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Accounting Software For Jewelry Business You Should Know

Do you own or operate a jewelry business? Have you ever set up a jewelry accounting software before? Is it your first time setting up such a software? When it comes to choosing the best inventory software, does the thought of it scare you silly? It is important that you continue reading if this is your situation. Get ready to get some great advice on how you can choose the best option for you.

Whether you are currently running an independent jewelry store or are considering the idea of opening one, you are aware of the importance of finding the right accounting software for jewelry businesses if you are running a jewelry store. There is no doubt that accounting software for jewelry business is a tool that is crucial for keeping track of financial records, which is one of the best ways to avoid losing money as a result of mismanagement. Accounting software for jewelry business is also useful in getting familiar with the jewelry store inventory.

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1. Craftybase

It is an all-in-one package designed specifically for jewelry makers who make their own jewelry. Track your material and product stock, calculate your COGS for Schedule C, keep track of your expenses, and make sure your pricing is accurate.

What Craftybase can do for jewelry makers

You have everything at your fingertips from your sales data to your financial data, and that data can be accessed from any internet-enabled device (our industry-leading backup systems ensure your data is extremely secure).

Daily, Automatic ImportsStop manually copying over numbers into spreadsheets – now there is an easier, more efficient way to keep track of your business data. In order for you to get started with your day, it automatically import all your products and orders each night.

The Pricing Guidance feature ensures that you are always on top of the margins and profits of your Amazon products by giving you an indication of how much it costs to produce the products. This feature allows you to keep track of your margins and profits at all times, making it easy to manage your inventory.

A cost of goods sold (COGS) is a way to keep track of the cost of goods sold in real time based on the data that you input. In fact, we will even be able to generate the numbers you need for your Schedule C with the click of a button for you.

You are able to keep your business fully compliant with Craftybase’s powerful lot tracking software, traceability features, and expiry date features that will keep you in complete compliance. Having all the information you need at your fingertips in case of a product recall will make your life a lot easier.

Detailed Reports Keep tabs on your jewelry store and know how it is doing, with our comprehensive and detailed reports that provide you with a comprehensive picture of how your jewelry store is doing. Charts and graphs make it easy for you to have a clear understanding of your vital statistics.

It allows you to track the exact stock levels of your materials and products, so you will know exactly when you need to order more supplies or make more jewelry products in order to keep up with the demand. You won’t run out of stock ever again, and you’ll keep those sales rolling in no matter what!

2. Marg Jewellery Software

It is a comprehensive software that allows jewellers to manage all vital operations, including customers, inventory, item certification, sale, mortgage, kitty, karigars along with financial accounting, in order to manage the day-to-day operation of their business. With the help of this interactive solution, jewellers can stay updated on the status of the repairing orders as well as fresh orders placed in the system. With Marg jewellery Software, you are able to maintain different inventories of precious metals as well as stones.

3. HDPOS for jewelry store

There is a lot of functionality in this software, and it is very smart. This software is available at a low price and comes with POS and inventory management capabilities. As the best jewelry billing software on the market, it stands out from the crowd.

There is no list of features available from the vendor at this time.


  • The cost of a single system is Rs. 17000
  • Client server-Rs. 33000
  • Subscription based on the cloud – Rs. 14000
  • The smart CS is integrated with the synch service-RS. 30000

4. BusinessMind

There is a cloud-based jewelry software solution called BusinessMind which is designed for businesses in the manufacturing and retail industries. Using BusinessMind is a great way to keep track of inventory, customers, and sales. With the help of this software, you will be able to grow your business, generate revenue, and streamline your workflows by integrating it with several third-party platforms.


  • CRM
  • Shop Control
  • Business Insight
  • Inventory Control
  • Point of Sale


  • TSYS
  • BIG
  • NPD
  • CallRail
  • Paragon
  • Shopify
  • Xero
  • TracTech
  • Clearent
  • Zoho Analytics
  • Amazon Quicksight
  • Tableau



There is a limit of one store and one user account with the starter plan.

There is a 15-day free trial available for you to try out the software.

5. Quickbooks Point of Sale

As an all-in-one solution, QuickBooks Point of Sale includes the software, hardware, and payment services you will need to sell jewelry online and in-store. The ecommerce integration, the contactless payments and the omnichannel inventory management feature will provide you with the information you need to make better business decisions. You will be able to immediately see what jewelry items are selling, what’s not, and what needs to be reordered. Whether you need a small tag or a big one, we can print it for you. An integrated rewards program will allow you to reward your best jewelry customers for their loyalty.

Best For

Small to mid-sized retailers and businesses with a need to manage inventory and point of sale for their business. It can be used across a wide range of industries and by retailers selling both online and in person.

6. Buy/Sell Plus

The Buy/Sell Plus software was developed by Data Age Business Systems to help manage inventory through a point-of-sale system. Retail stores that obtain their inventory from vendors as well as customers can take advantage of the robust purchasing features offered by this solution. The application provides integrated tools for the sale of precious metals and jewelry, the scanning of used goods inventories, tracking of repair orders, and more.


Shop Management

  • Reporting
  • Police Reporting
  • ATF Compliance
  • Customer Management
  • Repair Order Scheduling

Inventory Management

  • Photo Management
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Wanted Items Management

Sales Management

  • Layaways
  • Price Guide
  • Order Processing
  • Cash Drawer Management

Employee Management

  • Employee Profitability Tracking
  • Time Clock

Target Market

  • Used Goods Stores
  • Repair Shops
  • Collectibles
  • Firearms Dealers
  • Jewelry and Precious Metals

7. JewelMate Enterprise Retail

It has been more than two decades since Logic Mate has been providing jewelry industry software solutions to the industry. For retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and diamond dealers of all sizes, there are different versions of the software that are available.

