effortless file conversion.
  • It has plenty of useful features.


  • It is expensive.

Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is another top-rated PDF to word converter software used by droves of users worldwide. Nitro Pro has robust features, and this explains why scores of people fall in love with this tool. The sleek interface and fast conversion speed make it a suitable choice for various categories of users. Nitro Pro supports the conversion of PDF file to several output formats, including Word, Excel, image, and HTML just to mention but a few. Just like other excellent PDFs to word converters, Nitro Pro supports the conversion of multiple files, thus saving you both time and energy.

pdf to word converter download


  • It has plenty of useful features.
  • The conversion speed is fast.
  • Supports batch conversion.


  • There is no support for indexing.
  • OCR is known to crash with large files.

 Wide Angle PDF Converter

This is a handy yet powerful PDF to Word converter program. The program is equipped with lots of up to par features that make the entire conversion process full of fun and effective. Wide Angle PDF Converter enables conversion of PDF to other popular file formats like Word, Excel, PPT, and image. As you would expect from a powerful converter, Wide Angle PDF Converter supports the conversion of bulk files at the same time. Users can, after that, merge, rotate, split, and bookmark the file contents depending on their needs.

best pdf to word converter


  • Secure the output files.
  • It is fast and efficient.
  • Supports batch conversion.


  • It is pricey.

WPS Converter

WPS converter is among the top PDF to Word converter worth choosing. The program offers a fast, seamless, and good quality conversion. Also, this converter keeps the font, bullets, layout, and tables of the input document during the conversion process. In simple terms, the WPS converter keeps the original PDF formatting.

pdf to word converter software


  • Maintains the original formatting of the source file.
  • Supports batch conversions to Word.
  • It can open other file formats.


  • It does not have plenty of features like other top PDF converters.

Small PDF

Another famous name in the PDF to Word converter in the industry is SmallPDF. This program offers both desktop and free online versions. It works on various popular platforms, including Mac, Windows, and Linux. You can use it to read PDFs, compress PDFs and merge PDF files besides converting them Word. To bring about the best quality of PDF to Word conversion, Small PDF has partnered with the best solution provider in the market-Solid Documents.

pdf to word converter software free download


  • The program ensures file safety and privacy.
  • The conversion process is easy.
  • Allows you to unlock PDFs.
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  • The premium version is expensive.
  • The free version has limited features.


HiPDF is one of the best online PDF to doc converter that allows users to convert PDF files to various formats, including Word. The program supports the conversion of PDF files to a myriad of other file formats such as Word, Excel, PDF/A, and JPG, among others. The conversion process is simple and straightforward, and thus users can navigate with ease irrespective of their expertise.

document converter pdf to word


  • The program has a user-friendly interface.
  • Users can share converted files with ease.
  • It offers accurate and reliable conversion.


  • The free version has limited features.


Best for Fast and Efficient PDF to Word Conversion.

adobe new

As an entity responsible for the invention of PDF in the first place, what better option can there be to convert a PDF than Adobe itself. Adobe offers a robust and comprehensive interface to easily convert any PDF file in no time.

The editable file you get is a flawless copy of the original, with no misplaced words, alignments, or margins. The process for conversion is also very simple. You can either click the ‘select a file button’ on its main page, or simply drag and drop the file you would like converted.

Once selected, Adobe will automatically start the conversion process. Your editable Word file will be saved in your desired folder on the device. You can also try the premium version to convert a Microsoft 365 file, rotate or split PDF file or copy HTML, TXT, and other formats to PDF.


  • Fast PDF to Doc Conversion
  • Drag and Drop Feature
  • Split and Rotate PDF
  • Copy HTML, TXT, and other formats to PDF.

Verdict: Adobe qualifies as one of the best PDF to Word converters on the merit of its name alone. The fact that it also performs this task impeccably only makes us recommend it more.

Price: Free, 7-day free trial, $9 per month for the Basic pack, and $14 per month for the Pro pack.

Are PDF to Word Converters free?

Yes, most of the tools available online for conversions are free and do not charge a penny to users. However, we would recommend staying away from free tools that employ adware for a better experience.


PDF to Word is a free tool for converting PDF files to editable Word format. It can be used on Windows 10/8/7/XP computer, and the converted Microsoft Word files can be saved directly to your computer’s hard disc drive. With this application, you’ll be able to view (not edit) PDF files as editable Microsoft Word documents, making it much easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

In technical documentation, the choice of tool is important. You must keep in mind that this software has the power to change the way you create content, organise it and share it with users. Choosing the wrong tool puts your insight at risk, as not all tools work in the same way. But the right tools improve engagement and make documentation more effective.

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