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There a a lot of businesses in the world today, and this is also true in the exporting business. Export management software provides a wide range of ways in which it benefits the businesses who use it. In fact, using export management software can be a complete game changer for your importing and exporting business.

In the old days, before computers were around, foreign trade required an import export business. Nowadays, the exporting and importing process is much more complicated because a lot of documents have to be processed manually. In order to simplify the import export business there are many software that can help you collect all necessary information about your business. These include free import export software and the software for the management of export operations.


PartnerLinQ is a cloud native end-to-end supply chain connectivity platform that provides businesses a secure and transformative way to connect their multi-tier global supply chain networks, channels, and marketplaces to their enterprise. PartnerLinQ’s modular and extensible architecture enables EDI, Non-EDI, and API-led enterprise wide integration capabilities, while enhancing visibility across the partner network through in-depth, analytics-based insights. The PartnerLinQ platform provides businesses a highly configurable and flexible approach with an easy to use interface, that eases partner onboarding, provides built-in alerts with a control center view of the enterprise network transactions, in a cost-efficient and scalable manner.


Zonos provides scalable technology to simplify the complexities of international commerce, making it accessible to everyone. We create products that allow businesses to take full control of their cross-border trade experience. Our SaaS solutions alleviate the headaches of cross-border trade with APIs and software that provide businesses with the tools and data they need to scale globally, including the only true landed cost solution on the market. Our cloud-based software and APIs allow online retailers to calculate accurate duties and taxes, presenting true landed cost with the option to prepay at checkout, manage restricted items, receive foreign payments, mitigate fraud, and generate accurate international shipping rates in their localized checkout. Zonos technology can automate non-resident country taxation for online retailers by keeping track of thresholds for each country and collecting taxes at the appropriate time, making global trade compliance easy and relieving the burden many are feeling from this new tax trend, i.e. UK VAT, Australian GST, EU VAT, etc. Doubling in size every year since its inception, Zonos has become the leader in cross-border technology, helping thousands of businesses better serve their international partners and customers. Our team of industry and software experts is expanding rapidly, both locally and globally.

ImportKey’s US trade data software equips you with the tools needed to gain a comprehensive understanding of a company’s operating activities by utilizing visual graphs of supply chain relationships, as well as rising trends in the marketplace. Our site allows you to instantly obtain access to US import data and US trade data records of millions of companies and identify supply chain relationships within minutes. Our platform allows you to leverage US import data in order to identify and analyze company/supplier trading patterns as well as the frequency and description of their shipped goods, allowing our users to minimize risk and make informed business decisions.

Trademo Intel

Trademo Intel is a Global merchandise Trade Data Intelligence platform for global trade participants like Buyers(Importers), Suppliers(Exporters), Global Logistics companies, Trade Finance institutions and International Trade Consulting Firms. Trademo Intel gathers voluminous and varied trade data daily from multiple authentic sources including Customs, Financial Data providers, United Nations, Census Bureau etc. The data is further cleaned and process this data to build a global supply chain knowledge graph and generate valuable insights for our customers. Some of the unique features of Trademo Intel are: – More than 1 billion trade transaction data for the last 10 years of exports and imports of United States, Mexico and other countries. Google-like Search with advanced filters to navigate through massive transactional data and fetch required insights in a fraction of seconds. – More than 30+ data points for each trade transaction including Buyer Name, Supplier Name, Product description, HS Code, Quantity, Pricing, Trade Route, Carrier Name etc. – Access to over 5 million + Buyer/Supplier profiles with their trade transactions, trading partners, product details, HS Codes, Revenue, Employee Count, Industry etc. – Product trend of each globally traded HS Code including Average Price, Quantity, Total Import/Export value. The same could be further filtered for a State, Port, Mode of Transportation, or Trading Country. – Macro Trends for 160+ countries explaining market share of several countries, their trading volume and trend for all globally traded HS Codes. – And more Trademo Intel helps businesses save time and cost for several use cases like identifying new suppliers/buyers, understanding market share, track competition and global product demand and supply. Trademo Intel is a cloud-based platform and is available on monthly and annual subscription.

Bamboo Rose

Bamboo Rose is the leading multi-enterprise product and supply chain platform connecting retailers, brands, suppliers, and their supply chain partners to bring great products to market faster, more efficiently, and at higher margins. With the Digital Marketplace, PLM, Sourcing, Order and Sales Order Management, GTM, and Financing applications users can discover, develop, and deliver products at digital speed. Formerly known as Tradestone, Bamboo Rose was founded in 2003 and is now headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.


CommodityPro is an enterprise risk management platform developed by TechnoGen – an IT & software service provider company based in India. The CTRM platform mainly focuses on analysing a wide range of risk factors along with their possible impact on business functions. We are emerging to be a leading provider of commodity trading and risk management software, serving commodity businesses across various areas of trading such as finance & accounting, FX trading, inventory & distribution, trade documentation, farming operations, etc. 

Infor Nexus

Infor Nexus provides end-to-end supply chain orchestration through a solution designed for the enterprise-level organizations across several a wide variety of specialized industries. As the world’s only -single-instance business network, Infor Nexus allows the many of the world’s most complex supply chains to drive efficiency and agility by optimizing the flow of goods, information, and capital from source to delivery to pay. Using a customer-centric approach, Infor Nexus helps organizations improve on-time delivery and customer service while significantly reducing cost, lead times in order to free up working capital and improve partner relationships. Key applications include supply management, procure-to-pay automation, global transportation management, supply chain finance, and supply chain visibility. Additionally, it provides predictive intelligence which allow companies proactively rearrange resource and labor utilization, inventory and shipping operations and respond to fluctuations in the market. Infor Nexus helps organization build communications by eliminating silos internally, as well as with suppliers, partners and customers. The solution is hosted in the cloud for remote accessibility over the web.

INTTRA by E2open

INTTRA by E2open (INTTRA) was formed in 2018 when INTTRA merged with E2open to create a unified global logistics and supply chain network. The acquisition by E2open, the largest cloud-based provider of networked supply chain solutions, brings together the world leader in ocean shipping logistics covering a majority of ocean shipping container capacity, with the global supply chain and logistics network of E2open. With this unification, customers of both companies realize extensive efficiencies and ease of use across global supply chain and logistics management INTTRA together with E2open will strengthen the connections and streamline the information flow between manufacturers, suppliers, shipping service providers, ocean carriers and all the participants in global trade. The combination of the largest ocean shipping network with the largest beneficial cargo owner (BCO) supply chain network will bring powerful benefits including: 1. Real-time end-to-end visibility with the ability to monitor and react to changing global needs. 2. More efficient ocean shipping with the integration of procurement, manufacturing and distribution. 3. Better logistics capacity utilization with enhanced visibility into manufacturing forecasts and future shipping needs. INTTRA is now the largest neutral digital network and information provider at the center of the ocean shipping industry, streamlining the ocean trade process by connecting more than 35,000 shippers across 177 countries with 60 leading carriers and NVOCCs and 150 software alliance partners. More than 850,000 container orders per week are initiated on the INTTRA platform, representing over one-quarter of global ocean container trade. INTTRA is uniquely positioned to continue leading the digital transformation of the ocean shipping industry.


An export manager or exporter needs the right export management software for their business. This is because, whether they would admit to it or not, there are plenty of problems that can arise when they try to ship goods out of the country. Exporters need data on where their shipments are at all times, they need to be able to control costs and they even need insurance advice if it’s an international shipment.

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