Best For

An online jewelry store management solution that is designed for sectors such as the jewelry trade, retailers, wholesalers, diamond dealers, and manufacturers.

8. JewelMate Enterprise Retail Pricing Overview

JewelMate Enterprise Retail prices start at $3500.00 for a one-time payment of $3500.00. There is no free version of JewelMate Enterprise Retail available to the public. A free trial of JewelMate Enterprise Retail is not available at this time.

9. Prime Jewellery Accounting

With its point-to-point technology for data entry, Prime Jewellery Accounting is an advanced jewellery accounting software that can help its users run their businesses better. Featuring a user-friendly interface, it allows users to easily access and manage their accounts without the need to undergo any prior training in order to do so. As a part of the Prime Jewellery Accounting software, administrators have the ability to assign role-based access rights to members of their accounting staff in order to give them access to multiple user interfaces and a single interface.

With the extensive range of transaction management tools provided by the software, users can keep track of money lent, or loans given, against jewelry, land, promissory notes, and many other types of assets. There are several features that are included with the Prime Jewellery Accounting software that allows you to keep a detailed record of sales and purchases, along with user-defined tax forms and types. As part of the automated calculation process, it also calculates all the ledgers related to all the accts, as well as their interest rates. 

How Does Prime Jewellery Accounting Software Simplify Operations?

An accounting program for the jewelry business can be divided into four main sections to make it easier for users to manage their jewelry stock and accounts in an intuitive manner. 

  1. Financial Accounting – The user has the option of maintaining separate books for bank receipts, cash receipts, karigar receipts, sales, purchase, karigar issues, etc., in this part of the system.
  2. Rojmel – The purpose of this section is to provide an overview of a traditional way of writing accounting books, which involves writing two books, namely Rojmel and Ledger. There is an automated process by which all of the daily transactions are recorded in Rojmel, and they are then posted to the ledger book automatically.
  3. Money Lending – It is helpful to keep track of a client’s capital, balance, and interest rate using the money lending section of the website. As well as automating the posting of ledgers and printing loans ledgers, it offers a wide range of other features.
  4. Stock (Mangmel) – As a user, you can easily maintain the stock of your products by using the tag numbers that are assigned to the individual products in this section. The users can also find out whether any stock is dead and print product tags based on the size of the label accordingly.   

Pricing of Prime Jewellery Accounting Software

Pricing information for Prime Jewellery Accounting system can be obtained upon request. We would be happy to connect you with one of our product experts by sending you a call back request. 

Compatible platforms of Prime Jewelry Accounting Software

The Prime Jewellery Accounting software India is compatible with the following versions of Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.  

Benefits of using Prime Jewelry Accounting Software

  1. User-based Access Rights – Multi-user and group login features in Prime Jewellery Accounting software allow administrators to assign user-based access rights to employees and work with their team in order to achieve better results. 
  2. Daily Updates – Users can install and update the software without any hassle as it operates with very little space within the computer memory.
  3. Print Review – With the jewellery accounting software, you have both the option of printing a preview as well as printing directly from the software. The user will be able to preview his or her documents before finally processing them for printing. There are a variety of methods of sending and receiving business-related reports, including printing, emailing, and faxing. As a further benefit, the user has the option to determine the appropriate paper size as well as font size through the software before generating the printout.
  4. Advanced Features – Using the Prime Jewellery Accounting system, users will have access to advanced keyboard shortcuts and advanced filtering and searching options, as well as several advanced search functions.
  5. Alerts and Data Backup – Jewellery Accounting Software sends in real-time alerts to its users, informing them when unsaved entries have been made. By the end of every business day, a full backup is made up of all the data in an automatic way in order to protect everything. Whenever data is stored, it is encrypted end-to-end with proper security guidelines and is stored with proper security guidelines.

10. Zoho Books

PRICING: $15.0 per month

You can easily maintain a record of incoming and outgoing funds with Zoho Books by keeping track of your transactions online. Aside from giving you control over your customers, the online accounting software also enables you to keep track of your bills while staying within your budget.

It is a real-time accounting solution to help you reconcile your bank accounts, business transactions, records, and cash flow in a timely manner. Zoho Books was designed to provide you all the information you need to stay on top of your business at all times by allowing you to make informed and intelligent decisions.


  • Keeps control of the recurring expenses
  • Customizable invoice templates
  • Can be connected with bank transactions
  • Allow receipts to upload to keep you organized and on track
  • Track online payments as well


  • Affordable
  • Competitive free plan
  • The mobile application is available
  • Excellent customer support


  • A limited number of invoices to be sent
  • Advanced features such as inventory management and project accounting are accessible with higher plans.
  • You should have a professional plan to manage and track the unpaid bills
  • You can’t track the fixed assets


You may have heard it a million times before, but it has never been more true than it is today: you can’t manage what you don’t measure. As part of your efforts to improve the management of your jewelry inventory, the first step that needs to be taken when it comes to improving your jewelry inventory management is to choose the right kind of accounting software that is suitable for your business. As soon as you have mastered the art of jewelry inventory management, there are certain things you can do to increase the success of your business in the long run.

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